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How to Hold a Successful Virtual Team Meeting

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In today's business world, it's common to be involved with virtual team meetings. They can add a layer of distraction to a meeting if you haven't set some norms around them before. Here are our VIVO norms for virtual team meetings: ARRIVE ON TIME, BE PREPARED Sign on 5 minutes prior to the meeting. This will give you time to make sure that you have your headset and video camera set properly, and meeting materials close by. LOOK AT YOUR CO-WORKERS Not sure whether to look at the camera or your co-workers? Choose your co-workers. MUTE YOURSELF If there is a great deal of background noise ie: construction next door or perhaps, you're sneezing and sniffling with a cold, mute yourself while others are presenting. RESIST TEMPTATION We are all so busy these days that it might be tempting to check an email, finish a task or text your spouse while in the meeting. Please resist this temptation. Turn off all programs - it will help your computer run faster and decrease the temptation to multi-task. Silence all other devices, you may even wish to unplug your landline and feed the dog before the meeting. RESPECTFULLY REJOIN If you have an audio or video issue, you may need to reboot and/or troubleshoot. Do this on your own and when you are ready, rejoin the meeting without causing a disruption. BUSINESS ON THE TOP, PARTY ON THE BOTTOM You may be in your home office for this meeting but it's still important to look the part. So feel free to be in your flowered shorts but make sure the camera is picking up business casual attire. IT'S NOT A MIRROR, IT'S A CAMERA Resist the urge to adjust yourself on camera. No need to fluff your hair or groom your mustache during the meeting - you look great just as you are! THROW RADIO STYLE When you make statements, be succinct and let others know when you are done. ie: "back to you, Suzy..." LISTEN AND REFLECT Effective meetings require all of us to be clear on statements made so that after the meeting we can take action. One person speaks at a time. Listen to what they are saying instead of thinking of what you will say next. When you do not understand something, do not sit in silence but rather repeat what you heard back to the speaker for clarity. This reframes your co-worker's statement to all participants. Clarity often comes in the reframing. Do not add unnecessary chat (like saying yes after every point). It is distracting If everyone in your team is aware of these norms (and abides by them) you will have seamless virtual team meetings.
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Gaurav Sharma (2 года назад)
real confident and such a pleasant way to talk... good job..
Necromancer189 (2 года назад)
My left ear enjoyed it..
Kiran Raj (3 года назад)
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Souhreed Datta (4 года назад)
sound pls!!!

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