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Softball Fielding Drills: Triangles

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This iSport Lessons video teaches softball players a drill for fielding a ground ball. http://softball.isport.com/softball-videos/
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Jeff K (8 месяцев назад)
This will be a great early season drill. I'm compiling a lot, then trimming the fat. I'm Managing U10-11 Fastpitch...I'll have my hands full with pitching....and catchers. I need drills that will keep the team busy and for my coach and parents that i make volunteer. Every yr the kids and parents get an eye opener...I'm a Defensive coach..."When are we batting"...."later" I know other coaches are gamer's and will play trick ball...At the end of last season. I was approached by to Travel coaches, looking for girls that had a grasp of the fundamentals. Remember Moms and Dads. Buy a hitting tee and a net....practice hitting at home. The team that can put the other team out fastest bats more
kynnadea sloan (2 года назад)
thank you so much! I'm an outfielder and aren't used to fielding and sometimes have panic attacks and now I don't❤️
Danny From LA (3 года назад)
Bacon Mockingjay (5 лет назад)
Nice I have a practice so it'll help
Nardz Vallejera (5 лет назад)
I also play softball ;) I'm a fielder it helps.. I LOVE YOU
tjeeaa (5 лет назад)
Nice. Will use at my practices now.
Drew Butler (5 лет назад)
Super fundamental. Super explanation. Super Simple.

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