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Out of the Shadows: Women Who Use Drugs in India

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Women who inject drugs in India remain largely neglected in the current HIV response. Marginalised and at risk, these women have inadequate access to services and information they need to protect their health and wellbeing. Unsafe sexual behaviour and shared injecting equipment increase their risk for HIV and hepatitis C infection. Women who inject drugs need a comprehensive harm reduction response that provides accessible, targeted, and quality interventions to improve their health and protect their rights. They can wait in the shadows no longer.
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KAUSTAV SAIKIA (18 часов назад)
Please do not do DRUGS.
KAUSTAV SAIKIA (18 часов назад)
85254018566 DONSAI,HUK (2 года назад)
Hands to hands.
Nyima Tsering (2 года назад)
according to the scientific analysis the solution inhalers are more vulnerable than the cocaine abusers.. the authorities should take drastic steps to prevent that pandemic specially those homeless kids which we have seen on those following videos... i personally have seen alots of small kids who are hard core victims because it is much more cheaper than any kind of contraband.. i have seen them doing completely crazy after they used that one.. they minds will trigger them to do something provocative which is not save for the society..
Nyima Tsering (2 года назад)
i on the behalf of those drugs abuser. i would like to urge to those millionaires or billionaire to come forward and do something.. our nation is the country which had highest rate of millionaires according to the rich and poor bank census is concerned.. so Please make some charity for them,it is obvious that government is not going to do anything.. these days to go for rehab center they used to charge quite some of money.. i would love to do something for them but My budget is below average beside i have done whatever i can within the perimeter of my hometown..
KAB UKI (2 года назад)
I dont care about men using drugs, if u are a man you wont let drugs ruin your life,if u do u are no longer one, but these poor women using drugs so that there husband would love them is truly sad!!! I really hope that some of them recover.
Fifa Rahman (3 года назад)
Amazing video. Hoping that our work on women who use drugs in Malaysia will be as good. 
Nityananda Rishikesh (4 года назад)
God bless you for bringing this information. And all the needy unfortunate women bless you too. Grateful thanks.
Katherine Irene Pettus (4 года назад)
Excellent film.  It would be nice to have different music though.  Maybe a raga rather than the sentimental western music?

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