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Board Work Session 11-7-18
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City Council/Planning & Zoning Joint Workshop
The San Marcos City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission met for a joint workshop at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 30 at the San Marcos Activity Center, 501 E. Hopkins.The meeting consisted of staff presentations and discussion of the Vision San Marcos Comprehensive Plan, Code SMTX, and the Transportation Master Plan.
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Durham City Council says no to rezoning request that would bring Publix to city
The North River Village shopping center would have been anchored by the city's first Publix.
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Raleigh Parks and Recreation System Plan- Your Parks Your Future
The City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation System Plan project is a 16 month process that began in September 2012. The goal of the Parks and Recreation System Plan process is to create a sustainable Plan through public participation that will shape the direction, development and delivery of the City's parks and recreation services and facilities over the next 20 years. A variety of public participation opportunities will be available during this process. Please visit yourparksyourfuture.com for information on the Raleigh Parks and Recreation System Plan.
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Mike Hanson Presents City Hall With Petition To Repeal Freedom Stealing Ordinance
Press Release From Mike Hanson and Citizens of the City of Gonzales Texas: October 13, 2011 This press release is to announce that I, Mike Hanson, along with many good citizens of the City of Gonzales Texas, have presented a petition with approximately 417 signatures to the Gonzales City Secretary. The petition is for the repeal of a recently enacted Gonzales city ordinance No. 2011-22 titled, "An Ordinance Regulating Garage Sales And Providing Penalties; And Declaring An Effective Date". While our grievances with this ordinance are stated in the petition, we would like to make a further statement about and increasing loss of transparency in the actions of our city government. This ordinance was passed with almost no citizen input. When the public announcement of this ordinance being enacted was posted in the Gonzales Cannon Newspaper public notices section on September 13th, it came as a complete surprise to many of the citizens of Gonzales, including some city employees. The appearance of this announcement in our paper of record prompted me to start asking questions of our public servants in city government, and of Nikki Maxwell, a reporter with the Gonzales Cannon Newspaper who attended the city council meeting when this ordinance was voted on. According to Maxwell, this ordinance was on the Gonzales City Council agenda. It was discussed by city council for less than ten minutes, then voted on and passed unanimously. I asked the city manager and city secretary why the citizens were not informed before hand that this ordinance was being considered. In the past, it has been a city council policy to inform the citizens 3 times before an ordinance is voted on, allowing ample time for public input before a vote is taken by city council. I was informed this policy was a "Courtesy" afforded the citizens by city council. I was also told there is no provision in the city charter to inform the citizens at all, and that this "Courtesy" was not given to the public in this case. This so-called "courtesy" should be a permanent fixture in our government. I also found out, that citizens will no longer be allowed to speak on specific agenda items during city council meetings, and will only be allowed to speak for 3 minutes during citizens communications. These two new "policies" show a trend that Gonzales City Council seems to be deliberately exluding the citizens from participation in their government. This is a disturbing dictatorial trend, and this petition is also designed to address the lack of transparency. This ordinance is absolutely an un-American attack on out inherent right to private property. Without the right to use out property as we wish, we are not free, and simply servants for the government. If this trend continues, maybe we should rewrite the last stanza of the Star Spangled Banner to say "Land of the permitted, and Home of the Timid". The first signature on this petition was mine on September 26th, 2011. We achieved this petition drive in 17 days. A monumental and historic task in my opinion. I'd like to thank all the good people of Gonzales who helped move this petition forward, and stood for freedom once again as is our noble heritage. God Bless, Mike Hanson 512-656-0521 mikeh@stx.rr.com
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Rocco Piserchia takes on Agenda 21: "You're welcome your royal highness"
Rocco Piserchia delivers a scathing tirade against Raleigh City council's plans to implement Agenda 21 - a central planning agenda hatched by the United Nations intended to tighten controls on citizens and eventually house the average joe in a subcompact city. Through zoning laws, energy regulation and fascist government regulations, the Agenda 21 disguises itself as "sustainable development" whilest removing the last remnants of sovereigtny and private property left in the United States of America.
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City Council
Come to the City Council meeting in Raleigh tonight and show your support of the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle!
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Charlotte, NC City Council Meeting
A project to help Veterans without increasing taxes or the National Debt.
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Charlotte City Council Bows To Corporate Sponsors
Occupy Charlotte, Tea Party, and local citizens attended this meeting to speak out against Chiquita'a relocation to Charlotte. The city council chose 417 jobs and a corporate sponsor ignoring the corporations human rights violations spanning nearly a century. See them admit "that's just the way it is."
