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Overview of CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administrator Certification

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For more on CWNA visit http://netcertexpert.com Link to this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTfxMPig8Cg So just what is CWNA - Certified Wireless Network Administrator? Certified Wireless Network Administrator, or CWNA, is an industry-standard career certification in Wireless Networking Technology. The CWNA certification validates the professional network engineer’s ability to install, configure, and operate an enterprise wireless network. CWNA’s OriginCWNA is a career certification from Certified Wireless Network Professional or “CWNP”– a recognized, professional organization, within the Wireless industry. The great thing about CWNP certifications is that they are “vendor-neutral” which means that they do not focus on one particular vendor’s technology. As a result, the student is exposed to the technologies of multiple vendors which provides them with a breadth of understanding. This makes the certification “portable” between employers who use different technologies. Perfect for Enterprise Wireless Network Administrators The CWNA training class is aimed at Network Engineers, it is designed to teach them what they need to know to master wireless networking. This course aims to bring the candidate’s knowledge up to the level needed to pass the certification exam and, therefore, focuses on the technologies necessary to perform the job of an enterprise wireless Network Administrator. As presented in this slide, CWNA – or Certified Wireless Network Administrator – leads to the “professional” set of CWNP certifications. The CWNA certification opens the door to specializing in other CWNP certifications: Security, Design, and Analysis. It is important to note that CWNA is a “prerequisite” certification that must be obtained if the candidate wishes to obtain the CWSP, CWDP, or CWAP certifications. If the candidate wishes to certify as a Wireless Networking Expert, or CWNE, it will be necessary to satisfy additional requirements. Why do Employers look for employees or job candidates with certifications such as CWNA? Employers like Returns on their Investments. When a person obtains an industry certification they gain a new skill-set, which can help make them more effective and efficient at their job. Productivity is Increased, and Costs are Reduced.Knowledgeable employees don’t waste time making silly mistakes. They know the quickest and best ways to perform tasks, and may even possess the ability to troubleshoot as they go. Employers find this invaluable! Customers are more Satisfied, because their questions are answered effectively and fully by more knowledgeable staff, customers are happy and are more likely to return. In order to gain the CWNA certification, the candidate will need to take one proctored exam and is multi-choice. This doesn’t mean it is an easy exam. Students need to prepare themselves, through study, in order to be successful. The best first step towards CWNA is to take a class? It is important to find a training provider that has an approved partnership with a certification provider, such as CWNP, and can claim “authorized” status. An “authorized” training provider can be relied upon to provide proper quality training, using officially-sanctioned materials, as outlined by the certification provider – in this case CWNP. NetCertExpert is proud to hold the status of being a “Premiere” CWNP Authorized Learning Center. This means that we are authorized to teach CWNP’s entire curriculum. In fact, NetCertExpert was the first CWNP partner, in the world, to offer the entire CWNP portfolio... and has seen many very satisfied students passing through our doors! NetCertExpert provides CWNP’s full portfolio of classes along with a range of attendance options. We offer both in-person and virtual learning environments, so you don’t have to struggle alone. Enroll for our next Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) Training Class right now at http://netcertexpert.com/enrollment/ See more videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/NetCertExpert
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