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The Flight Physiological Centre Sweden
A QinetiQ managed self-contained centre providing World Class training, research, Test and Evaluation facilities. The Flight Physiological Centre is located in Linköping, the heart of aviation research and development in Sweden. Facilities include; - A Dynamic Flight Simulator (DFS) - a human centrifuge with free-flight-capable active gondola. - A hypobaric (depressurisation) chamber. - A hyperbaric (high pressure) chamber. - A Parachute Drill & Survival Equipment test pool. For more information visit http://www.fpc.qinetiq.se
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Swedish party at Kalmar Nyckel
That is how the swedish are having party ;))))
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Lihkku third place in their group in Tingsryd Sweden 6 sep 2014
This video is about Lihkku a female Siberian Husky born 21 nov 2013 in Sweden by http://www.catuluslupi.se/index.htm Videoproduction and copyright by Anders Sjögren Kalmar Sweden
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Theoz - Het (Official Video)
Lyssna på Het här: https://Theoz.lnk.to/HetAY ♡ Missa inga nya videos ♡ Prenumerera för att aldrig missa mina nya videos - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyJrCmUGdMDez_5BqP736dw ♡ Här är mina andra sociala medier: ♡ Musically: TheozOfficial Snapchat: TheozOfficial http://instagram.com/theozofficial Kontakt: theoz@theozofficial.com Regi: Jens Rosengren Foto: Filip Stankovic Koreograf: Thomas Benstem Medverkande: Theo Haraldsson och Jocelyn Leal Sundroos Dansare: Frida Viktoria Hartman Lina Landing Kajsa Adriansson Ance Vaivade Line Jonsdotter Ellie Vermunt Elektriker: Felix Samuelsson El-assistent: Peter Fastbom El-assistent: Robin Lindblom Produktionsassistent: Julia Ehrenström Produktionsassistent: Petronella Nyman Tack till: Gröna Lund, Solbrännan Restaurang & Café och alla dansare från Move2Dance. ♡ Ha en fortsatt superbra dag! ♡ Lyric: Baby baby du e så het att Jag tror att jag tappar det helt snart Behöver dig bredvid mig för att se klart Så vad e det vi väntar på? Jag minns den första gången då såg på mig Så härligt att jag inte kunde hejda mig Men tänkte att du ej vill ha en dude som mig Och att svaret var nej Jag gjorde allt jag kunde för att glömma dig Vakna mitt i natten, blev besatt av dig För ingen annan kunde va precis som dig Och det kändes ok Men nu får jag inte ut dig ur mitt huvud En panik som jag kan inte stå ut med Måste hitta dig igen, måste hitta dig igen ikväll Och plötsligt stod du bara där runt hörnet Tänkte, äh nu går jag all in och gör det Och så gick jag bara fram, och så gick jag bara fram och sa Baby baby du e så het att Jag tror att jag tappar det helt snart Behöver dig bredvid mig för att se klart Så vad e det vi väntar på? Baby baby du e så het att Jag tror att jag tappar det helt snart Behöver dig bredvid mig för att se klart Så vad e det vi väntar på? För Baby baby du e så het Du e så, du e så het Du e så, du e så het Du e så, så sommarhet För Baby baby du e så het Du e så, du e så het Du e så, du e så het Du e så, så sommarhet Jag minns den första gången du rörde mig Så härligt att jag inte kunde glömma dig Men trodde att det bara var en sommargrej Och det kändes ok Sen plötsligt dök det upp en ny snap av dig Som vände hela världen upp o ner hos mig Jag mindes då hur allting kändes rätt för mig Men att svaret var nej Men nu får jag inte ut dig ur mitt huvud En panik som jag kan inte stå ut med Måste hitta dig igen, måste hitta dig igen ikväll Och plötsligt stod du bara där runt hörnet Tänkte, äh nu går jag all in och gör det Och så gick jag bara fram, och så gick jag bara fram och sa Baby baby du e så het att Jag tror att jag tappar det helt snart Behöver dig bredvid mig för att se klart Så vad e det vi väntar på? Baby baby du e så het att Jag tror att jag tappar det helt snart Behöver dig bredvid mig för att se klart Så vad e det vi väntar på? För Baby baby du e så het Du e så, du e så het Du e så, du e så het Du e så, så sommarhet För Baby baby du e så het Du e så, du e så het Du e så, du e så het Du e så, så sommarhet
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Girls Horse Ride by DJI Phantom Конные прогулки в Твери
Конные прогулки в Твери. Частная конюшня "Вольная лошадь" vk.com/club79805906
Stockholm Sweden 2013
Trip to Sweden, Stockholm 2013
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Villabrand i Ingelsträde
En omfattande brand bröt på måndagseftermiddagen ut i en villa på Tegvägen i Ingelsträde. Publicerad på hd.se måndag 1 september 2014.
