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Simple Plan - Welcome To My Life (Official Video)

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The official video of "Welcome To My Life" by Simple Plan from their album 'Still Not Getting Any' - available now! Subscribe for more official content from Atlantic Records: https://Atlantic.lnk.to/subscribe Follow Simple Plan http://www.simpleplan.com https://www.facebook.com/simpleplan https://twitter.com/simpleplan http://instagram.com/SimplePlan Follow Atlantic Records https://facebook.com/atlanticrecords https://instagram.com/atlanticrecords https://twitter.com/AtlanticRecords http://atlanticrecords.com The official Atlantic Records YouTube Channel is home to the hottest in hip-hop, rock, pop, R&B, indie, musicals and soundtracks. With over 70 years of global recorded music history, Atlantic Records’ legacy and passion for artistry continues with Top 40 hitmakers like Wiz Khalifa, Sean Paul, Trey Songz, Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth, Janelle Monáe, and B.o.B. Atlantic Records prides itself for working on Motion Picture Soundtracks, such as “The Greatest Showman”, “Suicide Squad” and “The Fate of the Furious.” As well as Musical Soundtracks including “Dear Evan Hansen,” and Grammy and Tony Award Winning “Hamilton”. It is home to world-renowned record labels representing music from every genre, including Asylum, Big Beat, Canvasback, Elektra, Fueled By Ramen, Rhino, Roadrunner, and Sire. Subscribe for the latest official music videos, official audio videos, performances, bts and more from our artists and projects. https://Atlantic.lnk.to/Subscribe #SimplePlan #WelcomeToMyLife #StillNotGettingAny #AtlanticRecords #OfficialVideo #Atlantic
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Текстовые комментарии (30896)
lester delosreyes (2 часа назад)
Some day I'll be the vocalist of the band 😎😎😎😎😎
Polar Bear Brother (3 часа назад)
my fav song
BUNDA SUJA (5 часов назад)
19 outuber?
Andrea Lle (7 часов назад)
We are all alone
Solenn A (14 часов назад)
When you're not a teen anymore, but you feel freaking lost and misunderstood ... ^^'
Rowen Strife (15 часов назад)
Oh my god...the last time I listened to this I was in a really bad mental and physical space. Also my idol and person who saved me was still alive also.... r.i.p Chester
Lxcvs (16 часов назад)
I'm in 2018 <3
Morfin Kurniawan (17 часов назад)
I like this song. when my mind was messed up, I played this song and then felt better. this song really represents what happened to me. thank you Simple Plan.
Arthur (18 часов назад)
This song is a bit similar to song ,,gotta a find you,, ( this part 1:00 )
luisa medina orta (18 часов назад)
welcome to my life .. 2018!!!
Guitar Learning (19 часов назад)
HIT TOP FRANCE Nikko (20 часов назад)
the song that has permitted to the band to be known here in France the powerful hit for moment... best place at top 50 = 12
Arthur K (20 часов назад)
For me this song has the meaning of opening up to someone, person who might be the one to save you from loneliness and fill you with fire.
Teo 98 (22 часа назад)
October 2018?
ifandi pratama (22 часа назад)
2018 here !!
Nora Jenkins (23 часа назад)
Welcome to my life by simple plan explains me
Dwight (1 день назад)
When I was kid I never liked this song because life was an amazing and perfect adventure that I loved. Now I’m 19 and I cry once a day and just want it to end. Now when I hear this song it’s actually good because now I can relate to every lyric... I hate that I relate to this song.. :(
ANGEL RUIZ (1 день назад)
Smallville. I come here because of it
Jose Antonio Bellido Vargas (1 день назад)
Especially when you live alone
Koontoru 123 (2 дня назад)
This my favorit band in the world
Anthony Pham (2 дня назад)
16/10/18 Still listening in my office. got yelled from boss
YOUR SEXY MAMA BABY (2 дня назад)
Lyn (2 дня назад)
Una de las canciones que mas llego en la adolescencia y aun tambien , porque en definitiva una muere cuando pierde aquella adolescencia y rebeldía :)
trustinghxran (2 дня назад)
Музыка молодости
P!ATD FIR TØP FOB NF and more (2 дня назад)
1:42 I don't know, i like it..
