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PUTTING THE OLE 7.3 PowerStroke TO WORK!!!

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PUTTING THE OLE 7.3 PowerStroke TO WORK!!! Please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! Nilight 7.5" Light: http://amzn.to/2zeQrVg MicTuning Trailer Lights: http://amzn.to/2ziMBMV ------------------------------------------ My Outdoors Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrThehunterslife ------------------------------------------ LOUD 'N' PROUD HATS & DECALS: https://www.spreesy.com/loudnproud -------------------------------------------- T-Shirts & Hoodies! https://shop.spreadshirt.com/dieseltrucks?noCache=true --------------------------------------------- *Links to the parts we use are all listed below!* ---------------------------------------------- INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/bow_hunt_or_die_/ SNAPCHAT: BH-OUTDOORS ---------------------------------------------- 1996 12 Valve Build Mod/Parts List (install videos for every mod done) Fuel Tank Straps: http://amzn.to/2s5vRGl Rear Leaf Shackle: http://amzn.to/2t8EUWS Front 2.5" Level: http://amzn.to/2sKIGl0 Rear Shocks: http://amzn.to/2un5toR Front Shocks: http://amzn.to/2teHIB8 FUEL WHEELS: http://amzn.to/2ufF3sz My Tires: http://amzn.to/2t1vVYh Exhaust Tip!: http://amzn.to/2qsfNxc 4th Gen Tow Mirrors: http://amzn.to/2usbSRR 4th Gen Bumper: http://amzn.to/2uHfbTD 2nd gen to 4th gen brackets: http://amzn.to/2eSXAEG 2nd Gen Rear Bumper: http://amzn.to/2ueTwVR KDP KIT: http://amzn.to/2fokT9v Headlights & Tail lights: http://amzn.to/2fAacRt 3rd Brake Light: http://amzn.to/2vvO3rm Radio Head Unit: http://amzn.to/2wyOyRR Front Door Speakers: http://amzn.to/2wyOWQi Rear Speakers: http://amzn.to/2xH7I8n Gauges: http://amzn.to/2eCIgbH #0 Fuel Plate: http://amzn.to/2w4QMq6 AuxBeam 42" Straight Light Bar: http://amzn.to/2jJrA7J MicTuning 42" Curved Light Bar: http://amzn.to/2fyJCFp --------------------------------------------- 2002 F350 Powerstroke Grille: http://amzn.to/2pPuJ4B Taillights: http://amzn.to/2rofhh4 Headlights: http://amzn.to/2xkiIvy Fog Lights: http://amzn.to/2pU3jdJ Cab Lights: http://amzn.to/2qe2cWq Third Brake Light: http://amzn.to/2rehOxp Tow Mirrors: http://amzn.to/2gLDnO3 4" Muffler Delete Pipe: http://amzn.to/2y85sHh 4" Muffler Clamps: http://amzn.to/2f7Z7Ht more coming soon!) ------------------------------------------- What we have bought for the *92' 12 Valve* so far! (Not all things can be listed... but more coming soon) Exhaust Tip!: http://amzn.to/2qsfNxc Bed Liner kit: http://amzn.to/2qimSz3 Bed liner spray cans: http://amzn.to/2r7kMU4 Grille: http://amzn.to/2qhoKZv Taillights: http://amzn.to/2qkt8Vx Grill Insert: http://amzn.to/2pLUXVI 50 HP Injector upgrade Gauges Pillar: http://amzn.to/2rhjstK Gauges: http://amzn.to/2t6qJOb Pusher Intake Systems: http://amzn.to/2rhq779 ----------------------------------------- 2013 Super-Duty KingRanch (UPGRADES COMING SOON) ----------------------------------------- -My Camera Gear- Canon D-SLR: http://amzn.to/2rJZHN3 Canon Mic: http://amzn.to/2ruS8fX GoPro: http://amzn.to/2qxFLPD GoPro Accessories: http://amzn.to/2qFN1WI Canon: http://amzn.to/2q4RBky (For Editing) MacBook Pro: http://amzn.to/2qxhAkc -------------------------------------------------------- *LINKS ABOVE ARE AMAZON ASSOCIATE LINKS* -------------------------------------------------------------- THE CUMMINS NEEDED THIS! CUMMINS GETS A *FACELIFT!* THIS MADE THE CUMMINS SOUND *AMAZING!!!* Keywords: cummins 12 valve cummins 24 valve cummins 2nd gen cummins 1st gen cummins first gen cummins dodge cummins dodge cummins ram lifted cummins 3rd gen cummins turbo scream straight pipe cummins big turbo turbo spool rollin coal rolling coal 4th gen cummins 12v cummins 24v cummins powerstroke duramax diesel injectors cummins injectors
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Текстовые комментарии (163)
CastFromTheHip (1 месяц назад)
She sounds beautiful.
