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FİGHT İN AİRPLANE Do not forget to subscribe to my channel and like the video INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/istanbulspo... INSTAGRAM 2 : https://www.instagram.com/airshop.tr/... Passengers get into fistfight aboard Southwest flight. Another flight, another fight. This one happened aboard a Southwest plane shortly after it landed in Burbank, California. It's the latest example of rage erupting on board over any number of issues, from canceled flights to seat disputes to apparent misunderstandings. And like other cases, it was all caught on cell phone video. . Southwest flight 2530 had traveled Sunday from Dallas and was on a short layover at Hollywood Burbank Airport before continuing on to Oakland, California. As the plane taxied to the gate, a fistfight broke out between two men, Burbank police said. The altercation worsened as fellow passengers tried to get off the plane at the gate, the airline said. The new age of airline rage: Why everyone on board is on edge Cell phone video that surfaced on social media shows two men apparently jostling for position near a row of seats. Then one man forces the other over the backs of the seats in front of them. He then leans over his fallen foe and unleashes a series of punches before fellow passengers rush in to stop the pummeling. "What is wrong with you?" a female passenger asks, imploring the men to stop, the video shows. uçak kazaları uçak yapımı uçak uçak kazaları uçak kazası raporu uçak kalkış uçak iniş uçaklar flight plane airplane airplane crash airplane crash raport uçak kazası raporu türk hava yolları uçak kalkış anı uçak inişi uçak gemisi airport fly airplane landing airport turbulance türbulans nedir türbülansa giren uçak turbulence remix turbulence turbulence airplane turbulence dj turbulance plane türk hava yolları emirates qatar etihat delta lufthansa ANA JAL CHİNA EVA AİR airplane mode airplane games airplanes lyrics airplane crash airplane ticket airline tickets   airplane clipart airplanes for sale airplane drawing airplanes airplanes b.o.b ft eminem airplane crash airplanes b.o.b ft hayley williams lyrics airplane mode airplanes lyrics airplane mode trailer airplane movie airplane take off airplane landing 飛機 飛機票 飛機頭 飛機場 飛機維修 飛機英文 飛機餐 飛機航班查詢 飛機木 飛機起飛 विमान विमान वाहक पोत विमान शास्त्र विमान माहिती विमान तिकीट विमानन विमानाचा शोध कोणी लावला विमान सेवा विमान प्रवास विमान तिकीट दर مطار الكويت مطار دبي مطار الملك خالد مطار القاهرة مطار جدة مطار مطار القاهرة الدولي مطار بيروت مطار ابوظبي مطار البحرين avião avião desenho avião de papel avião tem buzina avião de controle remoto avião caindo avião para colorir avião png aviãozinho avião decolando аэроплан аэроплан смотреть аэроплан это аэроплан это аэроплан фото аэроплан 2 аэроплан песня аэроплан мем аэроплан по слогам аэроплан аккорды аэроплан фильм аэроплан студия
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