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Post Flood Nephilim - Chuck Missler

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In this segment Chuck Missler discusses post-flood nephilim. This segment comes from the "Numbers" commentary published by Koinonia House. - To purchase this briefing pack in its entirety, go to our online store at: http://resources.khouse.org - To subscribe to The Personal Update News Journal, go to: http://www.khouse.org/subscribe - To learn more about the Koinonia Institute, go to: http://www.studycenter.com
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Esotericintense (29 дней назад)
0:24 TO 0:36min,his timely getting that out was HILARIOUS,these things walk amonsgt us daily,wrapped in a mosaic of hues,especially one i can VALIDATE,there VERY,VERY,VERY,VERY,EVIL,emotionalist,mean visages,scrolled faces,run away when scripture is read in public,7,14,21,35,49, ADIOS (SMILE). they were left on the earth for they were born of divine beings and women, thus left down here to OPPRESS GODS RIGHTEOUS ones,there horrible in nature,. YET WE ARE GIVEN OR WAS LEFT INSTRUCTIONS IN SCRIPTURE TO HANDLE THESE DEMONS, WHOM ARE PROUD TO SERVE THE BEAST. THOSE WHOM MANY BELIEVE OF HARBORING THESE THINGS U BETTER LOOK YONDER,CAUSE IT AINT WHOM FOLKS ARE PROGRAMMED TO BELIEVE,IT'S THE OPPOSITE. TRUST I KNOW AS A FACT AND EXPERIENCE. I PRAY NO ONE ENDURE WHAT SOME HAVE FROM THESE SEEMINGLY NORMAL HUSK,YET SUBLEASED THERE TEMPLE TO DEMONS.
Gabriel Riveros (2 месяца назад)
Very smart man. Unfortunately he got very side tracked on Genesis 6. Sons of God were men, godly line of Seth. NOT angels or fallen angels. Hebrews 1 God never called any angel a “son”. Nephilim were fallen men from the mixed seed pre and post flood. Sons of God were godly men, righteous men. But...they failed. Jesus is THE Son of God and our righteousness. Through Him may we be called sons and daughters of God. Let him with ears hear. God bless. (i did my own digging as he said we all should do) His interpretation relies on non biblical sources. Wo to him who adds or subtracts from God’s word. Jesus loves you never forget this. Ask for understanding and search the scriptures Acts 17:11.
Jim Carter (1 месяц назад)
You are wrong. Prior to man, there were no sons of God, so it had to be fallen Angel's he was talking about.
tim vickers (1 год назад)
they where sons of god not sons of satan satan had nothing to do with the giants. if you belive sons of god took the girls of man then your saying the sons of the god the god is satan . in other words, the father of fallen sons of god there daddy was satan
Dexter001 (1 год назад)
Nephilim, a Hebrew word meaning 'those who have fallen' or 'the fallen ones', translated into Greek as gigantez, gigantes, or 'giants'. Strong's Concordance for Nephilim is H5303 and is derived from the word Nephal is H5307. Nephal is to fall, lie or cast down. Using the Hebrew word Naphal which you get the Hebrew word Nephilim. Job 1:20 "Then Job arose, tore his robe, and shaved his head; and he FELL to the ground and worshiped." The word "FELL" in Job 1:20 when translated to Hebrew is the word Naphal. Applying the Hebrew word Nephilim which comes from the Hebrew word Nephal to Genesis 6:4 "There were giants (nephilim) on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown." With using both Hebrew and Greek there is more than one meaning or use of the words nephilim and giants. There is a DOUBLE meaning. Hebrew use is the Nephilim would fall (Naphal) to the ground like Job 1:20 mentions, so it would be in a state of worship, probably on their knees. In Genesis 6:4 the Nephilim are in a position of worship or falling to the ground and worshiping. Genesis 6:4 is a PLURAL word meaning men that FELL on the ground or on their knees an worshiped God while presenting a burnt offering>>>>>Nephilim. Many misuse the word Nephilim, and use the word as hybrid offspring, that is FALSE. Greek use of the word Giant would refer to years. Years is the theme in Genesis 5. The chapter mentions a giant life span many times. Genesis 6:3 "And the Lord said, “My Spirit shall not strive[a] with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” Genesis 6:3 God mentions "YEARS". God shrunk this giant life span of man, this happened after the flood. Not to rule out stature when using the word "giant", God created Adam with superior DNA/Genetics so naturally the people of that time