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Get your Triple-X apparel, koozies, decals, graphics, DVD's & more at http://www.triplexmotorsports.com Got to meet Trey, the owner of Big Nasty, at Turkey Drag over the weekend. Many of you have seen this truck at shows over the past couple of years, each time with a bit more done to it. This show was truly impressive though now that the build is complete. Interior, running gear, engine/trans....it's just all there! Definitely looking forward to seeing this truck in Austin at Heatwave next summer for some legit tug-of-war action. Turkey Drag near Tyler, TX - 12/6/2014. For more info on Turkey Drag, check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TurkeyDragShow?fref=ts Check out Triple-X Motorsports & Outdoors on Facebook for updates on events, action photos, videos, giveaways and lots of other cool innerwebs humor! http://www.facebook.com/TripleX.Motorsports Please Ignore or flag spam, negative, or hateful comments. We're here to have a good time. Thanks everyone, and enjoy!
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matthew lee (11 месяцев назад)
this is what you would call an overkill
867diesel (11 месяцев назад)
I guess there's a lot of people that don't know the capability of these big trucks . I had an 01 excursion with a 7.3 in it and was clocked by a state trooper going 138 mph still got the ticket .and it was on 40s with 5:13 gears . right now I've got an 85 Chevy k20 with a big block on 35s that's even faster than that .
RedNasty7 (11 месяцев назад)
The fucking rattle snake scared the piss and shit outta me
Jewels Martin (1 год назад)
OK I don't mean to be the spoiled rich kid here but I got permission to offer you 500 k for that truck
Pumpin Diesel (1 год назад)
Wow that's one cool cummins.
Travis Smith (1 год назад)
"Here's my toy car. Here's my real car."
DDMAX 08LMM600HP (1 год назад)
Holy shit I wouldn't not want to be in that thing close to 100 mph let alone 140 haha
i DoNT NEED SUBS JuST VEiWs (1 год назад)
there is some pros and cons to this truck. the shackle brackets for more lift def would give out if the front drive shaft didnt first. otherwise beautiful motor everything else is kinda like meh.
cjeam (1 год назад)
That's a huge lift and yet it's still got what 8 inches of ground clearance at best?
edward Shaylitsa (1 год назад)
Pure overkill, i love it
nachocousin (1 год назад)
Stupidest shit I've seen in a LONG time
Lucas Green (2 года назад)
i wouldn't believe this went 140 if i saw it with my own eyes
John Doe (2 года назад)
what a bloody waste of money. could buy a new corvette convertible instead.
2FUN (2 года назад)
awesome ? just the engine , what a terrible customization !!!!
Striker x Cast (2 года назад)
Fuck off you haters, this is a badass truck!
Dylan MacDonald (2 года назад)
Just saw you in Corpus Christi
jon doe (2 года назад)
Peter Merkin (2 года назад)
Far From Perfect he must have a Cummings from China! LOL
Far From Perfect (2 года назад)
...The correct name is "Cummins", no G.... lol
jonnyjb69 (2 года назад)
Look at those weak little axles. Wtf this thing isn't a serious rig at all. Just a show truck.
Ironworker87 (2 года назад)
amazing rig don't mind hatters.
Conner Phippin (2 года назад)
is that a REAL snake bitch
Devin Aubert (2 года назад)
He should have put a cummins ISX or a cummins 13L inline 6 in it, same thing as the 5.9 or 6.7 just MUCH BIGGER.
Devin Aubert (2 года назад)
+shawn crosby yeah true 8.3 is best of both world but the 5.9l is still enough to put to use in a semi lol 
shawn crosby (2 года назад)
Devin 95 yeah or an 8.3 because that makes a lot more sense than jumping to a full size diesel engine...
Midwest Motormadness (2 года назад)
what transmission did he say?
