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How to sew pants: Elastic waist wide-leg style | Sewing Tutorial with Angela Wolf

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A wide-leg pant with no side seam is an easy garment to sew! Add extra comfort with an elastic waist and your favorite fabric. Shop this pattern here --- http://craftsy.me/1UyaQur Get this linen fabric --- http://craftsy.me/1Yutghc Want to give sewing jeans a try? --- http://craftsy.me/21oPksu Or, get a simple pj pant tutorial --- http://craftsy.me/21oOo7v Follow Craftsy --------------------------------- http://www.facebook.com/sewingclub http://pinterest.com/craftsy/sewing http://www.twitter.com/becraftsy https://www.instagram.com/becraftsy/ About Craftsy ----------------------------------------­­­--------- Unleash the maker in you! Join more than 10 million passionate makers on Craftsy, where you can access expert instruction, supplies, patterns, and endless inspiration to help you make more of what you love. In this video ------------------------------ Taper and Wide Leg Pant pattern from Christine Jonson Patterns These pants are super-easy because there's only one pattern piece to work with! Take a look at the grainline on the pattern piece, I've lined this up with the grainline on the fabric - the grainline is typically parallel to the selvage. This will mean the drape of your pants will look its best. Here's the pattern piece all cut out with the notches and hem markings transferred. These will help us match the pieces up later on. You can see on the pattern that this is the inseam, and there is no outside leg seam. Something to remember - if you're using a woven fabric that has no stretch like I am, choose a waist size that's large enough to get over your hips otherwise it's going to be a real struggle to pull them on! We're going to start with the inseam. With right sides of the fabric together, line up the notches and pin the front leg to the back leg. Line up the seam allowance with the 5/8” marking, back stitch and stitch all the way from the crotch to the hem. I'm using a contrasting thread, but you'd choose a matching color. Finish the seam allowances: I am going to trim the seam allowances with pinking sheers. You could use an overlock stitch, zigzag stitch, or a serger. Whatever you prefer. Look for the triple notches on the crotch seam - this is the back of the pants. Press the seam allowance in this direction. OK - one leg down - one to go! Just follow the same steps again for the second leg. Once you've done that, you'll join the two legs together at the crotch seam. Have one pant leg with the wrong side facing out in one pant leg with the right side facing out. Insert the leg with the right side facing out into this pant leg - line up both inseams and pin. You can see both of these sides are wrong sides now. Line up the notches - one notch refers to the front of the pant, place a pin and these triple notches refer to the back. Pin all the way round this crotch seam. Next, you'll stitch along this entire crotch curve. Starting at the top edge, back stitch once or twice and stitch all the way around. When you get to the inseam make sure both the seam allowances are facing the back of the pant legs. "Again, you’ll finish the seam edge just like before and then press the crotch seam to one side. / A sleeve board or a full size ironing board is perfect for this job." attach the elastic to the waist line. Start by measuring the elastic around your waistline to determine how tight you want the elastic. Cross the elastic pieces, lining up the marking and zigzag stitch back and forth. Now with fabric marker make marks on the elastic Line the elastic up along the wrong side of the fabric, matching up the center front seam with the center front marking on the elastic and the center back marking with the center back of the pants. Stretch the elastic and add a few pins - this will help to ease the elastic in evenly all the way around the waist Stitch the elastic to the fabric with a zigzag stitch of 1.4 length and 3.5 wide. As you do this, make sure to stretch the elastic to match the length of the fabric. Finish your edge and then turn under the elastic toward the wrong side of the fabric. Pin at the center back seam and the center front - and lets just add one pin to each of the side seams Line up the edge of the presser foot with the edge of the elastic and topstitch the bottom edge of the elastic to the fabric with a slightly bigger zigzag of 1.8 long and 4.5 wide. Make sure the elastic butts up to the fold and stretch the elastic to match the length of the fabric. Stitch over the first stitch just a little and backstitch - and the waist is finished. The final step is hemming your pants At the machine check to make sure your needle will just catch the folded hem allowance edge. On the right side of the fabric, topstitch the hem in place with a straight stitch of 3.5. To keep that line of stitching straight use the guidelines on your throat plate. Give the hem one more pressing and the pants are finished! You have made a great pair of pants in a couple of hours!
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Usha Rani (1 месяц назад)
Gud.plz cutting video also make
myrnakleeber3114 (1 месяц назад)
Abrar Khaleel (1 месяц назад)
I love it for sewing thank you
precious mudibati (3 месяца назад)
Shanice (3 месяца назад)
Thank you so much! I can’t wait to make these!
Janell Narinesingh (4 месяца назад)
I want pattern download please now an my name is Janell Narinesingh Facebook
Dawn Chiaravalli (6 месяцев назад)
If you wear these you are a dork.
