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Empowering Women Doesn't Mean Disempowering Men, with Landesa's Tim Hanstad

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Throughout the developing world, "and increasingly in Africa and Asia in particular," the single largest occupation for women is agriculture. Yet although they're doing much of the work, women and girls (who make up the majority of poor people on the planet) are restricted from actually owning the land they work. That's where Landesa comes in. Formerly the Rural Development Institute, Landesa is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping the world's poor obtain land property. Tim Hanstad, Landesa's president and CEO, discusses the importance of empowering women. Read more at BigThink.com: http://goo.gl/040f49 Follow Big Think here: YouTube: http://goo.gl/CPTsV5 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BigThinkdotcom Twitter: https://twitter.com/bigthink Transcript: The majority of poor people in the world are women and girls. In developing countries, where the single largest occupation for women is agriculture, and increasingly in Africa and Asia in particular, women are doing the bulk of the farming yet women are almost always locked out of ownership over the most important asset… land. So it's extremely important that we pay attention to who within the household holds legal rights. The ugly truth is is that it is mostly men who are holding women back. Men dominate the policy arena, men dominate the decision making at the community level, at the household level, and we have to address the misconception that empowering women means you're disempowering men. That's a myth. It's a misconception. Empowering one empowers all. Empowering women empowers men, children, families and ultimately the entire society. Women's economic empowerment is, it's not a women's issue, it's a societal issue. If we're going to address some of the largest challenges we have, poverty, food security, we're going to have to empower women. They have been underutilized as social and economic change agents; they are the ones doing much, if not the bulk of the farming so their relationship to land and to other productive resources is critically important. So the way that we have gone about trying to fight against I would say the opposition is to get men to understand two things: one, it doesn't disempower men, and two, it's a societal issue, and that if you want to address this societal issue you just have to empower women in the society. One of the lessons learned for us is that when appealing to men about the importance of empowering women is that we often find more success appealing to them in the interest of their daughters rather than their wives. Most fathers do want the best for their daughters. When you appeal to them in the interest of their daughters they find it I think somehow less threatening than appealing to them in their interest of their wives. Even in the most patriarchal societies, men understand that women are entrusted to do some of the most important work, that is caring for children, raising children. So you can often appeal to them from where they are coming from. I mean trying to shove some Western notions of equality down the throats of people who see it as threatening isn't always the most effective way, but if you appeal to them in terms of what is the best for your community, what is the best for your broader society, what is the best for your families, you often can address that resistance. Produced/Directed by Jonathan Fowler, Elizabeth Rodd, and Dillon Fitton
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El Grande Padre (1 месяц назад)
Fuck you nigga!!!!
Seth G (11 месяцев назад)
Yes it does want to make men to be femine while women become more masculine... ..thanks feminism..
Ugh caveman (11 месяцев назад)
Fuck no, fuck no, fuck no, fuck no, fuck no, fuck no. Fuck women forever, I actually have it worse as a man by EVERY metric. Go to hell you little bitches.
Empathy Lessons (1 год назад)
And empowering men doesn't mean dis-empowering women. So can we start talking about Men's Issues?
Mike C. (3 года назад)
Why is it so difficult to simply empower both men and women equally?
Deadpeng Zheng (3 года назад)
Yes you are right. Empowering women does not equate to disempowering men. However it is exactly some women who think that way that impedes social improvement. Not every activist is fighting for women empowerment, some of them are instead trying to get equality through disempowering men. Take for example some who quoted that castration would be a means to control rape. Are we not afraid that empowering women might land that power in the hands of such women?
JUNKY (3 года назад)
so when the UN feminists got together and banned the genital mutilation of children but omitted one gender from this protection that didnt disempower men? how so?
mmbah54 (3 года назад)
Having Compassion for Men Doesn't Mean Having Less Compassion for Women, with mmbah54
mmbah54 (3 года назад)
I do agree with a lot of this video, in terms of developing countries, however.