Charles Osberg (5 месяцев назад)
I am a Ford man all the way!! I've driven semi for 40+ yrs so anything with a diesel is best. Love your videos so keep up the good work. On a legal note, you needed​ 2 more straps on the load. Check your laws, not only for strap limit but also straps per feet of load. Been there,been stopped, save yourself a fine. Good luck, nice trucks, great videos.
Theodore (6 месяцев назад)
Looks sweet? Not really. But hey you like it.
T Hill (6 месяцев назад)
What year is it and how does it handle having a gooseneck trailer on it
oce (7 месяцев назад)
the fenders look bad with the small tires
davidweaber (8 месяцев назад)
Just added S&B cold air and the same Edge Evolution II programs you have. What kind of boost psi do you see loaded mid throttle?? Peak??
Kurt Ingalls (8 месяцев назад)
You folks are great!!!! :-)
Matthew Kalil (8 месяцев назад)
would you sell this truck
Firelord360 (9 месяцев назад)
how much does the trailer weight
Cadin H (9 месяцев назад)
I believe the lumber weighs about 7100 at most
Dynamic Diesel (9 месяцев назад)
Not a fan of Fords at all but that 7.3 is mean lookin
Corbin Fishing (9 месяцев назад)
Started to watch your older videos now
Upshift Z71 (11 месяцев назад)
wider tires on the white ford
Landon Campion (11 месяцев назад)
Straight pipe the 4320
Ben Harleman (11 месяцев назад)
Video of the 4320 working?
Po Boys Diesel (11 месяцев назад)
A channel for Dr. Joel would be a great move. thanks for the video I sure enjoyed it and as always Blessings sent yalls waay
Noah Goodwin (11 месяцев назад)
How many miles does that 7.3 have?
kimblery meacham (11 месяцев назад)
I want your dad's 7.3 it's so bad ass
trials_bike2000 (11 месяцев назад)
I'm thinking around that year of fords may have had an issue with batteries because my moms old 2000 wind star kills batteries especially when it sits without being run for an extended time. So that truck may have the same issue for some reason. At least that's what it sounds like to me
VideoGamingWare (11 месяцев назад)
Do you still got that 2001 Chevy Silverado
Gavin Adams (11 месяцев назад)
Please don’t do flatbed
James Perkey (11 месяцев назад)
I'd say u and your dad are very close on the weight
James Perkey (11 месяцев назад)
Probably a couple thousand pounds on the trailer
True identity. Leighton Schamehorn (11 месяцев назад)
Joseph Umsted (11 месяцев назад)
Yeah I think he should I would subscribe to it
Kyle McElfresh (11 месяцев назад)
I think your Dad should start a YouTube channel and I I added your dad on Instagram to the other day awesome video the old 7.3 needed to be drove anyway to charge the batteries... and that would be cool if your mom sold her car and bought the 96 Powerstroke at the car lot
Zayy Vo (11 месяцев назад)
I have a short bed 7.3 too,you never had clearance issue with the gooseneck? Also throw some 5w40 in there,quiets it down alot better and it responds better
Sean Rhodes (11 месяцев назад)
I would watch your Dads channel! Btw love the 7.3 and the 4320! As always great video and God Bless.