Knittyneeds (6 месяцев назад)
You are TRULY amazing. So well explained. You made it so easy. Joining the two legs was great. Sometimes I end up with one leg at least one inch shorter than the other. Then i wear it as a pyjama only my bed can see. A very humble pair of casual pants with an elastic waistband just what i was looking for. You are so beautiful and your smile is gorgeous. Thanks for taking so much of your time to make this video and posting it on YouTube. Thanks for sharing and caring. 😀🍸🍸🍸👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹💕
Angelia Faustina Kostka Kostka (6 месяцев назад)
Is very Easy to sew thank angela
Sara Aronzon (7 месяцев назад)
Great video
simaroo (8 месяцев назад)
Fast and easy......💗💗👍🏼👍🏼
Mary Enos (8 месяцев назад)
Angela..I went to the link listed for the pattern, but was told if it is not associated with a class then they could not help me...The pattern was sold out, so I did a live chat hoping to get info on it.Thanks
Siddiyqa Shabazz (9 месяцев назад)
Yanti Arief (9 месяцев назад)
Thank you
Pratiksha Palande (9 месяцев назад)
Easiest and neat waist band loved it...too easy for her
Amra Tariq Farooqi (9 месяцев назад)
Plz tell about perfect ladies pant cutting thnx
Mantasha Khan (9 месяцев назад)
Great video, excellent and thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
Angie M (9 месяцев назад)
I had been thinking all along that I need a notcher to notch my pattern pieces. Now I can just snip in a little with my shears within the seam allowances!
MadamSew (9 месяцев назад)
Such an informative video. Thank you for this! :)
you lLOve aai (9 месяцев назад)
Crafts 👆👍👖👏👏👏👏
Najath Ahamed (10 месяцев назад)
Long Live JaeYong (11 месяцев назад)
Gonna try this out, thank youuu 💕
Idris Adetutu2 (1 год назад)
Nice work ma
Maynara (1 год назад)
cloisterene (1 год назад)
When I make simple, casual pants like these, it's easier for me to hem them working flat most of the way, prior to sewing the inseams, leaving just about an inch or so un-hemmed on either side of the seam-lines. Then after sewing the inseams, I finish the hems. It's faster for me, and I get neater hems that way. But there is an even more important step I always do, that of reinforcing the crotch seams to prevent embarrassing splits. It is done by first pressing the crotch seam allowances all to one side in front, then to the opposite side in back for balance (clipping the seam allowances where necessary, to make them lie flat); then top-stitching the entire crotch seam as close to the seam 'ditches' as I can get it -- always making sure to anchor the outer fabric to the seam allowances underneath. This is a vital step for me, since I live in a hot climate and make most of my pants out of super-lightweight fabrics. It's good for work pants, too. That way, the top stitching sits on one side of the seam in front, and on the other side in back, and from the perspective of an observer, appears to be on the same side, whether seen from front or back. I like how that works out. I work neatly, so my top-stitching very close to crotch seams is barely noticeable; and besides, this particularly basic (i.e. not tailored) type of trousers are something I prefer to wear with longer tunics anyway, so the crotch and hip area is usually covered up with another layer of fabric. And best of all: I can relax, knowing that under normal circumstances the seams will hold securely.
2degucitas (5 месяцев назад)
cloisterene Do you reinforce the crotch leg seams as well?
All Things Jemz (1 год назад)
Thank you!
fuzzy face (1 год назад)
wow this is so incredibly confusing
Barbra (1 год назад)
The pattern is sold out(: Does anyone know where I can find a pattern for one piece pants?
sourcing catchymarket (1 год назад)
OMG, we sell it only at 40 USD/ unit......
sidzz z (1 год назад)
I couldn't understand the measurements can any body help me
KoalaSez (1 год назад)
It's one that you buy but earlier comments say it is no longer for sale. So, google "wide leg pant pattern" and look for one with an elastic waist and no side seams.
sidzz z (1 год назад)
I mean how to make this pattern
L. 17 (1 год назад)
Loved this video...THANKS!
Sundar Janaki (1 год назад)
nice sister thank you
anagui (1 год назад)
great awesome
Michelle Reichert (1 год назад)
This was a wonderful Very easy to understand, detailed tutorial. Thank you. Angela. I am also looking for a basic top. no buttons just a good beginner top .
Graciela Bonilla (1 год назад)
seems very easy am going to try..
HalfLeft Dawn (1 год назад)
why would you not sew a casing, then feed the elastic through? was there a specific reason for your method? thanks!
Zimbabwean (1 год назад)
HalfLeft Dawn it usually leaves a flatter waist band but she didnt really explain that
Munawar Karimi (1 год назад)
Hyla x (1 год назад)
How come I didn't see this when i was sewing my pants.
