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Tim Wise, Author, White Like Me

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Tim Wise, essayist, author and educator, spoke to faculty and staff of FHDA on April 28, 2017, at the Smithwick Theater on the Foothill College campus. This video is an archive of the live webcast.
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Meat Puppet21 (1 месяц назад)
I am going to miss my White Privilege. Strolling along the street clubbing minorities aside like baby seals. Driving thru crowded school zones at 70 mph with eyes closed. Going into any bank, abusing the tellers and walking out with a fistful of Benjamins. Most of all, going into a room and having people grovel and cower in the presence of my magnificent Whiteness. I am going to miss all of that.
paddyd50 gamer (1 год назад)
I hear him talk a lot about white privilage and how white people have been oppressing everyone for years but I still haven't heard one solution to the "problems" he's suggesting. what is the point of spreading this message if you don't give solutions to the problems. this is just spreading hate towards white people. this is why white people got annoyed and angry. this is why someone who as morally unjust as trump got in. it's spreading this hate speech. whites are the enemy bla bla bla. How about you fight for underprivileged schools getting funding how about you fight for underprivileged areas to get funding and how about you stop spreading this dominant and non dominant group bs that's causing more god damn division between the 2 god damn groups which is doing nothing but causing militant groups like blm to cause havoc to people who have done nothing except try to run a business. what are you fighting for? what would it take for it to be "fair" between coloured people and white people. what if white people weren't allowed to go to college for 10 years would that finally make it fair? would that give coloured people the headstart they need? does 2 wrongs make a right? when is it fair between all races?
nryastew (10 месяцев назад)
He talked for 2 and a half hours, I find it hard to believe you even watched the whole thing if all you remember is questions.
Teeonce Beauty (1 год назад)
paddyd50 gamer can't find a solution if people are still in denial
paddyd50 gamer (1 год назад)
Fatima Jinnah ya knowing the problem is step one but skipping the step 2, actually solving the problem is useless and ineffective. he knows that if he tries to come up with a solution it can be criticized. better off asking the questions than answering them. You always look smarter when you're the one asking the questions. absolutely useless! It's a lecture on god damn history and nothing else. And if you say white privilage enough it will cause resentment both from whites to blacks and blacks to whites. so in turn even if it's not his intention he is causing a lot of resentment and solving nothing. At least that's my take on it feel free to disagree
Fatima Jinnah (1 год назад)
He's not saying "whites are the enemy". He's saying whites have unearned privilege and they don't realize/know it. His "solution" is first understanding this basic fact. First you have to know the problem before you can address the solution.
paddyd50 gamer (1 год назад)
LelouchVi Britannia I disagree people on both sides of the scale tend to be wrong in my opinion. from what I can tell he's too far over on the left wing. I dislike the fact he comes up with no solutions. to me it's useless and it's also hard criticize constructively when no solutions are suggested. btw love your name code geass for life
Gato Meow (1 год назад)
Moral and ethics are the same thing, viewed from opposite sides....morals from the inside out and ethics from the outside in... If a moral 'imperative' doesn't offer social a structural social benefit...it's simply not a moral principle. Few individuals understand today, that good manners are morally right and practically efficiently, because they keep individuals from getting in trouble with each other..creating ethic principles The term 'race' is a social construct in its application like height can be or eye color could be...Insofar ass the term refers only to the color of the skin.

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