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Women Who Work Plus Size Look Book

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CLICK HERE FOR LINKS TO ITEMS AND ALL THE THINGS: As a day to day female boss lady I felt it was important to capture more than just a few work wear style, but rather paint a picture of the current female career journey. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed researching and making this. INTERN: Studio Overall A Line Dress http://bit.ly/2dCR5zb Blouse: No Longer available but I like this alternative http://bit.ly/2eDinr3 Mixed emotions club pin: http://bit.ly/2erwcO3 Brogues not longer available, but i like these: http://bit.ly/2dFSeev Socks: http://bit.ly/2f4Zj9y CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Yellow Bow Neck Ruffle Detail Blouse http://bit.ly/2ezrTeJ Kady Fit Printed Crepe Pant In Floral http://bit.ly/2f8Gvp4 Brogues no longer available but I like these http://bit.ly/2ekGXhB Socks We Love colors http://bit.ly/2fcO5ip HEAD OF TECHNOLOGY White Ruffle Bib Detail Shift Dress http://bit.ly/2eDnetk Car Coat with Faux Fur Collar http://bit.ly/2eDp8Kg Yellow we love colors tights http://bit.ly/2fcO5ip Boots: No longer available, I like this alternative: http://bit.ly/2eIEwVQ CEO Velvet Blazer http://bit.ly/2eJPGYz Velvet Pencil Skirt http://bit.ly/2eKxpeW Blue we love colors tights http://bit.ly/2fcO5ip Shoes no longer available but I like this alternative http://bit.ly/2dGiyAf More Viola Options: http://bit.ly/2eJR7GE LOOK BOOKS: Royal Velvet Look Book: https://youtu.be/W08__8liVe4 Totally Rad Look Book: https://youtu.be/UnmVzgWP98U A Very Berry Look Book: https://youtu.be/kTe4C8ZejSw ALL THE FALL HAULS: Eloquii Viola Haul: youtu.be/pZUMRxmNquQ Torrid Fall Haul: https://youtu.be/MgDXwmdCs4w Eloquii Fall 2016 Plus Size Fashion Haul + Try On: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_mw9iTYXhg It's Another Plus Size Fall Fashion Collective Haul: https://youtu.be/RfzObWg94t8 Plus Size Fashion 2016 Haul + Try On Featuring Cow Cow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrTWVnqrobs Ellos + JustFab Haul and Try On: https://youtu.be/ycENLgdwTGI CONNECT WITH ME AND BE MY NEW BFF: BLOG: www.glitterandlazers.com/Blog FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/GlitterandLazers TWITTER: https://twitter.com/AnnaOBrien INSTAGRAM http://www.instagram.com/Glitterandlazers SNAPCHAT @glitterandlazer SOURCES: The lack of women in tech is more than a pipeline problem: https://techcrunch.com/2016/05/10/the-lack-of-women-in-tech-is-more-than-a-pipeline-problem/ Why There Are Still Few Women Leaders in Tech http://www.forbes.com/sites/elenakvochko/2016/01/04/women-executives-in-tech/#61d1c4184d16 10 Findings about Women in the Workplace http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2013/12/11/10-findings-about-women-in-the-workplace/ Five facts that show how the advertising industry fails women https://www.theguardian.com/women-in-leadership/2016/feb/03/how-advertising-industry-fails-women These Stats Prove Femvertising Works http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/these-stats-prove-femvertising-works-160704 11 Surprising Statistics About Women In The Workplace https://www.resourcefulmanager.com/women-workplace-statistics/ Fact Sheet: The Women’s Leadership Gap https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/women/reports/2014/03/07/85457/fact-sheet-the-womens-leadership-gap/
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shammy dammy (3 месяца назад)
If I wore most of these to work once, I'd be a Woman who was looking for Work again.
Kim Summers (4 месяца назад)
Really beautiful, Anna. Love ya
Dana Khlayfat (7 месяцев назад)
You put so much effort into your videos, there so fun and inspiring to watch! the quality is amazing <3
Taj The Great One (8 месяцев назад)
Great body confidence!
zaira Quetzali miranda (8 месяцев назад)
hello beautiful I loved your orange blouse, You are a fun girl I love your videos, you have one more subscriber
Kathy Jones - Dust Bunny Trail (10 месяцев назад)
Loved it all but the orange shirt you had on I LOVE! Hugs, Kathy
KC Books (11 месяцев назад)
Yes, yes and YES!!!!
