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Shoe Collection Winter 2016 | Try On

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Hi everyone! Thanks again for watching. In this quick shoe collection video I showcase my current winter 2016 shoe collection including heels, boots, flats, and sneakers. This is my first fashion video - I have only done mom vlogs on here! What do you think? Shoes: Black Strappy Heels - Steve Madden (discontinued) Beige Heels - Steve Madden Black w Chunky Heel - Old Navy Green Caged Heels - Call it Spring Beige Caged Heels - Nine West Black Heels - Forever 21 Black chunky heels - HM Black and White Booties - Forever 21 Black short booties - Call it Spring (i wrote forever 21 by mistake in the video!!) Tan peep toe booties - Old Navy Black grungy booties - Forever 21 Beige strappy flats - Steve Madden Cheetah flats - Cotton On Beige one strap flats - Call it Spring Black strappy flats - Old Navy Orange Sneakers - NIKE Black/Gray Sneakers - New Balance White sneakers - Old Navy Remember to subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=miszcubana
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Текстовые комментарии (41)
Marvin Burns (3 месяца назад)
DAM !!!!
mami7556 (5 месяцев назад)
beautiful legs
6sexysize (1 год назад)
Je veux baiser tes chaussures
Vixen•baby (1 год назад)
Thought this was supposed to be all winter shoes...😒most of these are strapped heels
Irum Osman (1 год назад)
Hello. are you sure the second heels you tried are from Steve madden? I'm trying to find them on the website but it's not there.
Thanks for including the comfort level for each shoe!!!!
Danielle Barrow (2 года назад)
cute shoes
janessa (2 года назад)
Savanah Roach (2 года назад)
i really wanna start collecting shoes now
Andreas Bünte (2 года назад)
Hi, you have an absolutely great shoe collection, Tiffanymarie: Very sexy and very good to be worn by a beautiful girl like you. Thank you for this great video...
Faith Leonard (2 года назад)
just a bit of advice.... next time you do a shoe haul make you don't have the sticker on the bottom of the shoe. i think thats tacky & can't stand when department stores but them there. also make sure the heels on the shoes you show are clean. a few looked like they had something on the heel.
Noble Strength (2 года назад)
Great collection! :)
viper1106 (2 года назад)
If you have any shoes to get rid of, especially ones worn out or broken that you'd normally throw away, they can be recycled instead! Never throw shoes away ever!
Harley Quinn (2 года назад)
Great collections and great heels!!!! Could you please do a video on how to walk in high heels? especially covering that aspects that most such videos miss out such as walking on grass, wet floor and stairs. Would be a great help for other women out here:)))))
2KONIC123 (2 года назад)
everything went down hill after the big black chugga's
Anointing Ajimoko (2 года назад)
What's the name of the instrumental in the background?
Magaly Stephanie (2 года назад)
so cute, love your style!! XOXO
cute shoes. Thank you for sharing.
Shadae P (2 года назад)
Cute shoes! I just posted my shoe collection video you should check it out and tell me what you think!
trans am (2 года назад)
will you do any requested videos on some of your heels reply back
Rosila Momen (2 года назад)
Are very tasteful. Your shoes are very pretty.
Syzzzmae (2 года назад)
I love the "Call it spring" heels, they are so cute but I know you probably hate that they aren't so comfy :(
Dwightinho56 (2 года назад)
Pair no. 2 is an exact knock off of Aquazzura.
Balkis Filali (2 года назад)
beautiful collection !
june studio (2 года назад)
Cool Video!
Lidallie (2 года назад)
Adorable shoe collection! The forever 21 comfortable boots is my favorite. I also made a shoe collection video, if you want to watch it😊
Lydia Wells (2 года назад)
Love that you rate the comfort level- thanks!
sam lee (2 года назад)
Do you have Instagram
sam lee (2 года назад)
can u tell me where her instagram
janessa (2 года назад)
Yep she does
sam lee (2 года назад)
Ohg nice sexy heel collection and sexy feet
Nice shoes:)
tiffanymarie (3 года назад)
+Kids Family Joy thank you :)
Lippie 143 (3 года назад)
Nice heels gal, love them all. The first black ones were my favourite.
tiffanymarie (3 года назад)
+Lippie 143 thank you. those are my fave too!
drepop803 (3 года назад)
yeah try ons are much better than just showing the shoes. good job and nice camera
drepop803 (3 года назад)
yeah try ons are better than just showing the shoes.
Brittany Lazo (3 года назад)
yasss girl! love this!!
Brittany Lazo (3 года назад)
+tiffanymarie absolutely! that would be awesome. keep it up!
tiffanymarie (3 года назад)
thanks trying to mix in some fashion vids on here (:
Morgan Ashley Poole (3 года назад)

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