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Mobile Home Zoning Bill
A new bill in Raleigh will strip North Carolina of its right to restrict where mobile homes can be built. If passed, the legislation will override current zoning laws in communities that don't allow manufactured homes. The bill is being sponsored by Representative Nathan Ramsey of Buncombe County. Ramsey says the legislation will help fill the need for affordable housing in North Carolina. The bill only applies to single family homes, not mobile home parks. Some constituents say they're worried it could affect property value. In the measure, counties won't be able to add or enforce zoning regulations that will prevent someone from putting a manufactured home in a residential area. Exemptions will be made for historic neighborhoods or ones with pre-established regulations. Right now, only 10 percent of Buncombe County has mobile home restrictions. The Beaverdam community is one of them. Neighbors there say they don't think the new legislation is a good idea. The Buncombe County commissioners discussed the bill during a meeting Friday. Chairman David Gantt says he understands the need for more affordable housing, but has mixed feelings about it. The legislature is expected to vote on the bill in the next few weeks. By Emma WrightFollow Emma on Twitter @wright_emma
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Zoning Board of Appeals
Established in 1923 the Zoning Board of Appeals reviews land use issues that pertain to the Chicago Zoning Ordinance, including proposed variations from the zoning code, special uses that require review to determine compatibility with adjacent properties, and appeals of decisions made by the Zoning Administrator.
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Rutherford County School Board Special Called Meeting October 25, 2018
Special Called Meeting of the RCS School Board for the proposed Zoning of Rockvale High School and Rocky Fork Elementary
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City of Friendswood-Planning and Zoning Meeting April 21, 2016
View the Agenda at: http://old.friendswood.com/agendas/P&Z%20Agenda%20Packets/04-21-16%20regular%20meeting/04-21-16%20PZ%20Linked%20Agenda.pdf Selected agenda items: 4. Consideration and possible action regarding the zone classification change request of 262.15 acres from Single Family Residential (SFR) and Multi-Family Residential-Medium (MFR-M) to Planned Unit Development (PUD) (Friendswood Trails) and 2.238 acres from Multi-Family Residential-Medium Density (MFR-M) to Neighborhood Commercial (NC), property commonly known as the old Sunmeadow Golf Course, being nine tracts of land situated in the William Henry Survey, A-84 & the Mary Sloan Survey, A-184 Galveston County, Texas, and the R.A. Magee Survey, A-349 & the H. Stevens Survey, A-595, Brazoria County, Texas https://youtu.be/NRb-MZe8Wz0?t=69 5. Consideration and possible action regarding the Preliminary Plat of Friendswood Mary’s Creek, 13.3586 acres being out of Lot 5, Hoidale and Coffman Subdivision (Vol. 215, Pg. 394 G.C.D.R.) transferred to (Plat Record 14, Map Number 48 G.C.M.R.) and being out of Perry & Austin League, Abstract 20 Friendswood, Galveston County, Texas https://youtu.be/NRb-MZe8Wz0?t=4535 7. Update from the Subcommittee regarding a possible ordinance amendment and a recommendation to City Council regarding whether or not to require a Specific Use Permit for retail uses 100,000 square feet or larger https://youtu.be/NRb-MZe8Wz0?t=4954
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Public Meeting - Rezoning   April 20, 2016
Public Meeting - Rezoning April 20, 2016
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Raleigh leaders, residents meet to discuss 2030 comprehensive plan
Raleigh leaders, residents meet to discuss 2030 comprehensive plan
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Durham City Council Meeting Nov 19, 2018
To view the full agenda visit http://DurhamNC.gov/agendacenter Call to Order starts at 3:35 Moment of Silent Meditation starts at 3:58 Pledge of Allegiance starts at 4:11 Roll Call starts at 5:24 Dillard Teer Day Proclamation starts at 5:52 Durham NC Chapter of the Links, Inc. Proclamation starts at 12:25 Neighborhood Spotlight Recipient - Charlitta Burruss starts at 16:45 Book Harvest's Millionth Book Month Proclamation starts at 22:15 DPAC - 2018 International Entertainment Buyers Association (IEBA) Theatre of the Year Award Recognition starts at 24:33 Announcements by Council starts at 27:51 Priority Items by the City Manager, City Attorney and City Clerk starts at 37:15 Consent Agenda starts at 37:57 16. 2018 Third Quarter Crime Report starts at 40:42 17. Zoning Map Change for Barbee Road 54 Townhouses starts at 1:26:16 18. FY 2019-2020 Annual Action "Needs" Public Hearing starts at 1:35:00 19. Resolution Approving the Issuance by the Arizona Industrial Development Authority of its Student Housing Revenue Bonds (Provident Group - North Carolina Central University Project) Series 2018 starts at 1:48:56 8. Proposed Lease for Police District #3 Substation at 10 Consultant Place starts at 1:51:39 Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/cityofdurhamnc Like: http://www.facebook.com/cityofdurhamnc Follow: http://www.twitter.com/cityofdurhamnc Follow: http://www.instagram.com/cityofdurhamnc Visit: http://DurhamNC.gov
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“We can’t allow developers to get off the hook. We need more affordable housing.”
Mayor Baraka urges City Counsel to vote in favor of more affordable housing throughout the city.