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Jönköping night life
via YouTube Capture
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MVI 0776
Circle of Life, Lion King. Performed by Star for Life choir and Triple Touch at Marching for Love concert in Lund, March 26, 2014.
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Flying Malta
Private Pilot Training In Malta
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Varberg Beach Sweden
It's great weekend on the beautiful beach out here.
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Kite - Count The Days & Dance Again, Bråvalla Festivalen 2015-06-27
Kite - Count The Days & Dance Again, Bråvalla Festivalen 2015-06-27 Norrköping, Sweden. Recorded with Nokia 808 Pureview & PowerDirector. Kite - Setlist Bråvalla 2015-06-27 1. My Girl and I 2. The Rhythm 3. Up For Life 4. True Colours 5. I Can't Stand 6. Closing My Heart 7. Jonny Boy 8. Count The Days 9. Dance Again 10.[Encore] Ways To Dance 11.[Encore] Nocturne
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Monde Yeux - Naked Girls@Emmabodafestivalen
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Iceland (/ˈaɪslənd/ (About this sound listen); Icelandic: Ísland, pronounced [ˈistlant])[7] is a Nordic island country in the North Atlantic, with a population of 348,580 and an area of 103,000 km2 (40,000 sq mi), making it the most sparsely populated country in Europe.[8] The capital and largest city is Reykjavík. Reykjavík and the surrounding areas in the southwest of the country are home to over two-thirds of the population. Iceland is volcanically and geologically active. The interior consists of a plateau characterised by sand and lava fields, mountains, and glaciers, while many glacial rivers flow to the sea through the lowlands. Iceland is warmed by the Gulf Stream and has a temperate climate, despite a high latitude just outside the Arctic Circle. Its high latitude and marine influence keep summers chilly, with most of the archipelago having a tundra climate. According to the ancient manuscript Landnámabók, the settlement of Iceland began in 874 AD when the Norwegian chieftain Ingólfr Arnarson became the first permanent settler on the island.[9] In the following centuries, Norwegians, and to a lesser extent other Scandinavians, emigrated to Iceland, bringing with them thralls (i.e., slaves or serfs) of Gaelic origin. The island was governed as an independent commonwealth under the Althing, one of the world's oldest functioning legislative assemblies. Following a period of civil strife, Iceland acceded to Norwegian rule in the 13th century. The establishment of the Kalmar Union in 1397 united the kingdoms of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Iceland thus followed Norway's integration to that union and came under Danish rule, after Sweden's secession from that union in 1523. Although the Danish kingdom introduced Lutheranism forcefully in 1550, Iceland remained a distant semi-colonial territory in which Danish institutions and infrastructures were conspicuous by their absence. In the wake of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars, Iceland's struggle for independence took form and culminated in independence in 1918 and the founding of a republic in 1944. Until the 20th century, Iceland relied largely on subsistence fishing and agriculture, and was among the poorest countries in Europe. Industrialisation of the fisheries and Marshall Plan aid following World War II brought prosperity, and Iceland became one of the wealthiest and most developed nations in the world. In 1994, it became a part of the European Economic Area, which further diversified the economy into sectors such as finance, biotechnology, and manufacturing. Iceland has a market economy with relatively low taxes, compared to other OECD countries.[10] It maintains a Nordic social welfare system that provides universal health care and tertiary education for its citizens.[11] Iceland ranks high in economic, political, and social stability and equality. In 2016, it was ranked as the 9th most developed country in the world by the United Nations' Human Development Index, and it ranks first on the Global Peace Index.[6] Iceland runs almost completely on renewable energy. Affected by the ongoing worldwide financial crisis, the nation's entire banking system systemically failed in October 2008, leading to a severe depression, substantial political unrest, the Icesave dispute, and the institution of capital controls. Some bankers were jailed.[12] Since then, the economy has made a significant recovery, in large part due to a surge in tourism.[13][14][15] Icelandic culture is founded upon the nation's Scandinavian heritage. Most Icelanders are descendants of Norse and Gaelic settlers. Icelandic, a North Germanic language, is descended from Old West Norse and is closely related to Faroese and West Norwegian dialects. The country's cultural heritage includes traditional Icelandic cuisine, Icelandic literature, and medieval sagas. Iceland has the smallest population of any NATO member and is the only one with no standing army, with a lightly armed coast guard in charge of defence.