Brayden Bainbridge (11 месяцев назад)
I'd say atleast 5,000-8,000
Brayden Bainbridge (11 месяцев назад)
I don't understand why everyone is hating on the fender flairs on the 7.3 I think they look good lol
Jade's Garage (11 месяцев назад)
Mama knows best. OBS!!!!
Donovan McLaughlin (11 месяцев назад)
You're definitely not crazy you will definitely get intake sound you should definitely delete that 6.7 though if you're going to program it or anything
Johnathan Hartley (11 месяцев назад)
Finder fleers throw off the stance
philip saunders (11 месяцев назад)
i bet its a bad ground on the lights... led is very susceptible to bad grounds
ohio dipper (11 месяцев назад)
Put spacers on the 7.3
Jeff Kleemeyer (11 месяцев назад)
Behind the grill. Toldya. Looks great man. Awesome vid 👍👍
willburr13 (11 месяцев назад)
Lights 'N' Proud
Ray Brazzell (11 месяцев назад)
yes he needs too
Profesional 187 Pro (11 месяцев назад)
7.3 always ready for what other trucks are not ready for. My opinion
Trace Fuqua (11 месяцев назад)
I'd say that load was probably 7000lbs excluding the truck and trailer. Do y'all have any drawbar or wheel weights to put on your Kubota? You'd probably be able to lift even more with your forks and not be taking a nosedive every time you raise up. Just a thought. Keep up the cool videos bud.
clyde birkes (11 месяцев назад)
DieselGuy (11 месяцев назад)
What is your mailing address to send parts to?
George Costanza (11 месяцев назад)
is that trailer really 7k pounds? i have a 30ft triple axle gooseneck and the title says it only weighs 4k empty but is rated for 30k
Rashad Daprince (11 месяцев назад)
Im here for the 7.3l and the first gen.. if your dad adds an OBS 7.3l that would be lovely. Love the content though, keep up the good work
Tanner Morton (11 месяцев назад)
Dope video😎🤙 be cool to see a cummins swapped OBS
Blue Bisso24v (11 месяцев назад)
Do you have the link for the light bar that is behind the grill on the 7.3?
Shane Leach (11 месяцев назад)
Also I think your dad should start his own page!
Shane Leach (11 месяцев назад)
Watch the channel everyday its a great channel but the last few videos have been really out of focus almost the whole video it makes it a bit hard to watch, Are you using that new camera by chance?
Shane Leach (11 месяцев назад)
When it is focused the content looks much better quality though i do agree!
Shane Leach (11 месяцев назад)
Im watching in 720p HD ive just noticed the videos out of focus a lot of the time im not sure if im the only one experiencing this just letting ya know as a courtesy!
LOUD 'N' PROUD (11 месяцев назад)
Shane Leach that’s odd... because while editing I’ve noticed the videos have been far better quality... maybe the resolution your viewing them in?
dawson cox (11 месяцев назад)
Straight pipe the 4320
INFAMOUS 6.0 (11 месяцев назад)
If your going to keep them fender flares on the 7.3 u need to do a diff wheel and tire set up. It looks soooo weird the way it is lol
Brayden Bainbridge (11 месяцев назад)
Diesels R Life eah I kinda think it looks good like this
LOUD 'N' PROUD (11 месяцев назад)
Diesels R Life yeah maybe
INFAMOUS 6.0 (11 месяцев назад)
LOUD 'N' PROUD true true. But maybe pops could sell his stock king ranch wheels and get the 7.3 some.
LOUD 'N' PROUD (11 месяцев назад)
Diesels R Life yes we understand... this stuff costs thousands of dollars keep in mind... we aren’t made of money lol
aGingerN00b (11 месяцев назад)
I’d subscribe to your dad!