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RDUAA Board Meeting
October 12, 2017 - RDUAA Special Board Meeting
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City of Hoover, AL Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting for 08 10 2015
See: http://www.al.com/news/birmingham/index.ssf/2015/08/hoover_planning_board_approves.html#incart_river http://hooversun.com/news/two-new-subdivisions-approved-for-ross-bridge-lake-cyrus-com810/
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City Council 1-22-2018 Business meeting  (FULL MEETING)
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Special Council Meeting #2 - 31 January 2016 - Greater Shepparton City Council
Agenda & minutes tap to http://bit.ly/AgdaGSCC Live Streaming of Council Meetings All of Greater Shepparton City Council public Ordinary and Special Council Meetings are streamed live and made available to the public via Council’s official Facebook page. Live streaming allows you to watch and listen to the meeting in real time, giving you greater access to Council decision making and debate and encouraging openness and transparency. Every care is taken to maintain privacy and attendees are advised they may be recorded. There may be situations where, due to technical difficulties a live stream may not be available. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure the live streaming and website are up and running smoothly, the Greater Shepparton City Council takes no responsibility for and cannot be held liable for, the live streaming or Council website being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond its control. Technical issues may include, but are not limited to the availability of the internet connection, device failure or malfunction, unavailability of social media platforms or power outages.
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Marcus D. Jones announced as new Charlotte City Manager
Members of the Charlotte City Council voted Wednesday evening in open session to select Marcus D. Jones as the next city manager. For more information go to http://charlottenc.gov
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Powerplant Cleanup Town Hall Meeting (Live Stream)
Click here for higher quality link https://youtu.be/8qsH4UKYBL0
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2015-09-01 How to stop a video casino SF City Council
How do you as a citizen stop an unjust or unwarranted action by Sioux Falls city government staff? Have your facts straight, present them well and show up in overwhelming numbers to all meetings you can get to. Then be at every city meeting dealing with and even those not part of your concern speaking up. Be there speaking at every Public Input including the night of the 1st Reading. Rules prevent the public from speaking during the 1st Reading presentation time, so speak up during the general Public Input period. Be sure the Council knows your concerns. Question everything, all the time and let them know it. The Sioux Falls City Council on September 1, 2015 had a period where it became a quasi-judicial body. In other words as a group they become administrative or executive officials similar to a court of appeal proceeding. Item #20 was a Planning Commission appeal of the decision to allow a pair video lottery casinos to be allowed without any conditions to an established residential neighborhood. The August 5, 2015 Planning Commission was advised by city zoning staff no conditions could be discussed or voted on to lessen the damage to the neighborhood. The Commission was also advised they could not deny the staff recommendation. With this information, the Commission voted to approve. The neighbors filed an appeal to the City Council within the five (5) day allowed period after the Commission vote (for those interested, this is key). The appeal allows the neighborhood to organize and present their case to the Council. Once the city presented the case facts, Charlotte Miller spoke, laying out the case for repeal of the action in a straight forward clear manner. She could have been a successful trial lawyer. Jeff Gould summarized the information and feelings of the abused 85th St neighborhoods with eloquence. What can you say about the knowledge Greg Neitzert has when discussing Shape Places and the affects it has on the city. This one individual has the knowledge and street sense to find solutions needed. Then there is our cameraman Bruce Danielson, who brought the conflicted words of city zoning officer Jeffery Schmitt into one video for the council to hear. What rule book is he using. Can you imagine playing a board game without written rules, who wins? After the Appellants and Public Input were done the Council questioning continued. It was interesting the Applicant never spoke on his behalf, leading the Council to ask if he was in the room. He should have been left out of the process at this point for Public Input but the rules were bent for him. Bryant Soberg then spoke as owner asking for permit approval between what must have seemed tough questioning. The Council had an interesting deliberation period where it showed they have many questions on how to tie the old 1983 zoning rule book to the realities of the 2013 Shape Places zoning rule book. In the end, the permit was rejected by the Council. Councilor Greg Jamison in the process had an interesting City Attorney clarification of the process all who seek conditional use conditions should remember: Jamison: Can the City Council add more conditions to a conditional use permit? City Attorney: Yes they can add additional considerations Jamison: Can the City Council deny a conditional use permit? City Attorney: Yes Think about this process as before another neighborhood's rights are being trampled by uncontrolled growth in the name of expedience.
