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will and janelle
segment of will and janelle
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Will & Janelle Flirting in the HOH Room
Boogie's getting annoyed. He asked Janelle the top 5 things she likes about Will.
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BB7: Will and Janelle talk showmances, part 1
August 8th, 2006 -- In the kitchen, Will and Janelle sit and eat dinner together and discuss their current state of affairs, no pun intended. It kicks off with both of them saying that they would date the other outside the house. Part 1.
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James Consoles Janelle....
While being self-serving. Janelle is crying and sad the Howie is gone. James take this opportunity to question her on what she and Will talked about. (Not too subtle)
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The House Erupts In A Massive Fight - CBB - Big Brother Universe
One of the most outrageous Kim's moments when she nearly gets kicked out from the house! Taken from CBB UK Subscribe for the best Big Brother moments - https://www.youtube.com/bigbrotheruniverse?sub_confirmation=1 This is Big Brother Universe the home of the best of Big Brother. 18 years worth of incredible moments from BB UK, Big brother USA, Bigg Boss and Gran Hermano all in one Big Brother Channel. Let us know your favourite BB moment in the comments and we'll do our best to post it for you.
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Will & Janelle Chat About Their Relationships
Continued conversation while doing laps in the backyard.
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BB7: Will and Janelle "The Break Up"
Jani calls Will on his crap and Will tries to get back into her good graces.
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Janelle & Howie Want To Know What Kaysar Does On A Date
Week 4, Howie and Janelle start asking Kaysar about what he does on a date. Janelle asks Kaysar if he would date a girl with breast implants. Kaysar tells Janelle that he won't date her. Janelle then asks if he would date a blonde girl. Kaysar answers a few questions from Boogie about what Muslim women wear. Will then asks what Kaysar's parents would think if he brought home Erika or Janelle. They decide to ask him what they would think of Janelle first. Conversation then switches over to what Boogie's mom would think if he brought Erika and Janelle home. Janelle then asks Kaysar how many girls he has brought home before, he tells her none. Will reverses the question and asks Janelle about bringing Kaysar home. Janelle tells Will that her mom likes Kaysar and would be fine if she even brought home Erika. She also tells him that her mom likes Howie.
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Last Night Together: Will and Janelle Discuss Dating Issues
Janelle discuss dating issues. They both meet people who fall in love with them too quickly Janelle says she gets offended by guys who think they can buy her. He asks her if she misses her BF. She tells him she is afraid he may have broken up with her. Will goes on to tell her that his GF is his best friend. (the conversation seems a bit contrived...Hmmm)
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Janelle | Big Brother 6
Janelle Pierzina of Big Brother 6
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Boogie Wants To Know If Will Slept With His Shirt Off
Week 11, Janelle and Will stare at each other a bit and Will says that it's getting hot in there. Boogie then asks Will if he slept in the red room with Janelle last night with his shirt off. Will says no, but smiles at Janelle. Will tells him there was a pillow wall and Janelle says it was broken down. Boogie then asks Janelle out of Will's face, chest, and abs which would she evict first. She says his face would be last, and finally decides she would evict his chest first. Boogie then asks which actor Janelle finds dreamy. She tells him Josh Hartnett. He then asks who would she spend a night of passion with Josh or Will. She tells him Will.
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Janelle Wants To Know What Will Is Kidding & Serious About
Week 11, Janelle says she needs to ask him something, so she whispers to him. It sounds like she wants to know what Will is kidding about and what he is serious about. Will whispers something into her ear, but it doesn't seem to answer her question. She whispers something to him, but he didn't catch it. They stop because Erika comes inside.
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Will & Janelle Convo Where he Puts the Pillow between them
More flirting
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Will, Janelle, Boogie, & Erika all in the HOH Bed
Will can't take the heat...If you can't run with the big dogs, ya better stay on the porch!
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Will Wants Janelle To Tell Him A Date Story Part 2
Week 4, Janelle is now drinking the little bit of wine she had left, so she's getting more open. Janelle explains that she broke up with the poor guy by not returning his calls. She says that she's really bad at ending things. Will mentions how Boogie told him something great when he broke up with someone. They then get back Janelle and her boyfriend, but Janelle starts to tell a different story.
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Will And Janelle Talk About The Show's Editing
Week 5, Will and Janelle wonder how the show is editing them, especially after the questions Julie asked Janelle during here week 4 HOH.
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Ackward!  After the Kiss, Will is Lost for Words
Will tells Janelle "This is one of those life moments where you really don't know what to say". He looks very uncomfortable, probably realizing the impact this may have on his relationship. He tells Janelle that "it's not right because I'm not single and you're not single."
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Will & Janelle Talking about Real Friendships
He says she's made the last month 1000 times more enjoyable for him.
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Boogie Calls Janelle Will's Girlfriend
Week 5, Boogie jokes around with Will that his girlfriend's (Janelle) ass is on the line and he needs to step up. Will denies, but the others continue to run with it.
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Will Tell Janelle His 1st Impression of Her
He tells her she wasn't very friendly at all. He says Erika is a phony and James is a wuss who will never forgive her.
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"I never had a Boyfriend be that sweet to me"
(As requested by Floomed). Janelle and Erika talk after Will's eviction.
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Showmances help you win
Week 6 - Will and Janelle flirting in HOH. Will tell's her that you need a showmance to win the game.
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BB7 Danielle, Will & Janelle pt 1
8/19/06 2:11 ambbt Will has spent a few hours trying to get Janelle in a better mood since Howie was evicted earlier that day. Danielle comes over to see why Janelle is upset. They head outside for some late night talk.
