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Fight Club Vs MGTOW

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I can't believe how fast life flies by, back in 1999 I remember watching the film Fight Club and I was 20 years old viewing it in the theaters. This was at a time when I was reading John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Adam Smith and many other great thinkers, philosophers and economists. I took a college course called the history of liberalism and the material in my classes messed with my head. I learned about the cruelty that people were willing to inflict on others so they could get ahead in life. This really pissed me off and got me to question and throw out my consumerist ideals and realize that my freedom was more important then the stuff I was consuming in my daily life. I broke free of the spell of consumerism. I was also taking a popular culture class and learning about the history of propaganda. I studied the rise of the industrial revolution and how people were turned into machines for producing consumer goods. By the time I watched fight club I had already explored many of the themes found in it. But now that I'm a MGTOW I see it in a new way. The parallels between MGTOW and Fight Club are striking. Both groups are male only, but instead of men beating up each other up in MGTOW we share how women have beaten us emotionally and financially over the years. The character Tyler Durden is a figment in the imagination of the protagonist played by Edward Norton who has no name. The narrator has created Tyler Durden as an alter ego that allows him to do all the things that he can't. There's a line where Tyler Durden says: "I look like you wanna look, I fuck like you wanna fuck, I am smart, capable, and most importantly, I'm free in all the ways that you are not." Mgtow youtube channels are like Tyler Durden and the people putting them up are the narrators, quite literally. The MGTOWs that have channels are using their alter online alter egos to say the things they can't in real life. It's not anonymity by choice so much as it's anonymity to protect our incomes, reputations, personal safety and personal relationships with family, co-workers and friends. So if we put ourselves out there we are Tyler Durden. CLIPART COMMERCIAL LICENSE: Openclipart may be used for any purpose, including unlimited commercial productions, as royalty-free clipart, for schools, churches, commercial and non-commercial reasons. The Openclipart community believes that clipart should be removed of as many restrictions as humanly possible so that the clipart may spread as far and wide as un-imaginable. All clipart allowed for use in Multimedia presentations and incorporated into film, video for broadcast and/or theatrical display. License Link: http://openclipart.org/may-clipart-be-used-comparison
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James Edward S. (2 месяца назад)
I'm of the opinion that the modern world was made possible by the Black Death of the 14th Century, which started around 1346 and ended up killing almost half the population of Europe over the next 100 years or so. The Black Death is what freed the serfs in Western Europe. Maybe we need another Black Death II to free the post modern serfs of our day.
Richard S. (2 месяца назад)
Tyler Durden is supposed to be the "bad guy", both in the movie and in the book (AND in the sequel from Palahniuk). Writing bad guy in quotations because, yes, he is the Narrator's alter ego, but in all of Palahniuk work it is stated that the Narrator is mentally ill. And Tyler Durden is the representations of a mental illness. You might still agree with Tyler's statements in the movie, but the movie Fight Club has him as a psychotic murderer. The guy who wrote that is not a Mgtow advocate at all.
Arrogant Anarchist (3 месяца назад)
As a woman, I believe that you do in fact have a point. Fight club talks about rediscovering one’s primal instincts and shedding a consumeristic attitude. I believe this film is more about how loosing one’s possessions and hitting bottom can be freeing as one has in a sense, left the system of consumerism. I believe you look a bit too deeply into the masculinity of tyler durden as he is the representation of what the main character wants to be. He wants to be impulsive, independent, and free from his fear of leaving his IKEA built lifestyle. Tyler is able to command a room, takes what he wants, and attracts many eyes at once, which is the personality our main character wanted to be. I believe our mani character had been feeling quite small in comparison to this big system he was a part of and that is why tyler is such an alpha. Tyler needed to seem bigger than the system.
Carolina Fight Club (6 месяцев назад)
I believe in violence.
Barry Stamour (9 месяцев назад)
I have to disagree, MGTOW will never make a real difference until we are brave enough to stand and be seen. I have told everyone in my family and most of my close friends that I am MGTOW, and have been for 11 years. When you get tired of dealing with people asking when you are going to settle down and get married, it is a whole new kind of freedom. I openly tell my nephews the truth about how they will be treated by women and the courts when they grow up. My mom is real sad now because my 2 brothers have joined MGTOW, even though all 3 of my sisters have at least 3 kids each she still think her sons need to give her more grandchildren. She knows that none of the fathers of any of my sisters kids get to have any contact with the kids yet she wants her sons to go through it too.
