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Q&A Highlight - Young, Marginalised Men

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When it comes to reaching young, marginalised men, Adam Bandt says resourcing foreign policy instead of mental health services is a problem. Ken Wyatt disagrees ‪#‎QandA‬

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TheRaven (3 года назад)
Here we go again, the ABC creating another faux consensus on an issue. Unfortunately here, lives are actually at stake. The solution is of course not to instigate violence against Muslims them or to deport them. The solution is to stop criticising our nation and civilization as if there is nothing good about it. Yet that is all that the media and academics do. We complain about the poor treatment of the aborigines, gays, women, the environment etc and lay the blame on the old white man. Indeed, this is what some of the panelists imply in this conversation - that inequality in the Australian system creates marginalised men who turn to terrorism, and it is addressing this inequality (i.e. welfare and taxes) will solve the terrorism problem. We imply that the world of the old white man was unjust and thus not worth preserving, so as to instigate social change. By doing this, we discredit our own civilization and leave nothing for young people to identify with. I am not suggesting that these claims are untrue, but I am suggesting that there are many things the old white man gave to us that are actually good and worth teaching our children as such. Our children should be taught that Australia is something good that is worth fighting to preserve and that it is better than other ways of life, like that of ISIS and why that is so. Without a national identity, of course our children will turn to all sorts of odd things to find something they feel they can belong to. Of course it makes it very easy for predators to tell impressionable children that the west is unjust - we admit it every day. Tony Abbott was laughed at when he asked everyone to get on board with 'Team Australia' yet that is precisely what we needed then, and need now even more. The left portrays these arguments as racist, but race and culture are different. I am happy to accept those of Arab, Turkish or Persian races, so long as they accept and act in a way that is compatible with my culture. The reason they have to adapt to us rather than the other way around is because they came to us seeking a better life. We can offer them a better life, but that should come at the cost of them abandoning their old way of doing things (clearly it wasn't working for them where they came from anyway).

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