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Fashion Advice : How to Wear Thigh-High Tights

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Thigh-high tights are a great alternative to traditional hosiery, because they are cooler and more comfortable. Wear thigh-highs tastefully under formal attire with helpful hints from a former model and actress in this free video on fashion advice. Expert: Wendi Braswell Contact: www.wendibraswell.com Bio: Wendi Braswell is a former model and actress, with more than 25 years of experience working in the fashion industry. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz Series Description: Putting together fashionable outfits generally involves following a few simple style rules. Dress appropriately and stylishly with help in this free video series on fashion tips.
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boobtuber06 (1 месяц назад)
According to my gf, they were much more functional than panty hose. And if she had to wear in a colder climate, she would just switch to opaque stay-ups. I remember times when she wanted to get 'intimate' she would coyly flash them at me; I miss her...
Elisa Katharina Lehner (6 месяцев назад)
This was very helpful, thanks!
Shane Thomson (1 год назад)
Isn’t it sexist to say they are for women only ?
Marty (1 год назад)
The 3rd reason is they are easier to go to the bathroom.
MWBB (1 год назад)
Very good video, lovely feminine look. Much better than bare legs! Thanks for posting.
desbonnes corinne (1 год назад)
nikeeliteairzoom (1 год назад)
Ohhhhhhhhhh,la liga.
Bilal Ahmed (2 года назад)
They are sexy and I love them !
Isabella Dion (2 года назад)
If you like thigh highs, you’ll love VienneMilano. They are guaranteed to stay up and are super comfortable! Help make it happen for VienneMilano by backing their campaign https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/viennemilano-luxury-hosiery#/
Olivia Pasquarelli (3 года назад)
"you're not gonna show em.. for your husband or boyfriend only" what is this 1910?
Christina Petridi (2 года назад)
exactly what I was thinking!
VienneMilano Luxury Hosiery (3 года назад)
Nice video ladies! Be sure to check out www.viennemilano.com - we are a hosiery brand dedicated to thigh high stockings (100% made in Italy). Our goal is to reintroduce thigh highs as a fashion accessory that can be worn for every occasion.
albertr915 (3 года назад)
very sexy.
TheWeblace (4 года назад)
Thigh Highs are fine for at home lingerie but if you are older than 30 wearing them in public can be tricky. My wife only wears them in more formal occasions with a slit dress. Wish we attended more events like that... 
Lawmtho (4 года назад)
You'd look awfully funny wearing your tights thigh high!  Thigh highs are NOT tights!  Tights are a full garment including a panty portion as in pantyhose.   Thigh highs do not have a panty.  If you had said thigh high stockings it would have made more sense. Just my 2 cents worth.  good video though.
Padraig Cronin (2 года назад)
That occurred to me too. It is an error that has occurred in at least one other youtube clip.
mkmcclure (4 года назад)
Thigh highs are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much sexier than pantyhose. Why women wear anything else is lost on all men. All men.
Angela Starks (4 года назад)
I wear thigh highs about 95% of the time and I recommend them to any woman or young girl who wears hosiery a lot. They are easier to move around in plus especially the black thigh highs makes a girl's legs more sexy and shimmers especially with the sheer look. In my opinion, pantyhose ways a girl's legs down and by wearing thigh highs it is much healthier and makes a girl's legs sexier and better.
Angela Starks (4 года назад)
Wendy I loved your presentation. I wear thigh highs most of the time because I am always dressed up and  thigh highs are not only sexy and cooler but they are very feminine to wear. In the office I worked at, if you wear a skirt or dress, your legs must be covered;NO BARE LEGS! I tell any woman once you wear thigh highs, you will hate wanting to wear pantyhose. Great presentation
TomozukiII (5 лет назад)
Americans are discovering the benefits of hold-ups :) 
itsadryheave (6 лет назад)
This video was good. Either one of these babes would look great in hose and the cute one on the right looked like she was enjoying it.
Gabriel Solmosi (6 лет назад)
blonde on the right looks really freaky
JonG4S (6 лет назад)
They sure are sexy. My wife always wears them with her lingerie when we get intimate. She has a veriety of colors: nude, white, red, navy blue, pink, regular black (like the ones shown here), and black fishnets. I love them. P.S. Wendy-- You forgot to say what the 3rd reason is.
Iris (7 лет назад)
@thejester1976 *they're. Actually THEY'RE called stay-ups and they're still thigh high tights, they're just also stay-ups...

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