Edward Gaines (10 месяцев назад)
"People do it everyday. They talk to themselves. They see themselves as they'd like to be." Naturally, all of MGTOW is still wrestling with it.
benjamindie (1 год назад)
i'll tell you something about money about 6 years ago me and a few friends always had more money then we needed,and this is only from working min wage jobs 2 of my friends lived in the same house so split bills both had crappy jobs one at a supermarket the other at a factory,they told me they saved 50 percent of there income at least,they got girlfriends and now one is poor and the other one in the last few years has gone though most of his savings,i think he had about 14 grand saved about 6 years ago,nearly all gone to keep his girlfriend happy she wanted to live with him in a bigger house she got it she wanted a newer car she got it,she wanted children yep she got it,and if they ever split up she is going to get that house he has put tones of money into,oh and she cheated on him but he forgave her.
MrK (1 год назад)
Hypothetically, if the system collapsed, then we would be taken back to our hunter gatherer roots. This will change the dynamic of male and female relationships, well in the favour of us males.
Toxic Avenger (1 год назад)
"why is Sandman building an army ? In sandman we trust."
24kGoldenRocket (1 год назад)
Tyler Durden lives over at Zerohedge. That is a true Fight Club.
SeanMaccaUK (1 год назад)
Fight Club is a great movie! His name is Robert Paulson! It's a shame that Sandman doesn't sound like this anymore. His cadence nowadays is maddening to listen to.
matt smith (1 год назад)
Dave Chappel the comedian said a guy only buys a nice house and car to bait women.  If a guy could fuck a woman in a cardboard box that's all he would own.
jaime ruiz (1 год назад)
mgtow I understand and believe what you believe in but you're all bunch of pussies. I speak out and people get mad and try and fight me. I stand and will fight for what I believe. nothing will happen if all you do is talk and comfort each other like a bunch of faggots. to take action is to risk and without risk we will never achieve.
The Matrix (1 год назад)
Nothing for Granted (1 год назад)
Martha's polishing the brass on the Titanic! It's all going down man!
Nothing for Granted (1 год назад)
When I was a teen I watched Fight Club everyday, it struck a cord with me instantly. I guess it was my first dose of red pills.
anythingnew (3 года назад)
Mgtow+insomnia and night owl-ism. Please someone explain more?
Portraitz (3 года назад)
the thing about fight club that always got me thinking was :  how we shouldn't shut our feeling and emotions down'  pissed ? then fight rage, sad? cry hurt? ect... '' Stay with the pain don't shut this out... '' ; '' come one don't deal with this like all those dead people do! "
Tuka Ram (3 года назад)
Well, the most important thing about Fight Club: It tells a story in an physical, visible outside world but speaks about the hidden, inner world of a man. The men in Fight Club don't fight each other. They fight them self. And that is the cause that they thank each other after the fight. The opposite is not an enemy but a helpful friend. Therefore the Fight Club rules for MGTOW: 1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB. --> Don't talk about MGTOW. Except if you are in a MGTOW club. 2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT CLUB. --> Don't talk with blue pillars or women. They don't understand. In best case. In worst case they will make your life miserable 3rd RULE: If someone says "stop" or goes limp, taps out the fight is over. --> Respect your brothers. Especial if they goes down after a loosen fight. Your brothers will respect you. 4th RULE: Only two guys to a fight. --> We are men. We talk and think for our self. We don’t need support by a crowd nor do we offer support towards a croud. 5th RULE: One fight at a time. -> once more. Respect your brothers. 6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes. --> This one is spiritual. It means “Grounded on Earth, wide open heart and head in sky”. It also means honored, honest, upright, upstanding. In other words: Male. 7th RULE: Fights will go on as long as they have to. --> Respect the blue pillars. Their fight is still going on. 8th RULE: If this is your first night at FIGHT CLUB, you HAVE to fight. --> Take the red pill. It’s your first fight.
Stevekixs (3 года назад)
Neal DoubleAA (3 года назад)
Unless you are Lui Marco, tyler duran on the daily. 
Its about liberation but to me, its about punishing the bankers. Freeing up the debt cycle is fine. Its not a bad thing. The imperative we don't want to see is that men repeat the pattern after we are liberated.
2k1ppp (4 года назад)
I am an Indian and see similarities between the non co-operation movement led by Gandhi in the 1920s and MGTOW. For Indians it was a struggle for freedom from British rule and freedom from economic exploitation resulting from all the Indian wealth being sent to  Britain. For today's men it is a struggle for their rights and freedom from economic exploitation resulting from their wealth being transferred to  the women and state. 
anglekan (11 месяцев назад)
2k1ppp either way the state gets involved.
Noah Namey (4 года назад)
As long as you stay childless, and unmarried, you're never turned into a machine of consumer production. At least in the Western World, anyway - where the waste is so fat-laden that any single man with a scintilla of sense can skim off an easy living filled with free time and long hikes.
Arkadii Kostochka (4 года назад)
Fight Club movie once made a big splash among movie buffs and its idea can hardly be called a no-brainer. Here you can find an interpretation of this cult flick. https://coursmos.com/course/fight-club-explained?utm_source=seedcnv&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sd&utm_content=17
crypter27 (4 года назад)
Truth be told ,I own the d.v.d!
