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Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #1

Оценок: 293065 | Просмотров: 27450518
Subscribe to Explosm! ► http://bit.ly/13xgq7a Wow, look at all these shorts! Just look at them! Birthday Boy Dairy Aisle Flight Safety The Rope Big Sausage Pizza Fitness Buff Sinking Ship Pregnancy Divorce The Duet Pinocchio Junk Mail Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on www.explosm.net since 2005!
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Текстовые комментарии (18527)
Mehan Balamurli (2 часа назад)
Big sausage pizza was so ass sexy. I wish I could meet that lonly girl
John Hajecek (3 часа назад)
His ball sacks is massive XD
John Hajecek (3 часа назад)
John Hajecek (3 часа назад)
This guy makes alot pregintsy
John Hajecek (3 часа назад)
I accidentally replyed to my own comment
John Hajecek (3 часа назад)
That boys dad is something else 😐
John Hajecek (3 часа назад)
Yup that's an Titanic reference
nerdie new (14 часов назад)
Can somebody tell me what happened in the pregnancy episode?
Biggy Boris (15 часов назад)
8:07 i dunno man that guy seem pretty strong since he pretty much did a one hand front lever xD
MULTI GAMER MASTER (1 день назад)
Christian Ventura (1 день назад)
Christian Ventura (1 день назад)
Arthur Matheus (1 день назад)
🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕YOU GOT ME FUCKING GRANDIT
osama ait sghir (1 день назад)
Mehan Balamurli (1 день назад)
Best compilation EVER!!😎🔥
Red's Axe (2 дня назад)
That Divorce one tho
Lidia Mecinas (2 дня назад)
Nopurel 458 (2 дня назад)
Lachflash des Todes
cody baggett (2 дня назад)
The divorce was probably my favorite.
Hypedragon21 (2 дня назад)
Phantom pregnancy
Joshplayz 0320 (2 дня назад)
Lol why would the dad poison him anyway
Angelicika and Bryce Leon (3 дня назад)
it concerns me how entertaining this is for me lol
ZERO Music (3 дня назад)
Please dont ! It's too halarious😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Vincent von der Linden (3 дня назад)
Ich will auch eine X-box XD
Annika van der Plaat (3 дня назад)
to dark
Tio Vi (3 дня назад)
It’s like a much funnier asdf movie in a way
h Broodje (4 дня назад)
He should ask a playstation
xxxjacob plays (2 дня назад)
Pokemon go (4 дня назад)
Aiden Moncada (4 дня назад)
3:20 they start rioting
Vincent Banna (4 дня назад)
this was my first one of these and it left me in complete shock
Lian Pang (4 дня назад)
the first one. Parenting done absolutely right.
Doge Lord Of Doges (4 дня назад)
Dark and funny with a lil dope
tu peor pesadilla xd (4 дня назад)
Jajajaja el papa traumo al hijo porque mato al caballo jajaja
MrShayCollins (4 дня назад)
the poor birdo in junkmail
Antron Dunn (5 дней назад)
18:33 damn I feel sad for that bird
Samuel Bravo (5 дней назад)
15:24 Pincohio Rated R
SurviPlays (5 дней назад)
13:43 look at the boy's shirt
Xantha Lester (5 дней назад)
The first one is sad
Motorcyclist Fanatic (5 дней назад)
Rumors have it that mans cock still sticks out of the ground to this very day. Its a skeleton cock
Funny Bone (5 дней назад)
What a sick father
Mr.Demon Gamer (5 дней назад)
*CAN I PUDIT IN YO BUTT??* *Can u put it in my butt?* *CaN i PuDiT iN yO bUtT??* *can u put it in ma wut??* *CAN I PUT IT IN YO BUTT??* *yes u can!* *ThAnK yOu MaN!*
Coneheadjason HD (6 дней назад)
200 min fucking funny
Coneheadjason HD (6 дней назад)
Candy Knight (6 дней назад)
Wut if thay have lot of sadness
Aaaa Bbbb (6 дней назад)
Без Озвучки Переведённой противно глядеть
Edomias Semere (6 дней назад)
"I want to be a real boy"
Mehdi Nouri (6 дней назад)
15:45 thank me later
Miguel Lopez (7 дней назад)
It's so much better than the original one
Benjamin Cuellar (7 дней назад)
"Thank you Starfy?" 14:42
Vedikan (7 дней назад)
Don Smith (7 дней назад)
I feel bad 4 da bird
Onnyx X (7 дней назад)
First Letter of the alphabet is A
Mass_ Aspect (7 дней назад)
Go subscribe to my channel plz
ZaverYT Emo (7 дней назад)
This is instument of cyanid3
Péter Virág (7 дней назад)
lol xd lmao
Cristianakarma JJ (7 дней назад)
I'm.so sad why was I laughing all through this
Daniella Green (8 дней назад)
5:27 where did all them people come from i didn't even expect that (logically thinking why haven't they fell yet?) 10:30 😮
MaRliFoRTeN B4LA (8 дней назад)
1:12 are fucking kidding me?