1 UP (3 года назад)
men don't dominate shit that's such a unfair generalisation. I'm what most would consider poor or below average when it comes to money I don't understand what magical powers you think my penis has, I guess mines broke as I'm not some sort of leader.  I work two jobs which I have to catch the train for and so I have been late multiple times due to delays and risk being fired any day now, and I'm only just breaking even with pocket change left over for the bills and expenses. yes I understand the leader of most countries are MEN but understand these MEN have nothing in common with me or the common guy we are not two of the same. I have more in common with a working class female. This bloody 'patriarchy' or whatever the fuck that is, is hardly favouring me in a anyway or any other average guy its the top leaders you have a problem with not guys as a whole we have actual problems to deal with. tell me where I have to go to get into this special men's club to get rich
Ali H (3 года назад)
Hey, People! Go watch documentary with apes. That will help you a lot. Stop bitching about inequality and other social crap. We are animals, who can't talk and think. But it doesn't mean we can change basic animal behavior. If your feelings are hurt when someone comment on your race, sexual orientation then you're a weak person. Weak animals can't get laid you know, so be tough and next time pick on someone to assert your dominance. Person who have been insulted by you will pick on someone too. It will go on and on. This is how evolution works. If you can't face that then as I said before you can't get laid
Buyandelger Davaajantsan (3 года назад)
There should only be two criteria for any social and corporate roles. And those are skill and dedication. One might be willing to help but if they lack the ability then they are more of an annoyance. But if one has the skill and not the commitment then the role will never be fulfilled to the greatest extent. One should not be granted social and corporate roles because of their race, gender, creed, sexuality and other classifications.
Ben D (3 года назад)
Without commenting on the actual issue. He didn't really say anything in that video.  I mean he made a few questionable and very broad claims but didn't really say anything of worth
Mr. Quiltworth (3 года назад)
I think people often make the mistake of thinking just because it's not happening here it doesn't happen anywhere. I mean fuck first world tumblr feminism. Still...
Dave Rioux (3 года назад)
Very true, but maybe the USA want to keep women in the dark. At least that is what the world see from outside. 
Mahmod Mokhtar (3 года назад)
women are very emotional and it affect there judgement a lot especially when they have pms... my friend got injured by a female dentist on her pms she went crazy over a stupid comment and injured my friend in the hard palette wtf 
joe.public (3 года назад)
if we ask african Women they are complaining about Bill Gates and Monsanto impoverishing and enslaving the country. if we look at the western world with regards to the title 'Empowering Women Doesn't Mean Disempowering Men,' if this is true why is war against being waged against mt sons in school and not my daughter? I am not the only person who is recognizing this not just in my community but around the world 
Leo Leon (3 года назад)
I'm glad Big Think is weeding out all the ignorant asshole YouTube commenters.
nameless dude22 (3 года назад)
a majority of the internet are insecure males so the amount of dislikes is not very surprising
3AWizard (3 года назад)
IchbinX (3 года назад)
If I said, "Puppies can fly!" and you said, "Thats not true. Stop talking bullshit."; would that mean, you hate puppies? Feminists seem to think so, when you challenge their bullshit notions. Empowerment is just another way of saying, "Gimme success for free, please."
Robert Baird (3 года назад)
Straight men are only nice to women for two reasons, and they kind of go together. 1: they want to fuck then, 2: we need them to reproduce. If we didn't need them to continue, women would have went the way of the dinosaur the second she opened her mouth.
joedelici (3 года назад)
plottwist, hes secretly a women xD
James Vann (3 года назад)
Empowering one suppress the other is not a myth. A misconception yes myth no. It has happened in the past COULD happen in the future. Now I want to make it clear I'm strictly talking about women but ANY oppressed group. does this mean we shouldn't try. H€11 no!
Top Nep (3 года назад)
Disgusting. Not that ominous sexism, but this freaking feminism-crap. Unsubscribed.
