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Marginalised - The Thing About...Art & Artists - Sukran Moral

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Sükran Moral is one of the most disputed and prominent figures on the European art scene. Since the beginning of the 1990s she has made a name for herself through her uncompromising performance art and powerful installations, which among other things has led to death threats against her in Turkey. Moral’s art deals among other things with forced confinement. How weak individuals in a society are discriminated against and abused by others. Violence against women in particular is a repeated them in Moral’s art, but she also works with other marginalised groups who live on the edge of society, such as the psychologically ill, prostitutes, transsexuals and refugees. With her direct and provoking performances Moral breaks with the customs and taboos that dictate how and where a woman can act, which is what makes her performances so intense and original. Moral is one of contemporary art’s most powerful and political voices right now. http://sukranmoral.com
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