Jeff Soost (2 года назад)
Harley Thornton gorend Transmission
Shane r (2 года назад)
goerend transmisson. im from canada bc so idk whats my best but, theyre in the states
deerkiller6666 (2 года назад)
clearly he has the worlds smallest dick...
michael harris (2 года назад)
please do a dyno run with this thing
BikeLife 84 (2 года назад)
daddy likes...
logan s (2 года назад)
mail crawler
Bryan Lenihan (2 года назад)
BOB Marly mall*
logan s (2 года назад)
Biggest compensator
Gang Gang (2 года назад)
thas prolly a 8.3
Devin Aubert (2 года назад)
5.9 :( still badass motor but I would like to see the ISX in it or the 13L straight 6
kurtis yacyshen (2 года назад)
Ford axel!!!!!??
Paco Supreme (2 года назад)
That thing would Tip over easily
omoffroad (2 года назад)
Unicorns can run 140.... I say it's possible!
Chevy4x4dawg (2 года назад)
This truck use to set in Coupland Texas just south of Taylor on 95.
Christian Z (2 года назад)
everyone calling this truck a piece of shit must be jealous this is a nice ass truck sure would like to own it! very nice truck best I've ever seen!!
Rob Godwin (2 года назад)
that truck is gayer than aids.
R. J Patt (2 года назад)
This is a penis extension vehicle. The owner uses the truck for a penis extension lol!
Istayuplatedrivefast (3 года назад)
Those stacks are hideous how could you think that looks cool?
kyle turnwald (2 года назад)
Then your hanging around the wrong girls. My kind of girls like mud not starbucks
Istayuplatedrivefast (2 года назад)
LMAO girls don't give two shits about stacks on pickup trucks 
kyle turnwald (2 года назад)
your just jealous his stacks can get him more pussy than that cat lady at the corner. those are CAT style stacks one of the most popular style of stack.
Michael Gro (3 года назад)
Lol...I got a ford advertisement before this.
bouchee2007 (3 года назад)
that is by far the dumbest thing ive seen
Double G (3 года назад)
By the time he finished the peice of shit, 10 new trucks came out! What a waste of money
Ricky Davis (3 года назад)
The older ram still looks good than the newer one
Rick Sanchez (3 года назад)
what a piece of junk!!!! looks nasty and disgusting! what a waste of money in that garbage!
rsg1963 (3 года назад)
+Rick Sanchez Jeeze Rick, have a thought you'd like to share maybe? Girlfriend holding out on you lately? Boss being kind of bossy at work perhaps? But yeah this truck is a bit silly. When I saw the tape-on LED strip over the headlights I was done.
ROADRAINGER (3 года назад)
sounds like a lot of BS TO ME
Ya got any Beeman's? (3 года назад)
Those must be some very special tires if he can do 140 mph on them. I would not try it. Imagine a blow out at that speed in that thing?
Mark Klemoff (2 года назад)
Military tires. Sketchy as fuck.
Devin Aubert (2 года назад)
Good GOD
RENE VEGA -MY LIFE- (3 года назад)
sick yo
8SPAZZ (3 года назад)
this guys penis just isn't small enough
fly wayne (3 года назад)
What a waste . But hey if you have a fat wallet and can run to checker and buy off all the red neck shit and glue it on, knock yourself out
Jason Voorhees (3 года назад)
he must have the worlds smallest penis
William Sharon (3 года назад)
Rattlesnake intruder repellent
Trevor Apke (3 года назад)
why does everyone talk about dicks all the time I'm 16 and I don't talk about dicks and most of you if not all are guys lol I also have a 96 dodge ram 1500 4x4 extended cab slt and that is a sick truck
Luis Martinez (3 года назад)
Where did you get that hook bebbs up
Caleb (3 года назад)
70 psi on a silver bullet 66? Bullshit, I own the same turbo.
Anthony Dwyer (3 года назад)
id call it clifford
Timothy M. (3 года назад)
Ya, 0 chance he hit 140mph in that, 0 chance, sure 140KPR, totally, but MPH?  no CHANCE.....
masonboy05 (3 года назад)
Little penis award goes too.
