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http://www.businesmasteryshow.com BUSINESS SKILLS TIPS 29 - MANAGING MEETINGS 3 - PROBLEMS Just a short b.s.t today about some of the problems that one can encounter when holding meetings, and some suggestions how to overcome them, ensuring that managing meetings turns out to be problem free in the future. Managing meetings is quite a skill, though most people don't thing of it in that way. Controlling input, output, behaviour at the meeting can ensure that your meeting is a success and that everyone present gets the most out of attending. Being at a meeting costs money. The cost of the time that attendees are present is not just financial, although all time spent at work costs money one way or another, but time away from normal business activities and developing improved outcomes, financial improvements, promoting products or servicing customer / client needs effects the total business experience and has a cost on colleagues and their outputs, their work experience. It is important to make sure that a meeting that you are holding is necessary. Is there another way that the information can be exchanged, developed, outcomes achieved? Managing meetings for the best possible outcome may mean not holding a meeting as such at all. In this session I suggest alternatives, alternative styles of meetings that cost less and can achieve more. I address issues such as coping with interruptions, people that just can't stop wanting to have their say. Tune in and see if you can take away something of interest from today's last b.s.t. on managing meetings.
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