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Grand Millennium-28.07.2017
Исполнители: Эрик J-ONE Vk https://vk.com/erikj_one Миша МТ https://vk.com/id88353956 Запись,сведение, съемка, монтаж: Pride rec https://vk.com/pride_rec
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Halloween Dance at Millennium Hotel 2010
Party on the patio
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Titanic Hotel & SPA Sulaimaniyah-Kurdistan-Iraq
Titanic Hotel sulaimaniyah. Hotel Titanic sulemanya. titanichotel sul. sulaimaniyah Titanic hotel sul. sul Hotel Titanic Sulemanya. 5 Stars Titanic Hotel Sulemanya. Titanic Sulemanya Malik Mahmoud Circle. Hotel Titanic Sulemanya Goizha area. Titanic Hotel Sulaimaniah Kurdistan . Titanic Hotel Kurdistan Irak .***** Titanic Hotel Sulaimaniyah Kurdistan Irak
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Divan Erbil Hotel, Erbil, Iraq - 5 star hotel
Divan Erbil Hotel, Erbil, Iraq - 5 star hotel Gulan Street, 44001 Erbil, Iraq
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Made in Kurdistan 98 - Empire World Erbil
EMPIRE LUXURIOUS LIFESTYLE Luxury JW Marriott Hotel and Marriott Executive Apartments built to worldwide standards with seven different international restaurants, ballroom, event halls and various recreational facilities. Speed Center complex for kart-racing. Sports and video games complex. Cinema halls. Luxurious spas, gyms, and swimming pools for men and women. Barbershops and beauty salons. Stores and shopping centers. Luxury restaurants. Kindergarten Center. Public parks. Playgrounds. Clinic for residents. Fire Station. Modern Style Mosque. ______________________ Made in Kurdistan Is a 24 minutes weekly business program to show the local industry within Kurdistan Region. The show basically deals with the goods that are produced by local companies inside the KRG-region. Producer and Presenter: Hedi Karim Cameraman: Aram Omar Bilal Bitweni Karzan Yunis Fly Cam: Hazhi Farhad Editor and Director: Bilal Bitweni
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Hotel in Kazakhstan raises Kurdistan flag
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Iraq Sulaymaniyah Bazaar
Bazaar street in Iraq Sulaymaniyah
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☀️ 360° Iraqi Kurdistan Nightlife | Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan
A short 360° video of the Parki Shar (City Park) square, in the middle of Erbil's historic district, at night. Shisha, football, fast food, fountains, fireworks, tea, picnics, selfies and blaring music - traditional nightlife in the Middle East! =] ☀️ ✣ ✤ ✣ ✤ ✣ ✤ ✣ ✤ ✣ ✤ ✣ ✤ ✣ ✤ ✣ ✤ ✣ Camera: Ricoh Theta S ( https://goo.gl/OQcg4A ) Thanks for watching! ✣ ✤ ✣ ✤ ✣ ✤ ✣ ✤ ✣ ✤ ✣ ✤ ✣ ✤ ✣ ✤ ✣ How to view the 360° video: Desktop using Google Chrome: Use your mouse or trackpad to change your view while the video plays. YouTube app on mobile: Move your device around to look at all angles while the video plays Google Cardboard: Load the video in the YouTube app and tap on the cardboard icon when the video starts to play. Insert your phone in cardboard and enjoy. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6239930?hl=en-GB More info here: https://goo.gl/GGwWze #vr #360video #vr360 #travel
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Sulaimany Air Club
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Amazing Kurdish dance in Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan
Kurds dancing in a restaurant in Sulaymaniyah in Iraq's Kurdistan Region.
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Iraq: Bar patrons flee as 7.3 magnitude quake strikes Sulaymaniyah
Footage captured bar patrons fleeing in Sulaymaniyah, Sunday, when the deadly earthquake hit the city. The earthquake has reportedly killed several people in Iraq and at least 120 across the border in Iran. Video ID: 20171113-001 Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv Contact: cd@ruptly.tv Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly
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Blogger Makaia Carr joins us to tell us about the new Avani Hotels and Resorts scheme
Auckland's iconic Metropolis building has that art-deco elegance that wouldn't look out of place in Manhattan, Chicago and Philadelphia. It's also right in the middle of the shopping and entertainment areas in the CBD so it’s the ideal place to stay. It's now under new management, Avani Hotels and Resorts, and it’s launching a world-first scheme for guests to see the local sights. This morning popular blogger Makaia Carr joined us to tell us all about it.