period may have had a larger stature. That would explain larger bone fragments, skulls and size of a skeleton that are found. The "sons of God" mentioned in Genesis 6:2 and 6:4 are men, Not angels. The "sons of God" are mentioned in Genesis 5. They are "sons of God" because they presented Burnt Offerings to God. Sons would be a theme in Genesis 5 and years would be a theme in Genesis 5. Burnt offerings started with Abel in Genesis 4:4 "Abel also brought of the firstborn of his flock and of their fat. And the Lord respected Abel and his offering," The offering Abel presented to God was probably a burnt offering. These kinds of offerings probably were handed down. Seth stepped in the place of Abel. Seth's name in Hebrew means appointed, a substitute, anointed or compensation. Genesis 5 is the list of the "sons of God" who presented burnt offerings to God. Adam is a direct creation of Adam. Seth is next on the genealogy line all the way to Noah. Noah presents a burnt offering to God in Genesis 8:20 "Then Noah built an altar to the Lord, and took of every clean animal and of every clean bird, and offered burnt offerings on the altar. The only way Noah would have known about a burnt offering is that his father would have presented burnt offerings to God. Noah's father was Lamech (Gen. 5: 28,29). Burnt offerings is how man worshiped God, how sin was dealt with and how God made man righteous in His sight. Burnt offerings was the relationship between God and man. The Hebrew "bene elohim" when translated is "sons of God" fits perfectly when a person apply's burnt offerings. Burnt offerings are a foreshadowing of what Jesus did on the Cross. Jesus dealt with SIN on the Cross, that is why believers of what Jesus did on the Cross are "sons of God" or to say children of God. Jesus sacrifice on the Cross supersedes the burnt offerings that were presented in the OT. Angels NEVER presented burnt offerings to God. It is NONSENSE to believe that angels are the "sons of God" and that they produced offspring called this Nephilim/Giants. It does not fit with the Hebrew, Greek or the context of scriptures. So many take this angel view hook, line and sinker. Many are deceived.
Jonny Krivan (1 год назад)
People can say what they want about chuck but you have to agree to the fact that he knows his stuff. He's one of the most studious scholars out there and he shows his work . He's brilliant and he encourages me to search for wisdom and those gold nuggets in the word !! Well done chuck
tim vickers (1 год назад)
he knows stuff i dont agree its the right stuff but he has at lest studded the word
John O (2 года назад)
In regard to post flood nephilim, what would have stopped more fallen angels from taking wifes and starting the process all over again?
icemonger123 (4 месяца назад)
Them seeing what happened to those who did. Reference 2 Peter 2:4-5, Jude v.6. Also, note the tone of extreme fear in the demon's voice as they ask the Lord Jesusin Matthew 8:29 and Luke 8:31
Maria (3 года назад)
how this giants appear after the flood? Noah and his sons were the only one survive the flood , so anybody after them should be their descendants. Actually the amonites, Anak etc.... were descendants of Ham son of Noah.
icemonger123 (4 месяца назад)
The demons who had done these things had not yet been sent to the Abbys. (Reference 2 Peter 2:4-5, Jude v.6, and the gauge the response of the demons when the Lord Jesus Christ confronted them on the shore in Matthew 8:29 and Luke 8:31. Also, Noah was perfect in his generations, but what about Mrs. Ham, Shem, and Japheth?
Regina (4 года назад)
I remember theese Bulls of Bashan from another Book.The Book of Enoch.If I remember it well those bulls are butting the sheep of God.
K Blair (5 лет назад)
It could have came from Noah's daughter in laws.... that is one argument. The bible does not specifically say how it was corrupted again....
Thyme N A Bottle (5 лет назад)
My question is still this. The flood was sent to wipe out the nephilim blood line, plus all the strange animal experiments. If all of the humans on the ark were of pure/natural blood lines...where did the post flood nephilim come from? I cannot find where the Bible addresses this. Please email me with anything that I have missed in the Scriptures. dawatson1954@gmail.com
icemonger123 (4 месяца назад)
God had already had known that they would be in the world later after the flood, hence the comment in Genesis 6:4.
