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These Things Are Awesome

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I purchased them here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DYXM4DQ/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=redpilphi-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B00DYXM4DQ&linkId=91ce350e844b980c1dc2907572d06a71
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Текстовые комментарии (211)
Albus Arthur Hollington (10 месяцев назад)
They look so fucking retarded!!!
Teh Goat (1 год назад)
That's dog shit and you didn't bother to clean it off before getting out your camera Gypsy Trash
Zeryk (1 год назад)
Holy fuck that is a nice bike.
Sarah Sunn (1 год назад)
Dude you sound super self conscious about going barefoot when those shoes are the real thing that would shock and even repel everyone within a 10 mile radius
The Chair (1 год назад)
scottytissue73 (1 год назад)
Yes, but WHY do we believe they're incredible?
dabba (1 год назад)
Not a good idea to run in those. They have no padding or support for people with a high arch in their foot, so those are bad for your knees and joints.
Red Pill Philosophy (1 год назад)
dabba that's fake shoe industry pseudo-science. When running barefoot, it's more natural for humans to land on the BALLS of their feet, not flat-footedly the way normal running shoes make you do. Any "high arch" is inconsequential when you're bypassing the arch by landing on the balls of your feet.
Common Sense Philosophy (1 год назад)
its almost like ur wearing nothing at all
L R (1 год назад)
its like those ninja shoes
Natasha Minor (1 год назад)
I have 2 pair of these and love them.
fantastics (1 год назад)
Fuk me while u wear'em 😉
Mark Five (1 год назад)
Those things are fuckin gay!
A darker dream (1 год назад)
Wow al bundy invented those lol. Well al bundy and god. Not sure the episode name but they called them God’s shoes lol
Handsom Jack (1 год назад)
Be careful on the asphalt brother. I use them on diet trails in the woods.
orangemanbad (1 год назад)
The best thing about these is the amount of triggering they cause... Constant fun...
Benjamin McMahon (1 год назад)
They're the best when you're at the lake
frank hooglander (1 год назад)
fucking individuated toes bro 0:41
pennyman81 (1 год назад)
Old Dirty Ninja (1 год назад)
Yep you where a spoiled brat as a child
VeganBrains (1 год назад)
Really nice man. Thanks for the vid.
Richard Virgen Lepe (1 год назад)
They're just glorified socks
Some Asshole (1 год назад)
When I used to wear those I didn't walk near people. It was always on the side of the road, cement separating the grass from the road, or even on the dirt and grass. If it was on the sidewalk, it was when there were no people around. I always felt like someone was going to step on my feet trying to see if I felt that or something. Had no idea that people had a bad opinion on them. I found them very comfortable.
Violent Rainbow (1 год назад)
Is it safe to run around the streets with no shoes on? Doesn't it hurt?
jarab1212 (1 год назад)
you now look like veginal gains, you seem to deteriorate more and more.
Tommy Hames (1 год назад)
Feet are disgusting that's why people get triggered, and those "shoes" are on the same level Teva sandals and socks. No man should ever walk around with exposed feet. Ever. Unless you like beating women, fucking goats and blowing yourself. You should erase this video and go buy a pair of steel toe boots and repent......
CharlesTRose (1 год назад)
Ive been wearing them for 10 years and yes some people are weird af about them.
Pornog the Barbarian (1 год назад)
If only I could get them in a size 18 US :/
BAnonymous (1 год назад)
I LOVE THEM! I have two pairs of them and I am a thrift shopper, so to buy brand new expensive shoes was a big thing... to go and buy a second pair, should tell ya something.
Derrick Griffin (1 год назад)
I love walking outside barefoot. There is a sense of freedom when you do it, being able to feel the ground beneath your feet instead of the soles of your shoes is very relaxing. I would walk on gravel letting the rocks collide with my naked feet, feeling the pain that is otherwise nonexistent. Even more so, I would occasionally walk barefoot in the snow. It is extremely cold and numbing, but it is also quite fun.
realpqleur (1 год назад)
Dude, watch your language and observe how your views rise, of course just sayin...