ManSpeakOut (4 года назад)
Like Dave Chappelle said during a show. If a man could fuck a woman in a cardboard box, he wouldn't buy a house.
Dimitri Vincheov (4 года назад)
Fight Club is a must for all MGTOWs!  great video Sandman!  I remember when my little bro forced me to out myself about my views on women I almost told my family that I was part of a group called MGTOW but I stopped...1st rule of MGTOW dont tell anyone about it!
New Perspective (2 года назад)
+Sandman Bro I hope you're still thinking about this it's a great idea.
Chris Guzman (3 года назад)
+Sandman Haha, loved this video relating Fight Club to MGTOW! My love for Fight Club was probably the biggest reason for my joining and attraction to everything MGTOW touches upon and stands for! Let me know if this idea of yours ever comes to fruition, Sandman! I'd be glad to join a local MGTOW group or something of that nature.
Sandman (4 года назад)
crashing big reds wedding would be awesome. That would be epic.
Dimitri Vincheov (4 года назад)
+Sandman LOL crash big reds wedding!  keep us informed on your "project mayhem" plans!
Sandman (4 года назад)
We need our own project mayhem to get behind. I'm working on that. I want to start travelling around the continent meeting other MGTOWs with youtube channels and influence and start planning projects. That's the goal by the end of the year. Fight club is a great template. Maybe we can all go and crash a wedding of a feminist or something! ?
Peter McGowan (4 года назад)
Well, I can see why you say you have to stay anonymous after making a video like this!  But what bothers me (and I'm sure you agree) is not that others may disagree and put their arguments forward, but that they'll just get offended, try to shame you, and very likely go after you in one way or another, if you say this kind of thing without the alter-ego.
Sandman (4 года назад)
Yes they will shame me and the people I know. Try to ruin my reputation with family and friends. That's where the real shame comes from. Personally I don't care but I don't want to see the people in my life hurt by my actions. 
fullfist (4 года назад)
the modern freak-show goes like this; .................................................- alphaCEO (Barker)----------------- ..........................................------ service industry women ("Barker's beauties")----- __________the common man doing work that sustains civilizations_________
fullfist (4 года назад)
the solution; take no shit and no prisoners, become comfortable with your  thoughts both clean and unclean. systems are always brought down with sound before bayonets are shouldered.
MrTylerdurdin (4 года назад)
Hahahahah.  You get it!  : )
captnhuffy (4 года назад)
Liking, Subbing, Sharing. (lol, i subbed a lonnng time ago)
TheSamuraiGoomba (4 года назад)
Fight Club is a brilliant film. I think mgtow applies well to the whole issue of class struggle, which is usually reserved as the special territory of social justice wankers. The young, male masses have always been a source of cheap slave labor for factories and cheap bodies for warfare. Whether it's an unscrupulous mining town or a hypergamous woman, protecting the income and health of poor men is a laudable goal. Haha, I'm a night owl as well. I've been a night owl since I was 14. Maybe night owls spend far too much time thinking about shit.
jadeo2 (4 года назад)
also. the smoking female character is feminism in a way. "Iam jack" dont want to have anything to do with here, yet "she destroyed everything" and hangs around. the movie/book has this thing about what is real for,  beat yourself just to be the animal you are? just to feel/be anything... 
argopunk (4 года назад)
For all you younger guys:  Wait until the single women get older and you'll be the "layer" while rarely ever the "payer".  I've watched many of my generation's women (born late 60s) go from ultra-picky to ultra-desperate. They do me for a cookie. And they will do you also. Hang in there and have fun. 
CouchBitTato Gamer (4 года назад)
We don't have to suffer in silence! We are men reclaiming our balls! We will be heard!
Number-Seventeen (4 года назад)
I really think you're giving too much credit to the gender aspect of the problem. I mean, this aspect exists and is important - much of the consuming economy is woman-driven and man-powered, but on a large scale, men can opress other men for a wide scale of other reasons, partially or not related to women. I don't mean that as a variation of the NAWALT fallacy, but as a reminder we should always check our fact first and build our thought around in second, and no the reverse. Having found a problem in the genders interractions in the modern world should not blind us on other problems, injustices and oppressions men can face, and should not be a prism for us to pre-evaluate every sitation... Not sure I'm really clear, but eh. Keep up the good work
iCareSoVeryDeeply (4 года назад)
Buying stuff to impress women = courtship display (of arbitrary size, complexity, and cost)  Houses, cars, whole countries, etc. 
iCareSoVeryDeeply (4 года назад)
4:40 We hope the system will collapse. Hooray! ...now we're a religion with our own Doctrines of Last Things.  Putting the SCAT in eschatology.
Wong Yu (4 года назад)
+iCareSoVeryDeeply  If the system collapse then you will find very few saints. Personally, I want to get far from town and let the idiots kill each other and die from starvation. Maybe, I am too much of an optimist.    
morbidbushido (4 года назад)
That's a very nice analogy Sandman, very good insight on the movie and the useful message that it is bundled with.