Eunwoo's Eyebrows (2 дня назад)
Sums up my whole life
Rizki Gunawan (3 дня назад)
Is listening in Jakarta, October 2018. The fave song when I was in junior high school
Maritza Yuzuriha (3 дня назад)
Fluox Trix Channel (3 дня назад)
Beatriz Emilio Guerra (3 дня назад)
Thank God I didn't kill my self beacause of this song
William Nelson (7 часов назад)
Feri Andriko (1 день назад)
hahaha really bitch?
Talita Martins De Barros (3 дня назад)
Brasil 10/2018 😉
Thiago Henrique Vicente (3 дня назад)
BR 2018
Joey Stick (3 дня назад)
after so many years... since 2004 when i was 14 til now 2018 I'm 28 and I love this song. amazing.
Im Floater (3 дня назад)
Seen them live after waiting my whole life earlier this year 💕💕🇱🇷
Gone Salman (3 дня назад)
Psychedoutmike (4 дня назад)
Listening to this because of nostalgia but the irony is I relate to this song more now than when I was 12.
• Kat • (4 дня назад)
Quebec represent 🤘🏻 Ca me fait du bien de voir des artistes québécois etre connu ailleurs qu'ici
John Galliano (4 дня назад)
For all you that listened to this when it first came out, I hope you also found the amazing song Crash and Burn. They balanced each other out so much and if you feel like your life is on the edge it's a comforting song to listen to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W60IPexop30
Diane De Rosnay (4 дня назад)
c la chanson de ma vie lol
Kie Babycool (4 дня назад)
I like
Justin Loughran (4 дня назад)
My life is on the lyrics, i want to rest and feelat peace, cox im tired im tored of life, they always says its challenges, but why it feels like theres no end, i never had any breaks from this challenges, im tired
Fustrolight (4 дня назад)
I have social anxiety and this explains my life
Uriel Ivan Batiz de Cavazos (4 дня назад)
Esto es canción pura y chida😅
Mireya Cruz (4 дня назад)
De Katjanen (4 дня назад)
Original..... 🙄
Casey Pilarczyk (5 дней назад)
I'm bigger fans of simple plan and Mary Kate Olsen really cool
gach gang (5 дней назад)
Me and my friend elsie sing this song and then we say this song is my life
pie pie (5 дней назад)
2018 anyone??
specticular entertainment (5 дней назад)
the girl i like won't go out with me!
Luis Valverde (5 дней назад)
2018 like :')
Aroon Beuto (5 дней назад)
October 2018 welcome to my life
ASL Channel Tv (5 дней назад)
Jensy B (6 дней назад)
OMG this reminds me when i was in high school 💔😭 still love this song❤️
ali mcveingh (6 дней назад)
CANAL TRIO GAMER (6 дней назад)
maïna blt (6 дней назад)
Makes me think of Johnnie Guilbert's music a little bit x)
Arya Bellamy (6 дней назад)
october 2018
nourra andera (7 дней назад)
Gw kangen liat mtv waktu masih gratis diglobal & anteve.....ini mv masa" kuliah gw
Akbar Satrio Nugroho (7 дней назад)
Zul Hilmi1406 (7 дней назад)
I use ear fon wearing red shirt
Kayla Whitfield (8 дней назад)
save earth (8 дней назад)
Ada orang Indonesia ga nih??🇮🇩
TrueCRaysball (8 дней назад)
My mom passed away today. This was our song. I'll miss you, Mom. Love you.
Katrisha Marchman (8 дней назад)
I wanna breakdown tonight I kinda am just wish some thing would fall into place or just have some one to talk to some one who could relate or understand my pain
dragonfly butterfly (8 дней назад)
Hello to my world!!!
Jeremy Ely (8 дней назад)
No wonder I was depressed in middle school listening to these guys pandering to my sad self lol.
Safira Celia (8 дней назад)
This song deserve more views
Peter Albano (9 дней назад)
Wow i'm the 87,879,879 viewer cool.