Mauricio Lara (11 месяцев назад)
Sexy women.
Jessica Bellone (11 месяцев назад)
Loved this!
Stephanie. Kings Michale (1 год назад)
Slay Anna !💜
PrincessMaggot (1 год назад)
The first outfit is the cutest thing I've ever seen! That jumper is to die for!! 😍💖
Andrea Bligh (1 год назад)
You are really rocking the Debbie Harry vibe here,loved it.x
Mariah Johnson (1 год назад)
classic styles with a lot of edge. i dig it ma:*
Vedha S (1 год назад)
Beauuuutiful red shoes. (the creative director look - loved the bright yellow socks paired with them too!) I was surprised the see-through look actually looked very professional.. maybe a vest style formal crop top which hits right above the waist instead of the bra might be more you know formal? ;)
mariospeachey (1 год назад)
What is the dress you are wearing in the intro? I love it!!!
dana cruz (1 год назад)
she's literally so adorable and I'm really jealous of her confidence!!! she just exudes beauty!!! my inspiration <3
love this one sooooooo much!
Paige Matthews (1 год назад)
I'm very curious as to what your currently do for a living also I am I love with all of your videos! You are SO inspiring and uplifting.
Melissa WUZUPMEL (1 год назад)
Super cute look book👩🏼👔👗💋👠💼👟🌂🕶💰📊📈🗃📚
ea tresCosas (1 год назад)
1. your aesthetic is on point. 2. where do you find all this amazing plus size clothing!? 3. you have inspired me to stop wearing so many jeans ❤
L. M. (1 год назад)
girl u r misrepresenting the ladies right now..don't matter what shape you are chica you can't stroll into an interview in ANY of those outfits nor could you get away with wearing them until u got 5-10yrs in an mad seniority.Come on mama.
hellob0x (1 год назад)
What saddens me about this video is I'm a plus size girl and would be sent home if I wore anything in this look book however, my smaller coworkers probably wouldn't ); I did enjoy the looks!
Blanca Ibarra (2 года назад)
This was an amazing video. Thank you.
Shenelle Browne (2 года назад)
I love this!
Sophia Miller (2 года назад)
That CEO outfit is NOT work appropriate... Whether you're plus size or not... But I definitely love your body confidence!
Melissa Rose (2 года назад)
How tall are you??? I keep asking lol
Melissa Rose (2 года назад)
Glitterandlazers (2 года назад)
fettuccinetube (2 года назад)
I have just started a mini- series on my channel about plus-size dressing for the office. The styles I choose are more conservative and "safe". It would be interesting to get your input. #LazerSquad
julem247 (2 года назад)
Great video! Well thought out and put together. I agree that the last outfit might be just a bit too much but I have seen other women in executive positions (I'm a mid level manager at a media company) wear sheer blouses with a camisole underneath and no one seemed bothered. I work on the west coast so that might make a difference - "executive attire" seems a bit more relaxed here.
wonkabo (2 года назад)
Your style is so unique and interesting. I love these videos. I also love that I learn something from them :)
MizMookey The Recessionista (2 года назад)
can you do a video on plus size hoisery??? love the tights!
MeetTheWengers (2 года назад)
Girl, you are FIERCE!!!!
weaver cathy (2 года назад)
love your confidence, but those outfits was a bit too much for professional working women attire
Styling Curves (2 года назад)
Thanks for giving it to us a day early!!! You rock doll, I loved all the statistics off to the side. Very eye opening.
mpenny226 (2 года назад)
creative and fun. I loved this.
viv pearlman (2 года назад)
this was amazing :) thank you for creating such colorful and meaningful content
MYTHICAL PEACH (2 года назад)
The intern one was my favourite! So groovy!
K Scott (2 года назад)
Is it really appropriate to wear a see through shirt to the office now? That surprises me. Looks really lovely on you, would just expect it to be worn for a night out. Why do we as women push for the right to wear skimpy, sexy clothes to the work place and then scream sexual harassment if a man responds to that? I am not condoning their behavior but don't we as women have a responsibility here, too? Just saying...
Vedha S (1 год назад)
I usually simply DO the work and let the quality speak to my capability. Anyone who comments on what I wear to work will have to deal with the personal me esp given the effort I put into my work. Doesn't mean I'd run around the office in shorts and a tank top. But if anyone wants to comment about the tightness of my top or my private sexual life as a reflection of the 'kind of work' I do, they'll have shit to deal with. Looking powerful doesn't work if there is no integrity or honesty in the work itself, no matter CEO or receptionist. I say 'me', but that's how work should be thought of.