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Formal 05/14/13 Session - Norfolk City Council
13:44 PH-1 Public hearing on the application of Unique Auto by Robyn Thomas to operate an Automobile Repair and Sales and Service Establishment at 2406 Colonial Avenue and 420 and 430 West 24th Street 22:50 PH-2 Public hearing to amend the Zoning Ordinance, 35th Street Pedestrian Commercial Overlay District 23:40 PH-3 Public hearing to amend the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Norfolk, clarifying whom may initiate text amendments 24:28 PH-4 Public hearing to amend the Zoning Ordinance, 21st Street Pedestrian Commercial Overlay District 30:56 PH-5 Public hearing on the application of Troy Robertson, for a change of zoning located at 1532 Aspin Street and 1533-1539 Sewells Point Road 31:48 PH-6 Public hearing on the application of Norfolk Building Corporation, for a Conditional rezoning on property located at 3448 Thomas Street 35:52 CONSENT AGENDA AVAILABLE AT WWW.NORFOLK.GOV 35:56 R-1 An Ordinance appropriating $800,000 from the Land Acquisition/Revolving Fund balance, establishing a Healthcare Fund, authorizing Short-term Equipment Financing, increasing certain fines and fees, increasing the real estate property tax, allowing for National Fingerprint checks, accepting and authorizing HUD Entitlement Grants, providing funds for a real estate tax exemption and deferral and regulating the payment of money from the City Treasury. 01:10:18 R-2 An Ordinance approving the Capital Improvement Plan Budget for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2013 and ending June 30, 2014 01:11:06 R-3 An Ordinance approving and adopting the Fiscal Year 2014 Compensation Plans for officers and employees of the City 01:11:38 R-4 An Ordinance appropriating Grant Funds totaling $49,371,032.00 to the School Board of the City of Norfolk for Title I Programs, other special programs and the School Nutrition Services Program 01:12:12 R-5 An Ordinance appropriating a sum equivalent to 50% of the revenues from the two-dollar flat tax per hotel room, authorizing the expenditure of that sum as a Grant to the entities that form the Norfolk Consortium 01:12:35 R-6 An Ordinance approving the Budget for the Norfolk Law Library 01:14:55 R-7 An Ordinance to permit the renovation of an Industrial Building for Mixed Uses at 945 to 949 Woodrow Avenue 01:15:30 R-8 An Ordinance to permit modifications to a retail building at 3212 Tidewater Drive 01:15:54 R-9 An Ordinance to permit the operation of a used merchandise sales establishment located at 2515 Granby Street 01:16:17 R-10 An Ordinance to operate and entertainment establishment on property located at 923 Glenrock Road 01:16:44 R-11 A Special Exception to operate an eating and drinking establishment on property located at 429 Granby Street 01:17:20 R-12 A Special Exception to permit the operation of an entertainment establishment on property located at 421 to 423 Granby Street 01:17:32 R-13 A Special Exception to permit the operation of an entertainment establishment on property located at 9583 Shore Drive 01:24:50 R-14 A Special Exception to permit the operation of an automobile and truck repair facility on property located at 742 to 756 East 25th Street and 745 East 26th Street 01:25:28 R-15 A Special Exception to operate an entertainment establishment on property located at 1309 Raleigh Avenue. R-15A A Special Exception to permit the sale of alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption on property located at 1309 Raleigh Avenue 01:26: 15 R-16 An Ordinance to schedule a City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 7:00p.m. 01:26:40 R-17 An Ordinance authorizing the purchase from CMC Steel Fabricators, Inc., designated as 1344 Ballentine Boulevard, for the sum of $2,300,000.00 02:08:00 R-18 An Ordinance authorizing the purchase from Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, designated as 321 E. Little Creek Road for the sum of $179,000.00
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Scranton City Council (July 16, 2018)
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Cumberland Council Meeting 06 11 2013 (2)
-Mayor appointed Eugene Stagnolia to the Tri-City Utilities Authority for a period of 4 years. Raleigh stated there isn't a vacant position. Arguing began. Dixon stated the meeting time had been changed so he could be there. (Refer to previous city council video documenting Elliott stated the meeting time could not be changed because a member could not drive in the evening. A request for the time to be changed so the public could attend had been made and was denied). - Council comments: Y.Gilliam discussed buildings needed to be torn down. Jarvis: John Dixon's problem with Stacy Dr. John Dixon addressed to council. Council acknowledged they received the letter and it is being worked on. Jarvis said any 12 year old can manipulate the money to make it come out. Elliott: Received a complaint from "someone" that workers are out working in the rain without raincoats. Mayor said they have raincoats. She also got a call from Loretta Cornett saying furniture was laying out on her property. The Chief had already taken care of it. It will be picked up on garbage day. Questioned collection of privilege license and landlord ordinance. Raleigh: Questions when an employee can miss a day or take a vacation. Elliott made a motion to pay vacation day to Duncan. Raleigh seconded it. All in favor. When is the building being cleaned up because the EPA was involved, etc. Bush: No comments. Dixon: Buildings owned by the Army Corp. of Engineers and grass needing cut in his neighborhood. Discussed privacy fence installed at the maintenance building. Discussed old garbage truck. Discussed number of employees. Jarvis said lay off 3 people and let them draw unemployment. Elliott accused mayor of saying names. He did not. Currently has 6 in maintenance. Mayor asks they think about this before they do this. Discussed number of police officers.
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Charlotte City Council 1-8-2018
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This Week from City Hall: Craven Pamlico Re-Entry Council
Alderman Jeff Odham interviews Greg Singleton and Cheryl McCarthy about the Craven Pamlico Re-Entry Council and a week's worth of events coming up at the end of April during Re-Entry Week!
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Trane Engineers Newsletter Live: Applying Variable Refrigerant Flow
Trane Engineers Newsletter LIVE: All HVAC systems have their own set of advantages, as well as application challenges. In this program, Trane applications engineers discuss some of the challenges when applying a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system, such as complying with ASHRAE Standards 15 and 90.1, meeting the ventilation requirements of ASHRAE Standard 62.1, and zoning to maximize the benefit of heat recovery. In addition, the current state of modeling VRF in energy simulation software will be reviewed. After viewing this program, you will be able to: identify VRF system components and understand why design and installation is critical to the functionality of the system, identify how controls for VRF systems differ from typical HVAC applications, summarize how to comply with ASHRAE Standards 90.1 and 62.1 when using VRF, and summarize ASHRAE Standard 15, Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems, requirements for VRF systems. To download material or earn PDH credit, please visit Trane.com/ContinuingEducation.
