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SNSD Sooyoung AEGYO + Sunny AEGYO + Yoona AEGYO

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Created: SoShi9vn Not Re-upload
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Deana Nazri (10 месяцев назад)
Omg sooyoung 😂
Ami NODS (10 месяцев назад)
That's why she won the weekly idol Aegyo challenge lmao she's queen of Aegyo. Our lovely Sooyoung.
Hailey Levisque (1 год назад)
Sooyoung's Aegyo is the best next Yoona and Last Sunny
jeon Ruhi (1 год назад)
Soo young's expressions ,her voice and the way she imitiates is the best.....Sooyoung unnie fighting...😘
Aanu Oladokun (1 год назад)
sooyong's oppa papapapa
Princess Ülkü (1 год назад)
I love Yoona's awful I fall for it everytime even tho I'm cringing too 😂😂
Princess Ülkü (1 год назад)
Sooyoung is that character in the movie where she sounds angry all the time even though she's really sweet and can't show it 😂😂
Ayyash Kadullah (1 год назад)
Sooyoung Hyoyeon, Variety Queen.
gözdenur YAKIN (1 год назад)
Sangsangi Lhi (1 год назад)
love you sooyoung
pos lq (1 год назад)
Rosalyn Dagohoy (2 года назад)
we love you yoona
Sailor Z (2 года назад)
sooyoungs screaming and her oppapapapapapa aegyo are my favorite!! lmao
Jenn Cisneros (2 года назад)
2:28 Who is sooyoung imitating?
Kiki (2 года назад)
0:18 Jessica be like XDXD
Tommy Indra (2 года назад)
I missed watching SNSD in reality show with all those hyperactive talking and dancing lol the last time they did that on channel SNSD and that's not that long last
Jairo Calderon (2 года назад)
So, Sooyoung's aegyo is screamos? Cuz it actually is pretty good.
Yanne Lim (2 года назад)
Sooyoung unnie has a good aegyo 😊😂
Flor Lopez Avila (2 года назад)
papy cute (2 года назад)
yoonA là nhất😘😘😘😘😘😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
Amira Kai (2 года назад)
1.Sooyoung:AJUSSI ! 😂😂😂 2.Sunny:cute 😍 3.Yoona: cute voice
Sara Jehar (2 года назад)
SooYoung's aegyo.. 👌👌
TheLittlesneeky (2 года назад)
i think Sooyoung thin her upper lips, in a lot of the old vid, her upper lip looks so much different than now.
TaZ (2 года назад)
lmao the jessica eyeroll at 0:48
Daniel Puay (2 года назад)
3.20 what show?
박지현 (2 года назад)
Sooyoung 😂😂😂
Wong Yukhei (2 года назад)
My babe SooYoung 💜💜
Choi Sooyoung (2 года назад)
This is the reason why I love Choi Sooyoung...
YURI KWON (2 года назад)
what were the titles of the shows please? hahaha
Josefina Kawilarang (2 года назад)
Sunny : cute Yoona: sweet Sooyoung:...?? 😂😂
Troublesome Misbah (2 года назад)
ajussi xD
Mykal Dagga (2 года назад)
Yoona is so cute and sunny needs to do anime voice overs, her voice is perfect for aegyo!
Kimcat BM (2 года назад)
Sooyoung me da miedo😟
Michelle Diane Madrid (2 года назад)
," what show is 2:53? please?
Michelle Diane Madrid (2 года назад)
," what show is 2:47, please?
Kim Kai (2 года назад)
3:01 sehun
Igat Kent (2 года назад)
No matter how much new idol try to be like our aegyo Queen Sunny, they can't... they obviously fake it, while sunny is too cute... and no matter how much other new idol try to be funny as SooYoung, guess what she can think of joke within a minute...
Sone soshi (2 года назад)
Sooyoung were like variety star before .. but then again Sm said its against her "Image"
Stella Jee (2 года назад)
Sooyoung should voice act for funny and strong characters like someone from Dragon Ball
Stella Jee (2 года назад)
1. Sunny 2. Yoona 3. Sooyoung
ItsShayne x (2 года назад)
My opinion Sooyoung- her aegyo is very funny and cute Yoona- adorbz Sunny- oh g! your the aegyo queen <333
Vale Llap BS (2 года назад)
Frisa Farenitha (2 года назад)
what song 00.00
Marla Plz (2 года назад)
+Defra Fridon ooh la la by snsd
Frisa Farenitha (2 года назад)
what song 00.00
AliCe Croft (2 года назад)
O.o BUT Sooyoung HAS NO AEGYO o.O
jessica leon (2 года назад)
Sunny is wayyyy too cute 😍💕 yoona is freaking adorable 😍💕 and then theres Sooyoung hahaha i love that girl xD Shes too funny !
king MS (2 года назад)
I hope yoona can be a voice actor on anime
Arieta13 (3 года назад)
sooyoung is hilarious
delilahh ._762 (3 года назад)
Love Yoona's Ageyo, it;s so cute!!!!
W G (3 года назад)
I like Yoona's aegyo...