Minyaw (3 года назад)
Social Science. How to waste your life instead of researching something more productive or productive at all.
Xavier Smith (3 года назад)
I came here for the controversy. 
newnumide (3 года назад)
why adress to men for help when feminists say they dont need men? that will make them feel inferior...women can stand for themselves. men shouldnt be concerned by this. let women work their thing out. tell me who holding them back?
Augmentaion (3 года назад)
sigh..... i am soooo tired of this " women are being oppressed in the united states " bs we are on the dawn of a new age of technology and mankind and we are still having these stupid vids about feminism . its getting so old Gandhi is  rolling his eyes, enough is enough people.
Thomas Dankerl (3 года назад)
Societal issues state that a Human Being can be either a man OR a woman.🌍
Emperor Alexander (3 года назад)
I can take a fair guess that almost all of the 654 dislikes are from men...rather disappointing
Urb4n0Ninj4 (3 года назад)
As usual, the YouTube comments have proven there is no hope for the human race...well done.
zxz (3 года назад)
He doesn't explain how this doesn't disempower men. He's not on the wrong side, he just doesn't include a logical explanation.
George Cataloni (3 года назад)
The majority of poor people in the world are women and girls... Because those men who gave up their food and security for their wives and children are dead! So check your privilege, men! While you're dead, women and children are starving!!!!
MortallicA91 (3 года назад)
Didn't even watched the video. Sick and tired of this theme... I've seen lots of women playing like a kitty just for the boss to think that there could be something between them and then the boss fucks all of us just to make the woman's favors. Women who didn't play dirty like this, have no problem. Women who are stupid go do whatever they do and then ask for equality. Same as men. Whatever men do. Equality is already there as safety is. If you get robbed it doesn't mean much... learn from it. The Earth is already a fucked up place if you are not smart, lucky and wealthy.
D P (3 года назад)
Maybe our hormones and minds work a little differently but both men and women deserve equal everything down the line!
Abunai One (3 года назад)
Except in big business.  Many women have progressed in business because of being a woman.  My son experienced it first hand at his first job.  He tried for a promotion but a fresh out of college woman got the job before him even though he had more seniority, experience and a degree pertinent to the job.  You know what I mean.
NorthernLime (3 года назад)
632 dislikes. What the FUCK!!!!..... 
PhillipHunsberger (3 года назад)
Why is it that bigoted people like to come and hate on video's that have to do with women's issues? I don't get it....
nobbb890ggg (3 года назад)
I have to waste 1 year of my life being a conscript just because I'm male. Thanks feminism, you truly fight for equality in every aspect of life. /s 
Valken (3 года назад)
Give up the illusion of having a relationship with a woman of the same income class as you, it'll never happen. Empower women and destroy the family. Tim Hanstad himself is married to an Indian woman. 
Shane Martin (3 года назад)
This video is proof of how ridiculous and out of control the whole #gamergate ordeal has become. The majority of people involved are longer having a discussion trying to solve and understand each others issues. Now we have people just using it as a excuse to attack people they disagree with or who they believe don't support there side. There are almost never two sides to a argument. Its stupid how many people involved are jump to the if your not with me then your against me mentality. #gamergate as a whole make me sick and how this video try's to create a constructive discussion only to be dragged into it even more so. Critical thinking was the best class i ever took.  
Natasel (3 года назад)
Well, then Empowering Men does not mean Disempowering Women too then right? You going to Empower Men? Yeah, thought so.
