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Racism and discrimination is thriving in Iran

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The Iranian government is failing to prevent discrimination against its Kurdish population, Amnesty International says. Below is an article published by Human Rights Digest: Iran's government is failing in its duty to prevent discrimination and human rights abuses against its Kurdish citizens, particularly women, said Amnesty International in a new report published today [31 July 2008]. The organization expressed fears that the repression of Kurdish Iranians, particularly human rights defenders, is intensifying. The report cites examples of religious and cultural discrimination against the estimated 12 million Kurds who live in Iran and form around 15 per cent of the population. It focuses on issues related to housing, education and employment. Human rights defenders and media workers are also being targeted for speaking out. "Iran's constitution provides for equality of all Iranians before the law. But, as our report shows, this is not the reality for Kurds in Iran. The Iranian government has not taken sufficient steps to eliminate discrimination, or to end the cycle of violence against women and punish those responsible," said Amnesty International. The report says that Kurdish women face a double challenge to have their rights recognized — as members of a marginalised ethnic minority, and as women in a predominantly patriarchal society. Although women and girls form the backbone of economic activity in the Kurdish areas, strict social codes are used to justify denial of their human rights. Such codes mean that it can be very difficult for government officials to investigate inequalities in girls' education, early and forced marriages, and domestic violence against Kurdish girls and women — and the severe consequences of some of these abuses, including "honour killings" and suicide. "Kurdish women are victims of violence on a daily basis and face discrimination from state officials, groups or individuals, including family members. Iranian authorities are obliged to exercise due diligence in eradicating violence against women in the home and in the community but this just isn't happening," Amnesty International said. The report Iran: Human rights abuses against the Kurdish minority recognizes that while expression of Kurdish culture, such as dress and music, is generally respected and that the Kurdish language is used in some broadcasts and publications, the Kurdish minority continues to suffer deep-rooted discrimination. Recent cases have highlighted particular human rights violations involving Kurds: To read more : http://www.unpo.org/article/8462 Also read: UN anti-racism panel finds Iran discriminating against Kurds, Arabs, other ethnic minorities 28.8.2010 http://www.ekurd.net/mismas/articles/misc2010/8/irankurd648.htm DISCRIMINATION AGAINST KURDISH IRANIANS UNCHECKED AND ON THE RISE http://www.amnesty.org/en/news-and-updates/report/discrimination-against-kurdish-iranians-unchecked-and-rise-20080730 Racism by the Islamic Republic of Iran http://my.telegraph.co.uk/actuality/realdeal/15813544/racism-by-the-islamic-republic-of-iran/

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Ahmed M (10 месяцев назад)
Song name please?
Afghan kooni (2 года назад)
There is FREEDOM of religion in Saudi and Afghanistan . So who is killing the people exploding even statutes? Do not kid yourself. Bring a rosary to Saudi and see.
super1cech (2 года назад)
Free ahwaz arabistan .....Free south Azerbaijan.....Free Turkmenistan......Free baloshstan.....Free Kurdistan.....down with persian occupation
Boz Oq Türkməni (1 год назад)
InshaAllah, amin.
Afghan kooni (2 года назад)
+EiranEireann IranIreland They do not treat each other well but they want strangers treat them well .May be you are blind can nor see any opportunity these people find they bad mouth the country that took them in. Ungrateful creatures.
Afghan kooni (2 года назад)
+EiranEireann IranIreland They LEFT in Iran just like Afghans who are our VISTORS for past 30 years .I do not know what kind of people will over stay in a place and think they must be treated well. Now they claim they own Iran.
Afghan kooni (2 года назад)
+super1cech Turkmenistan is in Central Asia not Iran. Arab in Khuzestan are few thousands they can go to Saudi. Ah I forgot even Arabs do not want them.
