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Ro Khanna Talks About Mike Honda

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On March 23, 2012, a year before he launched his campaign against Mike Honda, Ro Khanna addressed a group of community leaders and delivered some off-the-cuff remarks about his one-time mentor. You can support Mike's re-election campaign by making a contribution here: http://bit.ly/MikeHasntChanged

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adolmd (4 года назад)
Ro, I want my money back! I donated $$ for you to run for Pete Stark's seat when he RETIRED. I did not donate for you to run against a Japanese internment camp survivor, someone who served in the Peace Corp, a former science teacher and principal, and a trailblazer for Asian-Americans in Congress.
Jason Sanders (4 года назад)
kumayoshi12 (4 года назад)
…and backed by several special interest groups, namely Korean and Chinese anti-Japan organizations such as Korean American Civic Empowerment (in New York) and Global Alliance for Preserving the History of World War II in Asia (in Cupertino), with tons of money stashed away somewhere.

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