Sone #CatchGG (3 года назад)
Mae Tigao (3 года назад)
Hama U. Reyes (3 года назад)
jajaja Yoona
Simmer Princess (3 года назад)
When I do aegyo it ends up just like Sooyoung's.
alleah medina (2 года назад)
Simmer Princess
Simmer Princess (2 года назад)
+IAMJJ _ Exactly
I never! (2 года назад)
that's when you know it's tooo good
HxKSoo (3 года назад)
sooyoung is just dae to the bakk. so funny can't stop laughing!
Yokiko fujin (3 года назад)
sunny is the cutest girl in the world
Xshiso10 (3 года назад)
Hann Saraah (3 года назад)
Sooyoung ❤️❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
David Romero (3 года назад)
Nearly died when I heard Sooyoung omg....
Yanne Lim (2 года назад)
hanna jojo (3 года назад)
1:29 so funny
Lourdes Dabon (3 года назад)
Lj Patapon (3 года назад)
sooyoung you are very good aegyo
K-popalicious (3 года назад)
Nobody does aegyo as funny as Sooyoung
Mary Ann Li (3 года назад)
that laugh on the 4:43th tho :D
SearthianMidnight (3 года назад)
a lot of Sooyoung's "aegyo" were her imitations of characters and people though does that count as aegyo? xD she's hilarious though~ i like Yoona's aegyo a lot HAHAHA
Different Sense (3 года назад)
1:02 Name of the song please??
aye (3 года назад)
Sooyoung is so amazing omggggg. Sunny is the cutest but Yoona is so beautiful and adorable too. :)
Wonder Baechu (3 года назад)
Sunny was the cutest, sooyoung was hilarious and yoona was so adorable!!!>o<>o<>o<
Gaby castro (3 года назад)
hahaha..muero muero remuero.¡¡xD,,las adoroo..¡<3<3<3 me mato sooyoung..¡¡
Buncha Crunches (3 года назад)
0:48 Sica gets so upset lol
Valentina Olivera (3 года назад)
Todas son muy adorables:D
Vale Llap BS (2 года назад)
Sooyoung también? xddd
Ratu Azizah (3 года назад)
The more I see Yoona the more I think how beautiful she is.. her face is like a perfection Sunny is so cute, I think her aegyo is the best And Sooyoung is just really funny, I love her personality, she is very pretty too
Share Boo (3 года назад)
Keith Manzano (3 года назад)
Does anyone know what show is the one in 2:55??
andrea reyes (3 года назад)
I laugh really hard on Sooyoung's aegyo XD
Blue Lemonade (1 год назад)
andrea reyes HOW AM I... SUPPOSED TO EXPLAIN THIS DANCE TO MY CHILD?!?!? ?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Siripon Pilawan (3 года назад)
Pink Unicorn (3 года назад)
aaaaawww i love yoona so muuuuch....shes cute and gorgeous <3<3<3
Lissa Gonzalez (3 года назад)
amo  el aegyo de Yoona y Sunny Son muy Kawaiis
asumi serizawa (3 года назад)
Siiii las adordos
Annhieechannn (3 года назад)
Alina Nguyen (3 года назад)
Fyi the yelling thing is not her aegyo it just her acting as something i know what her real aegyo is n idk wut to say bout it
sssparks fly (3 года назад)
Sooyoung. :)
neokira (3 года назад)
Sunny the best aegyo
Rianne Cua (4 года назад)
Whahahah for me Sooyoung has the best aegyo ^_^
I like yoona aegyo Because she is very cute and beautiful
Thanks 谢谢
Please like this
Shay Tae (4 года назад)
Sooyoung was the best ahahaha too funny & cute ahahah
letylek (4 года назад)
sooyoung is hilarious
supercousins-el (4 года назад)
My God Sooyoung is sooooo funny hahahahaha I love her ^.^
Marshmallow Baek (4 года назад)
Sooyoung- Hilarious Sunny- so cute Yoona- oh my god save me its adorable!
nhu tam ly (4 года назад)
sao lại cute đến như vậy
Tom DeGrandis (4 года назад)
Sooyoung being pretty she doesn't need aegyo<3
Tom DeGrandis (4 года назад)
Aegyo Queen Sunny<3
Đăng Tạ (4 года назад)
Yoongie so cute
hana kai (4 года назад)
soo- funny sunny- cute yoona- adorable
seohan sone (4 года назад)
yoona aegyo really cute...sone fighting
Madison McKenzie (4 года назад)
I thought aegyo was supposed to be a cute,childish way of speaking like Sunny and Yoona. So why do they say Sooyoung can do aegyo when she is practically screaming (and hurting her amazing voice)?Like some are cute like her "oppa papapapapa~" ones are cute,but her "MEOW!" (which i still burst out laughing at everytime),are just her screaming. Is there different forms of aegyo?
A Girl Has No Name (2 года назад)
She's making fun of aegyos. Doing it like the total opposite.
SONE 4EVA (3 года назад)
But sooyoung still cute and pretty for me
Windy Flores (4 года назад)
Sooyoung's aegyo is and will always be the best
taipo taipo (4 года назад)
Love sunny n yoona
Jem Pot (4 года назад)
Deer Luna (4 года назад)
Wow sooyoung (y) YoonA the most cutest
Ho Nana (4 года назад)
'Πηνελοπη πι' (4 года назад)
Yeahhh my 3 favorite members
Takumi Usui (4 года назад)
oh my god,so cute to die. of course,i cant help laughing,funny! haha <3 snsd

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