MacOisdealbh (4 года назад)
Great analogy Sandman, very insightful. You can never go back after the red pill. It is a bitter pill. I know that I will I recover but I can't imagine ever being able to look at anything that happens in our culture without seeing it all in a different light from here on out.  I recently shared some of my changing views on what I see happening around us with a female family member; well by the look on her face you would have thought I had grown two new heads. I think it actually frightened her. I won't do that again any time soon. I think you are right about keeping opinions on this low key, personally and professionally, in the short term.
betatalk357 (4 года назад)
(The Dust Brothers' 'This Is Your Life')  "Listen up maggots.  You are not special.  You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.  We are all the same decaying matter as everything else.  We are all part of the same compose heap."
jom james (4 года назад)
the elevation of females in society by the elite was done PRECISELY SO THAT MEN WOULD ENSLAVE THEMSELVES INTO DEBT through the rising cost of said women (pussy) that would occur as females were elevated this scheme has resulted in the consumer culture we see around us the elite all laughing all the way to the banks they already own
IRON MAIDEN (4 года назад)
so true... also, I'm not just a night owl... I actually working on being a sleep tech :D
JRMCNEA (4 года назад)
Fightclub was a tool in the movie, used to release the minds of men chained the the meat grinder. Men who expected more out of their lives but ended up flipping burgers of carrying trash. The fighting was just the first step need. To get rid of that regret and that frustration. Which is why after the men beat themselves to a bloody pulp they were all smiles and hugging. Because they felt freer than they ever did in their life. the bare fist fights in fight club is equivalent to a broken man finding  a group for men who have also been wounded and are helping heal each other. Brad pit in the movie was the driving force to make sure these vulnerable men had a goal and didn't just spiral out of control. and actually channeled their pain and frustration towards the cause of it. The system that worked them like slaves for the pleasure of others.
MindsAblaze (4 года назад)
Hey sandman, great videos I try to stop by once a day to this channel. What do you and all others here think of Patrice O'Neal's Black Phillip Show? I think it's a goldmine of advice for all guys out there, but I want to hear other opinions. If you haven't watched it, give it a try, very eye opening, I see lots of parallels with it and mgtow.
Lion of Mgtow (4 года назад)
In my high-school years, a few buddies of mine started a video game club that we ran after school called "Fight Club". All the members were young men who enjoyed video games, The club lasted five years until a small group of attention whores started crying foul. Then shit went down hill from there.  
Albert Wesker (4 года назад)
Only a matter of time before Fight Club references popped up in MGTOW. I have an interesting perspective lately where I go bars I like to drink at, I started fighting ppl who disrespected me. Nothing really changes when we act out in violence. Although FC is a great starting point for newbie's. It is ineffective for srs personal growth. And I would like to add that my main objective is self improvement. To be happy and do whatever I want. Fighting was very enlightening. Unfortunately it solved nothing. All that happened was my knuckles were sore for days lol.
chrixthegreat (4 года назад)
I went into debt to pay for food.  Been about 5 years since I made enough money to buy food without credit.  I live in the most economically dead city in the most economically dead province in my country.  I don't even have enough money to leave.  I will be damned if I ever spend a cent on women. Never have in the passed, and never will in the future, even if I managed to find a job that paid enough for me to do so.
keltic185 (4 года назад)
The system will crash when more men walk away! More and more men are seeing that the risk is too great to toil and slave away for a women's vanity and comfort or as Jack London said it "piggishness" when at the flick of her hand she can take it away from you. The piggishness of the modern western woman can not go unnoticed or be ignored because it is in full view and is seen almost as a right of passage by women to down the road trade in her old husband and take his wealth.
Sidney Huff (4 года назад)
Great video! Could we ever see another movie like Fight Club in the near future? Because, today's movies are full of simps, pussy beggars and hipsters!
BigMobe (4 года назад)
Maybe the majority of MGTOW are categorized as you say, but my experience has been completely different. I have never allowed a female to take advantage of me financially, emotionally, or physically. . When I was in the 6th grade I observed how many of my friends would become subservient fools for girls. They would abandon their male friends anytime a female they were interested in wanted. This was during the 90's when cell phones were not common so many of them would stay home waiting for a call from a female. They called it being "on lock down." I decide I wanted no part in that. . Any association I have ever had with women was by necessity, such as being stuck with them in the work place or in a college class. In real life I say whats on my mind and alot people don't like it. I also tend to do what I'm thinking and some people fear that. I don't care. From time to time there are consequences but they are not enough to stop me from saying whats on my mind or doing what comes to mind. To me MGTOW channels are mostly discussions between other MGTOW and warnings for men not aware yet of the traps laid out for them by society. Not really an alter ego to protect anonymity. For me they are just a sanity check. . My only rule is do whats in my own best interest. . I also do not hope for the collapse of the existing society because it will just rebuilt itself and eventually get back to where it is today. Maybe the technology will be better but the people will be just as fucking stupid. I do not want to go back to the 50's lifestyle. Instead I want the reproductive playing field evened out with a means to grow children outside of the human womb. This would force women to earn their value as men do because their value would not longer be something they are born with. Overnight things like maternity leave and abortion would be phased out. You could kill off all but 1000 men and humanity could recover, you kill off all but 1000 women and the human race might end. Throughout human evolution this has been the core of gynocentrism and the reason women have been such a protected and privileged class. They have been and remain the limiting factor in human reproduction.
