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Infield Drill Quick hands Drill: Softball

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Softball Quick Hands Drill www.greathandsglove.com
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John Tripp (5 лет назад)
Where did they get those gloves
Jim P (6 лет назад)
whats quick hands without quick feet. get it all involved and get that ball up.
Michael Rice (6 лет назад)
You guys do realize a lot fo drills focus on certyain areas, right? This one focuses on getting rid of the ball, getting it out of the glove, not throwing. You also know, nto eveyr throw is taken all the way back, right? I suppose you teach 2b girls to to crow hop and pull the ball all teh way back before throwing to the SS at the bag.
Kirsten Greene (6 лет назад)
they do not want to short arm it like they are because it affects the throw point your glove arm all the way back step follow through and release

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