MrMoodydog (3 года назад)
Haha the steering wheel is upside down
EMOROCKERZX (3 года назад)
my brothers is better then that piece,
1totheright (3 года назад)
+EMOROCKERZX Boy your quick to hate. Post some vids of your bros.
Freddy McCool (3 года назад)
couple of mud pits.... yeah right
Samuel Dailey (3 года назад)
I've seen this truck around bastrop! Like up close and personal, it's fucking huge!
Alex Pigusch (3 года назад)
I agree with Kyle that's stupid. AutoZone profited big of that one
Mex,Lift,Rawstyle (3 года назад)
Automatic? Don't forget your purse when you get of your truck
Daniel Story (3 года назад)
Big nasty was at my high school yesterday.
overthehills_faraway (3 года назад)
I'm a dodge guy, but that truck is just... stupid. This kids got more money then brains apparently.
dawn woods (3 года назад)
The hitch ruined it for me
Gerrod Vanengen (3 года назад)
People always complain at the things the dont understand... Ohhh it ugly ohhhh its got stick on this that and the other. People need to stop complaining about things the dont get. Just because you dont understand doesnt make this truck a piece. Its faster and nicer and probably has way more money into it thatn ill ever have.
Ricky Davis (3 года назад)
I agree people need to shut the hell up
thumper 951 (3 года назад)
Very well might have been the baddest Cummins around.. Til the mega ram runner came along
Andrew Stevens (3 года назад)
Where can I steal one I mean buy one
lifeisgood070 (3 года назад)
Your recovery hooks should not be bigger than your axle.... I'd much rather have the hook break than yank out a broken frame/axle.
ronindog (3 года назад)
Kyle ming. Lol lol
Medial Fluxocity (3 года назад)
he said ported head, so he only did one of them?
marine13545 (3 года назад)
It's a cummins, which means inline 6, which means one head. C'mon dude...
Conor Clegg (3 года назад)
that is absolute bullshit that they would show us most of the truck without showing us the actual performance or specs and claim that it is such a bad ass truck when my sisters cruze could possibly rip the shit out of it
Ben Todd (3 года назад)
I liked the little black chev at 1:10
jordan king (3 года назад)
im pretty sure just  the tow hook front bumper and that shackle together would way more then a s10 lol 
Daniel Brookshire (3 года назад)
Its obvious work has gone into the truck. Some of the addons aren't what I would do. I think regardless of what we SEE, from what he said about performance mods, its a beast. Just my opinion, so don't bother trolling me about it.There are far too many keyboard warriors on the comments section of youtube these days.
corey dale (3 года назад)
all yall are fucking jelous. all any of you ass holes know how to do is talk shit fuck yall haters. awesome truck its a lot better than a chevy
Drake (3 года назад)
Fuckin show truck
bwspyder1 (3 года назад)
140 mph??? Did it fall out of a airplane???
nakternal (3 года назад)
Someone loves l.e.d.s
Bodie Armstrong (3 года назад)
LOL 140MPH, 16MPG, "biggest injectors and DVs", and a 66mm at 70psi.... Im sure it makes 1k hp too. HAHA
TheCitizenNine (3 года назад)
A hundred bucks says that the dash is cracked and the clear coat on the roof is peeling.
Erica McQueary (3 года назад)
Is that a real snake
zeppelin67637 (3 года назад)
Nice for a show truck I guess. But, in the real world??
Travis Pruckno (3 года назад)
There is a point where it gets to be to much
Tyler Steen (3 года назад)
140 mph on 5.39 gears? Maybe if you pushed it off a cliff at high idle...
Eric Fixalot (2 года назад)
+WarlordHitman98 3700 RPM is not good for a diesel, but is certainly possible with engine mods.  