Alfred (3 года назад)
guy sounds like he's about to rape someone, cannot take anyone like that seriously. nature has it that men are supposed to be leaders, women and children are supposed to be followers, society will destroy itself if it allows women to become men, they are not psychologically or physically designed for the role of a man.
khan507 (3 года назад)
I think, the reason why there's a lot of thumbs down in this video is because of how poorly this whole topic is handled and how poorly educated a lot of people are on this issue. Also, notice how whenever gender equality issues come into play, only the western, the undeveloped, & the lesser-known countries are a target for demography (which can sometimes be misleading). Like how in this video, the speaker fails to specifically state WHICH countries in Asia propagate women into the agricultural field. I have been living nearly all my life in Asian countries (until today) and I've yet to encounter such a notion regarding women in that occupation. And if it indeed IS true, this speaker didn't bother to discuss it, but rather gloss over it. Furthermore, I think the reason why everyone (particularly teen boys & girls) are so caught up with this is that we fail to recognize the pain and hardships the other gender is going through. The mere mention of "women" and "inequality" are more often than not, strung together in a sentence which over time, has caused the public to get desensitized and ignore other inequalities at hand (ie, male discrimination). And to be honest, neither gender can't be blamed for this. If you want to play the blame game, the finger should be pointed at our political representatives and organizations that "claim" to help both genders... but really are doing jack shit. And for my final thought (or rant, depending on how you look at this), rather than discussing the similarities of either gender, we have been condition to much rather see/talk on the differences and this causes a rift in mutually understanding each other. And THIS really, is the biggest obstacle as to why we fail to accept one another in any circumstance.
Mommy (3 года назад)
Damn this was boring af son
Jason Lorah (3 года назад)
Why the fuck does the internet hate women so much wtf
AquaSteel (3 года назад)
I saw the title and expected nothing short of a sexist wave in the comments and rating section....I guess im not surprised just disappointed.
CosmicF (4 года назад)
This illustrates quite well that the current issue of #gamersgate (which has now turned into a sexism within the game industry 'debate'), is not in fact confined to just 'gamers', but is still a persistent issue within our own society overall, as can be clearly seen by the reactions to the video. We think we've come a long way with equality in western society but that is total bullshit. Why on earth are so many commenters here, on a channel trying to promote open-minded and broader thinking, so vehemently against what is clearly factual in this discussion? He's not even talking about western society! Seriously, WTF is is the problem?
rocknu55 (4 года назад)
This dude is a serious blowhard.
Jay Congdon (4 года назад)
A lot of people didn't watch the whole video.
john li (4 года назад)
i dont understand whats the problem with this. he is stating we should empower women without dis-empowering men shouldnt we all be for that. 
IchbinX (3 года назад)
The "problem" is that, in developed countries, women in executive suits are stepping over homeless men, and we're told "Women need more!". It's a fucking insult, and we're tired of hearing it. If these assholes are so concerned with India, and Arabia, then throw your propaganda shit over there!
Valken (3 года назад)
+john li "and so males can decide not to have a family" - one gender should work in the family. Since the female has to take care of the children, it's appropriate that she stays in the house. This happened naturally, is efficient and appropriate. If both work, or both take care of the children, then the family doesn't work. A male could take care of the children, but a female would leave such male, as this is culturally unacceptable. If anyone, it's females that create this cultural definition of family, where the male needs to provide instead of taking care of the children.  No, you're giving more rights to females than males, that's why it's spoiling them. A male being a female's wallet is equally an object. If women use males only for short sex, then get all his money for his whole life, without contributing to the family, then males are female slaves.  Women want male providers, specially since it's close to impossible to take care of children and work at the same time. Or otherwise, the family doesn't exist and the male becomes the slave. Family + woman taking care of the children, or no family + male slave. Which is better? 
john li (3 года назад)
+Valken well voting doesnt seem to work in the united states because very few people vote so it is a self fulfilling prophecy. and so males can decide not to have a family and focus more on education and their jobs and not women thats a double standard. so giving women the same rights as men is spoiling them and in order to no spoil them we need to treat them as objects and possessions instead of human beings
Valken (3 года назад)
+john li Vote doesn't work, the system is broken, doesn't make any difference. If they own property, good for them, as long as there are males who they can reproduce with. Sometimes the woman will have so much education and money she will not date anyone, that's not right. Education/having a job are good so long as it doesn't interfere with the family. Again, if the woman only thinks about work and education, then there is no family. But from your speech I'm certain that you care more about spoiling women to no end rather than making society or families work. Sad for you and everyone else.
john li (3 года назад)
+Valken that still doesnt answer my point about whether or not you think women should have the RIGHT to vote, own property, and have a job
Lord Marcus (4 года назад)
Man, look at that like/dislike bar.  I don't dare read the comments.
