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NetCertExpert, Inc. Expert Training for IT Engineers

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http://netcertexpert.com NetCertExpert, Inc. is a specialist IT training and consulting company that provides solutions for all aspects of creating, setting-up and successfully operating an enterprise network. We specialize in the full business cycle -- from design, through implementation, including post install administration and troubleshooting. We provide a complete service to support client networks from system design and installation, through training for network administrators, to systems management and network optimization. NetCertExpert, Inc. was formed in the US by two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who possessed complementary skill sets in communications technology and business management who conceived solutions to existing problems after considerable research into the industry's dynamics and needs. It was realized that a complete and economical solution was unavailable for client companies utilizing existing solution providers. Most providers offered partial solutions: design, hardware, software, training, or some combination of these aspects, but no single company offered a complete start-to-finish solution. NetCertExpert, Inc. was created to bridge this gap. Visit our YouTube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/NetCertExpert
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