Esta O (5 лет назад)
The "people" God said to wipe out were hybrids (fallen angels who left their first estate and mated with human women - Gen 6). Satan has been trying to corrupt the dna (image of God) into his image. Since satan can see further into time, he knew where the covenant promised land would be and planted Canaanites / hybrids there. Check out L A Marzulli "Cosmic Chess Match" for more info.
Frank Bushman (5 лет назад)
I'm sorry it's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact the the same God that gave Moses the Ten Commandments of which thou shalt not kill was the written word of god written by his hand (loll) ? and them this is the same god telling Joshua he needs to kill some people god doesn't like..? ??. Huhuhu wtf ! just checkin
icemonger123 (4 месяца назад)
Check again the Scriptures, it is "Thou shall not murder", not Thou shall not kill". These people that God told Joshua to wipe out were totally corrupt. He had given the Canaanites 400 years to repent, they only got worse. Pay attention to detail. In the Law of Moses God told the Israelites to "Not be like the people of the land that I am giving you." All the examples in the Law were the SINS that they were committing. (ie murder, rape, incest, homosexuality, bestiality, idolatry, gross religious practices like burning unwanted babies in an idol.) Joshua was to wipe these people out so they would not be in the land with the Israelites. If your all neighbors around you are doing weird things how long before you or your kids join them and become like them? So, God has His chosen people to deal with them, His choice.
Sharon Ruth Bates (5 лет назад)
Maybe in allegory Goliath is also a gigantic lie that David hit right in the third eye with a stone of truth?
icemonger123 (4 месяца назад)
No, take the Scriptures literally, especially when the context indicates that. Also, the height of Goliath was given which equates to about 9 foot 6 inches tall. The weight and size of his armor and weapons. All BIG!
truther TM (6 лет назад)
I didn't know goliath had 4 brothers and that's why david picked up 5 stones?? Awwwww how cute is that! (^_^;)
icemonger123 (4 месяца назад)
If you had to face them personally, you would not say cute.
Far North Weaver (6 лет назад)
I respectfully disagree. The Bible's focus is not the drama of Satan.... But of The Divinity and Glory of Jesus Christ, The Power and Soveriegnity of The Lord God Almighty, The Father of our Lord in Jesus Christ and of Israel, and now even of ourselves. It IS called The Word of God... not the Drama of Satan... To infer otherwise is False! evenminutely, it makes a difference!
Far North Weaver (6 лет назад)
It would seem that she was referring to the charging for what was meant to be freely given. And to be honest, these small "teasers" and then saying the rest is available but at a price. You know, money. I find it indicative of "The Times" in which we are living. Quick clips are not edifying, they are vulnerable to be used out of context, creating confusion in those that seek the Truth. I used to enjoy Misslers teaching...but sadly, something has happened to it, something is missing...
joeliepoo1 (6 лет назад)
I removed my reply because after reading it again, I really did not mean to sound so hateful. I just miss hearing his free studies that were once available on u tube... they still were not complete but you could get a good foundation even if you couldn't afford the whole study at the time...it was nice....
MeInTheCornfield (6 лет назад)
Now, this isn't intended to be spam, just a recommendation where I found good fruit... 01:21 "You can look at the Bible as a drama of Satan's attempts to try to thwart the plan of God." Amen! If you wanted to pursue this idea further, I'd like to recommend a study from 1994: "Satan and His Plan of Evil — A Survey of the Biblical Doctrine" by Keith R. Blades (Publ. North Calgary Open Bible Fellowship, Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Joshwasere Yesterday (6 лет назад)
Man David was such a beast!
WildBarley67 (6 лет назад)
Nice work Chuck...!!! The Psalm 22:12, What a Pearl....!!!! I still believe that Ham's wife was carrying the Nephilim blood and this is why Noah cursed Caanan after realising what Ham had done... Caanan was a Giant...!!! Hence the Caananitish peoples... Satan's attempt to continue his seed after the flood...! Interestingly if this is the case, that means that Caanans people were basically allowed in the land which belonged to Shem at one time... Shem the Melchizedek that met with Abraham....
justjazzieful (6 лет назад)
Chuck Missler Rocks! =0)

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