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Freaky Eaters | Corn Starch Addict (Full Episode) | Only Human

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Nikki Miles is a closet corn starch eater; Dr. Dow and JJ Virgin attempt to break her compulsion. Imagine only eating cheeseburgers or pizzas at every meal? What if your diet was made up of raw meat and it was going to kill you? Based on the hit BBC format our experts, psychotherapist and eating disorder specialist Dr. Mike Dow and nutrition expert to the stars JJ Virgin attempt to save our freaky eaters from their outrageous food addictions and the compulsions that threaten to destroy their lives. How did the eaters become emotionally and physically addicted to such unhealthy food, can the experts stop the ticking time bomb, change their diet and give them back their lives? Click here to subscribe to the channel: https://goo.gl/Ro2hdY Content licensed from Digital Rights Group (DRG). Produced by Shed Media US.
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Текстовые комментарии (7254)
Fled From Dema (23 минуты назад)
Anyone else notice her rare, amazing, beautiful blue eyes.
_I_Am_ Deviant_ (4 часа назад)
CreepBro06 (4 часа назад)
From the thumbnail and just her in the video, she look like she on some cocaine or some other drugs.
nakea simone (4 часа назад)
Commenting before watching video: Craving cornstarch has to be related to a mineral or vitamin she’s lacking in her diet. I’ll just have to see if I am right after watching the video🤷🏾‍♀️
Gabe Levinson (5 часов назад)
Watch the husband find the corn starch in the bags and mistake it for cocaine
Mft7970 (5 часов назад)
They're stupid writing letters for a dead child WOW!
_Lovely_Purpely_Berry_ (6 часов назад)
Water and corn starch = OOBLECK
_Lovely_Purpely_Berry_ (6 часов назад)
Delaney Ness (7 часов назад)
Her eyes are so red and unhealthy...
Slowdeer123 (8 часов назад)
She didn't get all of it out of the house
Egg with 10k subs? (9 часов назад)
Katelynn (9 часов назад)
Bruh, they waste so much damn food on this show it’s wild lol
Jen Rk300 (9 часов назад)
“Cornstarch is my best friend” well your eating your best friend
jams wanted (10 часов назад)
I put syrup on my bacon and eggs
Lakota Alexander (10 часов назад)
Nikki has pretty eyes I'm eat a lot of junk food.
Elizabete Caune (11 часов назад)
Her eyes tho..
Caylee Denney (12 часов назад)
I don't like eating corstartch
Emma Speck (13 часов назад)
Hey for whoevers wondering how her eye color is blue it's because cornstarch eating as much as she does it turns brown eyes blue
Shining Star (14 часов назад)
Sashie K (14 часов назад)
PICA! I have it too. I don’t eat cornstarch but I eat other weird stuff. Lol
TRP Brenzin (14 часов назад)
New alternative to cocaine?
Allison Garrett (16 часов назад)
These shows.... so bad for the environment!!! Corn starch in the lake and balloons in the air. I swear. Take these things back to the store. Sea turtles man... no one wants an ooooblake
Inayator (16 часов назад)
*This is just a joke don't take it seriously* Mum: I need to stop eating corn starch so I don't die! Marquis in heaven: Hahaha I can eat all the corn starch I want without health problems loser 😂😂😂
Tajwar Abdullah (18 часов назад)
Like how she is corn starch. I feel so bad for her
Jiimpix (23 часа назад)
She has oobleck in her stomach
Given Family (23 часа назад)
It’s her cocaine
Grace Flimflam (1 день назад)
She should try eating mazapan *a mexican candy with the texture of cornstarch*
Léa Dayco (1 день назад)
Miscarriages aren’t unheard of but an actual child dying??? At 4? That’s real sad
Sam Pamensky (1 день назад)
Her hiding the corn starch in the bags was like hiding drugs
#Cavaliers 23 (1 день назад)
i had health issues,stomach pain and CONSTIPATION
Aaliyah Basnight (1 день назад)
Omg how can she eat that it looks so dry😂😂😂
I Created An Account For This (1 день назад)
Drinking game: Take a shot every time they say cornstarch
danièle n (1 день назад)
I really like the idea of writing letters to their son and send them on balloons
Spring Edits (1 день назад)
Cornstarch is my best friend *EATS HER BEST FRIEND*
Edlomaja (1 день назад)
They made oobleck
NekoNoodles (1 день назад)
T-this video is freaking me out, I’m literally staring at death. I’m allergic to corn and this lady eats a lot of it! (Ok sorry if I sound rude. And btw corn starch is NOT a good diet! Seriously, it’s gonna cause complications!)
Dex Lacko (1 день назад)
Eat cornstarch Eat cornstarch Eat cornstarch Eat cornstarch Eat cornstarch Eat cornstarch Eat cornstarch Eat cornstarch Sleep
Badman Vegeta (1 день назад)
0:33 how the hell do you hotbox with cornstarch?!
Daphne R. Wells (1 день назад)
This is a condition called pica. Why no one mentioned this tells me this is all fake.
Bailey lover (1 день назад)
Her blue eyes tho
Asmr Goddess (1 день назад)
Cornstarch doesn’t taste like anything. I tasted it about 5 yrs ago and thought it was gross. Last year I tried it again and now I eat it often ( I spit it out after it gets soggy). I really like the powdery feel of the cornstarch. I think my anemia has gotten worst which is why I eat it more now. I’ll be getting iron pills to hopefully curve the craving.