Rik Meter (3 года назад)
I've found that alot of Iranians have a weird double standard when it comes to racism: Iranians living abroad will often experience racism in one form or another for being non-Western immigrants. Yet despite their experiences, many of these people remain prejudiced towards Arabs, Turks or Afghans. For example, I was pretty shocked to find that some of our Iranian friends were actually opposed to the idea of Europe housing Syrian refugees ('Arabs') and supportive of anti-immigration parties. The very same politicians who claim Europe should not accept migrants from Islamic-countries (Iran anyone?).
focusontheargument (2 года назад)
+EiranEireann IranIreland the ethnic fallacy doesnt work, nazi. Go kill yourself
focusontheargument (2 года назад)
+1q2w3e15 what u talking about, I am a Moroccan Arab
1q2w3e15 (2 года назад)
+focusontheargument what you want does not matterxD the all mighty persian empire is long dead. Your ass mr pahlavi couldnt do anything about the mullahs in his ass, he ran like a cowerd.
focusontheargument (2 года назад)
+1q2w3e15 we will NEVER accept that to happen
1q2w3e15 (2 года назад)
+EiranEireann IranIreland your dirt arabised farsi will be brought down and the islamic mullahs who are actually turks rulling persia`s are doing us a great favor.Iran will balkanize afghans,arabs,turks,kurds,baluchi`s, lori`s will be up your ass again.
Getonwithit (3 года назад)
As an Iranian Sufi I will admit this video is a fact & it's a shame to such disgusting behaviors in the race where it's well respected king Cyrus the great that wrote the first declaration of human rights. Many Iranians brag about King Cyrus but they turn other cheek & act very racist. I am sorry on the behalf of my people who act so inhuman and barbarian.
1q2w3e15 (3 года назад)
persians are the most fascist dirty scumbag people fuck their dirty farsi and iran will balkanize.
Sam Talary (1 год назад)
1q2w3e15 you must pay !!!
Afghan kooni (2 года назад)
+1q2w3e15 You are a lair. really so Pashtuns are fine with others ? lol get lost
1q2w3e15 (2 года назад)
+EiranEireann IranIreland im not rascist i dont care about islam by the way
Arian ilami (4 года назад)
 Fuck you racist&fascist Persians.     Long live ilam, Lorstan, kurdistan. kurd from Ilam .
Ma sum (4 года назад)
Persian pigs must pay for their atrocities against the Kurds.
Daniel Milad (4 месяца назад)
Dilniya Seraya I completely agree with u. I am an Iranian Baloch and we support our Kurdish brothers and sisters. Kurds and Balochi people should form an alliance to get rid of this shitty regime and free our people. The people of Iran have had enough and we need change. Honestly there is no jobs for anybody in Iran right now. Inshallah we will be free one day. Kurdistan and Balochistan zendebad
Dilniya Seraya (2 года назад)
+EiranEireann IranIreland Oh you want proofs that British and French forces divided Kurdistan? Here you have  http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/51/169.html I want to know why the Azeris in Iran don't support the Idea to connect the Province Azerbaijani with the Republic of Azerbaijan in Caucasus. And no, I am definitely not racist! Min nejadperest niye! So stop to call me a racist! Kurds are not racists! But I am very glad that you know that you are not a turk. The brain of the Azaris in Caucasus is fucked by turkish Propaganda. This idiots believe that they turkish roots.  I can tell you whatever  I want but you don't want to accept the fact that Iranian Regime is a racist regime.  Another reason why I hate Iranian Regime is that they used Kurds in Iran-Iraq war. Saddam gased 5000 Kurds in Halabja because iran used them in their struggle against Iraq. But now Iran and Iraq are friends.  I am glad when KOMALA,PJAK and PDKI kills Iranian soldiers. I am also glad when Jundullah kills Iranian soldiers. I wish the Kurds and Baloch good luck for their armed struggle against Iran. I know Persian people and they hate their regime. They support PJAK,PDKI,KOMALA and Jundullah.  Kurdistan and Balochistan in iran are poor regions. Iranian regime ignores this regions. Iranian Kurds told me they don't get jobs because of their ethnicity. Baloch people as well. Sayyed Ali Khamenei is also responsible for the death of Ghassemlou and Sherefkendi.  Iran worked even together with turkey to fight Kurds.  We deserved our own independent country. We fight the ISIS terrorists. If you want we can give our weapons to you and you can fight if you think that this is not a reason why Kurds deserves their country...