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Cumberland Council Meeting 02 11 2014 (1)
Present: Carolyn Elliott (mayor), Robin Dixon Smith (city clerk), council members: David C. Dixon, Teresa and Charles Raleigh, Ron Jarvis, Jerry and Yvonne Gilliam. Absent: Leslie Elliott Bush (council member) and Jonathan Lee (city attorney) Tracy Bailey was on the agenda. She was unable to attend. Mayor stated the Christmas decorations will be taken down (soon). Gerri Rhinehart and Bob Shoemaker were appointed to the Tri-City Main Street Board for a term of 2 years. Surplussed a 2007 GMC blue truck Discussed updated personnel manual: *Raleigh had problems with listing positions in the manual if they are not filled. He didn't think they should be listed if money is not in the budget citing anyone could come in and fill the position. He stated that a position was filled in the past and there was no money. *Fire Chief (Doug Yaden) and Assistant Fire Chief (Tyler Cornett) are now salaried employees. Financial Statement: *Raleigh questioned why one man who owns two companies that the city purchased chemicals from. He asked why not sell from one? *There were a lot of redundant questions asked. (asked at almost every meeting). *Jarvis asked the city clerk about a building permit (who and what) that had been purchased. The clerk whispered a response. The mayor advised he could get that information after the meeting. *Mayor stated FEMA is mapping and changing the zoning laws. *The payment for the police coats was questioned. The mayor indicated there were problems with them but eventually paid for them. *Y. Gilliam questioned the amount of overtime. 151 hours OT in one pay period. *Y. Gilliam questioned if Chris O'Bradovich had someone helping him with his paperwork. *Financial statement approved. Approved 01/14/14 minutes. *Mayor asked if everyone got a copy of the "corrected" special called meeting minutes. (Did not state the date)
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September 12, 2017 Reidsville City Council Meeting
(Reidsville, NC) - Video of the September 12, 2017 meeting of the Reidsville City Council AGENDA REIDSVILLE CITY COUNCIL MEETING September 12, 2017 1. Call to Order. 2. Invocation by Reverend Peter Dodge, Reidsville Alliance Church, 1300 Freeway Drive, Reidsville. 3. Pledge of Allegiance. 4. Approval of the Consent Agenda. 5. Recognitions: (A) Presentation by Employees on Participation Overview/Stories from the “Team Up to Clean Up” Day in the schools on Saturday, August 26, 2017. – City Marketer Judy Yarbrough and Human Resources Director Terri Rivers (B) Presentation of a Certificate of Appreciation for those City employees helping with the “Team Up to Clean Up”. – Rockingham County Commissioners Chairman Mark Richardson 6. Public Hearings: (A) Consideration of a Special Use Permit application for an Internet Sweepstakes Café at 1601 South Scales Street within the Pennrose Park Shopping Center. The Planning Board did not make a recommendation to Council because a majority vote was not received on the four Findings of Fact. (SP 2017-3) – Community Development Manager Donna Setliff (B) Consideration of a Special Use Permit application to allow a dwelling at 2203 US 29 Business, which is zoned Highway Business. (SP 2017-4) – Community Development Manager Donna Setliff (C) Consideration of the City’s plans to submit a Community Development Block Grant application to the NC Department of Commerce for a project involving the renovation of 228 Gilmer Street, future site of Lucky City Brewing and the Arts Council. – Economic Development Director Jeff Garstka 7. Presentation on the County’s upcoming Forum on Opioid Addiction, Misuse & Deaths. – Rockingham County Manager Lance L. Metzler 8. Update on Soft Skills Employee Bootcamp, Career Readiness Program and Teen Center Career Programs. – Economic Development Director Jeff Garstka 9. Consideration of a Resolution to allow the City Manager to apply for funding through the Division of Water Infrastructure program for an Asset Inventory and Assessment Grant for the City’s Wastewater System. – Bill Cowan, WR-Martin 10. Consideration of a Resolution to allow the City Manager to apply for funding through the Division of Water Infrastructure program for an Asset Inventory and Assessment Grant for the City’s Water System. – Bill Cowan, WR-Martin 11. Consideration of a Resolution to allow the City Manager to re-apply for funding through the Division of Water Infrastructure’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund/State Reserve program for a wastewater treatment works project described as improvements to the Wastewater Treatment Plant to achieve nutrient removal requirements. – Bill Cowan, WR-Martin 12. Consideration of a proposal from Waugh Asphalt Inc. to resurface various City streets and Wastewater Treatment Plant parking lots. – Public Works Director Kevin Eason 13. Consideration of Ordinance to Demolish the following – Community Development Manager Donna Setliff: (A) 102 South Franklin Street (B) 507 Coleman Street (C) 706 Prince Williams Street (D) Corresponding Budget Ordinance Amendment No. 4 14. Consideration of the naming of a Service Street off West Harrison Street to Tyler Court. – Community Development Manager Donna Setliff 15. Consideration of an Interlocal Agreement between the City of Reidsville and Rockingham County for Inspection Services. – Community Development Manager Donna Setliff 16. Board & Commission Appointments (A) Historic Preservation Commission 17. Public Comments. 18. City Manager’s Report. 19. Council Members’ Reports. 20. Announcement of Board & Commission Appointments. 21. Move to the First-Floor Conference Room for a closed session to discuss economic development and personnel pursuant to NCGS 143-318.11(a)(4) and (6). 22. Adjourn.
