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Etude Beauty It Girl 2018 by ZULA | Episode 2: VIDEO CHALLENGE Trailer

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Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/SKb1jHJZoW4 In this episode, contestants find out what their first challenge is. Who will be the first to go home? Keep watching to find out! About Etude Beauty It Girl: Etude Beauty It Girl 2018 will be a 5 episode reality show where we test our Top 7 Contestants on various skills from makeup to photography and hosting. Who will rise to the challenge and clinch the title? The Top 7 Contestants are: Ateeqah Mazlan - https://instagram.com/eeqa4president Natalia Yen - https://instagram.com/nataliayen Phyllis Seah - https://instagram.com/Phyllisjayy Queenie Lim - https://instagram.com/qlyx Sabrina Ng - https://instagram.com/Ngsabrina Steffi Loh - https://instagram.com/Steffiyeahray Stella Stephani Lim - https://instagram.com/pluufuy Judges: Aylna - https://www.instagram.com/aylna/ Jeneen - https://www.instagram.com/xoxojeneen/ Here's where you can get Etude House products online: https://bit.ly/2oOdfGY Subscribe to ZULA and never miss an episode again! http://bit.ly/SubscribeToZula Something you'd like us to chat about? Leave it in the comments below! About ZULA: ZULA is a website catered to Singaporean Millennial females. We cover lifestyle, perspective, and inspirational stories of women in Singapore. Host: Shanice Koh - https://instagram.com/shanicekohyt Produced by: Leah Shannon - https://www.instagram.com/mizchiefmagik DOP: Marcus Liew - https://instagram.com/dauntlus Filmed by: Marcus Liew Jolanda Goh - https://www.instagram.com/jolandagoh Lu Jielin - https://www.instagram.com/adreamtolove17 Jeslene Chia - http://instagram.com/jeslenec Dominic Shimizu - https://www.instagram.com/domnomnom Edited by: Marcus Liew Leah Shannon Logistics: Loo Wen Xin - https://www.instagram.com/won997 Follow ZULA on Social Media: https://facebook.com/zulasg https://www.instagram.com/zulasg Business & Sponsorship Enquiries: hello@zula.sg
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Kewl Potatoes (15 дней назад)
Wait aylna from noc is there whu
oterenceo (29 дней назад)
Shanice now exudes a scary mercenary vibe. Not so friendly and appealing anymore. Oh.. third.
Queen Azreen (29 дней назад)
Grandon Tan (29 дней назад)

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