Supason Indonesia (9 дней назад)
This song has a deep lyrics
Rex Pabingwit (9 дней назад)
Thanks for welcoming me❤
danny boy (9 дней назад)
Anyone still here in 2018?
camellu (9 дней назад)
This song is in my English Book. 😂 (I'm from Germany)
Darkenedbyshadows (7 дней назад)
Mine too! (Finland) :)
Eriksandro7w7 (9 дней назад)
08/10/2018 <3
Wayne Bennett (9 дней назад)
Hus listening 2018 good song
Bree Thompson (10 дней назад)
I relate too much
Kursus Bisnis Online Murah (10 дней назад)
i love this song
Miray Yilmaz (10 дней назад)
Omg😂 This Song was in my School Book
Fajar Rrr (10 дней назад)
Indo 2018
sendy maulana (11 дней назад)
ra3421280 Rizki channel (11 дней назад)
Oh this is song background i married with my wife oh nostalgic 2018?
Bandana Upadhyay (11 дней назад)
This is my life i can relate to it totally
that guy that is in to knifes boop (11 дней назад)
I miss the days when rap was not the only type of music
Charisonic558 (11 дней назад)
Honestly, I think this song alone prevented me from becoming a psychopath or thinking about killing myself many times over. Years after I first heard it, it's still the very first thing I listen to when my life is going to shit or when I'm pissed beyond belief. This is probably one of the reasons simple plan is my favorite band.
Peni Yuliastuti (11 дней назад)
n the next day of the true moment all always happy all nice kpd my mom,my pap always my nice love'd the break food sweet cream biscuit for the activities all always the beauty2 of hearh life coulor ,everey day,everey years,sunah2 morning,n sunah2 tengat night,everey day,everey years ,setiap2 th silir berganti th all always relaxs everey day,everey years
CALLME NOOB (11 дней назад)
Reddit (11 дней назад)
Simple Plan brings my life in high school.
János Zsigus (11 дней назад)
I would say nostalgia but I listened to Simple Plan in the last 14 years so its not a throwback for me, it's constantly in my life. ♡
Berry Bell (12 дней назад)
the emo anthem
Johnlloyd Nicolas (12 дней назад)
Aerynnn (12 дней назад)
Every once in awhile, I just got to escape back to these days.
Sherry (12 дней назад)
2009 to almost 2019 Damn life’s flying
Peni Yuliastuti (13 дней назад)
I 'll love you,I'll miss you Resti,Hesti,all the word hells,forever2 akan doa2 hataman al kitab2 saya dgn allah swt,all always all beauty2 selalu akan kamu,baik dekat,n jauh dgn saya n allah swt,selalu2 sehat wall afiat2 ,everey day,everey years ,akan2 luas megah2 ibadah2 n kehidupan2 ,akan keutamaan, keanggungan2 n kemuliaan2 allah swt allah tyhan seluruh alam jagad ibadah2 n kehidjpan2 ,everey day,everey years ,yg maha2 baik,yg maha2 penyayang,yg maha2 mengenali2,yg maha2 memahami2 ,akan kpd semua2 mahkluk2 nya sama sejatrah2 akan ibadah2 n akan kehidupan2 ,all always all the word hells,everey day,everey years
Ad Imma (13 дней назад)
Welcome to my life
Everton Ferreira (13 дней назад)
Aquela música que você respeita 🎶❤️
jan3019 (13 дней назад)
The good old days, it sucks we grow up so fast
Tringkubath Sangma (8 дней назад)
Yes, it sucks that we grow very fast.
jan3019 (11 дней назад)
+David Bolha yup
David Bolha (12 дней назад)
Just like The Ataris said In This Diary song. 😑
Bang Yoga (13 дней назад)
Lagu yg paling gue suka dari simple plan dan msih gue denger sampe sekarang 👍
LaylaTokidokiFan (13 дней назад)
Emma Morris I hope you are listening to this. You made my life a mess. I'm glad you moved away.
Kapil Boro (13 дней назад)
Any one here ... 2k18 5th oct
Nigga Ninja (13 дней назад)
Os poop me trouxeram aqui

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