100 subs no vid Let’s go (1 день назад)
Just wait till the day that she gets pulled over and the cop arrests her thinking it’s cocan
100 subs no vid Let’s go (18 часов назад)
Given Family I know it’s a joke like I’m high
Given Family (23 часа назад)
100 subs no vid Let’s go cocaine
Vintaqe Rxses (1 день назад)
Maybe she wanted to thicken herself and see if the same thing will happen to human as it happens to like the soups and curry
Ecija Tomee (1 день назад)
She have beautiful eyes
Amanda Rickert (1 день назад)
That's so sad that woman has a very loving husband and 3 beautiful children left she needs to be there for...
Amanda Rickert (1 день назад)
I met a woman who eats toilet paper. I swear! I've heard of people eating certain things because they're missing iron in their bodies but how would toilet paper fix that? I wish i knew!!
lobster (1 день назад)
Did anyone else cry when they read the letters?
sten beetlex (1 день назад)
So she poops Non Newtonian anti gravity crap ?!
First born unicorn (2 дня назад)
delicious dick print @0:29
Cecilia Le (2 дня назад)
The thing they just walk across is called oobleck
coreys world (2 дня назад)
Under the spare tire ..thats gonna be akward gettin pulled over
Vivian Miller (2 дня назад)
Are those blue contacts? Girl... Come on now. Who you fooling?
Gacha Angel :3 (2 дня назад)
i always hear my bestfriend
Emily Roberts (2 дня назад)
739 pounds of corn starch a year over the past 16 years is 11,824 pounds, or 5.91 US tons. That is insane.
PunAmation studios (2 дня назад)
she proably has obleck in her stomache
Maria Jessie (2 дня назад)
Tia Lovrić (2 дня назад)
J.J. Virgin 😂
Mystic._.Trash (2 дня назад)
“Cornstarch is my best friend” I don’t need friends that disappoint me.
Andy Lee (2 дня назад)
Cop: “HERE WE GO. *shows camera* “This here is cocaine.” Lady: “No, no.... it’s ... cornstarch...”
SantrexYT (2 дня назад)
Ummmm Whispers *does she poop oobleck*
mei leen (2 дня назад)
It looks so good is it just me???? 😂
Daniela Hernandez-Rojo (2 дня назад)
I didn't know that you could eat straight cornstarch 😲
There's oobleck in her stomach.
Jax Vannurden (2 дня назад)
she said she can't stop but she can stop I would tell her husband
Ecstasy And Heroin (2 дня назад)
pastel glitter (2 дня назад)
once the experts left she started eating again? thats what the end says
The One And Only Xtreme Patata (2 дня назад)
My teacher needs to be on here. Shes addicted to giving us homework daily. Me and my classmates are tired of this. She needs a thearpist to stop this addiction of hers.
SoggySugarCookie ღ (2 дня назад)
Before I saw this, I tried to eat cornstarch one time and I hated it. But now after seeing this, I want to try it again imao
Kxng_jzy (2 дня назад)
What happens if she gets pulled over she said she hides it in the car and cops might think something else 😂
Alyssa Agbayani (2 дня назад)
Nicky is basically made of ooblek
Sidney Lundstrom (3 дня назад)
Why is the kids face so yellow
David Kyle Bacierto (3 дня назад)
It's that cornstarch or cocaine?beacause it's "ADDICTIVE"Right?
Vicki Ross Tudor (3 дня назад)
How are these people always MARRIED?
Kubits (3 дня назад)
ive tasted cornstarch before (like a tiny bit) and it tasted weird.
Ghostly Alienz (3 дня назад)
Is no one going to talk about how pretty her eyes/contacts are?
Sun Shine (3 дня назад)
bigmaxwellw1233 nguyen (3 дня назад)
I wonder where the balloon and letter is
skyy (3 дня назад)
bro my mouth got hella dry
Lps Sky (3 дня назад)
There will be oobleck in her mouth 😂
Gum Chewer (3 дня назад)
why you always need to waste food like that
sir shrulu (3 дня назад)
You can tell her husband doesn't care when she confessed
Omar Abdul sater (3 дня назад)
They made oobleck
Ian Tweedie (3 дня назад)
Cornstarch and water creates a nonnewtonian fluid meaning it doesn’t behave as normal liquids should. the trend of these fluids is the faster and harder you try to move it the more solid it becomes. This is how you can walk on it if you’re fast enough or punch it and feel lime your hitting a brick wall.
WaitingFish3204 (3 дня назад)
18:49 *Gets in the fishes gills*
Nathan Nation (3 дня назад)
Give her baking soda next
the Yoong (3 дня назад)
now i'm curious as to what cornstarch tastes like. 😂😂😂
Rebel Greninja (3 дня назад)
i usually eat corn starch daily on poptarts
૨σ૮ҡεƭ ɱαɳ (3 дня назад)
Are you sure that's not crack?
royal princess (4 дня назад)
Who else cried at the end?
Fineapple (4 дня назад)
Argania Spinosa (4 дня назад)
If they tested her blood, I am certain that they would find out that she is iron deficient. And clearly she is suffering from pica, which can occur at any age but commonly so when you are pregnant.
Firal Alvi (4 дня назад)
And I can't stand the smell of it...and yes i did like my own comment
cam t (4 дня назад)
I cried
DEAD INSIDE (4 дня назад)
"It's like your hiding heroine" Lmaooo😂
Cool Dude (4 дня назад)
If she got oobleck in her stomach and someone hit her in the gut would in harden the oobleck and hurt whoever hit her
Cool Dude (4 дня назад)
I’m addicted to gaming
Meghan Ballantyne (4 дня назад)
if a cop were to find that cornstarch they would think it was drugs
bestfriendplayz123 (4 дня назад)
Are those blue eyes real?
Vivian Miller (2 дня назад)
TGP Cambo (4 дня назад)
she in love with the coco
mariocordovaljesus (4 дня назад)
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