Melissa S (1 год назад)
I know this is an older comment but I've just watched this video and I have to disagree a bit with what you've said. I personally wouldn't wear the exact outfits shown (because I wear a very limited colour palette) but I could count on one hand the number of times that I've worn a typical 'professional' outfit to the office in the past ten years. I manage a department of an engineering firm, there are 4 people above me including the owners, I have staff, an office, a pretty good salary and get a bonus every year so I would say that qualifies me in your 'high power executive' category. I don't go to the office looking like a slob or wear completely sheer tops (because it's not my thing) but it's not unusual for me to wear skinny jeans, a nice sweater or top and jacket, and heels/ballet flats or boots (depending on the season).
Kate Walsh (2 года назад)
To answer your question, no, it is not appropriate in probably 90% of work places. None of these outfits say "high power executive material", they say "minimum wage receptionist who was hired for her looks and can't be trusted with anything more complicated than making coffee". If you want to be taken seriously in the office, dress like you're there for work and not the happy hour you'll hit up afterwards.
K Scott (2 года назад)
I didn't imply anything except men and women working together should respect each other and the work place and dress and behave accordingly. But it's only fair if it goes both ways. Why does that offend you so much? Do you have daughters? Would you really teach them to dress provocatively in the work place? How is that professional? How can we as women expect to be taken seriously if we come to work dressed for a night out at the club? I'm not saying go to work in unattractive, cover every inch of skin outfits, just decide if your going to party or go to work and dress appropriately.
Sandra Fowler (2 года назад)
+K Scott That implies that women dress for men and that if a woman dresses a certain way, it's tantamount to flirtation - neither of which are true.
Jessica Jean (2 года назад)
This was spectacular. I loved the mesh of fashion and facts. I've never seen a lookbook made quite like this. It was inspirational on many levels. Keep doing you!
A G (2 года назад)
You're so beautiful and fun! Be my best friend k thanks
Dominique Polyniak (2 года назад)
I absolutely love this!!!!
Ginger Hocutt (2 года назад)
Such a beautiful look book with an even more beautiful message. Thank you so much for such a strong and powerful message to the working women of the world. #womenwhowork #bosslady
Holly Lee (2 года назад)
YES YES YES EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS YES GAWD Seriously, you looked absolutely extraordinary in everything and such amazing content! Amazing points and just omg, yes. Can't wait to see more stuff like this from you! X
MasterOfYGOz (2 года назад)
Holy crap girl yes! I'm a guy but your sense of style SPEAKS to me!!!
PrincessofErised (2 года назад)
You message to women (and men too) is awesome. I was planning on posting it to my feed on FB. You know, to rattle their cages, until the see-thru top suit. I can see it being something worn at say Vogue or the like or a perfect after-work outfit, but for main-stream business, that will get you sent home. I want them looking at my eyes and work. I know we should be past all this, but like your video shows, we still have a long way to go in terms of respect and salary. One day it won't matter, but unfortunately it still does. I want to change their attitudes, not confirm that all I bring is "sexy" to the office. Showing that much skin at the office would have the opposite effect for me, hyper-self awareness, instead of self confident. But you do you. I am brave, just not that brave.
Sparkles Gonzalez (2 года назад)
I LOVE this!!! I've only watched 3 of your videos, and you inspire me SO much!! I'm having such a hard time learning to love myself. a lot of it has to do with the misogynistic values of this country. Men shouldn't get to decide what women should feel good wearing. when you reached the part about advertising, I cried. The lack of representation of realistic women is REAL. I haven't bought clothes for myself in 4 years, because I'm so embarrassed to go shopping, and to admit somethings don't fit. your body positivity is contagious.
ANASTASIYA bksi (2 года назад)
Sparkles Gonzalez sweetie it takes time to get comfortable with your body...its the only one you get so be good to it but love it too. go shopping enjoy yourself...buy something you have NEVER dreamed of wearing put it on at home, get comfortable, take it for a spin down to the store. you are beautiful...now go enjoy it!
avian caliste (2 года назад)
I love those blue tights! I could never get a pair that would stay up. How are the fit on those did u have to size up for a good fit?
Nina Bee (2 года назад)
This was great. Seriously, I loved it. And the shots your photographer got are seriously stunning. Keep up the amazing work!