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Roadtrippin' Sweden (Summer 2014) - Layer Cake
Roadtrippin' Southern Sweden (Sverige) in July/August 2014 - with 8 friends, 2 cars, 4 tents, 2 hammocks. ⛺️ Rough itinerary: Day I. Berlin (via Flensburg, Odense, Køpenhavn) to Fjällfotasjön Lake. Day II. Sturkö/Skällenäs (via Ystad). Day III. Emmaboda - Skärsjön Lake. Day IV. Kalmar (Slott) - Öland (Stora Alvaret: Windmills - Ottenby). Day V. Eksjö - Lake near Flisby. Day VI. Jönköpping - Gränna (Vättern) - Ören Lake. Day VII. Lake near Lönköpping - Lake (east of) Örebro. Day VIII. Örebro - Laxå (West Lake). Day IX. Canoeing in Tiveden NP - Laxå. Day X. Mariestad - Lidköping - Island of Strö. Day XI. Läckö Slot - Tun - Trollhättan - Tanumshede. Day XII. Tanum (Vitlyckegård/Rock Carvings) - Varberg - Beach near Kattvik. Day XIII. Beach near Svenstorp (Torekov) - Landskrona - Holckenhavn Slot (Fyn). Day XIV. Nyborg to Berlin. ______________________________ Music: 'Layer Cake' (Fritz Kalkbrenner) Available for download on amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Layer-Cake-Original-Mix/dp/B00667L12C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1408153052&sr=8-1&keywords=layer+cake+fritz More music: http://www.fritzkalkbrenner.de More videos: http://www.roknablue.com
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Lucanus cervus monitoring MIPP
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Lazee - Love The Life You Live (Episode 2) | Austin, Texas & Visby, Sweden
Timeless Music presents Lazee - Love The Life You Live (Episode 2) | Austin, Texas & Visby, Sweden. Video by: Kristian Riffo Purchase "Supposed To Happen" on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/se/album/gotta-go-single/id463303678 Stream "Supposed To Happen" on Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/1LEugpRCmtJulp5IQ2WD7L http://www.lazeeonline.com http://www.twitter.com/reallazee http://www.facebook.com/lazeeonline Instagram: @reallazee
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Radio Gaga - Killer Queen. Live at Kalmarsalen, Kalmar, Sweden. 2013-11-21
Tributeband Killer Queen performing "Radio Gaga" live at Kalmarsalen in Kalmar, Sweden. 2013-11-21
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Sweden: Creating Jobs by Greening Malmö
The changing climate is changing the job market. Around the world, many cities are recognizing that the growing demand for environmentally friendly, energy saving technologies and construction methods is leading to higher demand for "green jobs." The city of Malmö, in Sweden has put the idea into practice, using green jobs to create a new, ecologically sustainable approach to development. For more information about the ILO and its Green Jobs programme, please visit: http://www.ilo.org/greenjobs ** Creación de empleos verdes en Malmö ** El cambio climático afecta al mercado laboral. En muchas ciudades del mundo se admite que la creciente demanda de tecnologías y métodos de construcción respetuosos con el medio ambiente y que permiten ahorrar energía promueven los 'empleos verdes'. La ciudad sueca de Malmö ha llevado la idea a la práctica, y ha recurrido a los empleos verdes como un nuevo enfoque, sostenible y ecológico, para el desarrollo. (En inglés con subtítulos en español) ** Créer des emplois à Malmö en passant à une économie verte ** Le changement climatique change le marché du travail. Dans le monde, beaucoup de villes reconnaissent que la demande croissante de technologies et de méthodes de construction respectueuses de l'environnement, permettant d'économiser l'énergie, conduit à une plus forte demande d'« emplois verts ». La ville de Malmö, en Suède a mis cette idée en pratique, et a utilisé des emplois verts pour créer une nouvelle approche durable de développement.
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Thomas Cook Scandinavia(A320) landing at @Kalmar Airport
Thomas Cook arrive from Chania with an A320
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In A Small Swedish Town, Residents Welcome Migrants - http://www.npr.org/sections/parallels/2016/02/19/467318818/in-sweden-ronnebys-residents-welcome-migrants Train catches fire on way from Stockholm to Gothenburg- http://www.thelocal.se/20160219/train-catches-fire-on-way-from-stockholm-to-gothenburg Swedish Turks and Kurds fear revenge violence - http://www.thelocal.se/20160219/turks-and-kurds-fear-revenge-violence-in-sweden Five people in the former management of bankrupt Swedish auto maker Saab Automobile AB are being prosecuted -- http://www.wsj.com/articles/five-former-saab-officials-charged-in-sweden-1455900286 REPORT: 2015 Migrant Crisis Will Cost Sweden KR 583,000,000,000 – 14x The Country’s Defence Budget - http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/02/19/claim-2015-migrant-crisis-cost-sweden-same-as-14-years-of-defence-budgets/ 25.000 Arabic-Swedish bibles arrived in Stockholm last night. http://www.varldenidag.se/nyheter/25-000-arabiska-biblar-landade-i-stockholm/Bbbpbs!ny0Q6NKLVwQdfA3taBrZw/ Sweden Under Pressure To Age-Verify Migrants After Adults Masquerading As Children Attack, Murder Locals - http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/02/19/sweden-under-pressure-to-age-verify-migrants-after-adults-masquerading-as-children-attack-and-murder-locals/ Proposed EU border force meets resistance. http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=2054&artikel=6372837 0.17 Assault at refugee center, Åre. https://polisen.se/Aktuellt/Handelser/Jamtland/2016-02-19-0409-Misshandel-Are/ 02:52 Man stabbed in the stomach, Oskarshamn. https://polisen.se/Aktuellt/Handelser/Kalmar-lan/2016-02-19-0252-Misshandel-grov-Oskarshamn/ 09:57 Murder/Homicide. One person found ded in the terrain. Järvafältet. http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article22293790.ab Women passed away. http://www.metro.se/nyheter/avled-efter-16-timmar-pa-akuten/Hdzpbs!i9g3bBnz6r5gtgEJ5mQEw/
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flight I ystad sweden
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Completed my CPL flying stage!
