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Women Today Manx Radio Bob Wragg "We Were There"
The writer of the Charity CD and DVD Limited Edition Boxset Bob Wragg Interview with Women Today on Manx Radio June 9th 2016 Here how the charity single came to be released 34 years after it was recorded by the world famous England World Cup Winner Squad 1966 Available to buy on Amazon Fundraising for A
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Women Today Promo
Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes at the exciting new programme coming to Manx Radio in 2015!
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Men In Sheds 'reek' havoc on Women Today
Beth and Christy were joined on #MRWomenToday by Les Shires, Graham Hall and Ted Williams from the Port Erin Men In Sheds group, along with Jean Vaughan, 'wife of Man in Shed Barry'. Hilarity ensued... To find out more about Men In Sheds, call Les on 494885 or search for Men In Sheds Isle of Man on Facebook.
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Think You Know "Women Today"? (short promo)
Every weekday on Manx Radio, Beth Espey and Christy DeHaven interview a number of guests from every walk of life and on a huge variety of topics - from community events to environmental concerns, social issues to health advice, filmmaking to fine art - even the occasional live music session! Guests have talked about grief recovery, sporting achievements, mental health awareness, business and enterprise, gender reassignment, local produce and so much more - Everything that makes us Who We Are. These are Our People, This is Our Island, These are Our Stories. Tune in every day from 2pm, and find additional Podcast material here: manxradio.com/on-air/podcasts/women-today/
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GinFest on Women Today
Kate Hegarty and Jamie Lewis from GefTheMongoose talk gin, local producers and Island collaborations with Christy and Ben
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On board Pegasus at Peggy's
Women Today was on the festive road again today, this time at Peggy's in Douglas with Gef the Mongoose and a whole host of guests.
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Women in the workplace
We were joined on #MRWomenToday by HR Executive Lisa Haworth to talk about employers' reluctance to hire women of childbearing age #MRVision
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Women Today time check - 02nd November 2017
Christy DeHaven at 2.27pm on Women Today on Thursday, 02nd November 2017. #MRVision #MRPortal
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Women Today getting creative!
We were joined on the #MRWomenToday programme on November 2nd '17 by fabulous artists Chrissie Moss and Kim Graziano. After the show Kim, who runs the Isle of Man Drawing Club, agreed to do a 5 minute portrait of Chrissie - which allowed them to have a wonderful chat about their craft, techniques, the Island art scene and so much more. Check them both out at www.chrissiemoss.com and www.kimgeestudio.com
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Beach Buddies 10K Day
Beach Buddies are celebrating recruiting their 10,000th volunteer with a party at Niarbyl tomorrow, and Manx Radio will be live from the event. Women Today presenter Christy DeHaven and Business Director John Marsom spoke to Sian Cowper about the station's involvement #iom #news #MRPortal
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Coming up on Women Today - 02nd Nov 2017
Christy DeHaven tells us what's coming up on Women Today on Thursday, 02nd November 2017. #MRVision #MRPortal
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Women and girls Love Tech
Beth and Christy were joined on Women Today by Claire Milne, one of the founders of LoveTech, who run workshops for all ages to encourage more girls in to STEM careers.
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Manx Voices sing live
We were delighted to be joined by Manx Voices on Women Today at the Villa Arcade this afternoon. They’ll be performing at the Manannan’s Winterfest concert at the Gaiety this Friday.
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#MRVision Women in Business
Suzanne Ridley spoke to Kirree and Christy about the new Women in Business Group. #MRWomenToday
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Skills and values learned by young Rangers
Katie Dyson, Graihagh Betteridge and Felicity Wood tell Beth and Christy about the skills and values that @GirlGuidingIOM #Rangers teach young women #ISleofMan #MRWomenToday #MRVision
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UCM - Women Today Interview
Interview with UCM's Pippa Edmonds and Judith Craine on Manx Radio with Christy DeHaven
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Female suffrage on the IOM - For the wealthy?
#100years At the end of #MRWomenToday Beth, Ben and Alex were discussing how the Isle of Man was the first place to offer Women the vote... although one social media post implied that it will was still only for the wealthy! (It's not by the way!)
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Joanne Posey from PAG re women in politics (full int)
Full interview with Joanne Posey from the Positive Action Group about the latest @IOMPAG debate and why it's important to get more women into local politics #MRWomenToday #MRWomen #IOM
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'Police hunted gays for sport' says campaigner
Ahead of the public consultation for a renewed Sexual Offences Bill, Alan Shea calls for a pardoning of those convicted for consensual homosexual offences #news #iom #MRVision #MRPortal
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Rowan Henthorn brings Glad Tidings on going green
#MRWomenToday have started a week-long collaboration with the quirky cats at Gef The Mongoose (gef.im) looking back at what's been Good about 2018. This came about when Beth and Christy were chatting with the blogmeisters about how we could all do with a bit more positivity at the end of this year, because let’s face it, 2018 does feel like it’s been a bit heavy on the bad news and negativity.. So joining with Gef, we’ve chosen a theme for each day this week, with an article on the subject being posted everyday and the Women Today team speaking with some of the movers and shakers in that field on their programme that afternoon; before it all gets wrapped up – with a disco bow on top – with an outside broadcast from Peggy’s at the end of the week, the kitsch & colourful new girl on the prom. The first theme is perhaps the most important one for all of us planet dwellers - the Environment – and for this Christy caught up with marine scientist Rowan Henthorn to get her take on the positive progress for this year and next.
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The Isle of Man where you can...