Red pilled patriot (1 год назад)
Awesome but UGLY! You now look like a hipster douche doofus. But that's superficial thinking and if they work they work! That's all that counts.
Hasaan H (1 год назад)
The komodo sport schweet
Craig Piotrowski (1 год назад)
Second only to Crocs for the most ridiculous footwear ever invented. You do you bro.
Neo Bailey (1 год назад)
Like the shoes but I wouldn't put a device in my ear canal that works off of micro waves, brother
Red Pill Philosophy (1 год назад)
Neo Bailey you're probably right
John Drohan (1 год назад)
NOT VERY ORIGINAL , in a 1990's Married With Children episode , Al Bundy ''speaks to God'' and invents ''GODS SHOES'' , which you see here , VERBATUM .
519 Forestmonk (1 год назад)
Nice feet
mar killeen (1 год назад)
I prefer dirt bike boots rigidity
A M (1 год назад)
I run like a horse, with horseshoes
Hold My Cock And Watch This Cum (1 год назад)
You are very cringe.
Truth Tuber (1 год назад)
ugh feet. am one of those irrational people lol. put em away!. although the 'shoes' look alright. .
henkiedebomb (1 год назад)
Nice Joe Rogan copycat
Karline H. (1 год назад)
Will you get yourself a nose job next?
Pearce Fennell (1 год назад)
Nice look like yoga socks cool
NickVanos (1 год назад)
Would be nice to have removed/washed the dog dodo of your shoes first before shooting the video. Then again thanks for the review man!
BUSHCRAFT QUEBEC (1 год назад)
No arch support you will need orthopedic souls
The Frenchman (1 год назад)
They are perfect for a good leg workout, squats specially.
Mayank Kumar (1 год назад)
Rockstar should copyright this product
Scented Nectar (1 год назад)
People are triggered by bare feet now? WTF????????
Bulwark1911 (1 год назад)
*Next level Footjobs!* *Good luck getting that image out of your heads, I'm gonna go now...*
Des Misc (1 год назад)
Boy, do you have a job?
Des Misc (1 год назад)
Tiny feet!
Hazardous Shluud (1 год назад)
Dude, reading your comments, lol. You have a ton of haters. You must be doing something right. I will have to look at more of your stuff. If it is pissing off betas then I want in, lol.
Nick Sellstrom (1 год назад)
Can we do a red pill video next time!
Marina Joyce (1 год назад)
Sergio Melchor (1 год назад)
Never go Full Toe Shoe
Storm Incarnate (1 год назад)
Look into Luna sandles
JustCallMeSchwick (1 год назад)
I might try them out
eldie farrar (1 год назад)
Damn small feet
Justin Y. (1 год назад)
Those are Tow shoes from GTA :D
JayeBird (1 год назад)
Got a pair of Vibrams several years ago and I love em! Wish they could allow you to be grounded, when your outside walking around wearing them. Mine are blue and black and feels like feet socks! btw, Why you wearing a shirt? lol
KCOWMOO (1 год назад)
Do have cut out slots for people who never cut their toe nails 😁
Alabaster Smidge (1 год назад)
Some people are closet shrimpers.
Crypto Messenger (1 год назад)
Nice feet!
Asahel Smith (1 год назад)
Not For Construction, kids. Otherwise, pretty cool.
Skinny Buddha (1 год назад)
You want people to take your videos seriously and then you post this shit? But seriously, is it easier or harder when you're wearing those to remove your tampon?
Skinny Buddha (1 год назад)
🌙 ImOnlyADream🌙 damn straight
Joël Sami (1 год назад)
Skinny Buddha hahaha damn
Skinny Buddha (1 год назад)
Hazardous Shluud If I wanted my comeback I'd wipe it from your mothers chin
Hazardous Shluud (1 год назад)
Skinny Buddha Are you having a hard time with your tampon? Maybe go ask your mommy for help.
Karma Fields (1 год назад)
I imagine these would be great for rivers, creeks, and lakes.