Dilniya Seraya (2 года назад)
+EiranEireann IranIreland "Kurdish nationality? With all due respect, there is no Kurdish nationality for there is no Kurdish nation. So how can anyone hate Kurds on the basis of nationality? Perhaps you mean that they are against Kurds because they fear that they may make a nation? That would make some sense at least." What is your point? Are there not a kurdish nationality because we dont  have a independnet state? What about Balochis? Talyshis? Catalans? Palestinians? They dont have a nationality because they dont have a independent state as well? You makes me laugh! But however, believe me that we will make Kurdistan independent from iran https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iranian_Kurdistan from turkey  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_Kurdistan from iraq https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iraqi_Kurdistan and from syria https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rojava We are in north iraq(South Kurdistan) nearly finished. After we risc our life and kill ISIS terroristst we deserved our independence. It is a very sad story how british and french forces divided Kurdistan into 4. If I could do it I would remove the fake borders which separats KURDISTAN: We Kurds had Empires like the empire of Ardalan or the Empire of Sala Ad Din Ayyubi. Our true Religion YAZIDI is the oldest religion ever. "So some random Kurdish political prisoner in some random prison stated that others have it better in prison than Kurds, and you are trying to state that this is thus evidence that the regime hates Kurds on the basis of race and culture, or that Kurds get hanged more than others? Either case, this is quite irrelevant to both of them. Moreover you don't even list a single credible source, not even a name. Can you even provide evidence of this quote?" His name was Ferzad Kemanger. I saw this on Kurdish TV and in INternet. It was 6 years ago. "Again sorry but I don't take the word of people for issues of this significance especially if they are a racist, so please provide evidence of this quote. Much of what you're saying sounds like the situation of Kurds during Reza Shah's reign during WWII where in order to shut down any form of separatism that was at its peak during the Constitutional Revolution and thus save Iran, he would suppress any form of nationalism and perhaps even ethnic diversity." Her name was Shirin Elemholi. Another kurdish political. IT sounds like that you are defending this persian terrorists. You want an evidence? Here you have the letter of Shirin Elemholi http://persian2english.com/?p=10321 turks gets massive support from israel,usa and all the nato members but they cant beat PKK since 40 years. Iran also cant beat PJAK;PDKI,KOMALA YPG and YPJ fight against ISIS Terrorists in syria and PESMERGE fight together with iranian Kurdistan Kurds in iraq against ISIS. THis ISIS Terrorists gets massive support from turkey. Here you have informations about our fighter PKK;HPG;PJAK;PDKI;KOMALA:PESMERGE;YPG;YPJ; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Party_of_Free_Life_of_Kurdistan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_Party_of_Iranian_Kurdistan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Komalah https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People%27s_Protection_Units https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women%27s_Protection_Units https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurdistan_Workers%27_Party https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People%27s_Defence_Forces and here you have informations about Jundallah https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jundallah_%28Iran%29 we kurds suffered a lot. So we founded guerilla fighters to defend ourself. You are Azari from iran. Iranina regime repressed you guys too. KUrds dont get jobs in iran. I know that. http://images.google.de/imgres?imgurl=http://kurdische-gemeinde.de/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/iran-hinrichtung-von-kurden.jpg&imgrefurl=https://kurdische-gemeinde.de/iran-hinrichtung-von-kurden/&h=337&w=600&tbnid=3QbhFxMkLPECxM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=160&docid=S72pKnookWYI2M&usg=__p7vfZh2KUppNIF-FTGRhB-BWf9I=&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjBg4bezNfLAhWHc3IKHcMxBxsQ9QEIJDAB Click this link. It is in german language. Translate it into english. IT is a proof that KUrds gets executing at most!
Dilniya Seraya (2 года назад)
+EiranEireann IranIreland Yeah racism is a bad thing. We are only REACTING.  I know that the leader is half Azari(Sayyed Ali Khamenei). This guy is a true devil.  The regime hate Kurds because of their nationality and their religion. Most of the people who got hanged in Iran were Kurds. A Kurdish political in iran said in his letter before he got hanged "the other prisoners here has better conditions then Kurds. " Another Kurdish political in Iranian prison said "Iranian polices wanted that I should deny my Kurdish identity, but I rejected. They also don't allow me to speak in Kurdish language ".  This is pure racism.  That's why the Kurdish organized groups PJAK,PDKI,KOMALA and the Balochi organized group Jundullah will never stop their armed struggle against the terrorist regime of iran
ProudKurdistani (5 лет назад)
Oh and the population of Ilam and Western Lorestan are Lurs, and they are proud to be Kurds ;)
ProudKurdistani (5 лет назад)
The mighty Kurds would be able to destroy every one of you, so you better be careful already, you'll never know when Kurds suddently rise to power.