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First Peer Education Training in Sulaimaniya
The Peer Education training was supported by the UNFPA- Erbil office, and implemented by START Social Development Organization. The new peer educators will go to schools, colleges, their communities and host communities where there are IDPs or refugees to undertake peer education sessions. The training focussed on various different topics including: Sexual and Reproductive Health, early and forced marriages, family/ parent relations, addiction in all its forms, dealing with emotions and anger management in addition to a wide range of life skills given to the youth to make better decisions in their life. The participants of the training were youth from the Atwanm (I CAN) NGO based in Sulaimaniya, Kurdistan Region. The trainers were Rasty Brimo and Sazan Mandalawi.
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Party in Ramada Hotel for IPSI Delagation
Interacted with our guests from across the border. Had a great evening.
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live footage of sulaimaniya striker|| kurdistan 2017/11/19
In sulaymaniyah ..people are striking due to lack of services .not paid salaries.not available daily base goods.
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English/Nat Tens of thousands of Kurds have fled Sulaymaniyah as President Saddam Hussein's Kurdish allies paraded through the streets in celebration. Up to 300-thousand Kurds may have left, evoking memories of a mass exodus in 1991, when the Kurds headed for neighboring countries following a failed uprising against Saddam. The Iraqi president, meanwhile, has declared he will lift the barriers between Iraq and the semi-autonomous Kurdish areas that have been in place since the end of the 1991 Gulf War. The full ramifications of the announcement were not immediately clear -- but it seems the Kurdish safe haven has effectively collapsed. These APTV pictures show K-D-P troops arriving in Sulaymaniyah Tuesday morning. They captured the city Monday night. The city was calm, except for an impromptu K-D-P parade. Celebrating their sweeping victory throughout northern Iraq, they waved yellow flags and shouted slogans. APTV interviewed K-D-P leader, Massoud Barzani. Asked if rival Kurdish leader, Jalal Talabani, of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (P-U-K) could ever return now he's been driven out, Barzani said yes, if he came as a man of peace. SOUNDBITE: ''Q. Do you accept that Talabani comes here? R. Himself, of course we accept him if he not making problem, not as a armed people..'' SUPER CAPTION: K-D-P leader Massoud Barzani Was the war over now? SOUNDBITE: ''Q. So could we say the war is finished in Kurdistan? R. We hope so, yes.'' SUPER CAPTION: K-D-P leader Massoud Barzani SOUNDBITE: ''Q. So it's totally in KDP hands? R. Yes.'' SUPER CAPTION: K-D-P leader Massoud Barzani Barzani claimed his victory was positive for Kurdistan, and said it would lead to a proper democracy there. SOUNDBITE: ''Q. Do you have anything to say to the public opinion of the world? R. Well, I will say that this is a new change that is a positive change we are going to establish a real democratic in our country, we're going to have a new election, a free election and we will cooperate with the other parties and we will do everything for democracy and freedom for our people.'' SUPER CAPTION: K-D-P leader Massoud Barzani And he totally denied that Iraqi troops had helped his forces in the battle for Sulaymaniyah. SOUNDBITE: '' Q. Mr Barzani, some news yesterday said that Iraqi troops help you, but us television (crews) we saw there was no troops on the road. What did you say about that? R. Certainly there was no Iraqi soldiers and our Peshmerga, our people they are pros and they did the job. There was no Iraqi and you have with the forces, if there was Iraqi forces you will see them.'' SUPER CAPTION: K-D-P leader Massoud Barzani But given the Kurdish factions' long history of bitter rivalry and Baghdad's manipulation of those rivalries, it's not at all clear if this victory means long-term peace for the Kurds of northern Iraq. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/1fa2e2a5babd3e4e0406958ad7e7dccd Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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vlog july / august 2016 | sulaymaniyah, kurdistan | xoxdaya ♡
hi babes !!! thank you so much for watching. thanks for supporting me & always inspiring me, to do what I love. it really means a lot ♡ I love you all so much. pls subscribe to my channel is you haven't already ---------------------------------------------------------------- you can find me on social medias instagram: main: @xoxdaya personal: @daryanaqishbendi snapchat: @darya8 tumblr: @daryaxxcph twitter: @xdaryaxx
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Survival and Resilience in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq
In Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, one father's life changed overnight when his brother was killed and he took in his nieces and nephew. Learn more at unocha.org/Iraq
