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The Changing World of Contemporary International Art Today

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As a respected writer on contemporary art and curator to Deutsche Bank, which holds one of the largest and most respected private collections in the world, Alistair Hicks is both a commentator and tastemaker, and uniquely placed to give an overview of the art world today. In this lecture, he introduces some of the most significant artists working in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas, and shows how they express the rapid social changes around them. He also discusses the possible problems and benefits of corporate sponsorship of the arts. Alistair Hicks is the author of Global Art Compass, a survey of 21st century art, published this year by Thames & Hudson. His previous books include School of London, published by Phaidon, and New British Art in the Saatchi Collection, published by Thames & Hudson. Hicks has served as an art critic for such diverse publications as The Spectator, The Times, and Vogue.
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Renzo (10 месяцев назад)
She speaks ABOUT feelings but sounds like a robot. The lecture proper begins at 3 minutes 40 seconds. Interminable rambling discourse.

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