Grayson Barker (2 года назад)
Kyle don't get involved until you know what you're talking about. Engine mods or not, 140 MPH on 5.39 gears on a diesel with that large of tires is pretty much impossible on flat ground.
kyle turnwald (2 года назад)
he doesn't have the stock tranny and he has engine mods with his tranny so he can reach 140 easy. your just jealous that it goes 140 mph faster than your Chevy.
rsg1963 (3 года назад)
+Tyler Steen 140MPH is a bold faced LIE unless he proves it. In that case my 3500 dually gets 79 MPG while towing my 5th wheel. Yup, sure does. I almost never have to refuel, like ever.
Eric Fixalot (3 года назад)
+Tyler Steen At 140 MPH with 48" tires, 5.39 gears and a 0.7:1 overdrive (fairly typical for an automatic, but that's still a guess because this guy didn't enunciate well enough for me to know what kind of transmission he has) it would be running at about 3700 RPM. I'm gonna say it's not that far of a stretch.
DUNEYXZ (3 года назад)
Ford differentials huh...should have used a ford motor and a ford body...lol
Don Whitworth (3 года назад)
Nothing but respect. That is one hell of a build. My f350 7.3 couldn't touch that
James Erickson (3 года назад)
all these haters...regardless it's a nice truck. and most of the ppl out here hating are (in my opinion) most likely just jealous b'c they can't afford something like this. nice looking truck and would love to see it in action in some good mud holes!
Dakota Morris (3 года назад)
Nah i would own a second gen, that one? Nah, if you're going to use a truck don't put 200 dollar tow hooks on it that won't pull shit.
Adam Bryant (3 года назад)
I like the fact that he uses the truck, but its pretty ugly. Its like taking a new truck and putting 200 stickers all over it. Way to much bling and stupid accessories. 
Taylor Kiger (3 года назад)
140mph bullshit...prove it
yerwrng (3 года назад)
It's true Cummins is the new RICE ... :-(
David Stanley (3 года назад)
any truck with a Cummins is bad ass
Nuck Chorris (3 года назад)
lol He isn't tuggin shit with those axles... Better save some money on LED light sand buy some Rockwells.
indianarebel (3 года назад)
That front bumper would have saved the taninic from the iceberg it hit
Drew (3 года назад)
I love trucks, but when there useful along with gobs of power. How on earth is something this highly jacked up be a useful truck anymore. Whats the use of a powerful diesel if you cant even properly tow with it?!?!? To each his own I guess, but this really makes no sense to me..
BigIronTV (3 года назад)
it's big
Ugly Truck Builds (3 года назад)
Pushing 70lbs with a silver bullet 66 hahahahaha
amy cole (3 года назад)
Any body else notice it's a in line 6 12 valve
Duane Hallgren (3 года назад)
Ford axles :) Haha
Yuri Azarenkov (3 года назад)
Holden M (3 года назад)
Kyle Ming (3 года назад)
Looks like he bought the whole mexican shit aisle of AutoZone and stuck it on that piece of shit. 
Jason Gomez El Hoee (1 год назад)
+kyle turnwald exactly it might not be the best according to other people but atleast he likes it lol....it has atleast $20,000 on that truck but for me I would rather lower it and swap the while engine and tranny and take it to the strip...but who cares everybody has their own taste and unique style
kyle turnwald (2 года назад)
dude you don't even know how much money and work it takes to get there. your just jealous his badass truck is better than your life
RichGarcia Tv (3 года назад)
you probably can't afford those suspension and engine mods fagboy
Tanner Rutland (3 года назад)
says the one who proly drives a prius
AkJohn74 (3 года назад)
Lol yes he did
Jory Blagden (3 года назад)
I think it wins "baddest dressed" truck around. As for anything else, racing, sled pulling, towing, going to the store for lumber, it is absolutely worthless. $.02
pelagic6 (3 года назад)
Yep, nasty in the literal sense, ugly as shit. Why is your steering wheel upside down? LOL!!
Alex Fratelli (3 года назад)
Holy shit that front driveshaft angle

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