Shweta Gupta (1 год назад)
Hello Ms. Angela, that was a very informative video. please could you provide a pencil trouser drafting. It would be a great help.
sewing&co (1 год назад)
very easy to follow thank you
Dmitri Moua (1 год назад)
Is this unisex?
cannydoee (2 года назад)
Why did you use those wiggly scissors for the inseams? do they make for a cleaner edge or make serging easier?
HalfLeft Dawn (1 год назад)
cannydoee -- some people use "pinking shears" (the wiggly scissors) as an alternative to a zig-zag finish, or serging. It helps prevent fraying, but if you have a Serger, just serge them instead. :)
Saima Ansari (1 год назад)
cannydoee she cut the inseam in zigzag pattern so that fabric threads won't come out.
DuhItzStar (2 года назад)
Karen Boisier (2 года назад)
Thank you very much! This helped me a lot! Everything is very clear!
kewalin jaipiam (2 года назад)
Thank you so much for your super easy tutorial. It is easy to following . Love it.
Verna Johnson (2 года назад)
simple & easy to follow👍👌
Elizabeth A (2 года назад)
That is the messiest waist band I have seen in a long time.  Come on Angela, you can do better than that.  I would be embarrassed to sew a garment like that.
Lisa O'Donnell (8 месяцев назад)
Elizabeth A, how should it have been better, less messy? I really want to understood and make it as neat as possible. The fact you can see a raw edge on the inside is kind of messy looking to start with...
MorhenWolf (10 месяцев назад)
Well, it's good that you're better, keep it for yourself..
Keren (1 год назад)
Ok nobody is perfect
Justin Case (1 год назад)
This is a video for true neophytes. I am one of those and I appreciate the simplicity of her technique.
KoalaSez (1 год назад)
Well, considering the sewing is on the inside it isn't that bad. It's a 5 or 6 minute tutorial, not a lesson in couture sewing. Lighten up.
Linda Gagliano (2 года назад)
This is the first of a video instruction that I've watched of yours. Thank you for your clear instructions and the video is very clear as well. As far as FREE videos go, this is amazing. I can't wait to check out the others.
Jumana Nawsath (5 месяцев назад)
Linda Gagliano Hi could upload the video to cut the pants using the messurement thank you
kiran jit (2 года назад)
pkz tell how to make draft
Idelma Pacheco (2 года назад)
se .ve muy bien pero deberian traducirlo al español ....desde colombia .........
Idelma Pacheco (2 года назад)
María José Montaña gracias por la imformacion ..besos
María José Montaña (2 года назад)
Cuando visualices el vídeo, lleva el ratón al cuadrante inferior derecho, aparecerá el símbolo de una rueda dentada que es la configuración. Pincha y veras varios apartados, entre ellos " subtítulos", clica y te aparecerá entre las opciones "traducción automática", elige el idioma y listo. Espero que te sirva.
Bluprint (2 года назад)
Gracias por mirar, Idelma! Esperamos que algun telespectador bilingual de la comunidad youtube contribuya subtitulos en español a este video y todos nuestros!
Christopher Nejman (2 года назад)
Why doesn't Angela ever demonstrate proper sewing ergonomics and have a large extension table attached to her machines? Is she truly a professional sewer or a hired model?
Christopher Nejman (2 года назад)
Well the last time we had this conversation you said the studio did not supply an extension table or a way to recess the machine into a cabinet for you. I did not realize everything you have filmed that has been out there all these years was all filmed on the same day in the same studio for different companies. My apology.
Angela Wolf (2 года назад)
Now Christopher, that was not very nice! Didn't we have this discussion a few years ago? I am simply trying to inspire people to start sewing.
Jacqueline Eaton (2 года назад)
How wide of elastic do you recommend for a nice look?
Angela Wolf (2 года назад)
I prefer 1" or 1.25" elastic. It also depends on if you are short waisted or long waisted. 1" or less is more comfortable for short waisted and 1" or wider for longer waisted shape.
chantalida53 (2 года назад)
Thank you so much for this very useful tutorial.
Angela Wolf (2 года назад)
your most welcome :)
Dana Moore (2 года назад)
Love you Angela - this is the best tutorial,I have ever seen.
Angela Wolf (2 года назад)
thanks Dana :)
Karen Bochinski (2 года назад)
As for the elastic I fold fabric over 2 times stitch top stitch bottom and insert elastic. This seems like an interesting way to put the elastic in.
Corliss Yamasaki (2 года назад)
what kind of elastic did you use? sewing over elastic doesn't stretch it?
Pandurang Chillal (1 год назад)
Corliss Yamasaki
Corliss Yamasaki (2 года назад)
+Angela Wolf thank you!
Angela Wolf (2 года назад)
this is sports elastic

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