Project Mayhem (4 года назад)
Forgive me if I may, Sandman, but I think you've got it partly wrong. Women are by default SOCIALISTS and THAT'S the problem. They're leeches living off the creativity of men. How many men have you seen pick up "gender studies" and being taken seriously?  Women would LOVE to make the debts go away and the bankers die. Usury is a perfectly moral phenomenon, if it's not infested by fractional reserve banking. Women care about NOTHING other than their offsprings. We're just vessels for their survival. Let us not forget that kids belong to the women, not to the men, sons admire their mothers firstly.  Red pill is mental suicide. For how can you face this world if you know that they treat you as a means to their end? As disposable heroes?  Men's rights is a left-right issue, Sandman. Men, on aggregate, are the producers, the enterpreneurs, the capitalists. Women are the ones seeking the protection of the state. And this is why we must abolish that protection by any means necessary.
Standup Man (4 года назад)
I found this quote in the CS Lewis book, the Screwtape Letters: "All is summed up in the prayer which a young female human is said to have uttered recently: “O God, make me a normal twentieth century girl!” Thanks to our labours, this will mean increasingly: “Make me a minx, a moron, and a parasite.” Something to think on...
PsychologicalCynic (4 года назад)
More bad boys and less nice guys, huh? Hmmm, why? What good comes from bad boys? Getting girls panties wet and procreation? Yay, they stuck their dick in a hole. Something any liquored up hill billy with a sheep could have done.    In all seriousness however (Not that I wasn't serious already) MGTOW, unlike the PUA's, aren't going against the system for the sake of getting laid. We do it for ourselves. Fight Club's alter ego deal doesn't apply to me, ever since my last GF; I've been overtly skeptical of any and all women and they know it.  Luckily I don't have any female coworkers at my current job but the next job might be a different story, but it will be doing something in manual labor, so it shouldn't be too bad. (Unless I've got a female manager.)   All in all, fuck the Alpha bad boy and beta nice guy. One is a useless sad sack hell bent on pleasing himself regardless of the cost impact on others and the other is incapable of taking his life into his own hands and just wants to please everyone else.  Bosses and subordinates. 
Gabriel Stan (4 года назад)
And the perfect treatment for that is to cut them of, not giving them opportunities to do it. If you don't bother with women you don't have the drama, and they could cry as long as they want as Clark Cable said: "Frankly dear, I don't give a damn !" 
PsychologicalCynic (4 года назад)
It's all one big fuck fuck game of stirring shit.|  Pretty much just one big stressor to keep up a balance. 
jefaus06 (4 года назад)
I guess this is about striking the middle ground.  Not being a totally absorbed prick who is going to screw everyone over to get what they want and not being a subservient door matt for women to walk over.  The world needs to break two cycles to get anywhere in the future: The first is the Hegelian Dialectic;  The second is "Hero-Whore-Cuckold". "Hero-Whore-Cuckold" seems to be the dominant narrative that women use these days.  Women use their sexuality as a tool.  Women want the "Hero" because of the status of having him, but realize that he will (usually) just use her and let her go.  Women then manipulate the Cuckold into supporting them as they try to advance themselves by finding a "Hero".  Whores despise the Cuckold because he gives her everything she wants.  And in the same breath, the Whore adores the Hero, because he is a challenge and securing him would be a raise in  status.  But in gaining the "Hero" she transforms him into the "Cuckold" to secure him, to make him safe.   And then the cycle begins again, with our woman looking for a new "Hero".  This drama is played out all the time.  It is a drama that women enjoy, but never fullfills them.  And again, the key to this is the drive for "status" in women and this is perpetuated by the Sanctification of Women, which allows them to act this way to justify the expectations that society demands of them and in competition with the women around them.
Underworld Dreams (4 года назад)
To me Marla in the movie sort of symbolizes how women often can't stand men having a male only haven away from women and feels the need to invade that space. Even back then when she told the Narrator that she had more of a right to be in the testicular cancer support group than him I thought to myself what an entitled bitch. When I first heard of MGTOW I immediately thought of Fight Club which is still my favorite movie of all time because of all the parallels between them.
