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Youth Softball Fielding - The Cone Drill - Coach Christina Steiner-Wilcoxson

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SportVideos.com and Coach Christina Steiner-Wilcoxson present this clip for softball players and coaches. To purchase this DVD or download the complete 58 minutes video visit: http://sportvideos.com/youth-league-softball-skills-and-drills-vol.-1-fielding-dvd-or-download-2018-title.html Youth League Softball Skills and Drills Vol. 1 - Fielding DVD or Download - 2018 Title girls softball drills youth soccer socks fastpitch softball drills fastpitch softball hitting drills softball outfield drills fastpitch pitching drills fastpitch softball pitching drills fastpitch hitting drills softball equipment fastpitch softball infield drills softball tryout drills softball conditioning drills softball drills for 14u 10u softball practice plans practice softballs batting drills youth softball gloves softball fielding fastpitch softball fielding drills softball tee drills indoor softball fielding drills fastpitch softball hitting This informative DVD presents the essential fielding fundamentals a softball player needs to compete successfully. Coach Christina Steiner-Wilcoxson teaches players key techniques and provides a wide variety of unique training tips for practicing and mastering the basics of fielding. Among the topics covered are: Transition Tennis Ball Drill, Cone Drill, Diamond Drill, Forward and Backward Footwork Drill, Outfield Fielding Drills, The Z Drill and Diving Drills. Each fundamental skill is taught in a progressive manner that will maximize practice time and player improvement. The techniques and training methods in this program have been instrumental in helping to create successful players at all levels! 58 minutes. 2018. About the Coach: Christina Steiner-Wilcoxson has been a softball coach for over 18 years. Since August, 2014, she has been coaching at Alabama State University in Montgomery Alabama. Prior to coaching at ASU, Steiner-Wilcoxson was head coach at Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM) for six seasons and coached at Reinhardt College in Waleska, Georgia for three seasons. She also coached high school softball for five years in Alabama and Florida. Christina was also an outstanding player at Auburn University and was a three-year starter for the Tigers.
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