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5 Gorgeous Ways To Wear Saree With Thin Perfect Pleats To Look Slim|South Indian Style Saree Draping

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Watch other videos on how to wear saree in different styles, south indian style saree draping, lehenga saree draping etc on https://goo.gl/HtvGTl Saree Draping Style to Look Slim - Step by Step Procedure - Use a chiffon or georgette saree, for this method. Tuck the end of the saree (non- pallu end) on the right side and bring it around the waist to the back side, tuck it in fully while doing the same. Bring it towards the front again and leave some length of fabric and tuck on the left waist. Draping the saree over bring it to the front. Make pleats for the pallu and secure it over the left shoulder. Now make the pleats in the front and tuck it in the center. Secure the pallu on the upper back with more pins for the saree to give neater appearance. #saree #sari #sareedraping #sareedrapingtutorial #sareedrapingstyles #saridraping #DIY
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Текстовые комментарии (80)
anish Kumar (1 год назад)
d comment is very true dog one she is continuosly starring at d camera 😂😂😂
AhiluArts All 'bout Crochet (1 год назад)
Seriously? To look slim tutorial you should make with fat ladies and make them look slim. Not zero size models 😆😆
Poornima Poori (1 год назад)
hahahah orange saree
Khushnuma khan (1 год назад)
worst draping ever seen.....shud have taken an obese girl.....instead of these skinny model.....
Krithika N (1 год назад)
nothing specifically special.
puspa puspavalli (1 год назад)
hahaha y is she watching the camera like mangkuk
Raksha Gujaran (1 год назад)
u just showed one normal way of wearing saree... stupid and waste of time for watchers
Ranjeet Kumar (1 год назад)
yeh purple color ki sari saand ko kyn pahne di
llwiishll (2 года назад)
nice !!
Recipes for Foodies (2 года назад)
Parthiban R (2 года назад)
Regula Narasimha (2 года назад)
really annoying
Purvi Patel (2 года назад)
if you show thin models in the video, of course they'll look thin when wearing the saris...there is nothing new about how these saris are worn--this video shows how they're always worn. what's so special about how these are worn and how would they make fat women look slimmer?
shiny dev (2 года назад)
I meant the message below to ambiga. sorry. auto correct.
shiny dev (2 года назад)
Zambia just don't be a disgrace to the I Indian community. what you do within four walls nobody cares. When u r in public you owe responsibility to ALL Indians, especially Indian women , generally to all women. if u r fat n don't respect your own body, keep it to yourself. tq. LOL.😂😂
Helen .P (2 года назад)
are you guys joking???!!!! fish style, I really dont understand. whats the difference. how is it fish style??. and, was the girl in orange saree, strictly instructed to look at the camera??? there r few teenagers who r looking forward to learn draping saree, for God's sake, dont misguide them...!!
HONNERALU HOME (2 года назад)
bags making
Benazir Begum Shaik (2 года назад)
Orange colour loosu , mental camera ghost
Sathish Kumar (2 года назад)
Janani jk (2 года назад)
i cant tolerate the last one
Jerry Gimeno (2 года назад)
Rebecca David (2 года назад)
I don't find any difference in the saree draping except for some pinning. And the last one is nonsense.
Kondepudi Ganga Geeta Gayathri (2 года назад)
gayathri s (2 года назад)
very nice
Ashmitha Ash (2 года назад)
Agree wit yu sharni devarajoo.. this people will bluff but honestly she Luks unfit ta do such tutorials. Honestly who knows most of the people would've lost their ideas about sarees afta watching this video.-and ta those who are against Sharni's comments..Cmon guys didn't any of yu??Awkay atleast one of yu thought 'Awwh y this lady for saree tutorial?' It's naht about commenting on someone's physic but it's about tellin her in a different way mae be in her wae that 'gurl pls do something about this so that people could paste wit ya luks'Ultimately it's about lukin beautiful and graceful ryt.She is wearing a saree on her such wae she is rushing up to the gadi wala ta buy some. LolxAnd btw I would say this is naht at all a gud videoSaree is one of aw traditional wears then y to grab somebody's eyes some wer -!@:₹:! Come on donn temme I'm the only person to hav this in mind.Wear a saree such wae ta grab respect naht ;);-!).@/!/@)/@/!&/!??-&-&&/)&/!
Hansa Dedhia (1 год назад)
Ashmitha Ash ko
shilpa B.N. (2 года назад)
very bad...these r the worest ways to wear saree...orange colour saree girl was stupid...starring to the camera like dog starring to biscuit...
Jayasree Chandramohan (1 год назад)
ShilpaAnil chalapaka ROFL😂😂😂ur really frank gurl😜dog staring at a biscuit😅semmaaa😂😎😋
Punyasha Mishra (1 год назад)
Rasheda Parvin (1 год назад)
ShilpaAnil chalapaka hahaha so funny.. 100% true
anshu priya rai (2 года назад)
ShilpaAnil chalapaka 100%agree
Aishwarya Sarode (2 года назад)
ShilpaAnil chalapaka 😂😂😂
VISHAKHA AHER (2 года назад)
why she is so smiling stupid
yankee doodle (1 год назад)
And why is your english so poor?