Torgo1969 (4 года назад)
Enter Sandman, enter the Fight Club! Excellent work, as usual. I'm happy to say that I never went into financial debt over a female, but I did invest many years with an incompatible and dishonest/dishonorable woman instead of being open and available to the legions of high-value women in veterinary school. The major source of my $ debt is a genetic medical catastrophe, and I was told by the local govt bureaucrat that "there is no aid for single men without children", regardless of the level of hardship. Words can't describe how I feel about that.
gvirus00 (4 года назад)
TYRANNICAL (4 года назад)
Our war is a spiritual war Sandman.  Always has been. 
Saintnix69 (4 года назад)
I'm going to have to check out that movie....EXCELLENT VIDEO, by the way!!!
Dennis Estrada (4 года назад)
Im still waiting for that collapse.
Gabriel Stan (4 года назад)
+Nualaboala In an event of collapse will you depend on other men, or you'll be a self-sustained woman ? That makes all the difference if you want the collapse so bad. Surely after the collapse we, men, can go back nurturing female's asses, that's what got us in the first place.
PsychologicalCynic (4 года назад)
Quite. I've got some onions growing in my windowsill as we speak. Need to finish setting up my garden fence and maybe a few retractable green house deals
Nualaboala (4 года назад)
+PsychologicalCynic having knowledge on growing food and general DIY stuff is indispensable too.
PsychologicalCynic (4 года назад)
Got my preps together, but I'd like a nice plot of land with some green houses. (Make them all "underground" to be harder to find. Nahahaha)
Nualaboala (4 года назад)
+PsychologicalCynic I have a long comment in another post on here that describes that it is inevitable. We all know it, we just have to prepare. Hopefully we will have enough time to prepare but even if it happens tomorrow at least we saw it coming and can react fast enough. 
VentionMGTOW (4 года назад)
Spot on! I've spent most of my life trying to escape or insulate myself from this bullshit system. It's felt wrong and unfair since I was a child. I've always known that there is no safety net for me, so I've shaped my life, finances, and career toward stability rather than more volitile and undependable options. I love being a mechanic but I also love computers. I taught myself basic assembly programming (since a C compiler was too expensive) and could have gone into computers back in the early 90's instead of being a mechanic. Stability won out though. I used to brag that "we could have another 1930's style great depression, and as a diesel mechanic I'd still be working". Plus there's no way for your work to be torn down just because someone doesn't like you. If the repair is complete, it's obviously complete and the equipment functions. That's the awesome thing about being a mechanic. No one cares what your political beliefs are. If the mechanical problem is solved it's solved. There are no gray areas, no one's feelings are relevant. The repair simply is. If you produce good repairs within a time that makes you profitable to employ as a mechanic, you could be a devil worshiper and decorate your toolbox with symbols of satin and you'd still have a job. You'd sure raise some eyebrows but you'd still be employed. LOL. That's the awesome thing about this career. I can be totally open with my MGTOW philosophy, explain why I chose this option and why it's a better way for a guy to live. I've raised some eyebrows but I've also made some converts as well. I hand out red pills everywhere I go. Preparedness is just an extension of my desire for stability. It's all about creating a safety net for yourself when the greater society starts falling apart and dumping people into poverty or even serious hunger. You pay down debt, kill it off, and maintain a nest egg of cashola, money in the bank, and money substitutes like precious metals (just in case things really go to shit), and create ways of producing some of what you eat on your own property. Which is partly why I bought this house, so I can grow a serious garden. Those steps will make you practically bullet proof in a financial sense. Disasters that will totally destroy most people will only be mildly irritating for someone in the preparedness lifestyle. Now these crypto currency options are appearing and they're showing a lot of promise of being able yank a little freedom back from big banks and big governments and I'm very excited about them. I'm spending a good chunk of my spare time investigating them now. The ability to create smart contracts that execute themselves within the blockchain shows promise of being able to replace marriages and other legal agreements with these contracts. It removes lawyers and the conventional legal system from the equation (although they could try to come after you later). And as these systems become better developed more and more of what is currently done by the state will move into the blockchain, replacing government. The system will be more fair, less corrupt, far more efficient and people will support these new systems, weakening government by removing it's tax base and it's ability to print endless money. Once blockchain technology gets going there's a good chance it will speed the collapse of the current system and take over. This sounds like science fiction but from what I've learned over the last few months, the potential for this new way of running the world appears to be real. This is a very exciting time to be alive.
VentionMGTOW (4 года назад)
+Nyghtshroude Sounds like you've got a good plan. There could be some situations where there could be opportunities to do both. Another idea is to create some music in an online database, making it free with donations so people on you tube or other places can use your music as background for their videos. That would become what is known as a passive income stream. And if you have enough of them, after a time, further work could become optional. I'd look into it if I were you. And ya, if they try to pull that BS on you, they're in for a surprise.