Hunter Farms (11 месяцев назад)
Do a channel but by the obs
chris shrout (11 месяцев назад)
Id bet the jd 4320 would sound great with a straight pipe.😀
Southern Diesels (11 месяцев назад)
Your Dad should do a channel
lewis stearns (11 месяцев назад)
Why the fender flares
5.9 Rick (11 месяцев назад)
lewis stearns for the rust
Dustin Perrier (11 месяцев назад)
Get a powerstroke man. Either a 7.3 or a 6.0.
INFAMOUS 6.0 (11 месяцев назад)
Id love to see him get a 6.0! 7.3s are boring
Dustin Perrier (11 месяцев назад)
And yea ur ol man should start a channel
ABRAHAM BALLARD (11 месяцев назад)
be careful y'all might blow a injector lol
Kyle Knittle (11 месяцев назад)
I think you dad should make a channel
ABRAHAM BALLARD (11 месяцев назад)
1,000,000,000 pounds lol naw I have no idea
ABRAHAM BALLARD (11 месяцев назад)
what in then hell does your dad do for a living to afford all the trucks and tractors and stuff
Cole Kitten (10 часов назад)
Jacob Nichols he is a chiropractor
Cole Kitten (10 часов назад)
ABRAHAM BALLARD chiropractor
Jacob Nichols (11 месяцев назад)
ABRAHAM BALLARD he's some sort of doctor
K- Ford (11 месяцев назад)
New channel and buy the obs!
David Hoglund (11 месяцев назад)
I thinnk your right on the waght 15000ish. Yes he should do his own channel i would subscribe to it and my 2 year old loves the 4320
Captain Lag (11 месяцев назад)
That Ford appeared to be in great shape, very clean, it’d be hard to find one better than that. For fun’s sake, it would be awesome to buy it, and it’d add more channel content! I’d definitely want to see some stuff with it. Along with your 1st gen. Cummins, it’d be a nice classic addition! You should totally buy it, even if it is only two wheel drive.
The Ford Truck Cowboy (11 месяцев назад)
I would say 3,000lbs
James hudson (11 месяцев назад)
Thanks for more good times with your family 👏
twoeagle86 (11 месяцев назад)
those fender flares ruin the look on that 7.3 truck
Brayden Bainbridge (11 месяцев назад)
twoeagle86 I like it
33snook (11 месяцев назад)
Pops Channel👍👍👍👍👍
Joe M (11 месяцев назад)
Do a channel
33snook (11 месяцев назад)
This vid reminds me of your first vid with the 1st gen👍👍👍
33snook (11 месяцев назад)
Blinding a Prius YES👍👍👍👍👍
Josiah Noble (11 месяцев назад)
Bro I got that same coffee mug!! Does the one that was closed to you have Starbucks on it?
33snook (11 месяцев назад)
It's a lot
jesse rasso (11 месяцев назад)
check the switch on that tractor, my switch was grounding out and melted
Country Boy (11 месяцев назад)
Where’s the 6.7 ?????????
LOUD 'N' PROUD (11 месяцев назад)
Country Boy tomorrow’s video
Aiden Zigich (11 месяцев назад)
More than 3000 And love your vids
Haden Janak (11 месяцев назад)
straight pipe that john deere
Justin Roy (11 месяцев назад)
It's kinda like those videos were it preparing for something big and I can't wait
LOUD 'N' PROUD (11 месяцев назад)
Justin Roy hahaha
Josh Niell (11 месяцев назад)
LOUD 'N' PROUD (11 месяцев назад)
Josh Niell tomorrow’s video!