AKR (4 года назад)
So you mean like girls are born into poor families and boys are born into rich parents. LOL Utter feminists bullshit. Nobody needs empowering. Big think was a good channel and now filled with feminists bullshit.
GemMine (4 года назад)
i think these people need to get the issues right in their own country before they go out and start telling others how to fix theirs. any reasonable man after looking at the problems the west is having with its feminist will never sign up to get it started in his country. when the west gets its divorce rate to 20 % or bellow, which i would say is the litmus test to know if the genders are getting along then they can go tell everyone how its done. cause im sure in the countries he is referring to marriages last longer despite poverty. maybe he should be taking a lesson from them.  
spinycrayfish (4 года назад)
Almost every comment here is idiotic. He's talking about the 3rd world. Less advanced societies are, wait for it... less advanced. Shock, horror. Everyone complaining about - or being - modern western feminazis, get off your hobby horses.
bbenisb ben (4 года назад)
2 seconds in and ... wait thats misleading bull shit THE VAST majority of homeless people are male. overwhelmingly 
eisfresh (4 года назад)
If you ever had a female supervisor or boss at work you will see how this fails. There are too many emotions involved with women. Call me what you want
BOSSDONMAN (4 года назад)
It's okay WryGuy- you will not be the first, nor last of the feminist morons that I will intellectually humiliate. 
SageAndOnions (4 года назад)
Who the hell are you to speak against Africa's issues, or to even say that Africa has issues? Let them deal with their own stuff on their own. This kind of 'let me help you' attitude implies that you know better than they do, hence, you think you are superior. Keep your colonization mentality out of the 21st century. You don't understand their culture because you're of American culture, so how can you judge what is right and wrong for other cultures from your perspective? Go read some Nietzsche and stfu
tahi laci (4 года назад)
Let's empower those women of Africa by giving more rights to African men (following his logic)
tahi laci (4 года назад)
I hope Big Think can track how many people (including me) have unsubbed because of this video.
tahi laci (4 года назад)
Now what about western nations, where men work the most and women control the most of household spending? Is that equally a problem?
tahi laci (4 года назад)
Why would you make such a video in English, since it only affects African countries and has nothing to teach to English speaking nations, where women have more rights?
tahi laci (4 года назад)
If empowering women doesn't disempower men and empowering one, empowers all, then African women can be empowered just be giving more rights to African men. Obviously that would not disempower women, but empower them as well along with the broader society. It must work both ways.
Alex A (4 года назад)
Youtube comment section is filled w/ sexist douche bags. facts
Salman Chowdhury (4 года назад)
This is such bullshit. Empowering one doesn't not empower all! In that sense, all the elite bankers are all empowered and also the poor people are also "empowered". What a load of bullshit. This old man is deluded. Fuck this.  
nmadcat (4 года назад)
Interesting but problematic rhetoric. Terrible presentation. Missing citations. Generalised conclusion. Good effort though. 4/10!
EverythingGemini (4 года назад)
women dont raise children anymore... the government does
UserNameAnonymous (4 года назад)
I've never seen a big think speaker who spoke so much but said so little. I heard 2 semi-relevant facts and 27 vague opinions, none of which even attempted to support his claim that "empowering women doesn't mean disempowering men." 