I am so thankful to my family for the endless support especially my one and only mother. I'm really grateful to have them by my side. One step closer, hope all is well. The Chainsmokers - Don't Let Me Down (Audio) ft. Daya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMH0Xglh7GA
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3rd mosque attacked in Sweden in a week, violence rises vs Muslims
A police manhunt is underway in Sweden after a mosque was attacked for the third time in a week. It happened early on New Year's morning in Uppsala - one of the country's biggest cities. The Mosque was fire bombed and graffiti spayed on its walls. Other incidents saw five people injured on Christmas Day, when a petrol bomb was thrown through the window of a mosque in another city. And three days ago, someone tried setting fire to an Islamic centre in the south of the country. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RussiaToday Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnews Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_com Follow us on Instagram http://instagram.com/rt Follow us on Google+ http://plus.google.com/+RT Listen to us on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rttv RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.
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Sunny drone flying in blekinge (Phantom 3)
Flying a drone through the nice uninhabited parts of Ronneby, and what a beautiful day it was.
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RAGNAROK Trailer [Monster Movie - 2014]
An archeologist mounts an expedition to "No Man's Land"... Release Date August 15 ➨ http://magnetreleasing.com/ragnarok ➨ Join us on Facebook http://facebook.com/HorrorScifiMovies ✓ Subscribe Here & NOW ➨ http://bit.ly/Movietrailers ★ HORROR Fan ? Don't miss THIS ➨ http://bit.ly/Horror-Movie An archeologist is convinced the Oseberg Viking ship contains the answer to the mystery of Ragnarok, the end of days in Norse mythology. He mounts an expedition to "No Man's Land" between Norway and Russia, which holds a secret more terrifying than he could possibly imagine. RAGNAROK Trailer A Movie directed by Mikkel Brænne Sandemose Cast : Sofia Helin, Pål Sverre Hagen Release Date : In theaters and on Itunes August 15, 2014 RAGNAROK Trailer © 2014 - Magnet Releasings ✓ Subscribe now 2 catch the best trailers and the latest HD official movie trailer, film clip, scene and video !
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Driving Home From Malmö to Budapest
Just took a short look on my pda to realize I am still very far away from home... From Malmö, Sweden - to Budapest, Hungary. And I already was close to fall asleep, since I couldn't sleep at all last night on the ferry.
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ABSOLUT FAN - Journey To Sweden (Part 3)
In a search for the ultimate ABSOLUT VODKA fan, Joe Yang from Singapore emerged as the winner and was duly rewarded with a trip to Sweden. In the final leg of his journey, Joe finally catches up with 99 other obsessed fans like himself in the ABSOLUT COLLECTOR'S MEETING. Hosted for the first time by THE ABSOLUT COMPANY, this is where Joe received the very special collector's only bottle.