James Philip (1 год назад)
that's a Hipster
Felix-The-Ghost (1 год назад)
Miyamoto Musashi (1 год назад)
Joe Rogan runs on these. I'm gonna try them too.
Jay Edwards (1 год назад)
Question: are you gay or bi? No judgment, just an honest answer, please.
Jay Edwards (1 год назад)
Why would you be interested in my dating life? LOL
Hazardous Shluud (1 год назад)
Jay Edwards You looking for a date?
Jeff Smith (1 год назад)
Those things look good for swimming in the river
Ram Stones (1 год назад)
Two of my toes are stuck together. I'm triggered by this product and the discriminatory nature of 5 individual toes.
Jay Edwards (1 год назад)
Awesome? They're gay. Very gay. Deal with it.
Nicholas Jones (1 год назад)
I have some fila skeletoes but those look like they have better flexibility I'm getting them!!!
Cross Roads Productions (1 год назад)
Gross, you are terrible person.
plate cleaner (1 год назад)
Yep sounds about white
Hazardous Shluud (1 год назад)
plate cleaner White is always right.
mæstro mÜgre (1 год назад)
What Are Thooooooooooooos?
MT: Gear/Man Stuff/Nature/Etc (1 год назад)
Been meaning to get another pair of these. Lost my last pair in a move years ago and miss them still. Super comfortable and strengthen your legs in different areas when lifting than regular shoes. In the home gym I can lift barefoot but in the public ones I’d rather wear these than get ringworm or some gym fungus lol
Jay Edwards (1 год назад)
Um, okay...
11I00OO1I0O1Il (1 год назад)
Those things are so awesome you can literally feel the curvature of the earth under your feet.
The Enemy (1 год назад)
you can also feel the tetanus
Jay Edwards (1 год назад)
Just like barefoot...duh
Mental Deviant (1 год назад)
barefoot gay walking 😛
multisomebodyelse notme (1 год назад)
bike peddals must kill if u goin for it :/
multisomebodyelse notme (1 год назад)
what about glass n mails n sharp stuff like cans or bits of brick ?:) i like em id have em if are as good as trainers re protection....i bet theyvwear out rapid tho and god help if u kick a brick or somat :/
CDHRTNnSC (1 год назад)
You're at least 5 years late to the toe shoes craze bud.
CDHRTNnSC (1 год назад)
Hazardous Shluud I remember them being very popular at about that time, it doesnt surprise me that they've been around that long. Lmao
Hazardous Shluud (1 год назад)
CDHRTNnSC Lot longer than that. I bought my first pair back in 2007 and they were not new on the market then but were kind of underground and not widely known.
rudy kipling (1 год назад)
A guy at work wore those in one day management sent him home. Shortly after that he joined the air force
11I00OO1I0O1Il (1 год назад)
Thomas Pratt well i doubt those shoes arent regularion uniform for the airforce either lol
MeebleMeeble (1 год назад)
I wouldn't go out barefoot because it's not clean. People let their dogs piss and shit everywhere, I ain't walking around barefoot on that.
Jesus is the only Savior (1 год назад)
MeebleMeeble .. people throw up, spit, hack up snot, and pee in parking lots too
Paul Awad (1 год назад)
bro get some style. Rock some jordan 1s, NMD's, yeezy's, etc., not this garbage
Murkky (1 год назад)
Paul Awad So buy extremely overpriced shoes so you can conform to society? Vibrams are made for running and exercising, not showing off to the world that you listen to shitty music and just want to fit in with the crowd.
Shitpost Bot (1 год назад)
Croc master race
nothing to see here (1 год назад)
nope. it's poo.
Eddie LM (1 год назад)
Poop....You poop mouth!
Lynn Graham (1 год назад)
They are imported! Amazing.
Hazardous Shluud (1 год назад)
Lynn Graham All shoes are for the most part.
Real_Reasons (1 год назад)
Got a pair myself. Great balance and grip for workouts.
