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The 2014 Four Elements Ocean Challenge

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The inaugural 2014 Four Elements Ocean Challenge, an open water swim in Durban, South Africa took place in perfect conditions along Durban's iconic beachfront on Saturday, May 3. The event saw 16 tough competitors conquer the 7 kilometre swim from Blue Lagoon to the Durban harbour's north wall. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness about ocean degradation and celebrate World Oceans Day. The 2014 Four Elements Ocean Challenge exceeded all expectations. The event organiser, Olivia Taylor, congratulated the dedicated swimmers and thanked the safety team (Durban Surf Lifesaving Club), family, friends, spectators and sponsors, saying, "We had amazing conditions with gentle offshore winds, waves big enough to break a safety paddler's surfski, beautiful visibility, warm water, dolphins, rays and shoals of fish...overall the inaugural Challenge was a wonderful success, with the passionate swimmers very excited about the prospect of the Challenge becoming an annual event." Four Elements Conservation NPC is the brainchild of Durban Girls College pupil, Olivia Taylor (17), whose passion for our natural environment moved her to form the organisation in 2012. "Our objective is to support, communicate and promote environmental activities, including the protection and preservation of endangered, threatened or suffering creatures" said Taylor. "Humanity is threatened by mass indifference, and we want to have a positive effect on our environment by mobilising people and inspiring them to uphold our principle of 'Dive Deeper, Aim Higher, Fly Further".
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Werner Vivier (4 года назад)
Wonderful initiative. Share all the sentiments about the ocean. My favourite place to find peace, balance and tranquility. Congratulations. Irma Vivier, Switzerland.

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