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Are epilepsy medications safe and effective? - Dr. Pramod Krishnan

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Numerous epilepsy medications are currently available they are called antiepileptic drugs, the choice of the medicine depends on the age of the patient, gender, reproductive status, pregnancy, the type of seizure, the medical problems that are there in the patient and the other medicines that the patient is using currently. All the medicines are design for long term use, running to several years, they are tried and tested and Side Effects are generally very predictable. The general side effects are very mild and with minor adjustments in the doors the side effects can be handled pretty well.
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Martin Mcdade (4 месяца назад)
Short term they are ok. But long term added on with other mood stabilizing therapy like clobozam ie frisium 10mg twice a day. keppra 550.mg three times per day and tegretol 500.mg twice a day . Not a good idea at all.
Vincent Bain (11 месяцев назад)
His eyebrow is sliding to the center of his forehead. And did he say “Urologist”? Nor Neurologist? Because the first one has no business in this propaganda video
John Harris (1 год назад)
Hooray for mild side effects(as if...). TOO BAD THE DRUGS DON'T EVEN HELP CONTROL SEIZURES!
ReviewCam (8 месяцев назад)
Yes, and virtually all of them carry the risks of serious blood disorders like leukemia and aplastic anemia, not to mention the newer ones with black box warnings about suicide, and "minor" side effects like SJS.
Mitchell Lister (2 года назад)
No they're not, it's easy for the doctor to talk but they have never taken them before, these ruin your life
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