Orlokk Noxx (4 года назад)
This is why although I am an aspiring guitarist/musician/writer, I have thought about cooking as an additional reason for pursuing that industry. In the record business, you're only as good as your last hit, which will fluctuate RATHER quick.  Most of the time, no one ever sees the person who cooks their food in restaurants, provided that the design of the place doesn't have an "open" kitchen atmosphere. Also, like being a mechanic - as long as the food's done right no one gives a flying fuck about what you believe, how many tattoos you have, or what colour your hair is because usually the public does not see you cook their food so you could be ANYBODY and as long as you put out the right food you are decent. Your food might be cooked by a drag queen for all you know. Not the most practical or safe kitchen attire but it could happen. It all comes down to more personal preference from the employer - provided the cook is reasonably clean and hygenic in looks. The only thing......... that I can see as a problem working in restaurants is dealing with waitresses. If I work at a Cactus Club or similar where the women are usually beautiful I am going to deal with women and their many issues. I also don't look my age (I'm almost 26 and look about 15) and I feel like because of my youth a few waitresses might try and pull BS with me because they feel like I'm "just a nice looking kid."  They'll try and pass off their shit to me while gallavanting with their bad boy thuglicious boyfriends - but it won't work. I'm MGTOW.
MacOisdealbh (4 года назад)
Hi Vention, thanks for all your videos but particularly for the idea about investing in some silver rounds. I always had it in the back of my mind to set up a little bit of a hedge that works outside of the national economy and the rounds are probably a good way to start. Buying a some every month should help even out exposure to the market price fluctuations.
TAR ICO (4 года назад)
So after hearing that the author of the book "Fight Club" went to my school in Eugene, Oregon, and knowing very well about how rife campus was with matters political, and after having seen the movie first, I couldn't wait to read the book, just knowing that more would be between its covers, that a lot of gaps would be filled in, a lotta questions answered. Boy, was I wrong. One of the few times that the movie was actually more elaborate and more detailed than the book. Almost as if the movie were made first--its screenplay, rather--followed by a book being written from that screenplay. But of course the book was written first.
Aeimos (4 года назад)
Interesting ideas
maxjosephwheeler (4 года назад)
That was just...*Beautiful*...you are on par with GWW in your ability to communicate everything wrong with the Matrix....Well done! Love that movie so much I own it.
Paul Murphy (4 года назад)
i've never met one single woman who has ever given a fuck about philosophy and literature. they are delusional, ignorant retards. fight club reminded me more of the freemasons to be honest (which has no women either, eastern star doesnt count)
andsanp (4 года назад)
This video forced me to realize my depleting compassion for women of this culture. I Wonder how "strong and independent" these single mothers are going to feel after an economic collapse reveals how weak and vulnerable they actually are when the government is no longer holding their hand and they are forced to turn back to the very men that they spit in the face of.
thekangarooboxer (4 года назад)
tyler durden was the alpha alter ego of the sigma narrator. betas are no longer betas when the break that belief barrier. thats my take on it anyways.
thekangarooboxer (4 года назад)
+snakefelty agentifies, men are almost never objectified.
Cascadian Applications (4 года назад)
Using alpha/beta as a word describing a man needs to stop. It objectifies men, and men insult other men with it on behalf of women.
TAR ICO (4 года назад)
Have grasped "alpha" and "beta." Am in the process of learning what a "zeta" is. I've seen the word "sigma" but I don't know what it means in this context.
VagabondCrazyDiamond (4 года назад)
Hahaha! Fuck yeah. Wassup, my fellow MGTOW creatures of the night. Hope I catch you before you move on from this one, Sandman. I'm looking into making my own vids, but, frankly, don't know how. I'm probably just going to create my own generic backgrounds and plaster them with low quality audio tracks. What do you use to put your vids together?
VagabondCrazyDiamond (4 года назад)
Grazzi, Sandman. Hmm...I actually think I have that...but fuck it all that I don't know how the hell to use it, lol. Thanks for the comments/suggestions, gents. Lol, Sparky. I'm an 81'er and had an 8088 to fly with since I was 7, but, I'm a gamer, writer, and a smalltime creative artist...not a director. I don' t know my ass from my fingertips when it comes to digital video editing. Funny how that shit works out, isn't it?
Sandman (4 года назад)
I use Adobe Premier Pro for my videos. 
sparkymoo (4 года назад)
+Adam Haykal Well, some of us older folks haven't been on computers since kindergarten. You kids just fly around like it's nothing. I learned on a manual Royal typewriter + pencil and paper, so yes we get frustrated and "stuck" all the time.  
sparkymoo (4 года назад)
+Adam Haykal Found Windows Live Movie Maker to be shit. Super frustrating and time consuming. Far more work that should be necessary, what is a good program a person could buy, that is SIMPLE.  
chebz (4 года назад)
that was a cool comparison, I like it!
