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How to Sew the Cora Running Tights (Jalie pattern 3462)

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In this tutorial, Jeanne shows you how to sew our Cora running tights. She used size H (for a 4-year-old) to have smaller pieces and shorter seams for the video. With our CORA pattern, you can make technical, high-end looking tights, at a fraction of the price you would pay for leggings in store. Have fun with crazy prints, mesh, funky color combos! Sky is the limit! Our pattern includes ankle-length tights and mid-thigh shorts with a wide waistband and super practical back pocket that can hold your phone/keys/card during your run. These leggings have no inseam, so they are also a great pattern for stretch breeches. The pattern is available on our website (https://jalie.com/jalie3462-cora-running-tights) and comes in 27 sizes for girls, misses and plus sizes . 2 views, 27 sizes, all in the same pattern! You can buy it in PDF or paper format (printed in color on heavy white paper, not tissue!). All the printed fabrics used to make the leggings in the video and on the pattern cover are from FunkiFabrics visit their blog to get a direct link to each style: http://po.st/KiWVYk
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Kirsten Tran (8 месяцев назад)
I like your video very much, it is clearly shows me steps by steps how to sew a legging. I have been trying to look for the pattern in the store but hard to find. I definitely will buy some from your. Do you have this class somewhere? I think I need to have real class tutorial. Thank you.
windidiot (1 год назад)
I'm really having trouble with this pattern. It is soooo tight in the hip. The elastic length the pattern calls for is way to small. I rip it when putting on the tights.
Middle C Piano (1 год назад)
I think you had to finish each leg front and back .then you attach it to another leg ! very nice pattern
Kelly .unicorn1 (1 год назад)
Whaaaa?? I go all dyslexic looking at inside out patterns. I'm not even close to this level yet lol
FaithhBeautyyFitness (1 год назад)
So cute😊
Karen Derbes (1 год назад)
FANTASTIC TUTORIAL, THANKS FOR SHARING! What type of threads do you use in sewing machine and serger? ALSO: what size zig zag stitch do you recommend?
Dinorah Henriquez (1 год назад)
Excellent pattern and sewing tutorial thanks.
Laura Daniela Fierro (1 год назад)
lovely!! where can i get this pattern??
Jalie Sewing Patterns (1 год назад)
On our website: https://jalie.com/jalie3462-cora-running-tights
chlatepdng (1 год назад)
I wonder if the gusset is designed for something specific???? I my head I think it will help prevent camel toe? (pardon my lewdnes)
Jalie Sewing Patterns (1 год назад)
Yes, it helps prevent camel toe
RubyLovesRocket (1 год назад)
I think it is to help it have a smoother/more snug fit along the crotch area, so there isn't gaping/sagging or bunching.
fortu den (2 года назад)
Hi, I want to know the name of the type of fabric you used
Jalie Sewing Patterns (1 год назад)
It is polyester/spandex: https://funkifabrics.com/jalie/rub173-graffiti-multi.html
You won (1 год назад)
she used spandex, stretch fabric
MetaMath (2 года назад)
Those look amazing! You are so talented. I'm afraid this tutorial is way too advanced for me though :( I understand the basics of how it needs to be done, but not nearly enough to replicate. At my level I need more of a walk through. Like why are the notches important? Just for the sake of lining up? And what about those cuts that were made in the fabric? Is it so you can flatten out a curved cut while sewing? And did you need to buy something to trace or can you just use old leggings and place your own notches wherever as long as they line up? Sorry, I'm totally new at this.
Morgan Goodell (11 месяцев назад)
I totally understand. I'm still learning a lot and sometimes it's a bit overwhelming. I love this design but I think it's a bit too advanced for me also.
Jalie Sewing Patterns (1 год назад)
This is a video tutorial that explains how to sew our leggings pattern. The notches included in any pattern are always important. They allow you to line up everything properly.
Monaia J (2 года назад)
MetaMath this is video detailing how to use a pattern the company sells
Rl creationstt (2 года назад)
Stéphanie Brousseau (2 года назад)
How many fabric do you need for a adulte size?
Emilie Fournier (2 года назад)
+Stéphanie Brousseau You can find all fabric requirements here: https://jalie.com/product_sizes/3462.pdf You need about a meter or less of each fabric (main and contrast).
jenna webster (2 года назад)
I love this video so much
Mark Spiers (2 года назад)
Your video is what has convinced me to buy the pattern..  Thanks for making it look to doable..
Zack Kallidis (11 месяцев назад)
can you send me the pattern
martina simone (3 года назад)
Complimenti.You have a good tecnic touch.Brava.
Amza Qamran (3 года назад)
v v very beautiful .its geometry is difficult .have u more videos here.pl make a simple.
Durian Ninja (3 года назад)
+jalie sewing How do you keep your serger threads from unraveling? I love your videos btw😍

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