Christian Huang (4 года назад)
People think all feminists are a conglomerate of women shouting "Men are the problem" have never bothered analyzing anything about what feminism really means. First off, there are plenty of feminist camps over different interests. Some feminists believe in gender norms being important and believe it's necessary for them to exist on an equal playing field, but other feminists believe that all gender norms are bad. Some feminists are sex-positive and talk about the negative implications of slut shaming, whereas other feminists criticize institutions like pornography and their depictions of women. I think it's ignorant to attack feminism as a whole, because feminism in its most primitive concept is something that we as a society almost all implicitly agree on. We believe men and women deserve protection against arbitrary discrimination because of gender. There may be more radical versions of feminism, but at the point where the very definition of feminism calls for equal treatment and not an over empowerment of women, it makes no sense to criticize that. That being said, I see a lot of feminists who probably have a major in something of gender studies or the like use their knowledge of the topic in order to prove their point. This is problematic and comes off as pretentious. Not everyone has read Mackinnon, and especially not somebody who makes statements condemning feminism. No one cares if you can cite Judith Butler to try to sound smart if no one even knows what she is saying. If you want to argue in favor of feminism, you start from the ground up and never go and call the other side sexist because: 1. It makes you look petty even if they are sexist 2. Being sexist isn't natural. People aren't born to think "man i really wanna be shitty to women today". Sexism is a byproduct of the environment around people, and we should be tolerant of even sexists.  The way I see it, sexism is a disease that most people can't help, and exacerbating already set stigmas against said people only makes them retaliate and not want to change even more. 
BOSSDONMAN (3 года назад)
+Christian Huang Eh, I don't think you should encourage them to participate, and I'm not saying that as if I dislike women playing videogames. The reasoning is video games are a hobby, and you really need to find what interests you in your leisure time. If women want to play, then they can by all means play, but it is a leisure activity after all and isn't the main thing you want to be promoting. Now, I believe you are hinting more towards the point of women being scared away by offensive trolls, but the truth is that's always going to be on the internet. The only way you can really bypass that is to have 'tough' skin and/or establish a stricter rule medium. 
Christian Huang (3 года назад)
+BOSSDONMAN but I think women should be more encouraged to participate. If you look at chess players, the introduction of women specific programs increased the average elo of women by a large margin.
BOSSDONMAN (4 года назад)
+Christian Huang I agree to some extent- I'm pretty competitive in general, so if there is something that anyone and everyone can participate in on an equalist base (aka there are no performance advantages whether you do or do not put more money into the game)- I am generally pretty open to doing it. CS is just too underground in the U.S.- I do not know that many people who play it personally, and the vast majority of the people I do play with are online friends. 
Christian Huang (4 года назад)
+BOSSDONMAN I play a lot of LoL, but counter-strike was the first game that got me into competitive online games. CoD is cancer though.
BOSSDONMAN (4 года назад)
+Christian Huang True, personally I don't find games like LoL and Dota too appealing, but I haven't played neither of them enough to have an informed opinion on it. I would guess CS is less popular due to it lacking variety and due to COD sort of being the mainstream FPS in the U.S. 
THINKY MAN (4 года назад)
I just want to make this clear. If you don't agree with feminism, you are not necessarily a misogynist. 
Amihan Animation Studios (4 года назад)
I agree with the Title. both sex have their own strengths and weaknesses. In my mind it is absurd to let both gender fight who is better at this or at that. Imagine if we can just see people as people, with amazing talents and some weaknesses. we are just people trying to live and co-exist in this wonderful Earth. 
MT6Anime (4 года назад)
I see a lot of dislikes on this video and I'm assuming it's because of the effect that SJWs and anti-gamergate people have had on the word feminism. But I don't hear him talking about those feminists he's talking about 3rd world countries where women equality is still in the middle ages. From what I could find about his work, through Landesa, he's actually helping 3rd world people. 
Jeremiah Gilbert (4 года назад)
Men dominate this... Men dominate that... Oh really? It almost seem as if a characteristic of a man is to be dominant? Weird...