Chandra Farrington (2 года назад)
Just subscribed to your channel because of this video..loved the message. Keep doing what you are doing because you do it well and are staying true to who you are!!!
Leelee (2 года назад)
this look book  is amazing! you looked so beautiful in EVERYTHING!! xoxo
Ashley Dawson (2 года назад)
Girl!!! Don't bust up into work in that CEO outfit!! Rawr! <3 all the looks. That yellow ruffle top is EVERYTHING!
scienceofherself (2 года назад)
ANNA! I loved this lookbook! the clothes were styled beautifully and the commentary was so enlightening. ugh you are so great.
szenad2 (2 года назад)
That was a great video! It really touched home. I am a chemical engineer at a chemical plant, so I wear coveralls to work everyday.It definitely feels different to be in a male dominated industry, but it feels great to see there are so many women making it out there :)
doodle bug (2 года назад)
you are amazing and inspiring!
MsHellraser (2 года назад)
That was amazing!! Great job on everything right down to the information!! 💕
sparkl 16 (2 года назад)
You are just amazing, just thanks to be there for us. I love your look book, all your ideas and you. I don't know why people are talking we are normal. We aren't like in the magazine and we accept. Just you are amazing bc now I'm gonna wear what I want and even in fat bc I know it and I don't hide it. I love my body and I'm proud of it. Just thank you. And WOMEN ARE THE QUEEN IN THE WORLD. WE ARE ALL EGAL.
Puffy Woo W (2 года назад)
great video chica!!
Kelli Cox (2 года назад)
The yellow blouse needs to go along with the socks and shoes.But the yellow in the Head of Technology look was POPPIN with the black and white lace dress.Yellow can be an awkward color to pair with things sometimes,maybe a yellow look book for more ideas???Thanks for the fun vid!!
FashionMeCurvy (2 года назад)
I really love this Lookbook and I love your personality. You are such an inspiration to me and you really are making me so happy when I see you like my pics on instagram here lately <3 This really was so inspirational. All of these things you stated are facts. I am pro-women and pro everything for us. Women are shamed for everything we basically do. "Our bodies aren't thin enough" , "She doesn't fit the 'secretary' part" , "She's too short" , "Don't promote her she's about ready to have children" - So many things dictate us as women and we have to work twice as hard as any man to get noticed. You really are an inspiration. I hope my channel can reflect even 1% as much as your's does to the world. #LazerSquad
How To Pinup (2 года назад)
ALSO! Where did you get that beautiful white dress with yellow accent?
Tracey Rusthoven (2 года назад)
Check out her video from yesterday. Eloqui she had some great stuff
andrea Dominguez (2 года назад)
Tealness 22 (2 года назад)
Loving it gf!
Hanna Katriina (2 года назад)
Very powerful.
Wilian Aytara Alvis (2 года назад)
Awesome job!!
polishedperidot (2 года назад)
Anna, I love you! You're my girl crush ❤️❤️😊
unruly boss (2 года назад)
Amazing hips and thighs. Extremely beautiful. Very confident
MIRBO ANVERS (2 года назад)
i like your style, keep up the good work :)
Tiffany B. (2 года назад)
This was beautiful! Loved it!
Tayla Elson (2 года назад)
I love love love this!!
Rebecca S (2 года назад)
Loving all the outfits as usual stunning lady xxxx
Carina Swanson (2 года назад)
Welcome to LA (in the a.m.)! I just wanted to say that I love how you put alternatives in the description box for the cute garments that are unfortunately no longer available. That's really thoughtful of you. Also, I love all the looks but the intern one is my fav! 😍
Carrie Beth (2 года назад)
Vanessa Crawford (2 года назад)
It would be so awesome if you could add the sizes you are wearing of each item. Might be helpful!
Mary Wiley (2 года назад)
Deconstructing with Dawn C (2 года назад)
B R A V O!! 👏🏻
Kelsey Burroughs (2 года назад)
Informative, fun, inspiring, and gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing! <3
Exhibition (2 года назад)
OMFG! Girl, you got something here with this one. I am beside myself how creative and fun this was. I love it! You did an amazing job. What a difference in such short time for you. Your an inspiration. And I honestly feel you have only begun to shine. I do make up and photography. But always wanted to be a part of something great. Keep me in mind when you get up there as I know you will be making a positive difference in this world. Congrats! Bravo! Well done!
gina simply (2 года назад)
One reason women often make less than men is very simple. We have children, and they are the priority. Often we choose part time work or not working outside the home for several years. We put our homes and families first. Then later we may pursue something in the work force again. It comes down to what is important in each woman's life. Many women also work longer than their husbands, men retire sooner either because of illness or other goals. Many women support their husbands and share in those goals together just in different ways. Also no matter what the media or society says, women can have it all but not at the same time. Their marriages, children, and even their health will suffer...the 'I can have it all' lie, has simply increased the use of antidepressants and mood stabilizing drugs among women primarily.