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Alice In Videoland - Stand
Alice in Videoland - Stand Video by Diket Konceptbyrå B-foto - Studio Ernhake Make up - Gabriella Sepulveda Aguilera, Make up Studion © 2015 Diket Records www.diket.se
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Ragge C-walk [War Zone]
new vid C-Walk crip walk London 5 Way , CWalk - Viet Jr. / Live From The Kitchen , The C-Walk Tutorial: By Kyren , kurupt c walk , Mongolian Cwalk , 2licrip azzyh zpl4or ishøj danmark sverige norge finland crip walk clown walk crown walk dance style you think you can dance timothy crying baby funny shit serhat best in dk danish cwalkers swedish cwalkers norway cwalkers yo momma sony erricson batteries cars lacoste gucci ecko ishøj center fields fisktetorvet metro germany italy cwalk proffesionel walk dancestar unique dance intermediate advanced beginner cwalking shuffle tutorial v tutorial heeltoe tutorial xhop tutorial v variation tutorial and camera digital camera 5.2 megapixels upgrade your youtube account msn yahoo hack crack fack slack msn youtube yahoo aim gmail hotmail shit am uploaded downloaded entertainment carrie underwood cars cartoons catholic churches cats celebrity sedu hairstyles cheat codes cheerleader chris brown christina aguilera christmas christmas lights christmas music christmas songs christmas tree christmas wallpaper ciara circuit city city maps cleavage costco craigs list craigslist dane cook dictionary disturbed dog dogpile dogs dogs for sale driving directions ebay ebay.com ebony eminem eminem superman emma watson emoticons for msn eragon espn eva green eva longoria evanescence fall out boy family guy fergalicious fergie first name meanings flight simulator free games free music downloads free online games free search funny funny videos game cheats for ps2 games games play gift baskets gift ideas girl girls google google earth google.com gospel music lyrics green day gwen stefani hannah montana harry potter hi high school musical hilary duff hinder home depot home video hot hotmail hotmail.com how to save a life ipod ipod nano irreplaceable janet jackson jenna jenna jameson jennifer aniston jennifer aniston sedu hairstyles jennifer lopez jennifer lopez sedu hairstyles jenny mccarthy jessica alba jessica simpson jewelry jim jones jingle bell rock jojo jokes jordan capri justin timberlake kate beckinsale katie price kelly blue book kids kmart korn laptops lil wayne limewire lindsay lohan lingerie linkin park lips of an angel love lowes ls magazine ludacris lyrics lyrics music mad world manga map quest mapquest maps mariah carey mature meaning of names metallica models movies mp3 players msn msn.com music music lyrics my chemical romance my space myspace myspace layouts myspace login myspace.com naruto nfl jerseys nickelback nintendo wii nudism nudist nudists obituaries one night in paris online games overstock.com pam anderson pamela anderson panic at the disco panties pantyhose paris hilton pc game cheats people search pink play game play games play the game lyrics playstaion2 cheats playstation game cheats playstation2 game cheats poetry pokemon pornotube ps 2 game cheats ps2 cheats codes psp pthc radio stations raven riley rihanna ringtones road map runescape salaries sams club santa search engine search engines sears sedu beauty tips sedu hair styles shakira shannon elizabeth slipknot smack that snow solia hair styling song lyrics south (more) Basic C-walk tutorial - by Splendid ICE CUBE C WALK sBr 11 WAY CWALK @ Sydney Easter Show (Poles, Olympic Park) Cwalk-Tutorial Includes Basic/Advance Moves and Glides Dre Cwalk - Some Feelings - Menschen mit Herz cwalk.pl First Polish Official Cwalk Mixtape The Advanced C-Walk Tutorial - By Kyren Kyren - Crip Walk - So Sick TCW - CWalk Mosaic Concert Dec. 2007 gosu - big dreams - c walk How To Cwalk (advance) Gosu Kynamite Cwalk SyLo - You Were My Everything C-Walk SyLo - Heel Toe C-Walk Tutorial Lets Make Some Love - Kyren - C-Walk 2008 Presidential elections 2008 presidential race 9/11 Al Gore America American politics Barack Obama Bill Clinton Bill Richardson Blogging Bosnia Campaign Trail caucus Chelsea Clinton Christmas Condoleezza Rice Crime crossing america David Axelrod David Trimble Democratic debate Democrats Dick Cheney Donald Rumsfeld Election elections Florida Fred Thompson George Bush George W Bush George W. Bush Gordon Brown Hillary Clinton Indiana Internet Iowa Iran Iraq Iraq war James Baker Jeremiah Wright Jimmy Carter Joe Biden John BoltonJohn Edwards John Kerry John McCain Journalism Karl Rove Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Media Michelle Obama Middle East Mike Huckabee Mitt Romney Nancy Pelosi Nevada New Hampshire North Carolina Northern Ireland Obama Barack Ohio Oprah Winfrey Pennsylvania Politics polls Presidency President President Bush Press Race Racism Religion Republican Republican Party Republicans Ron Paul Rudy Giuliani South Carolina super Tuesday Texas Tony Blair United States US US election US Election 2008 US Elections US elections 2008 US elections light US politics US Presidential election US presidential race USA Virginia Votes War on Terror Washington Washington DC White House youtube Justin beiber bob
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Marie Antoinette trailer
Marie Antoinette trailer