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Fayetteville City Council Meeting - October 22 2018
www.FayettevilleNC.gov www.facebook.com/cityoffayettevillegovernment www.FayTV.net Twitter @CityOfFayNC
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What is the definition of zoning?
Womble Carlyle land use attorneys John Cooke and Mike Thelen present a series of short videos that address such topics as zoning, municipalities and land use, and the interpretation of zoning laws, particularly as these issues relate to North Carolina landowners and developers. View all videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSFvlD-7Gv_r_3QXVKW0I-G1UI3Cl_QZX Watch the full-length episodes: Episode 1 - Development Agreements http://youtu.be/HIWJwQdC0K4?list=PLSFvlD-7Gv_r_3QXVKW0I-G1UI3Cl_QZX Episode 2 - Zoning http://youtu.be/mX2Ig3jPBYY?list=PLSFvlD-7Gv_r_3QXVKW0I-G1UI3Cl_QZX Episode 3 - Quasi-Judicial Zoning Proceedings http://youtu.be/cd0zUqOZWnw?list=PLSFvlD-7Gv_r_3QXVKW0I-G1UI3Cl_QZX Episode 4 - Relationship Between Planning & Zoning http://youtu.be/NTEVfmgQ6Ss?list=PLSFvlD-7Gv_r_3QXVKW0I-G1UI3Cl_QZX Episode 5 - Municipalities http://youtu.be/OpS22So-_H8?list=PLSFvlD-7Gv_r_3QXVKW0I-G1UI3Cl_QZX Episode 6 - Zoning and the Interpretation of Related Laws http://youtu.be/4bRLvJ1ur5E?list=PLSFvlD-7Gv_r_3QXVKW0I-G1UI3Cl_QZX John Cooke has more than 30 years of experience in land use law and real estate litigation. Based in the Raleigh-Durham region, John practices throughout North Carolina. He represents all types of business clients - developers, end users and landowners - when they attempt to use their land or maximize its value through securing entitlements, forming public-private agreements or handling litigation. Bio: http://www.wcsr.com/Professionals/Lawyer-Bios/John-C-Cooke Mike Thelen focuses his practice on land use, local government law and real estate development litigation, having handled rezoning, quasi-judicial proceedings before local governments, negotiation and drafting of development agreements, site plans, land use planning, eminent domain, construction and lien disputes, commercial landlord-tenant disputes, commercial foreclosure and loan litigation, partnership dissolution, business torts, and civil fraud matters. Mike practices in the firm’s Raleigh office. Bio: http://www.wcsr.com/Professionals/Lawyer-Bios/Michael-C-Thelen
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Exploring Black History in Charlotte, North Carolina
There is so much history to explore and yet so much disappearing in Charlotte, North Carolina. Even more so in the historically black neighborhoods and buildings. In this brief video we talk with Perry Brewer and his experience growing up in Charlotte. The video features some of Charlotte's amazing historically significant black neighborhoods and buildings, including: 00:15 Grace A.M.E. Zion Church built 1901 in the razed black neighborhood of Brooklyn aka 2nd Ward. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grace_A.M.E._Zion_Church 00:18 The original McCrorey YMCA opened 1936 in Brooklyn / 2nd Ward as one of the South's first black YMCAs. It now sits behind the United Way building currently being used for U.W. storage. 00:20 Biddle Hall built 1884 on Johnson C. Smith's campus in the black neighborhood of Biddleville. https://www.jcsu.edu/admissions/future_students/explore_our_campus/online-tour/biddle-hall 00:22 The Excelsior Club in the black "streetcar" neighborhood of Washington Heights just down the street from JCSU. One of the longest standing nightclubs and leading black social clubs in the South East. Some of the nations top black musicians played there including Nat King Cole, James Brown, and the O'Jays. It was also an important meeting place for civil rights activists in the 1950's and 1960's. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmie_McKee 00:29 The Youngblood Cemetery, a slave cemetery rediscovered just a couple years on Remount Rd. The City of Charlotte is still not sure what to do with the site. It lies un-marked next to new apartment buildings in the current revitalization of South End. You could walk right by it and not know what it is. http://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/city-hopes-preserve-slave-cemetery-uncovered-south/113112304 1:00 Mt. Zion Lutheran church in the black neighborhood of Cherry. Developers have set their sights on Cherry just like many historic neighborhoods in Charlotte. Many homes are being bulldozed for the newer and more expensive. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/news-columns-blogs/retro-charlotte/article76301027.html 1:08 Morgan School for blacks also in the Cherry neighborhood. Still a prominently black charter school. Many kids now live far away because of the redevelopments, and some are no longer able to go to school there. http://www.charlottefive.com/morgan-school-cherry-neighborhood/ - http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/education/article118171743.html 1:22 At the very end of the video we see the historical gateway arch into the the Johnson C. Smith campus. https://www.jcsu.edu/admissions/future_students/explore_our_campus/online-tour/archway
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Raleigh City Council (April 3, 2018) - Rezoning Case Z-17-17: 615 West Peace Street
Discussion of a rezoning case at 615 West Peace Street. Plans call for a boutique hotel on land zoned for 3-stories. The rezoning case asks to raise the height to 4-stories.
