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Softball Infield Drills: 4-Corners Drill

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Having good softball infield drills is an important part of running an effective practice. In this weeks video tip I explain one of my favorite softball infield drills for working on multiple aspects of infield work. This is the called the 4-Corners Infield Drill. In the video you will see a modified version of this traditional drill, where the players (and myself) are using the drill to work on ground ball fundamentals and throws across the diamond. On my blog I explain 3 other ways that you can use this exact same drill and modify it to work on different aspects of infield fundamentals. The 4-Corners drill has been around for years, but with a few tweaks and modifications you can spice it up and accomplish multiple purposes! Watch the video to and then read the full post on my website for additional content about softball infield drills! Want to learn more about teaching fastpitch softball skills, drills, and more? Then the Covey Sports Impact Coaching Academy might be a great fit for you! Go to https://www.coveysports.com/collections/softball-coaching-courses to learn more. Have questions about this drill? Leave a comment below, on my blog, or over on Facebook! To find free articles on fastpitch softball practice skills and drills head over to my blog on the Covey Sports website at https://www.coveysports.com/blogs/softball-coaching. To sign up for the Softball Coaching email list go to https://www.coveysports.com/pages/practice-planning-video-series
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