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Be sure to SIGN UP on CarbonTV to see all the latest material from Diesel Nation! Click HERE ►►► http://tinyurl.com/p98q8p4 Niles Moran brought his beautiful Plan B Fab built Duramax to Mud Truck Madness for the annual Halloween Ride. He competed in the Bounty Hole comp and the truck did really well with a cab full of people and A/C blowing cold. Details on the build: 2009 Chevrolet 2500 Duramax 6.6L diesel Custom sheet metal Meritor axles Aluminum CNC overtime hubs 20" 3.5 inch CNC Overtime coilovers 23" drop SCS 3:1 transfer case 6:14 to 1 axles Billet input shaft and axle yokes Full sheet metal chassis hybrid tubing 18.4/30 tires 30 by 16 wide custom wheels Custom driveline brakes Front and rear PSC hydraulic steering Mud Truck Madness Halloween Ride - Many, Louisiana - 10/28-29/2016 For more info on Mud Truck Madness, visit them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mud.t.madness?fref=ts Check out Triple-X Diesel Nation on Facebook for updates on events, action photos, videos, giveaways and lots of other cool innerwebs humor! https://www.facebook.com/TripleX.DieselNation/ Stay up to date with behind-the-scenes action on Snapchat at: TripleX_Life Also see some of the cool shots we run across over on the Instagram scene: http://instagram.com/rekjavicxxx/ Get your Triple-X apparel, koozies, decals, graphics, DVD's & more at http://www.triplexmotorsports.com Please Ignore or flag spam, negative, or hateful comments. We're here to have a good time. Thanks everyone, and enjoy!
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Текстовые комментарии (37)
Adrain Martin (9 месяцев назад)
It's street legal here in great state of Alabama 😎
Brandon Lamberth (1 год назад)
Cool trucks
BigB (2 года назад)
who are these guys? who can afford to buy a brand new 100 grand duramax and then put another 20g into suspension and tires, and then break shit and repair it. as a dedicated mud truck. this is insane what do these people do for money, I see all these trucks lol
rekjavicxxx (2 года назад)
BigB We wheeled again today with this truck and another. Check out the Live Facebook feed from a couple of hours ago
Sly (2 года назад)
Dude can't drive worth a crap hey dude a truck lik that needs time to eat for a min hell you had it in reverse if you would have kept in it and could drive
Slichman500 (2 года назад)
that girl in the passenger seat is real cute
mopar7redneck (2 года назад)
Bitch ass open diff"d pos. Yawn. Yet another southern born inbred with too much money and not a single brain cell.
k k (2 года назад)
nice truck I prefer the older chevys like the 80s but I love your videos man your the best channel out there with these videos keep up the good work!
Pepe Suess (2 года назад)
This is fucking bananas!
ALL KNOWING BILLY (2 года назад)
Cummin to the rescue.......get it
Emmanuel Selvas (2 года назад)
No lockers?!?!
robert hutcheson (2 года назад)
How are these guys building such new model trucks, are they using new trucks or salvaged trucks that were totaled in accidents and building off of them?
Brandon Caldwell (2 года назад)
robert hutcheson Think of the time. That bodystyle on the 2500 has been around from 2008-14. its now going to be 17.. Trucks paid for and time to upgrade. The old one becomes a toy then..
Rodcognito 00 (2 года назад)
All that money can't buy a driver. LOL. Bad A$$ rig.
todd mctodd (2 года назад)
no one take the trucks out in the woods anymore? kinda tired of the worn out old hooker vigina mudholes.
SquareBodyKid (2 года назад)
Mud holes are the only thing I subscribed for lol god I wish I could drop $100,000 on a mud truck like some of these guys
Londen Davis (2 года назад)
no idol
rekjavicxxx (2 года назад)
Brett Wright Nope. We all bought Brodozers and keepin em on pavement nowadays 😉
Arkansas Mudder (2 года назад)
all that money in that truck but Ya forgot some Bud.! LOCKERS
Paul Pumpaly (2 года назад)
Arkansas Mudder That's how you break things!!
867diesel (2 года назад)
that girl looks pissed off that she had to ride in that monster with no lockers lol jk nice truck don't get mad bro lol
Sean Anon (2 года назад)
Man needs to invest in some lockers.
Jake Schafer (2 года назад)
she needs a damn smile!
captian eddie (2 года назад)
all that time and effort and open diffs...ugh!
Mulley Mike (10 месяцев назад)
I agree Ugghh!
Sly (1 год назад)
captian eddie they must know something we don't by putting open diffs on these huge trucks because I'm seeing it a lot because I mean come on with the money that this guy spent on this bad ass rig you know he had money for lockers.
gravitygear (1 год назад)
lockers = stripped gears in that kind of truck.
Joshua Godsey (2 года назад)
+Sean Gardner you would think lockers wouuld be a no brainer
Sean Anon (2 года назад)
Philip Robinson lol that's what I was thinking, why build a truck, and not put lockers in it?
randiradio10 (2 года назад)
George Broughton (2 года назад)
How can she really ride in that with no smile on her face?!?!?!?
Chip Altman (8 месяцев назад)
George Broughton because she knows he has a little tAllywacker
Aaron Shensky (10 месяцев назад)
Maybe she's trying to look hard/tough for on camera
goldfish 2 (1 год назад)
George Broughton yeah you are r
Jimmy G (2 года назад)
George Broughton resting bitch face
Joel lyons (2 года назад)
George Broughton I was thinking the same thing lol

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