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Durham City Council Oct 15, 2018
To view the full agenda visit http://DurhamNC.gov/agendacenter Call to Order starts at 1:51 Moment of Silent Meditation starts at 2:15 Pledge of Allegiance starts at 2:32 Roll Call starts at 3:42 October 2018 National Community Planning Month Proclamation and the Merged Durham City/County Planning Department 30th Anniversary starts at 4:06 Community Engagement Month Proclamation starts at 8:39 National Disability Employment Awareness Month Proclamation starts at 15:15 Indigenous People’s Day Proclamation starts at 17:39 Neighbor Spotlight Recipient – Victor Vazquez Luna (District 1) starts at 17:38 History Moment Recognition starts at 27:55 Announcements by Council starts at 35:11 Priority Items by the City Manager, City Attorney and City Clerk starts at 44:19 Swearing in of David Dixon starts at 46:06 Consent Agenda starts at 47:11 Swearing in of Human Relation Commissioner Pierce Freelon starts at 49:38 14. Zoning Map Change for 6919 Herndon Road start at 51:50 4. Approval of Durham Community Land Trustees, Inc. to Receive a Grant to Rehabilitate Substance Rental Unites in North East Central Durham and Execution of an Agreement with Durham Community Land Trustees, Inc. starts at 54:39 5. Request to Extend the Street Impact Fee Credits Issued to Reveille, LLC. for the Park at Southpoint Project starts at 59:38 6. Ordinance to Establish a Permitting Procedure to Regulate the Operation of Shared Active Transportation Companies within Durham starts at 1:12:12 Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/cityofdurhamnc Like: http://www.facebook.com/cityofdurhamnc Follow: http://www.twitter.com/cityofdurhamnc Follow: http://www.instagram.com/cityofdurhamnc Visit: http://DurhamNC.gov
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Planning and Zoning October 23, 2017 Town of Cary
The Planning and Zoning Board is an advisory body to the Town Council and deals with land use, zoning and development issues. In addition to attending monthly Planning and Zoning Board meetings, these board members are also expected to attend public hearings on plans, rezonings, and ordinance amendments held jointly with the Town Council. The board consists of 9 members appointed by the Town Council, one of whom the Town Council designates as chairperson. Eight members are appointed from within Cary's corporate limits and 1 member is appointed from the Town's extraterritorial jurisdiction. All appointments to the board are for three-year terms, except where unexpired terms are being filled.
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Crockett Texas City Council Meeting October 1st 2012
Crockett Texas City Council Meeting October 1st 2012
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Formal Session--Norfolk City Council 3/27/18
3:00 PH-1 PUBLIC HEARING scheduled this day under the State law, public notice having been inserted in the local press by the City Clerk, on the application of the CITY OF NORFOLK, for a change of zoning from Downtown Arts and Design (D-AD) to Open Space and Preservation (OSP) on properties located at 134-142 W. Olney Road. 3:43 PH-2 PUBLIC HEARING scheduled this day under the State law, public notice having been inserted in the local press by the City Clerk, on the application of the CITY OF NORFOLK, for the closing, vacating and discontinuing of a portion of Harper Street from the southern line of Woolsey Street to the northern line of Bruce Street. 4:10 PH-3 PUBLIC HEARING scheduled this day under the State law, public notice having been inserted in the local press by the City Clerk, on the application of the CITY PLANNING COMMISSION, for a text amendment to the City’s Zoning Ordinance to require a Conditional Use Permit for the development of 25 or more multi-family dwelling units in the following zoning districts: MF-NS (Multi-Family – Neighborhood-Scale), MF-AC (Multi-Family – Apartment Complex), MF-HR (Multi-Family – High Rise), C-N (Neighborhood Commercial), C-C (Community Commercial), C-R (Regional Commercial), and G-1 (Granby/Monticello Corridor Mixed-use). (MATTER WILL BE CONTINUED TO JUNE 26, 2018) 4:52 PH-4 5:39 The consent agenda can be viewed at www.norfolk.gov/agendacenter 6:44 R-1 Matter of a letter from the City Manager and an Ordinance entitled, “An Ordinance to grant a Certificate of Appropriateness authorizing the installation of new vinyl windows on property located at 714 Raleigh Avenue and located in a Historic District,” will be introduced in writing and read by its title. 30:23 R-2 Letter from the City Manager and an Ordinance entitled, “An Ordinance approving a Lease Termination Agreement relative to the Lease between the City of Norfolk and Norfolk Stationery Company, Incorporated for the premises located at 103 Granby Street,” will be introduced in writing and read by its title. 30:46 R-3 Letter from the City Manager and an Ordinance entitled, “An Ordinance to repeal one Subsection of Section 25-653 and to amend and reordain Sections 25-650, 651,653 and 654 of the Norfolk City Code, 1979, SO AS TO add one new left turn prohibition, one new u-turn prohibition, one new yield intersection and fourteen new stop intersections,” will be introduced in writing and read by its title. 