Send it Honda brap (11 месяцев назад)
Dylan Mcphail (11 месяцев назад)
John Deere's wireing for their lights have always been spotty until recently
Dylan Mcphail (11 месяцев назад)
LOUD 'N' PROUD yes our 4020 and 4230 their lights work when they want to lol
LOUD 'N' PROUD (11 месяцев назад)
Dylan Mcphail seriously lol
Matthew Hallenbeck (11 месяцев назад)
Take the flares off the 7.3 and work on the rust and make it nice, a little constructive criticism here don’t get my wrong I like the vid that’s why I keep watching just maybe don’t stay on one subject as long you tend to be repetitive work on that a little bit and you’ll be gettin goin keep up the good work bro !
LOUD 'N' PROUD (11 месяцев назад)
Matthew Hallenbeck fender flare topic has been explained many times lol... read through comments and you’ll understand..
Javier Cardenas (11 месяцев назад)
Your dad should start the channel
Bass Master (11 месяцев назад)
Put wider tires on the white ford
Tech head101 (11 месяцев назад)
Bass Master noooo it looks perfect the way she sits now
That_boy turbo (11 месяцев назад)
When y'all going straight pipe the tractor
That_boy turbo (11 месяцев назад)
LOUD 'N' PROUD that will be badass
That_boy turbo (11 месяцев назад)
LOUD 'N' PROUD now that's a good idea
LOUD 'N' PROUD (11 месяцев назад)
Turbo Edmond haha we should
Casey Strupp (11 месяцев назад)
If the 7.3 keeps dying put a kill switch in it it’s not that bad to do and it really helps
Orlando Crabtree (11 месяцев назад)
When is the video about the king ranch going to be
LOUD 'N' PROUD (11 месяцев назад)
Orlando Crabtree tomorrow!
Qgood 123 (11 месяцев назад)
The 7.3 would look better without those big fender flares
LOUD 'N' PROUD (11 месяцев назад)
Cub Cadet 100 topic has been answered many times....
Collin Walker (11 месяцев назад)
Where in Indiana do you live?
Billy Cringan (11 месяцев назад)
Love the sound of the ole 7🌲
THAT_1999_7.3 ___ (11 месяцев назад)
Do you think maybe your alternator is no good
jeremy vaiz (11 месяцев назад)
New camera?
phil posada (11 месяцев назад)
You should really feel blessed to have the dad you do. Good vid bud
chevy dodgeboy (11 месяцев назад)
Damn right your dad should start his own channel lol
Jesse Rojas (11 месяцев назад)
LOUD 'N' PROUD hey man that 7.3 is sick. Keep up man 👍🏻😎.
LOUD 'N' PROUD (11 месяцев назад)
chevy dodgeboy lol
Noah McHone (11 месяцев назад)
the king ranch is going to look heavenly
Logan Palacios (11 месяцев назад)
what tires would u recommend on my 24 valve with a 7 inch rough country
Isaac record (11 месяцев назад)
Logan Palacios 35s might look too small with a 7 inch lift but go with whatever you want
JD Kirane (11 месяцев назад)
Logan Palacios That would be a good setup
Logan Palacios (11 месяцев назад)
JD Kirane probably 35 on nito graplers
JD Kirane (11 месяцев назад)
Logan Palacios 38s unless you want to run wide rims them go with 35s and 14 wide rims
Daxton Kaas (11 месяцев назад)
I love Nilight light bars! Ive beeb running them for a long time! And have aquired quite a few over the past year or two! Anyway love the videos! Keep up the good videos! My family only runs 7.3s except my brother he has a 2001 dodge 2nd gen 24 valve cummins
Kaleb Grieger (11 месяцев назад)
Keagan Long (11 месяцев назад)
You could plasti-dip the light bars on the gooseneck so it could dull them a bit.
Brian Castillo (11 месяцев назад)
Your dad should totally start his channel
Jensen LeBlanc (11 месяцев назад)
Next video “The 7.3 needs a new alternator!” Lol really bad if those batteries are dead to make the alt charge them up. Alternators will last forever if you keep fresh batteries in these trucks. Just a tip.

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