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FPV ACRO DRONE | Punch Outs In The Stars | Meet My Martian
Dazzne p2 action cam did not perform that great in low light, next time i will chek my settings hoping to get better image quality. FPV cam performed great tho, i had clear view after it jumped to black and white night settings. The contrast performed awesome. More video`s coming soon. While u are here leave a comment, share, like and think about following the channel by subscribing. Always fly safe and keep it in the air! Chek out more of my in real life gear you can buy the cheapest from this worldwide wholesaler Banggood: https://www.banggood.com/?p=ZG27154146483201603Q Gear list, Transmitter: FrSky 2.4G 16CH ACCST Taranis X9D Plus - http://www.banggood.com/Original-FrSky-2_4G-16CH-ACCST-Taranis-X9D-Plus-Transmitter-Carton-Package-p-1121799.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q RP-SMA Female Jack Pigtail Cable - http://www.banggood.com/10cm-PCI-UFL-IPX-to-RPSMA-Female-Jack-Pigtail-Cable-p-924933.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q FrSky 2.4G V8 Series 5dB Module Antenna - http://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-FrSky-2_4G-V8-Series-5dB-Module-Antenna-RP-SMA-p-68703.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q 11.1V 2200mAh Lipo Battery For RC Transmitter -http://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-BQY-Power-11_1V-2200mAh-Lipo-Battery-For-RC-Transmitter-C305-p-65643.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q Goggles: Fatshark Dominator V3 FPV Video Goggles - http://www.banggood.com/Fatshark-Dominator-V3-FPV-Video-Goggles-Glasses-WVGA-720p-HDMI-800X480-p-1000597.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q ImmersionRC Fatshark SpiroNet 5.8GHz LHCP - http://www.banggood.com/ImmersionRC-Fatshark-SpiroNet-5_8GHz-LHCP-Antenna-Set-SMA-2PCS-p-958549.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q Fatshark 8dbi ImmersionRC Patch Antenna LHCP - http://www.banggood.com/Immersion-RC-SpiroNet-8dBi-LHCP-Mini-Left-Hand-Circular-Polarized-Patch-Plate-Antenna-p-1012051.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q Fatshark Spare 7.4V 1800mAh LiPo Battery - http://www.banggood.com/Fatshark-Fat-Shark-7_4V-1800mAh-LiPo-Battery-for-FPV-Goggles-Headset-Video-Glasses-p-1018900.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q Realacc RX5808 Pro Diversity Open Source 5.8G 48CH - http://www.banggood.com/Realacc-RX5808-Open-Source-5_8G-40CH-Split-Receiver-with-OLED-Special-for-Fatshark-Goggles-p-1068207.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q Martian II part list: Dazzne P2 1080 Action Cam: http://www.banggood.com/Dazzne-P2-WiFi-HD-1080P-2_0-Inch-TFT-Screen-Waterproof-Action-Sports-Camera-HDMI-HD-Output-Support-SD-Card-p-999424.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q 1 x s-bus receiver frsky d4-r - http://www.banggood.com/FrSky-X4RSB-316-Channel-Telemetry-Receiver-p-955643.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q 4x Motors DYS-MR2204-2300kv-Brushless - http://www.banggood.com/DYS-MR2204-2300kv-Brushless-Motor-for-FPV-Racing-Quadcopter-p-1028234.html?rmmds=search?p=ZG27154146483201603Q NAZE32-REV6 Flightcontroller - http://www.banggood.com/DALRC-NAZE32-REV6-MPU6050-32-bit-6-DOF10-DOF-Flight-Controller-for-Multicopter-p-1020774.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q FPV cam IR blocked - http://www.banggood.com/Runcam-Swift-NTSC-600TVL-DC-5-17V-FOV-90-FPV-Camera-IR-Senstive-IR-Block-p-1055210.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q 4X FVT LittleBee 20A ESC BLHeli OPTO - http://www.banggood.com/4X-FVT-LittleBee-20A-ESC-BLHeli-OPTO-2-4S-Supports-OneShot125-For-RC-Multirotors-p-1031934.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q Frame MartianⅡ 250 4mm Carbon - http://www.banggood.com/Martian-250-250mm-4mm-Arm-Thickness-Carbon-Fiber-Frame-Kit-w-PDB-For-FPV-Racing-p-1064323.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q 2.5mm Wide Angle IR Sensitive FPV Camera Lens - http://www.banggood.com/2_5mm-M12-130-Degree-Wide-Angle-IR-Sensitive-FPV-Camera-Lens-p-1069509.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q 5V Buzzer Alarm Beeper - http://www.banggood.com/5V-Buzzer-Alarm-Beeper-With-Cable-for-Eachine-QX70-QX90-QX95-NAZE32- 2.4G 4CH ACCST Telemetry Receiver - http://www.banggood.com ImmersionRC SpiroNet 5.8GHz LHCP - http://www.banggood.com/ImmersionRC-Fatshark-SpiroNet-5_8GHz-LHCP-Antenna-Set-SMA-2PCS-p-958549.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q ImmersionRC Raceband 5.8GHz 600mW - http://www.banggood.com/ImmersionRC-Raceband-5_8GHz-600mW-AV-Transmitter-For-FPV-Multicopter-p-1029057.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q Charging station: 12V 5A AC Power Adapter For iMAX B5 B6 - http://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-PD1205-12V-5A-AC-Power-Adapter-For-iMAX-B5-B6-B8-3E-Charger-p-49439.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q iMAX B6 RC Lipo Balance Charger - http://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-IMAX-B6-Digital-RC-Lipo-NiMH-battery-Balance-Charger-p-46220.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q Lipo Parallel Charger Board XT60 - http://www.banggood.com/Tarot-Para-Board-TL2716-Lipo-Parallel-Charger-Board-XT60-pro-version-p-931605.html?p=ZG27154146483201603Q Thanks for watching and reading into this.