On Women Today ahead of ISLEXPO 2018 local entrepreneurs Angela Clucas and Leigh-Ann Moffat on the support available her.
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The first Strictly Manx couple revealed
On Women Today the first couple taking part in Strictly Manx tell us how rehearsals are going and how you choose that all important outfit.
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Outgoing News Editor Marian Kenny looks back
On her last day in the role - and in journalism - Marian spoke with #MRWomenToday about her experience #MRVision
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Matt interview on Manx Radio
Matt interview on Manx Radio
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Musical fingers but dancing feet?
The Women Today team meet another couple taking part in Strictly Manx.
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Little Howard Caine
On Women Today Howard Caine on the Conister Rock sharing his music and memories.
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#MRWomenToday inspiring women
On the #IWD2018 special programme yesterday, studio guests Jade-Nicole Patterson, Grainne Sheard and Stacey Astill shared with us their 'champions' for the day #MRVision
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Who was Robert Owen?
Glenda Corkish and June Young from The Friends of Robert Owen House tell Women Today who the much appreciated Liverpool facility was named after. #MRVision
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Manx Radio 50th Compilation Video
A collection of photos and jingles from our 50 years on air, which played out to guests at our little birthday party on Saturday!
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Jennifer Shahade on Manx Radio
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G'day Nina Proctor! (full interview)
Beth and Christy (& Ben!) were joined on Women Today by author Nina Proctor, who has written the first in a series of children's books inspired by her son Alex, who was also with us.
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#MRWomenToday International Women's Day
Beth and Christy started with a poem by Stacey Astill, and with Jade and Grainne, two of the founders of Women of Mann #MRVision
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Take a "Tea Tour" of the Flower Festival
On Women Today this afternoon listeners proved just how keen they were to take a tour of the Isle of Man Flower Festival starting on July 1st.
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Belle Voci put on the spot...
Belle Voci putting on an impromptu performance on Women Today. #MRVision
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Positive action to get more women in politics
Joanne Posey from the Positive Action Group tells Beth and Christy about the latest @IOMPAG debate and why it's important to get more women into local politics #MRWomenToday #MRWomen #IOM
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Pension Matters...
The Pension Matters campaign was launched recently - and on Women Today we caught up with Karen Badgerow, Claire Whitelegg and Susan Howard from IOM Financial Services Authority to talk all about pensions and how we can plan for the future.
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Rowan Henthorn Marine Scientist
Beth and Christy were joined on Women Today on 22nd May 2018 by marine scientist Rowan Henthorn, ahead of her expedition to research plastics in the ocean. You can find out more about Rowan's adventure here: https://www.gofundme.com/exxpedition-north-pacific-2018
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How people react to babies with cleft lip
On Women Today Beth and Christy were joined by Charlotte Hutchinson whose son Oliver was born with a unilateral cleft lip.
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WomenToday guest Sue Hammett
Women Today speak with Sue Hammett, the Head of Corporate Giving for the Stars Group. She came in to tell us about the latest trip she and some staff members made to Tanzania to see projects they support that are changing the lives of local children #MRVision #IOM #RightToPlay
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Ruth Keggin of A'Nish
Manx Gaelic singer and flautist Ruth Keggin speaks to Beth and Christy on Women Today about her Isle of Man album launch with collective A'Nish.
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Manx Support Refugees
Zoe Thompson and Laura Cretney tell Beth and Christy on #MRWomenToday about their support group's Autumn appeal for the women's centre in France, what is needed and why @Care4Calais #MRVision
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2000 Ultra-Lightweight TT commentary
Commentary of the 2000 Ultra-Lightweight TT race which saw 'King of the Mountain' Joey Dunlop claim his 26th victory on the mountain course. It's anchored by Peter Kneale.
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History of votes for women on the Island to be explored at lecture
Catriona Mackie of UCM discusses the history of women having the right to vote in the Isle of Man with James Davis on Mandate.
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Start of Women's Road Race
Action from the 2017 Island Games in Gotland
Просмотров: 38 Manx Radio
Women's 4x50m Freestyle winning silver
Action from the 2017 Island Games in Gotland
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How to save lives - with a mouth swab
Ivan Bratty from Anthony Nolan Isle of Man and Breisha Subachus stopped by Women Today to tell Beth and Christy about an urgent plea for stem cell donors, which could potentially save the life of Breisha's mum Jane. And Howard Caine shared his own experience of donating, which put paid to many misconceptions and fears about the process.
Просмотров: 179 Manx Radio
Women in Digital
Ruth Donnelly tells Christy and Nicola how her new online community group and first digital event this week will inspire us to make the most of tech.
Просмотров: 31 Manx Radio
#MRWomenToday Alcoholics Anonymous
Beth and Christy were joined today by two extraordinary women, Lindsay and Rebecca, who shared their personal journeys with addiction - and their road to sobriety through AA membership. (please note: camera remains static to preserve the guests' anonymity) #MRVision
Просмотров: 83 Manx Radio
See Sporty - Be Sporty! Building confidence in women and girls
(phone interview) Natalie Jackson, co-Founder of Totally Runable, tells Beth and Christy how she went from being a successful lawyer to 'running' a hugely successful sports business, dedicated to working with girls and women to build confidence and campaign for gender equality in media representation of sport #MRVision #SeeSportyBeSporty
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Saturday Breakfast Club COMING SOON!
Coming to Manx Radio on January 10th 2015, Saturday Breakfast Club. Two and a half hours of good music, quizzes and fun ideas to make your weekend amazing. Join us in January and join the club!
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