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Rep. Mike Honda on Lindsey Graham and Glenn Beck's racism

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Rep. Mike Honda on Lindsey Graham and Glenn Beck's racism

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Keiya Realist (6 лет назад)
This guy MIKE HONDA?He is Japanese American?He would be the Korea American!He will want the anti-Japanese Korea American electoral votes.He likes Korea anti-Japanese national strategy very much.
SuperDachshund (8 лет назад)
"Oh his is even more calculated." "Glenn Who?" Don't give me that bull. I'll be voting against you. I'd like to know, Mike, what exactly is it about the Progressives that you find so attractive? Is it the open desire to undermine the Constitution? Is it a belief in the consolidation of power in the executive branch? Is it the tenet "war is progress"? The belief that God's will is the state's will? The belief that inalienable rights don't exist? What is it?
skydancer1x (8 лет назад)
na na na nah na na na nah ,heyyyaaayyyyy, goooodbye!
Rikk Morosini (8 лет назад)
Maybe Mr Honda has no clue about America. He dosent know Glen Beck and has not watched ONE show, Mr Honda, your facts are as sad as the Toyota story, its all going away,.....watch come November, the word NOVEMBER IS BURNED in AMERICA'S MIND, NOVEMBER MEANS BY BY SOCIALIST CORRUPT DEMS!!!!
rnstp (8 лет назад)
He thought Glenn Beck was a Senator? (God forbid!) How embarassing. So is his bizarre rant before that. I'm glad I moved and he's not my Congressman anymore.
Dave Kopke (8 лет назад)
Never heard Beck being racist. Difference here is that Beck will have a job come January, Mr. Honda will not.

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