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Transgender Women and Work: Alexis

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Being a transgender person in America is not easy. People that do not readily conform to the gender identity assigned to them at birth face marginalization, discrimination, persecution and even death. Over 20 transgendered people were murdered in 2015, and some polls indicate that up to 41% of the transgendered population in America has considered suicide, compared to 1.6% of the general population. After 14 years in the U.S. working as a server and then a manager in an ice cream parlor, Alexis lost her job. This was about the time she decided to start transitioning. Now she cannot afford to make rent, she cannot afford her hormones, and has been collecting bottles in order to make ends meet. We follow Alexis as she looks for jobs, and document her struggle with discriminatory hiring practices in New York City.

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oldmanerik (2 года назад)
Great video.
Cory Mck (2 года назад)
Oh no, what if she goes into a bathroom? Forget her safety and security. We need to focus on the dangers of her evacuating bodily fluids in public. ☝ This is what you guys sound like.

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