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Drop Out Orchestra LIVE, Kalmar, Sweden
Drop Out Orchestra performing their remix of Mario Basanov's "Lonely Days" [NEEDWANT] live at Stora Klubben, Kalmar, Sweden.
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Borås Golfklubb
Jag skapade det här videoklippet med YouTubes videoredigerare (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Встретились 2 друга летчика ;))) и устроили гонки на Фантиках... DJI PHANTOM 3 PRO
Campsie horses meeting the DJI Phantom
The horses on our yard getting to meet the DJI Phantom for the first time. My one is the big chestnut (Bren). This is my first aerial video, any comments or advice is much appreciated.
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Fly With Me-Chapter 23
Chapter 23- "Now I see, everything I'd ever need, Is the girl in front of me, She's much better..." :) Nick- I can't believe that actually worked! I'm a genius. I grinned at Kevin. "Don't make me say it." He growled, his arms crossed. If he hadn't taken it so far, I wouldn't make fun of him, but he just makes it too easy. I just hope his head doesn't explode or something. "Say it. Come on Kev." I taunted him, and he groaned. "You were right." He muttered so low I could barely hear him. "What?" I asked, leaning towards him. "You.Were.Right."He said, raising his voice so I would hear him. "I know." I said, grinning and putting my hands behind my head. He just groaned again and turned to look out the window. I saw the creepy bipolar flight attendent coming back to us so I tapped him on the shoulder. "Dude, here she comes. Smile!" I whispered harshly, putting a smile on my face. Kevin turned away from the window and plastered a fake smile on his face, but he looked like he was in pain. He just hates being wrong. "Here you go boys." She said, handing each of us two bags of peanuts. "Thank you very much." I said, smiling at her. She actually smiled again! "Your very welcome. Can I get you anything else?" Drinks perhaps?" She asked and I glanced over at Kevin, he loooked shocked, I'm sure I did too. "Um, yeah, that'd be great. Do you have Diet Coke?" I asked once I got over the initial shock of her actually offering to get us something. "Yes we most certainly do. And for you?" She asked Kevin and he smiled. "W-water would b-be great." He said, stuttering a little. I grinned. "Coming right up." She said, walking off. I shook my head and looked over at Kevin to see him doing the same. "Did that seriously just happen?" I asked him and he smiled. "I think so. Do you think she has a twin or something?" He chuckled. "Haha. I don't know. It seems like she does, doesn't it." I laughed. "Yes. Or maybe she's just phsyco." He said, crossing his eyes and spinning his fingers on either side of his head. I laughed harder. "Yeah, t-that must b-be it." I stuttered out, trying to stop laughing. We both stopped laughing when we saw her walking up again.... Joe- "Yes! We're finally off that stupid plane!" Demi squealed, stretching her arms over her head. I grinned at her and quickly wrapped my arms around her waist, picking her up and spinning her around. "Joseph Adam put me down!" She giggled, and I laughed as I sat her down. "Fine, fine. Its just I haven't been able to do that in awhile and I couldnt help my self." I said, and she smiled at me and wrapped her arms around my waist. "I know. I've missed it too. That better?" She looked up at me and I tightened my hold on her and leaned down to kiss her forehead. "Yes. Much better." I said, resting my chin on the top of her head. "Alright, alright, break it up. No PDA." Nick swooped in on us and me and Demi jumped apart. I frowned at him. Demi just grinned. "Thats better. Now I can do this." Nick grabbed Demi and spun her around in circles. "Nicholas, put me down. I'm gonna hurl." Demi squealed. I'm really glad that Demi's such good friends with Nick and Kevin, but if he doesn't put her down in two seconds, he's gonna get it. "Oh, please don't, this is my favorite shirt." Nick said in fake fear, letting go of her and gently pushing her away, but then he pulled her close again and hugged her. She laughed. "Nick, I can't breath." She said, trying to push him away. "Let her go Nicholas so I can give her a hug." Kevin said, smiling. Where did he come from? Nick finally let go and Kevin hugged Demi and said something to her that made her laugh. I frowned. "Hello, what about me? I'm the boyfriend!" I protested, crossing my arms. "So? We're the brothers." Nick shot back, smiling sweetly at me. "Okay boys, let me go before the boyfriends head explodes. We wouldn't want the airport janitor to have to clean that up." Demi said, giggling. I tried to look mad, but her laugh made me crack, I smiled. She ran the short distance to me and jumped into my arms again. I held her tight against my chest, her feet weren't even touching the ground. I smiled, completely happy now. "Much better.." Aww..so cute :) hehe So....I know I haven't posted in forever, but I'm writing right now and I'll be posting another chapter tomorrow. :) Thank you so much for reading!