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kurdistan sulaymaniyah
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Iraq: IS group leader hails jihadists despite loss of territory
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Taekwondo lover Payan Payraw (10 months, Iraq) - Shared by Paeraw Chan Koye
What’s on Mah Babe? Mah Babe fanpage, where you can share your baby's photos and video clips: https://www.facebook.com/mahbabefan... Mah Babe website, where you can get knowledge about mom and baby: http://mahbabe.com/ Mah Babe Shop, Where you can find useful products for mom and baby: https://shop.mahbabe.com/
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Shia doctors in Al-Sulaymaniyah Hospital in Bahrain neglects the patients ,
Shiaa doctors in Al-Sulaymaniyah Hospital in Bahrain neglects the patients , Epocrates Honor and celebrating Iran's support
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swimming pool
Sport Center, Erbil
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Kurdish young disco / Kchi u Kuri Kurd / Kurdish girls and boys
Xorten Kur kurd u kchi kurd kecen kurd kchi kanishka cenne keyna kurd Kurdish Disco gowend u dilan Halparke helperke halparka bally dance belly dance Belly Dance!!! Kurdish Music!! Kord u Kordestan Iran slemany median empire medes kurd ahura mazda tausi melek mazdanism zarathustra nawroz newroz aryan gundi gondi gonde welat urfa elazig karakocan erzurum sivas zara malatya amed ararat agiri van zaxo dohok hawraman shingal shengal dersim maras pazarcik diyarbakir amed kdahol u zurna zurne def daf lori bakhtiari kurdistan kordestan kalhori kelhuri sorani gorani hawrami hawramy slemany lorestan loresson loreson laki leki kurdish yarsan yaresan dahol dohol u zurna dance dancing kurdish culturerace kurdish dance lemani kchi kuri kurd lawi krmanj kurd zaza soran gorani halparke kchi kij kchi kurd, kurd girl, kurdistan slemani kanishka keca kurdan kuri kurd kirmanshan hawler disco hewler arbil duhok duhuk mosul shengal shingal laleshe nurani kermanshah kalhori kelhuri yarsan yaresan Persian kurdish feat Semame Kurdish Folklore Govend KurdishDance KurdishGruop Music Halay Kurdistan Welat Hevi Murad Song Derdedileminzaxoy Zaxoyi Proshow Sirinamin Heval Were Delal 2009 Süper ACI Hayat ROJ TV TRT Kurtmanci Sorani Zazaki Marasli Pazarcik Abave Selah Heme Bave Zedo Simon Sorgula Min Zoya HunermendUrfa-Antep,Dersim,Elezig,Van,Diyarbakir,Maras,Bingöl,Malatya,Mardin erzican elazig kars van sivas anatolia amed hakkari gever colemerg yüksekova urmiye zagros cudi agiri ararat kurdish dance malatya
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Sardar Group celebrates the Iraqi heritage.
At Sardar Group, we celebrate the heritage of Iraq during the month of spring as one family by wearing the traditional clothing in all of our branches; regardless if our employees are men or women or from other countries. In Kurdistan our staff wear Kurdish clothes and in Baghdad and Basra our staff wears the traditional Dishdasha in order to show our respect and appreciation to our local community.
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Violent Protests Leave 6 Dead In Iraq
According to a provincial health director in Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdish region on Tuesday, at least six people were killed and over seventy injured as anti-government protests erupted for the second consecutive day. According to Reuters, a security source speaking on condition of anonymity, claimed that another person died while undergoing treatment at a hospital. Protests began on Monday as Kurdish civil servants demanded unpaid salaries while other demonstrators angrily called for better public services including water and power. http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/19/middleeast/iraq-kurdish-protests/index.html http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using http://wochit.com
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Dj Sulaiman (Goa) 103
Goa Thumakda with Dj Sulaiman !!!
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BREAKING: Major Earthquake, 7.2 Mag Near Halabjah in Iraq
Nuke?... Learn more: http://www.earthquakenewstoday.com/2017/11/12/major-earthquake-7-2-mag-has-occurred-near-halabjah-in-iraq/ Must Read New Book: "FORTRESS: a Wayfarers Story": https://www.amazon.com/Fortress-Wayfarers-Story-Jim-Yackel-ebook/dp/B0754SFFN7 Free Read of Fortress Chapter 1, titled 'Fake News' http://walkthetowpath.com/fake-news-chapter-1-of-fortress-a-wayfarers-story/ A sampling of my music: https://soundcloud.com/jim_yackel
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New  Hawler [Erbil] Security Forces Close Illegal Massage Parlors Used for Prostitution
New Hawler [Erbil] Security Forces Close Illegal Massage Parlors Used for Prostitution The people working at these massage centers in the Kurdistan Region are mostly from abroad. Subscribe & More Videos: https://goo.gl/bpXrTT Thank for watching, Please Like Share And SUBSCRIBE!!! #
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