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Congressman Mike Honda - Our Voice

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"In this land of opportunity, we can be the change we want, the progress we desire, we just have to use our voice." Learn more about Congressman Honda at www.mikehonda.com.

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Текстовые комментарии (5)
Fukuzo Moguro (10 месяцев назад)
Koreans are pathological liars. They tell lies 24/7/365. False Accusations of Comfort Women http://www.howitzer.jp/korea/page03.html
Leo Brazz (2 года назад)
mike honda you are the man! u must win this election. ro supports hilary and anyone who supports hilary is a crook.
KongSunWu (4 года назад)
Please no more race baiting Mike!!!!   And by the way when California recently moved to putting limits on the number of Asian who could attend the University of California where were you?????  Why did you hide????
Leo Brazz (2 года назад)
KongSunWu 9/11 happened during the bush administration. bush supports obama. cop killings, riots, fema camps, benghazi, and much more happened during the obama administration. obama supports hilary. ro hkanna supports hilary and obama. everyone but mike honda and trump is the problem.
TexasActorsWorkshop (4 года назад)
Very nice spot!

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