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In the far pasture at MTM, the wide open slick grass and mud made for some awesome drifting action for some of the daily driver trucks. Nothing like getting out and cutting loose in your primary 4x4! Mud Truck Madness - Many, Louisiana - 10/24/2015 For more info on Mud Truck Madness, visit their website at http://www.mtmmudpits.com/ Check out Triple-X Motorsports & Outdoors on Facebook for updates on events, action photos, videos, giveaways and lots of other cool innerwebs humor! http://www.facebook.com/TripleX.Motorsports Also see some of the cool shots we run across over on the Instagram scene: http://instagram.com/rekjavicxxx/ Get your Triple-X apparel, koozies, decals, graphics, DVD's & more at http://www.triplexmotorsports.com Please Ignore or flag spam, negative, or hateful comments. We're here to have a good time. Thanks everyone, and enjoy!
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sketchy redneck quads (9 месяцев назад)
Wait a minute! that white diesel Ford was a four wheel drive! why didn't they have it in two wheel drive when they got stuck lol
Sheldon Muscumann (1 год назад)
Dumbass stuck in 2wd with a 4x4 what an idiot
beardlessj (1 год назад)
great vid xxx. you know I like those daily drivers getting in on the fun!!!
Brendan Walsh (1 год назад)
sound terrible (farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttt)
metaglia buck (1 год назад)
driver side tire sticks out the fender well like 1.5 inches on that powerstroke passenger side tires flush whats wrong with it
Cesar Palmos (1 год назад)
The powerstock was the funnest to watch but i bet any of them was a blast to be in, lol our town has a huge open field that holds water like that..ill try it im my ranger, see if the cops allow me haha if they they can reach me
Daxton Kaas (2 года назад)
geez doesn't the Ford powerstroke have 4 wheel drive and he's not using it, if I got stuck I would put it in 4 wheel drive but he didn't do that
Emmanuel Reyes (2 года назад)
Amazing zoom in/out follow
themasonmeyers outdoors (2 года назад)
I wanna know who Chevy that is
Edwin Fuentes (2 года назад)
whatafuck is the ford doing
Trey Morris (2 года назад)
I'm a chevy man but that ford 250 looks tough folks !!!
PunisherRanger912 (10 месяцев назад)
“Never go full retard and buy a 6.0” “fag” and I’m the hater here? Right. Whatever you think snowflake
PunisherRanger912 (10 месяцев назад)
Little boy? How tf do you know how old I am? I’m a grown ass man tedcockio. I have a 6.0, 6.7 powerstroke, and a 24v cummins and that 6.0 walks all over the cummins any day. I hate how people cockride the 5.9 so much. You know nothing.
ted s (10 месяцев назад)
PunisherRanger912 I know my 5.9 will shit on that Ford. And I own more than you think little boy
PunisherRanger912 (10 месяцев назад)
Nah you’re autistic. 6.0s are great motors but you wouldn’t know. You don’t know shit buddy
ted s (11 месяцев назад)
Trey Morris bet it needed work after this video folk's. Never go full retard and buy a 6.blow
John Stevens (2 года назад)
How is that 6.0 not blown
Bzx man (2 года назад)
i dont see 1 drift here
Dirty Details (2 года назад)
Edwin Fuentes (2 года назад)
Dirty Details Mobile Detailing
HobosGoneWild (2 года назад)
Not hating on the Ford but is it not 4wd? At the end the front wheels aren't even spinning.
John Stevens (2 года назад)
ya that year was bad about losing 4x4 cause of the switch from Manuel gearbox to the electronic bs
HobosGoneWild (2 года назад)
It was a little muddy, guess I missed it. I'm also guessing he broke something.
John Stevens (2 года назад)
Did u happen to see the 4x4 sticker on the bed just sayin
tom kelly (2 года назад)
4x4 not work on the Ford or what
rekjavicxxx (2 года назад)
Think he broke it the night before in Tug of War
Renee Miranda (2 года назад)
that ford was kicking thats for sure
x. k7 (2 года назад)
Maine Man (2 года назад)
I could comment on something that someone already said. But reading PUBLIC comments is being a "troll". So I will just say what someone else has already said. 'This is not drifting'.... This is just doing 360's, 180's and figure 8's..
ASC Automotive Photos (2 года назад)
that black silverado looks sick
Edwin Fuentes (2 года назад)
ASC Automotive Photos
GotDiesel? (2 года назад)
Hey Guys, I swear I have a few SLIGHTLY USED trucks for sale.... All Adult driven and well taken care of...
Alton Henley (2 года назад)
the ford should of used 4 wheel drive when it got stuck unless it didn't work
Brad Lower (2 года назад)
lincolnmetal1 (2 года назад)
those m16s on the black chevy are some legit mud tires...
Bloody Ghost bros (2 года назад)
Cole Farrell (2 года назад)
that's a bad ass power stroke
Edwin Fuentes (2 года назад)
Cole Farrell
feelnrite (2 года назад)
If you were doing that to my pasture you would be shot.
Maine Man (2 года назад)
+Gavin M Troll!