The Godless-Nerd (4 года назад)
Finally I found someone that gets it
Brian Collins (4 года назад)
CONTROVERSY! *Snaps fingers*
Tandreada (4 года назад)
I agree with most of the video, but I would like to say something about the "Disempowering men" part. Men may say, "It may not disempower us, but we would still need to deal with more potentially opposing voices in politics. More of a headache." Generally, that's not true since there's only so many seats in politics, so the overall opposing voices will be the same, but it'll just say different things.
zoology (4 года назад)
I'm honestly really confused as to why people are saying this video is really sexist and why it has so much hate? I thought this is just him trying to work through how to turn misogynists into people who work toward equality by helping them see that empowering women will ultimately be good for everyone? And that's not bad... Am I missing something :/
zoology (3 года назад)
Lexi McNoogut (3 года назад)
yup i am so scared shaking in me booties except I don't think you got what context I meant coward in that comment 
Lexi McNoogut (3 года назад)
You're missing that many men are cowards :-)
Mardin Uzeri (4 года назад)
Let's have a realistic unbiased discussed. Are men mentality and physically superior to women from an evolutionary point of view? Are men and women actually equal?
lambmaster27 (4 года назад)
Fuck women! They should just suck our cocks and do the dishes!
James Patti (4 года назад)
What I want to see is feminist actually helping true problems in the world. Why not try causing feminist movements in countries who actually need it? I just don't see how any more progression towards equality is feasible in the US. Yes there is room for improvement but how do you expect to fix these problems? I don't see it happening in our generation. honest to god true equality will be a slow progression. If I saw feminist organizations from the U.S. helping woman's causes in less fortunate countries I would have much more respect for them. that would show true determination for equality in the world. instead of arguing over petty first world problems, try to do something that would be more beneficial to woman's rights.  Feminist Please collaborate and find a goal that is obtainable and worth while. This otiose conquest for true equality in western culture is causing more harm that good. I am not sexist I am just anti feminist. Women can do so much more than they are given credit for. I have seen women accomplish things that I know I do not have the strength to do. You can do anything In the U.S. and have every one cheering you on as you go. other societies do not have that luxury.  
Cheng Cui (4 года назад)
This guy is the most boring person on this channel
Ed Gunther (4 года назад)
If you're going to use the word "empower" 100 times, please define it.
Derrick Graham (4 года назад)
Developing countries are struggling with similar problems in creating thriving societies as western societies had centuries ago. Western societies invented an idea. That idea was that females are the same kind of people as males. When western societies had twice as many literate workers able to legally gain from their endeavors, a substantial increase in economic development followed. As far as foreign aid goes, spreading this idea is a no brainer.
MrSnderrocks (4 года назад)
This video is in no way sexist. 
VikingII (4 года назад)
Nobody posits that empowering women disempowers men. It's fine and dandy to SAY you want equal rights, but that's not what's going on.
Brenton Casey (4 года назад)
Oh i completely agree that this is a societal issue, but what he should say is "Empowering women isn't disempowering to men. But also disempowering men isn't empowering women." That is the main objection that heaps of people have against feministic movements. We just need to look past all these things and as you said (and Emma<3), this is not a women's issue, but it is an issue for all society
SkullTraill (4 года назад)
The guy in this video should seriously consider suicide.
Trav is (4 года назад)
Flawed logic. Empowering one empowers all, why, then, are women disadvantaged?
honest89 (4 года назад)
I will not groan this man... However I think we should focus our efforts on society giving up on old age mentality, which is called patriarchy. Why I call it old age mentality, because it holds back men and women in boxes/roles which are just not sustainable anymore for our modern society and evolution humankind. In short pressures shouldn't be put on men and women to exhibit certain traits because it is "expected" from their gender. The same goes for race issues which, imo is a far bigger issue in USA.