Plxrency (8 дней назад)
Lucariolu 48 (8 дней назад)
16:24 Name of the music or self made?
Horny Fruit Flies (8 дней назад)
Marty probably learned more in those few days in Scandinavia than he did in his entire life living in whatever backwater, clogged up, conservative shithole he grew up in.
rossbert aspera (8 дней назад)
The Second One Where The Milk Was I Was Like When He Grabbed His Hand I Like "Woah What The Fuck?"
Antoni Wawer (8 дней назад)
Przestaje cię sibować ham głupek śmierdziel pierdziel ...
Hermione Granger (9 дней назад)
I feel so bad for the bird 😭😭
TrickZ (9 дней назад)
And so it began...
Anese Saintcy Desir (9 дней назад)
Seen 3000000 suBSCRIBE
Inversal Remixes (9 дней назад)
That’s just wrong but it’s wrong enough to get it
Alexis Bray (9 дней назад)
Killing a pony just for a gift no nothat is wrong
Alexis Bray (9 дней назад)
That's wrong so wrong
I_gnatz_93 xXx (9 дней назад)
Insta sub First time seeing your video but have to say great work
Adrian Ramirez (9 дней назад)
How the tf is the kid not mentally dumb because he wanted Xbox instead of ps4
Carike Buhr (9 дней назад)
is a meme
Maylin Felix (10 дней назад)
Anyone 2018??🤷🏻‍♀️
Inversal Remixes (9 дней назад)
Maylin Felix yeah and also I subbed so can u sub back?
Spider Man (10 дней назад)
B1ack1nfern0 (10 дней назад)
0:24 what kind of saw SHIT is this
liton mia (10 дней назад)
LOL the part in the father and mother getting a divoriise hahaha (LOLOLOLOLO)
taco cat (10 дней назад)
the poor bird lost his boner friend
taco cat (10 дней назад)
the first one was HORRIBLE
Mr. Gadfly (10 дней назад)
18:20 😂😂
Centralist Australia (10 дней назад)
Happy feckin one year closer to death day m8
Millei Solano (11 дней назад)
The first one was so messed up
Julianna Barahona (11 дней назад)
what a horrible DAD I LOVE PONYS
CircumCrippled TV (11 дней назад)
2:47 erectile dysfunction :D
young trouble 13 (11 дней назад)
Dark jokes are like food not everyone gets it
Sambo & SaraLee (11 дней назад)
The 3rd one is GOLD
JustJailyn 6002 (12 дней назад)
Sinking ship was one of my favorites 😊😊😊😊😊😊
eryn walker (12 дней назад)
WTF haha
LiL DOGGI (12 дней назад)
10:56 what’s that one about?
Thefightingwhale (12 дней назад)
I need more info on the ‘pregnancy’ one
Timothy Barth (7 дней назад)
Imaginary pregnancy in the sense that hes imagining things cause hes a crack addict. Dont know about the baby tho.
a very awkward person (12 дней назад)
17:27 in your *area* 😏
Daryl Miguel (12 дней назад)
3:15............ when were too much in gadgets.......oh the reality😑😂
Tanner Anton (13 дней назад)
That was horrible as a horse owner that’s even worse
maker blue (13 дней назад)
i like it. but how are the animations made
Nani’sworld (13 дней назад)
Im getting pretzels!
play manny3 (13 дней назад)
play manny3 (13 дней назад)
play manny3 (13 дней назад)
Jaden Vladimir (13 дней назад)
2018?It's nearly 2019 and this is still gold...
The GamingPros (11 часов назад)
Jaden Vladimir closer than you
Noel Maldonado (9 дней назад)
Jaden Vladimir yup
Elemental Slayer (13 дней назад)
16:04 loooool
Conscious Entity (13 дней назад)
yep... saw that coming

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