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Suicidal Lifestyles Stunt Show on Street Bikes

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Bike Ballet, Wheels, Spinouts and More! Since its start in 2004, Suicidal Lifestyles has strived to be the most professional, safe, and affordable team in the region. We are currently the ONLY team in Colorado to be fully registered, licensed, and insured. Our event staff is comprised of members who have each undergone training to ensure the highest quality, safety, and thoroughness for our events. These high standards have resulted in a ZERO accident history and overwhelming customer satisfaction. Our team comes prepared with pre and post show documentation which allows for smooth shows that are virtually hands free for our customers. Our shows provide excitng and unique features that will amaze any crowd. At The World's Largest Motorcycle Rally and Poker Run helping kids starts the day before with the Realities Ride Motorcycle Rally in Ft. Collins, CO. Stunt Bikes, Classics, Vendors, Music, Food, MMA Training, Games, and more were on hand to help out in a very good cause! More at http://www.YouTube.com/AboutColoradoTV to see more Videos of the event. The Rally is a FREE community event at Washington Park in Fort Collins. Everyone is invited to join The Rally: motorcycle enthusiasts, families, residents, visitors and anyone looking for entertainment on Memorial Day Weekend! Come on out to this community event and join us as we rally against child abuse and neglect in Larimer County. All proceeds benefit the Realities For Children Charities Emergency Fund. RALLY FOR A REASON! Proceeds benefit local children who have been abused, neglected or are at-risk. Visit www.RealitiesForChildren.com to learn more about what we are doing to help local children in Larimer County. If you only do one ride this year, make it this one! Join the World's Largest Motorcycle Poker Run as we make every mile help a child in need. All proceeds benefit the Realities For Children Charities Emergency Fund for Larimer County youth who have been abused, neglected or are at-risk. Once you are registered, we invite you to join us for free breakfast burritos (courtesy of Sean Dougherty 'The Hawaiian Shirt Guy' at ReMaz Alliance and Colorado Cheer Academy) and Fort Collins Coffee House coffee. We'll make some announcements, honor our great country with a SKYDIVING presentation of the colors and sing our National Anthem before heading out on our 5 Mile Parade Route led by Bikers Against Child Abuse and our Combat Vets! Thunder Mountain Harley Owners Group 0411 helps road captain for a safe ride experience as we go to each Realities Ride stop where the common card is revealed in our Texas Hold'em poker format. You don't have to visit all of the stops, but you won't want to miss the High Country Motor Sports Lunch Stop at Masonville, where we'll have live music, a fast draw exhibition and delicious Hog Wild BBQ! At the end of the Ride, the rider or passenger with the best hand will win $1500 CASH from Tri City Cycle!
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