ProudKurdistani (5 лет назад)
Don't play a retard, you know damn straight what homeland i'm talking about. You have occupied the territories of other people for far too long, it's time for you to let them go.
Pars021 (5 лет назад)
what homeland?? Iran was one time so big Armenia, Azarbaijan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ozbekistan,Afghanistan, Tajikistan ... were all form IRAN !! when something will change then we will get our lands back again. When u do not like Iran go to Iraq !!
abubushraa (5 лет назад)
iran is not an islamic country. goveernment is non -islamic using islamic cloack to deceive people
danar j (5 лет назад)
I do not like iran but Iran is doing great because they threatening USA ,EU and Israel
ProudKurdistani (5 лет назад)
Pretty sure it's the truth, ik' os? ;)
ProudKurdistani (5 лет назад)
And you are not a Kurd for supporting Iran ;)
ProudKurdistani (5 лет назад)
Thanks, we will, but of course we will also remember to take our country with us.
ProudKurdistani (5 лет назад)
Again, we don't mind you hating us, now just give us our homeland, and we will be gone.
IranLarijani (5 лет назад)
poor old westeren propaganda!
Sep San (6 лет назад)
fuck these liers. fuck bahayi. fuck this filthy bahayi religious sect
enchilada01 (6 лет назад)
I met a Kurd chick once in LAX and she was hot!
Hashem Barzan (6 лет назад)
As an old persian saying goes, "when you haven't given your dictation, you have no grade". Sooner or later, the essence of persian chauvinism will show itself (and I'm not talking about just the IR, since supposedly they're "Arabs" ???). When you see the so-called opposition TV channels and the things that are said on them and how the masses agree with them like how they agreed with khomeini in '79, you think about your own safety and welfare more. Specifically, if you're a kurd, arab, baluch...
kurdim kurd (6 лет назад)
fuck the jews and fuck america from kurdistan go iran china and russia
Arsalan Rasouli (6 лет назад)
@KurdishPride952 Bro, i am totaly good with kurds. and you can hate me all you want, but i have no hatred against you, unlike i have against arabs. and give your land back? Kurdistan was originaly from Persia, after the persian arab wars it got seperated i think. If we are going around demanding our lands back, Iran would be as big as the U.S. and thats not what the u.s. and engalnd wants
Angel Gabriel (6 лет назад)
@KurdishPride952 yeah you have right bro
Angel Gabriel (6 лет назад)
@BoneBeast na no fuck iran the regim lo the regim is a bich
Angel Gabriel (6 лет назад)
@AmirArProductions i now i now
Angel Gabriel (6 лет назад)
Im Kurdish real aryan look at my picture
Arsalan Rasouli (6 лет назад)
@44Malatya44serkan dude, dont you people get it's the islamic republic does this shit?? Real Iranians arent even muslim, Iran - Persia is originaly a Zoroastrian country, where lot of Christians lived like Armenians and others. We are giving our life to get these muslim basterds out of our country, and you are insulting our country? FUCK the islamic republic, not IRAN.
Angel Gabriel (6 лет назад)
fuck iran
I Dashti (6 лет назад)
christian zionists talking about human rights. zionist Aipac is speaking
Kyuubi96 (7 лет назад)
@BoneBeast you shut the fuck up, im 23
Kyuubi96 (7 лет назад)
im half arab half kurd, persians are fucking gays, i fucking hate gay persians
Navid Asadi (1 год назад)
you are a dog.
MyPortsmouth (7 лет назад)
Once again ,, FUCK iran :)
MyPortsmouth (7 лет назад)
I Dashti (7 лет назад)
@MyPortsmouth fuckkk u and your filthy zionist-americans masters, kuwait belongs to Iraq
MyPortsmouth (7 лет назад)
FUCK iran
Rox anne (7 лет назад)
@WinkyMaeve be quiet. they make 10% of irans population. with out them i dont think iran would be that big. so shut up. i like to seee you ssay that to pogoism1 face! you fucking keyboard warrior.
pogoism1 (7 лет назад)
Fuck Iran, viva Kurdistan

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