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Follow me north from Jönköping on the E4 by the lake of Vättern that you also can drive in EuroTruck Simulator 2 Scandinavian DLC. The truck is a 2017 Volvo FH460 25,25 meters long. Enjoy.
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Dji Phantom - Filming My Daughters Horse Riding Lesson
I filmed this using a Dji Phantom with a Tarot 2-d gimbal. The camera was a SJ4000. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro
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Alice Flight Academy - Part 1 - Diamond DA20
This video is about Alice flying with Jonas "daddyj". Made so that it present Alice as the instructor. We fly a Diamond DA20 in south west of Sweden. Its from Trollhättan Airport "ESGT".
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Colombia rebels free captured general
Colombia's main rebel group has freed army General Ruben Dario Alzate, who was captured two weeks ago. Al Jazeera's Alessandro Rampietti reports from Bogota.
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puzzy ver$ace feat. traxx shårty ggang - mörlunda city ( 摆湍  exclusive fällmusik )🎼🎼
don peter i mörlunda gör dig till mazda
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DJI Phantom 3  Professional Horses Madison Beach
Shot November 1st 2015 at Hammonasset Beach in Madison Connecticut
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Midaircondo - Come with me
Visual by Lisa Nordström created for Midaircondo's live concerts. Music by Midaircondo: Come with me from the album Curtain Call (Twin Seed Recordings, 2009).
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oskarshamn 09
Ostkustens AWD hade tt med Öjerskog 14/3 -09 . Trevlig dag med massa glada människor.
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Sundown at Öland, Sweden (music made by me)
Here is a beautiful sundown (solnedgång) at Öland, Sweden. Recorded when I was on a vacation there in July 2014. The music is my own ambient track called "Hidden Star". #Öland #Sweden #Life #Nature TECH Blog: http://www.svartling.net/ Apple Community: http://www.svartling.net/p/community.html LIFE Photo: http://photo.svartling.net/ Beer: http://beer.svartling.net/ Life on YouTube: http://goo.gl/TZyELG SOCIAL Google+: http://google.com/+svartling Twitter: http://twitter.com/svartling Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/svartling.net YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/stefansvartling
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REWIND feat. DROP OUT ORCHESTRA, 30th Aug 2013
Supported by Brendon P & Shigeki Ito for complimentary entry: http://bit.ly/kyo_augwk05 Since the Drop Out Orchestra began in 2008, the project has grown from one man and a sampler to a studio team consisting of a music teacher, a studio engineer and a music tech writer. What has remained constant is the mystery regarding their true identity with no names or pictures, ensuring the focus remains on their music. To date, the troupe have had some seriously big releases, including their Daft Punk cover "International Track", (Released as Drop Out City Rockers, crowned "Essential Tune of the Week" on Pete Tong's BBC Radio 1 show and charted at #1 by Fatboy Slim!) their single 'Baby Come Home' and their impeccable remixes of acts like Paul Weller, Flight Facilities, Mario Basanov and Ilija Rudman. In addition to these official releases Drop Out Orchestra delight in reworking some of pop music's most iconic figures with the likes of Rick Astley, Robyn, Craig David and The Ramones already treated to the Drop Out magic. Over the last few months they have received huge amounts of love from dance music maestro's such as Aeroplane, Greg Wilson, Jaymo & Andy George, The Magician, Fatboy Slim, Tronik Youth, Mylo, Chris Coco, Annie Mac, Classixx, Laidback Luke, Seamus Haji & more. The dropouts have set out to deliver a dj performance out of the ordinary with added live bass and percussion playing on top of an intense mix of unique edits, loops and acapellas. Since their live debut just before Christmas last year the touring orchestra - consisting of two people - have played a string of gigs in their native Sweden and all over Europe, including EGO in Hamburg, rated by DJ Magazine as one of the 100 best clubs in the world.
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Knight of Shalun - DJI Phantom horse rider chasing
Today's Challenge - Chasing my dad ding horse riding @ Shalun beach .
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Ulla and ship passing off Pea Patch Island
Balanced Lug Havsfidra Ulla motor sailing and ship passing off Pea Patch Island on the Delaware River.
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Scania Interlink
Welcome Scania Interlink, the most recent bus that fits in perfectly with the rest of the Scania range of sustainable transport solutions. ‪#‎busworld2015‬
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