Justina Tracy (2 года назад)
I'm a #ladyboss, but I wear my jammas cause it's my business! Hahaha :)
Glitterandlazers (2 года назад)
hells yes, you go lady. Be your own boss.
Patricia Aguilar (2 года назад)
I love your photos!! ❤️
Carly Q (2 года назад)
you are awesome! would you like to be adopted by a crazy canadian mom lol,,,,,i think my other 2 daughters would embrace it 😆
Mika Fryer (2 года назад)
Best look book ever! But the comments are so disappointing. 😡
artofbrowneyedgirl (2 года назад)
I think the look book is amazing. Don't get discouraged by the criticism I see in the comments. So easy for people to judge, but not perform. Amazing work and shots in this!
artofbrowneyedgirl (2 года назад)
Glitterandlazers (2 года назад)
Waves are always more fun in the long run than still water :) Thanks for helping me surf.
VintageDreaming (2 года назад)
That orange dress 👗 looks amazing!
dufhappy (2 года назад)
My favorite video in a long time! The CEO look was awesome.
michelecates (2 года назад)
Yes!!! This was GREAT!!! So well thought out, the looks and the facts and of the sentiment. You are so talented!
Transcendental Symptoms (2 года назад)
omg the new little lazer gun icon is cute as heck!!!! 😍
Transcendental Symptoms (2 года назад)
I love these ideas!!! You have awesome style and an awesome attitude to flaunt it with! Peace & love from Australia. ❤❤❤
Glamour Grimoire (2 года назад)
Your videos are so amazing! Thank you for taking the chance to make this more than just a work lookbook but to provide facts that people might not know.
lola bocci (2 года назад)
I really like the hair and makeup....but I will have to disagree on the CEO suit.....I mean it looked nice but definitely not office attire...I think you forgot the blouse
Lynn Johnston (2 года назад)
Bravo! Nicely done!!
Lilybet (2 года назад)
Do you have an airline you prefer to fly as a large woman?
I AM QUEEN CUPCAKE (2 года назад)
Amazing! Best look book ever.
Andrea Lodden (2 года назад)
A belief that frustrates me within my parents generation (baby boomers 60-65) the belief you are of less value being overweight. My parents are convinced a friend of mine didn't get a promotion at a huge insurance company, cause she's fat. First of all she's about a size 14.
Andrea Lodden (2 года назад)
Kate Walsh lol you are right!
Kate Walsh (2 года назад)
A size 14 is fat. Just because the average American woman is now a size 16, doesn't mean anything less makes you "average" or even "thin". The average American woman is very fat, so if you're near the average size guess what... you're fat.
Tracey Rusthoven (2 года назад)
I am 53 and sadly I have seen this happen first hand. I am a plus size woman...size 20/22 and was an account manager for 25 plus years. But was actually told back in the early 80's that I was passed over for a promotion because my weigh didn't represent what the company wanted to portray. Yes that was the 80's but right up until I took an early retirement I saw this happening.
Lisa Cartwheel (2 года назад)
*STEAM ....they added art
Mighty Murphin Fashion Ranger (2 года назад)
Great outfits, I kind of wish I dressed a little nicer for work
Ry Bakker (2 года назад)
I just found your channel today and I have binge watched so many videos. I dont normally comment but I just love your personality and videos!
LaSystra C. (2 года назад)
You killed each look!!! ❤️ But I wouldn't consider the last one work appropriate lol
MusiqChildx (2 года назад)
Love this!
Cat Mac Cat (2 года назад)
wow, good job! 😀 I have been noticing the ads you get prevideo are from LA MER. you don't get to choose those, right? so that's a pretty good ad. Would you ever do makeup video? or FOTD because your makeup is bomb especially with that yellow shirt/couch pattern pants. 🐱🐱🐱 peace.
Nicole Novo (2 года назад)
Beautiful filming locations! Also you look so pretty! Xoxo

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