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The 2017 EICMA Milan Motorcycle Shows - 2018 BMW K 1600 Grand America Is Here To Tackle The Gold Win

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After launching the all-new K 1600 B, it was only a matter of time until BMW Motorrad would put out a fully dressed tourer. That day has arrived, with the unveiling of the 2018 K 1600 Grand America at the EICMA show in Milan. Built on the BMW K 1600 B, the Grand America adds more comfort and convenience through exclusive equipment and visual queues, making long trips easier, be it alone or riding with a passenger. The most striking addition is the top case, which is inspired by U.S. custom bikes and comes with an additional brake light that matches the ones integrated in the side cases. The top case is complete with a comfy pillion back rest, and can be further customized with arm rests. Another important addition is the standard higher windshield, which aids in creating a bubble of calm air for the passengers to reduce fatigue and wind noise, translating into more saddle time and less stops for resting. As with the K 1600 B, the Grand America is offered as standard in Blackstorm metallic color setup, but the new Style Package that was specially created for the latter makes the bike really stand out through a two-color finish combining Blackstorm metallic with Austin Yellow metallic, as well as chrome inserts. The list of standard items continues with the awesome electronic suspension Dynamic ESA offering Road and Cruise settings, the electric reverse assist system and highway footboards, which allow for a more relaxed feet-forward position on boring straight roads. But that’s not all, as you’ll also benefit from engine protection bars, ABS Pro, Dynamic Traction Control, xenon headlight, heated grips and seat, cruise control, BMW Motorrad’s Multi-Controller, three riding modes, and an audio system. Pretty much everything you need, if you ask me, but this can be further extended through optional features like adaptive turning lights, daytime running lights, Keyless Ride, Hill Start Control, central locking, forged wheels, chrome-plated mirror cases, sat-nav, and a lot more. The new BMW K 1600 Grand America will reach dealers sometime next year and will probably cost about three grand more than the standard bagger. We are very curious to see how does it stack up against the all-new Honda Gold Wing.
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