Vandana Raam (2 года назад)
When u r showing such a video how can you show already slim model
Jayasree Chandramohan (1 год назад)
Vandana Raam ikr?😂
rejina motwani (2 года назад)
avanga slim ah thaan irukkanga kunda irukka yaarkavathu slim ah saree katti kaatunga
TheDivineKali (2 года назад)
Bring it to the back....not BACKSIDE!
Ammulu Chowdary (2 года назад)
antha same kada new yemi ledu kada
sheeba n (2 года назад)
Yeah no difference...also no tips for quick wearing
vijaya lakshmi (2 года назад)
Mr.shami ur mom and sis are models and how do they look. don't compare , everybody are God's gift. mind it before speaking about others.
Sara's Kitchen (2 года назад)
https://web.facebook.com/Saras-Treasure-Chest-1411218015556010 checkout some best desiner lehengas and sarees and more..
shiny dev (2 года назад)
That's d problem. if you think you are beautiful it's a problem 😵😂😂.others must think you are sexy n beautiful as in my case😄.
shiny dev (2 года назад)
I m a professional n I m young n beautiful in all ways. but I don't allow anyone to take my photos or videos n post it on social media etc.but if some ladies want to be models etc because you do not have professional qualification, I understand. but use common sense to present yourselves in a decent manner out there. you might n it have any shame left, but dont shame your family and the Indian community by revealing ugly fat bod😟
Ambiga Rajendran (2 года назад)
"I m a professional n I m young n beautiful in all ways.", huh? That's probably what any confident woman would feel about herself, regardless of an "ugly fat bod". No point having a killer bod but lacking a heart. ;) Stop being a bully.
Eve Anthony (2 года назад)
yenangadi sellai katturinggeh......
Borraiah Yelakapati (1 год назад)
Eve Anthony
shiny dev (2 года назад)
arya I don't understand what you are saying. but you Indian fat ladies don't shame the entire Indians around the globe. Keep your fat bod within your 4 walls.
Ambiga Rajendran (1 год назад)
Agreed, Kalavathi. :)
Kalavathi Kumar (1 год назад)
Sharni devarajoo !!!! Fat ladies should stay within four walls.... wowwww....... an opinion is a confession of one's character.  Please stop commenting further as this only exposes you. LOL. Right,  Ambiga and Anna ? Also, English is just a language. What is the use of a perfect grammatical language when the words are used to hurt others?
Ambiga Rajendran (2 года назад)
Anna Joe Thank you, Anna. It's comforting to know that many of us are like-minded (judging by the number of people who tried to respond to sharni as well) and that people like her are a rare (yet noisy) breed these days. ☺
Anna Joe (2 года назад)
Kudos to you Ambiga, for calling out sharni for what she really is. I love the way you stayed classy. Its the mindset similar to sharni's which has left the country in a rut out of which it seems we can't climb out of. One where women are ostracised for the way they dress or look. I'm thankful for people exposing such ideas as what they are; absolute BS.
Ambiga Rajendran (2 года назад)
All your comments show that you are the one with a low mentality. I am going to stop as well since I don't deal with unreasonable and irrational people. If you have been around the world, you would have noticed that negative traits are present in all communities. There are many amazing Indians who have commanded respect as well. We can go on and on about this but this is not the time or place. May God bless you with compassion and a kinder heart. Bye.
shiny dev (2 года назад)
Look at this lady in yellow orangy saree. Looks decent although she is also half open, but looks fine.😄
public c (2 года назад)
she is already slim
shiny dev (2 года назад)
the lady w white n purple saree is sooo fat n out of shape. no shame to show unfit body to public😵
Aarya Mohan (2 года назад)
If you feel ur beautiful good for u ...she must think she is beautiful as well .
Aarya Mohan (2 года назад)
Don't make it personal ...and don't ask crapy questions no one is harassing you so plz keep ur manners...and u complained about the lady in purple and white...rest of the gals were wearing the same garments as the one u have a problem with...y don't u have an issue with the rest as well ..if ur skinny doesn't the morality count..??!
shiny dev (2 года назад)
arya every Indian represent the entire Indian community. so have some sense as to how to portray Indian women in public. Don't shame the rest of the Indians n become a laughing stork. wonder if u have some shame left or willing to open up for free show.
Aarya Mohan (2 года назад)
If u find it revolting don't watch it...simple u can't still body shame someone...its not ok
shiny dev (2 года назад)
I am sure you must be another big, unhealthy plop😬. you should start a society to encourage n motivate plops to stay as plops. but dont embarrass the Indian community by undressing your plop body in public. it looks revolting. have common sense on what you can do and not do in public. the way you write English, which half of it I can't understand also proves not only your body is unhealthy , your brain is not moving in a positive way too. pathetic👎
Rekha Mary (2 года назад)
No any difference just pinning its also not so good
Chander Chhibba (2 года назад)
Rekha Mary zZZxssswwse
bindu r (2 года назад)
GOOD.....plz sub me back dude
nishaa kumar (2 года назад)
Are yar model ko to camera dekhne se furshat hi nahi mil rahi
TERESA PAUL (2 года назад)
not neat
jyothi joy (2 года назад)
Mahalakshmi Iyappan (2 года назад)

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