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Janelle Wants Her Chill Town Membership
She and Will tell Boogie about their private DR session. Will and Janelle made a DR phone call (funny).
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Will gives Janelle the silent "Let's go upstairs" look.
Will gives Janelle the silent "Let's go upstairs" look.
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Will tells CG to keep his hands off of Janelle
8-29-06 - The houseguests prepare for date night - Will walks around in a towel/Janelle puts on makeup in the gym. This is the view from camera 2. Chicken George - Just watching your date get ready, Dr. Delicious. Will - Keep your hands off her, Chicken George. Will enters the gym to talk to Janelle at the end of the clip. *posted by request*
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Will Is Boogie's Pimp
Week 4, Will tries to pimp what a great guy and possible boyfriend Boogie would be to both Diane and Janelle.
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Chilltowns phone calls shown on live finale
During the live finale of Big Brother All-Stars, Julie shows a few of chilltown's diary room phone calls for all the house guests to see.
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BB7: Kaysar tells Janelle that she likes Will
August 6th, 2006 -- In the backyard, Kaysar is convinced that Janelle *really* likes Will, but since she knows he's unattainable, she just resorts to flirting with him. She disagrees.. kindof.
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Big Brother All Stars - Will and Janelle on the trampoline
Will and Janelle (the happy FAKE couple) enjoy a nice fake romantic bounce on the trampoline.
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BB7: Will tries to get Janelle's attention
August 3rd, 2006 -- Will comes back to the pack and places himself between Janelle and Boogie. When Janelle doesn't pay attention to him, he resorts to childplay and bumps her.
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JanellePierzina.org - Janelle talks about Michael
Video from JanellePierzina.org -- Janelle talks about her ex boyfriend Michael. 7/12/06.
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Will and Janelle
big brother
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Will Thinks There's Tension Between Janelle & Howie
Week 4, Janelle is feeling horrible after nominating Diane in Boogie's place. She's not acting like herself around Howie and Will thinks that's because there's tension between the two. Howie tells Will that Janelle is torn between Will and him. Janelle tells Will though that she loves Howie.
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Janelle Walks In On Boogie
Week 5, Janelle walks in on Boogie changing out in the open. She also tells James & Kaysar what happened. Warning: You see Boogie's bare butt.
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Will, Danielle, & James Discuss Janelle
Week 5, James and Danielle tell Will how Janelle believes she can manipulate the men. They also discuss why Janelle won't come up to the HOH and talk to Danielle one on one.
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BB7 Janelle & Howie big bro/big sis
Being their usual selves and the relationship that they cultivated last year. They are like brother and sister.
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Kaysar Calls Janelle Out About Her Flirting
Kaysar calls out Janelle in front of some of the guys about her flirting tactics.
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The Evolution of the "Backdoor" in Big Brother
Let's talk about one of the most common strategies in Big Brother and how it came to be - this is the evolution of the "backdoor" in Big Brother. For those curious, here's every player who's been backdoored (intentional or otherwise): BB5 - Jase BB6 - Eric, James BB7 - Kaysar BB8 - Mike, Nick, Jen BB9 - James BB10 - Brian BB11 - Braden, Jessie BB12 - Annie BB13 - Cassi, Lawon, Brendon BB14 - Janelle BB15 - Jeremy BB16 - Joey, Amber, Zach BB17 - Jace, Jeff, Audrey, Jason BB18 - Victor, Da'vonne BBOTT - Shane BB19 - Cody x2 CBB - None! BB20 - Swaggy C, Bayleigh SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW FOR ALL THE BIG BROTHER GOODNESS! :D Twitter ► https://twitter.com/BillyGiese Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/billywgiese EXPECT A NEW VIDEO EVERY THURSDAY!
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BB All Stars: Will has a "soft spot" for Janelle
BB All Stars: Will has a "soft spot" for Janelle
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James, Danielle, & Boogie Trash Janelle
Week 5, James and Danielle fill Boogie in that they were talking about Janelle's sponsors conversation. They all then take turns trashing her. Pretty disgusting considering James was Janelle's friend.
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Will and Janelle Work It Out
Will and Janelle work out their issues from the beginning of the game. Boogie comes and they strategize a bit. They tell her "I told you so" about Marcellas backstabbing her.
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Big Brother 6 - YOU DATE OLDER MEN
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Janelle on Showmances
http://livewirebb.com Janelle takes us down memory lane and shows us showmances of BB past.
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Will & Janelle Sing In The Kitchen
Week 7, Janelle and Will sing a little of "Don't Cha" in the kitchen. They then go on to discuss what American voted for them in the Prom HOH competition. Janelle was biggest flirt and best dressed, while Will was voted as heartbreaker and most intelligent. Chicken George tells them that he was voted as worst dressed. Will asks Janelle if she can dive, meaning for the Aruba trip he claims to have won during the temptation POV. They then play a little game on the kitchen counter. Will tells her it's training for the next HOH competition.
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Janelle  discusses Michael
Jase asked her if Michael would be watching, and she went on to tell him how jealous he was.
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BB7: Janelle talks about her second kiss ever
August 7th, 2006 -- In the hot tub, Will asks Janelle about her second kiss ever. In the middle of telling her story, Will interrupts to ask Erika to join them, sparking a conversation about the term "Sweetheart."
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kaysar and janelle
talking in bug room
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Allstars memory 2
Why Janelle had to evict Will 7/23/12 4:30pm
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