No0bT4rD (4 года назад)
I subscribed for though provoking ideas. Not arguments that I could rebuttle in half a second. This guy is seriously comparing empowering women in third world countries to empowering women in first world countries. Yes in those countries it might be a very good idea to start a very aggressive campaign to give women better lives, but here in Sweden such a campaign would just be a waste of money and effort. Over here we just need more acceptance and we need to make it clear to people that they can be whoever they want to. If you're male and straight and you want to be a fashion designer, that's fine. If you're female and you want to be an engineer, that's fine. We don't need to empower anyone.
AirmailMRCOOL (4 года назад)
...Because the majority of people in developing nations are women and girls.  Why?  Because the majority of men are dead of course!  Hooray!
JoePescisBoss (4 года назад)
This, ladies and gentlemen, is a pseudo-progressive. The most dangerous kind of human in todays world. He KNOWS that he is absolutely right and anyone that questions him is either stupid or a lunatic. Its the likes of him that build Gulags and the KGB a few decades ago, its the likes of him that burned "witches" a few centuries ago and its the likes of him that are changing laws in our colleges these days. Beware of this kind! Its actually funny that this totalitarian speaks for BigThink. Or maybe that says a lot about BigThink.
JoePescisBoss (4 года назад)
+Ravens00eye truth! didnt like it, eh?
Ravens00eye (4 года назад)
WTF did i just read? D:
ABitOfTheUniverse (4 года назад)
Making Poor People Rich Doesn't Mean Making the Rich Poor
The Red Buffoon (4 года назад)
His body language tells me he doesn't believe what he's saying, that he is trying to adjust what he says in order to placate someone. Compare it to Michio Kaku or Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Chad Warden (4 года назад)
The title of this video is 10/10 flamebait, and a lot of people are going to see it and probably just dislike it without watching. The content of this video is NOT about the tumblr-tier first world "feminism" a lot of people dislike, but about women in other societies who are actually oppressed. You should keep this context in mind before you jump the gun here in the comments section.
AirmailMRCOOL (4 года назад)
The first line was tumblr level rhetoric...
James Last (4 года назад)
I feel like this: I want to be the strongest, the tallest, the one who girls feel most supported with. The wealthier I am, the higher up on the chain I am, the more women will want to be with me. When I see girls who are higher than me, it compromises my self worth, as I see it, towards women. I feel like I wont be good enough for women who are smarter, faster, better than me. So, I am afraid to give women power. Because I want them to need me. Imagine people being apes. All the males fight amoungst each other in order to prove to the females which one of us is strongest and best suited for a mate. Now, imagine a female who is stronger than me, the alpha ape lol. What use am I to her? Instead of me protecting her, she will... Protect me? All the other apes will laugh at me. I will feel that I have failed as a male.  Now, assume males work how I described. Is it possible that males, by Nature, are going to strive to be the best, the wealthiest, the ones in control? More so than women? By their nature? And that we, as a society, simply see the effects of this in our economy? Idk if this is coming off as sexist, but I presume males are trying harder to succeed because we are programmed and afraid to see a world where women don't need us... Although. I know, this isn't true. But just a fear.
The Flashing Pulsar (4 года назад)
I hope no one thought he was talking about the US what so ever. He was showing genuine problems in the world and how we can make changes for people who are actually held back. I found it funny the commentary you can get out of this about generations. The fathers want to oppress their wives, who are daughters of men. That would be their daughter in their society. However they don't like the way the treat their wives because if they look at it happening to someone they actually care about they want change. THAT happens in the US with policy. 
Derek Dexter (4 года назад)
Your title is incorrect. It should say "empowering women shouldn't mean disempowering men." Because in theory I would have to agree with that. However in practice you are way off the mark...
Ridinwithpride (4 года назад)
This guy looks like he's saying this under duress. Like somebody off camera is pointing a gun at his head. Is this some kind of court ordered public service thingy?

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