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How to Get Consensus When You Have Conflict in a Meeting (Facilitation TV Ep8)

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http://www.facilitatorsinnercircle.com.au Picture this…you’ve got two distinct groups in a meeting and the discussion is going off the rails. You can almost feel the physical ‘jarring’ as people take their own positions and stop listening. You can feel the anxiety growing and your pulse is thumping… How do you help the group work through their issues? In Episode 8 of Facilitation TV, hosts Bevan and Andrew provide you with some easy to recall facilitation tools for guiding a group through their disagreements. And in some BIG NEWS, we have a ‘Secret Playbook’ for holding painless and focused meetings with teams? Yes it exists. And we’re giving it away for FREE! Become a 30 day free Trial Member of the Facilitators Inner Circle today and in addition to the great member value, you’ll receive a copy of our masterpiece, “Top Tips for Facilitating Effective Meetings” http://goo.gl/hM5OGG Just imagine the value you could bring to important meetings with proven facilitation processes and templates. JOIN TODAY! http://goo.gl/hM5OGG And remember the value you're already getting from Facilitation TV - brought to you by www.facilitatorsinnercircle.com.au
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