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Larry Sacks's Full Speech: "Congressman Mike Honda's Office Lied to Me"

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Ro Khanna and constituents of the 17th district held a press conference and rally outside of Congressman Honda’s San Jose office today. The press conference featured powerful firsthand stories from Larry Sacks, Kathy Watanabe, and Julie Kring, all of whom have been negatively affected by the inaccessibility and false promises of Congressman Honda and his office. Larry Sacks’s father passed away after a 3-month stay at two local VA facilities during which time he repeatedly received substandard care from medical staff, which only served to make his medical condition worse. Larry first contacted Congressman Honda’s office when a social worker threatened to release his father to the street. The Congressman’s Deputy District Director made promises on at least four separate occasions including that “something” would be done and that the VA would be made to provide answers about his father’s care. Unacceptably, the Deputy District Director stopped responding to Larry’s emails and phone messages and finally just ignored him completely.
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Leo Brazz (2 года назад)
i refuse to let you lead american's astray ro!!!! 9/11 happened during the bush administration. bush supports obama. cop killings, riots, fema camps, benghazi, and much more happened during the obama administration. obama supports hilary. Ro khanna supports obama and hilary. in conlusion your a peice of shit who soldout to corrupt gov't.
Ro Khanna (4 года назад)
When his father was receiving substandard care from a VA hospital, Larry asked Rep. Honda for help, and they promised him answers. Larry says, "Congressman Honda’s office lied about helping me." Read his blog: http://www.rokhanna.com/honda_failing_to_serve_constituents #CA17 #WheresMike?

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