Matty D (4 года назад)
ah I was wondering how old you were!  You are wise, Mr Sandman. I only wish more men got to your level of understanding at an earlier age so they can protect themselves more. . 
DonnieDarko1 (4 года назад)
4. Unfortunately, he didn't last long in a climate openly hostile towards men with 100% zero tolerance for bullshit; even obtained his MSW. They learned late that he was huge liability..that he'd jeopardize the foundation of their entire illusion. A caged animal rightfully rages against his captors despite the opinions of apathetic onlookers. Since his abrupt departure, something has shifted in me and I wonder whether I too shall be branded a beast: Unruly, uncooperative, "Resistant2change."
sparkymoo (4 года назад)
Got laid off from a major Hollywood studio by women superiors (in title only) for exactly the same reasons. The sniffed out my hidden mgtow propensities.
West Asian Levantine (4 года назад)
fight club is a movie about the burden of white guys who can't be men weak guys love the movie, it's an "I'm dreaming I had balls" movie
Matthew M. Ramshaw (4 года назад)
I've often stood up for women's rights when the need arose - essentially because I believe very strongly in human rights, and egalitarianism. However, the same women who praised my stance for equality despite gender, obviously determined that meant 'rights for women only' - because as soon as I started promoting Men's rights they call me misogynist at every turn..That is what we're dealing with here - like religious fairy tales and fantasies, it seems you cannot be rational and objective with the feminazis.
DonnieDarko1 (4 года назад)
3. In a non profit workspace dominated by covert extremist feminists, he knew the game was rigged & yet still took the risk to raise awareness of the connection of what was happening at work with the greater inequities being dispensed against men at large. He showed me the cunning lengths that female manipulation was at play all around work & how utterly powerless the rest of the office penis holders were at risk of being automatically held liable for "misconduct".
DonnieDarko1 (4 года назад)
2. I even found out that his password was tylerdurden..But at that time mgtow wasn't in reach of me, though the ideas were fascinating, I was still caught up in the world of social constructs, etc...
Crypto Messenger (4 года назад)
And the end of fight club showed it was a big dream - just like the MGTOW movement will one day show it's also just a dream men will band to gether like brothers and take back their rights - will never happen!
DonnieDarko1 (4 года назад)
1.I've come to gradually realize that my former supervisor was a secret MGTOW for non profit we worked for and he'd slowly, ever cautiously, patiently took me under his wing after recognizing similar struggles and challenges that I was facing. After gaining his trust, he began to teach me about all the propaganda, deceptions aba brainwashing that I was inculcated with since school age & the dirty ideological warfare taking root in work spaces...
moe burg (4 года назад)
The first rule about MGTOW 1. Start talking... I believe MGTOW can also be seen as a support group. It allows us to vent about  our concerns and cope with issues. I hope to see more men come forward in the future regardless of there situation. Night owls need a daily dose of red pills. it's 4am, better get to bed.  
VentionMGTOW (4 года назад)
+Johnny Jones Ya, I get off work at 2:30pm. I miss rush hours and get home with plenty of time left to do some things before I start yawning (around 7PM), crash at 7:30, get my 8, and I'm up at 3:30 to do it all again. It's not a bad life.
Johnny Jones (4 года назад)
+Vention1MGTOW Haha that's the first time I heard anyone consider waking up at 5:30 AM "sleeping in." That's cool though, having an early shift for work also means you get out early. Personally, me and alarm clocks never got along very well lol 
VentionMGTOW (4 года назад)
>it's 4am, better get to bed. LOL! I'm on the other side of that since I get up at 3:30am for the early shift. Even on the weekend I tend to wake up way early. The weekend is full of fun things to do so while I might sometimes sleep in till 4 or 5, I'm up and ready once it gets light. Today I slept in till 5:30 am. LOL.
bob bob (4 года назад)
well if you would put your vids out sooner i might be in bed already
Sandman (4 года назад)
Well if my clients didn't want me to stay to shoot a Bar Mitzvah until 1am Eastern Time I would have put it up sooner! :P
King David (4 года назад)
This is an epic installment in your video series Sandman! Kudos sir.  I have been thinking about something.  When our society collapses and there is no more electricity for our computers, who would be around to tell the story of female apocalypse we lived?  It would be nice to see a statue made, or a series of statues that will warn men forever more of the dangers of endlessly enabling women. KD
sparkymoo (4 года назад)
+nykel007 Some feminist would chisel it's dick off.  
nykel007 (4 года назад)
Any physical representation would be seen as a threat to women, and would be most likely, destroyed and torn down. I think what's needed more is more mtgow' men who would be able to spread the message of mgtow and the dangers of women after any collapse. For example, Sandman's 90 year old friend. Someone how is actually there after the collapse who can guide the minds of younger men and boys to avoid the pitfalls. For any story behind a statue, can be retold to serve the needs of those telling the story.

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