Moto Man (1 год назад)
Toes are fucking wired as fuck. They don't do much. They're just like little nub extensions that wiggle. I'm so stoned
John Drohan (1 год назад)
Richard , only someone who rides a Jap bike would think these shoes are cool.......'nuff said ?
Richard Virgen Lepe (1 год назад)
They help with balance
John Drohan (1 год назад)
Cut off your toes and TRY walking !
Mr. Chow (1 год назад)
Vasilis_ Dellas (1 год назад)
Balance,grip to the floor,can pick up your boxers from the ground and throw it in the laundry
ray hnter (1 год назад)
God bless u dudei fucking love your videos the thind i love most is every thing you say is true
C C (1 год назад)
Do they match your tampon and fanny pack?
John Drohan (1 год назад)
Hazardous Shluud , who lit the fuse on YOUR tampon ?
Hazardous Shluud (1 год назад)
C C Is that how you coordinate your outfits?
Ron Gabbard (1 год назад)
I'm sold boss
Roni Choupique (1 год назад)
Yeah. Got a pair as a gift. Didn’t wanna wear them because how funny looking they are, but they’re so comfortable, I forget I have them on at times. Love’em now. I wear them with my suits if I could.
Peter Cook (1 год назад)
There are some that are designed to look just formal enough to go with a suit.
Jay Edwards (1 год назад)
You could wear them with your suits. Why don't you?
BigKen_NJ (1 год назад)
Dan Mills (1 год назад)
BigKen_NJ HOLY SHIT! My father used to say that in the 70s. Funny shit.
Khalid El Helloumi (1 год назад)
I feel like barefoot walking is the key to become present in the here and now. Fuck all that meditation bullshit. Do barefoot walking.
Pearce Fennell (1 год назад)
Google You stupid your allways present in the now allways wake up and recognise, its allways now
Jay Edwards (1 год назад)
Gosh, how shallow...
TieFighter34 (1 год назад)
I had a pair of the Fila skeletons. It was 4 toes instead of 5. Two of your toes would be in one. Super comfy to wear.
☤INFiNiTE▼C0NSCi0US☤ (1 год назад)
It probably feels better than being barefoot, but i can imagine it doesn't feel too pretty to step on a small rock in those either.
☤INFiNiTE▼C0NSCi0US☤ (1 год назад)
Hazardous Shluud --- I'm always barefoot at home, but i would never walk around outside without shoes in my city. I'm too worried i'd step on a dirty needle or parasitic dog shit, lol. But yeah, i walk totally different when my shoes are off. When i don't wear shoes i often walk on the ball-knuckles of my toes, which enables my ankles to work more effectively as 'shock absorbers'. Some people that i know walk around the house banging their heels on the ground as if their still wearing shoes, and i can't stand that shit, lol.
Hazardous Shluud (1 год назад)
☤INFiNiTE▼C0NSCi0US☤ You have to learn to ball strike and not heel strike. Shoes have made us walk wrong. We are designed to strike with the foot ball first. Thick shoes made it possible to heel strike and changed out natural gait. We are only supposed to land our heel when we are not in motion for stability. Kick a wall with your heel and feel the force radiate through your leg to your hips to your back. Now do it with your ball, right behind your toes, and your foot will absorb most the shock. Just walk around barefoot and you will be forced to walk right, lol.
Lynn Graham (1 год назад)
Wish I'da had some of them when I was a kid and walking barefoot in Grannie's chicken yard!
Ian Thaddiam (1 год назад)
I have a pair, and what's funny is to see how dudes react to them in public. It's the strangest reaction. It's like you've taken a shit in the middle of the sidewalk or something. It's a reaction of deep offense. So bizarre. But, yeah, they're pretty comfortable.
Ian Thaddiam (1 год назад)
So funny. Yep. That definitely is the reaction, Josh.
Josh (1 год назад)
Ian Thaddiam It's because they're the cringiest of all shoes.
Ian Thaddiam (1 год назад)
Haaaa. Maybe. But it's more like a response of having seen your mom's vagina accidentally.
Jay Edwards (1 год назад)
Because they look gay? Is that the reaction?

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