19504x4 (2 года назад)
Every town needs a pasture designated for this
Edwin Fuentes (2 года назад)
EFormance Engineering (2 года назад)
Oy, put it in 4wd!
bill thompson (2 года назад)
Haters ? maybe it's people with pretty trucks,AKA Pavement Queens. I like this video. I have 2 Real Trucks, like the ones in Your Video's. 1) 87 F 250 4X4 460 BUILT 5speed. with an 8Ft Western 2) 76 J-20 4X4 BUILT 401 40" Swamper TSL tires.
joe bourdeau (2 года назад)
Wtf no 4x4 in a 4x4 ford? Wtf
joe bourdeau (2 года назад)
Don't mind a muddy outside. But the inside of a truck? Morons
fook yu (2 года назад)
this looks like a blast.
redneckinginuity (3 года назад)
I had a blast doing those doughnuts! And I can promise my truck has seen deeper than that! I own the black chevy.
Skylar Knight (1 год назад)
What size tire and lift are on that truck and what exhaust
Jacob Mitchell (1 год назад)
Well let's be honest a sec about the only way to get shallower is to drive concrete road doesn't look like you were more than an inch deep
MrLSalazar714 (1 год назад)
redneckinginuity nice truck
MNTRUCKLORD (2 года назад)
There WAS grass lol!
redneckinginuity (3 года назад)
Thank You!!
redneckinginuity (3 года назад)
I had a blast doing those doughnuts! And I can promise my truck has seen deeper than that! I own the black chevy.
twinzturbo (3 года назад)
thats how you plow a field !
BigKleib34 (3 года назад)
Came for the YouTube video stayed for the feature length presentation.
Sweet68Camaro (3 года назад)
Way cool and fun. The White 2wd Ford needs some mud tires. The black Chevy was kicking ass and showing how its done. We did the same thing at Hollister Hills years ago. When we had rain in CA
Crawlerer79 (3 года назад)
1:35 had to be the best one. Full on sideways thru the mud!!!!!!!
MrPhj420 (3 года назад)
channel went to hell new intro is wack. do us a favor and Robin Williams yourself
RockstarRanger01 (3 года назад)
I laugh every single time I see see a round tire try to fit in a stupid ass square fender well
redneckinginuity (2 года назад)
Tires didnt rub at all!! Haha
Truck Guy (2 года назад)
squares have 4 sides with 90 degree corners, tho.
IDABAYAREA650I (2 года назад)
Shit looks like its Rubbing Hard lol
MadRam11 (3 года назад)
I bet the EGTs in that Ford were through the roof
ted s (11 месяцев назад)
MadRam11 you know it, I bet 100 bucks it needed head work after this video lol
Grant Chapman (3 года назад)
This video proves this is the only thing street queens will be able to do. Fun to watch though.
Nick Walston (3 года назад)
whats with all the haters. lol
Maine Man (2 года назад)
+Nick Walston To know that there are haters, you must have read some of the comments. Therefore you are a troll.
rekjavicxxx (3 года назад)
Having the Internet brings out the inner hater in people LOL
Jack Rayson (3 года назад)
and the Ford just has a 4x4 sticker.... not a front diff
Zerek Peel (2 года назад)
yes it does have a front diff
5Ohh (3 года назад)
Badass man
Sean Blakeslee (3 года назад)
First time I've ever did donuts was when I was 16 and my first car was a 1990 f-350 with a Cummings engine and my truck started to smoke and then it catches on fire and I had a kicker speaker system in it witch was over $3000 and the truck was just trashed the only think that didn't burn was the bed
Guthrie West (3 года назад)
Ise Storm (3 года назад)
tuttlepuddle (3 года назад)
I liked the video and appreciate the variety of clips your channel offers.
rekjavicxxx (3 года назад)
Thanks buddy! That makes a grand total of 1 today in the comments section 😁😁
Jordan Scott (3 года назад)
that blacked out Chevy sounded sweet
AntiqueFarmImplement (3 года назад)
Looked good too, I could do without the white stickers on the hood tho
Anthony Mason (3 года назад)
the mall-crawler at the end of the video... 4wd not work? wasnt even deep enough in the mud to cover the sidewalls... could still read the lettering on the side...but got stuck dead in its tracks?
Anthony Mason (3 года назад)
On the side of the bed, you can see the "4x4" sticker... but you can see only the rears spinning when he got stuck. Reason i asked if he was only in 2wd...
rekjavicxxx (3 года назад)
+Anthony Mason He burned the rears down in a 2WD Tug of War the night before, so they were basically bald. Will upload that video over on the Diesel Nation Facebook page if you want to check it out. Helluva smokeshow for sure!
123devinzz1 (3 года назад)
that ford not a "4x4" or is owner dumb as bricks?
Patrick Banahan (3 года назад)
Well it's a ford so the 4x4 don't work probably. And he's got tired with no tread on them so it's a mall crawler. That black chevy had aggressive tread and no problem.
ThtDude (3 года назад)
This is called doing donuts not drifting
sketchy redneck quads (9 месяцев назад)
ThtDude yeah really lol
Maine Man (2 года назад)
+Anthony Mason I hope you included yourself in that "keyboard gangsters/warriors" comment. As you did your share of mud slinging.
rekjavicxxx (3 года назад)
+Rallysport31 You're in luck sir! All new website is online and just waiting on you to cruise by and grab one! http://triplexmotorsports.com
Rallysport31 (3 года назад)
+rekjavicxxx been almost 3 years now chris. still waiting on my damn sticker ! lol
NJFordPops08005 (3 года назад)
hmmm.  lol.

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