31:18 R-4 Letter from the City Manager and an Ordinance entitled, “An Ordinance in support of the regional broadband initiative, appointing Councilwoman Andria P. McClellan and the City Manager to the Regional Broadband Steering Committee, and appropriating and authorizing the expenditure of a sum up to $100,000.00 as the City’s share of the cost of the 30% engineering study for regional broadband,” will be introduced in writing and read by its title. 35:53 R-5 Letter from the City Manager and an Ordinance entitled, “An Ordinance approving a License Agreement with Zagster, Inc. for the establishment, installation, operation and maintenance of bicycle share stations on public rights-of-way and on other city-owned property,” will be introduced in writing and read by its title. 36:18 R-6 Letter from the City Manager and an Resolution entitled, “A Resolution to adopt the Emergency Operations Plan as revised,” will be introduced in writing and read by its title. 38:12 R-7 Letter from the City Manager and an Resolution entitled, “A Resolution to inform the Department of Environmental Quality that the Materials Recovery Facility proposed for 1525 St. Julian Avenue is not a permitted use,” will be introduced in writing and read by its title. 46:10 R-8 46:38-R-9 46:57 New Business The complete agenda can be viewed here... https://www.norfolk.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_03272018-832?html=true #norfolkVA #757
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Participatory urban planning
Participatory Urban Planning: Planning the city with and for its citizens is a guide designed to support you throughout each step of your project that includes citizen participation. Download the guide : http://www.ecologieurbaine.net/en/documentation-en/online-store
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Cumberland City Council Meeting 03/08/2011 (3)
Mayor instructs how meeting will be conducted and no arguing. David Dixon makes a motion to any action taken be stricken from the record citing legal sources (Elliott laughed). Dixon heard a comment being made and addressed the fact that he wasn't at the meeting but did watch the video twice and stated just because your not here doesn't mean you don't know what happened. Raleigh seconded. Bowyers insistsed it wasn't an illegal meeting and in 54 years this council was embarrassed the worse it ever has been (sorry I have to laugh!!!) she also said the minutes could be put where the sun don't shine. Elliott attempted to table it (again). Raleigh, Haynes, Dixon, and Howard voted yes. Bowyers, Graham, and Elliott voted no. Further discussion of financial statement.
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Fayetteville City Council Meeting - Sept 24, 2018
www.FayettevilleNC.gov www.facebook.com/cityoffayettevillegovernment www.FayTV.net Twitter @CityOfFayNC
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Beaumont City Council denies councilman's reques
BEAUMONT- by Haley BullThe controversy surrounding a Beaumont city councilman's effort to open a law office in the Oaks Historic District took a new turn Tuesday. Councilman Audwin Samuel requested a specific use permit to open the business in a residential area. The Beaumont City Council denied it, but the issue may not be over yet. KFDM News learned a complaint was filed in the Beaumont Municipal Court against Samuel alleging a zoning violation. Samuel said he received a summons to appear in court related to the complaint. On the door of the property in the 22-hundred block of Hazel, though, is a sign with a clear message, reading "Not open for business.""I'm not operating, I have not been operating," Samuel said. It's how he described the property he intended to be his law office and how the Beaumont City Council voted to keep it. "It is what it is, they made a decision," Samuel said.The council voted unanimously, with Samuel abstaining, to deny his application for a specific use permit to open a law office in a residential multiple family dwelling zone. The planning commission previously recommended 5 to 4 to deny it. Samuel raised an objection, that planning and zoning commissioners living within the area should have recused themselves, and he requested a public hearing.The city council unanimously denied that request, too."We're of course thrilled that they understand what the issue truly is and that they're there to support us," Virginia Jordan said.Jordan is the president of the Oaks Historic District Neighborhood Association."We are firm believers that commercial encroachment tends to degrade the surrounding property values and that was our basis for objections, solely based on our deterioration of property values we had a small side issue with a criminal law practice but essentially it was property values deteriorating," Jordan said."We have Liberty, Laurel, Broadway, McFaddin," Paula Blazek, a board member of the Oaks Historic District neighborhood association, said. "All of those are more desirable or more akin to mixed commercial, residential uses and that's what we're trying to keep it limited to those streets."The property on Hazel, now not allowed to become home to Samuel's law office. When asked what he would do next, Samuel said "Think about it."
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Winston-Salem City Council - Oct 26 2015
Winston-Salem City Council Meeting October 26, 2015
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