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Best of Regina George
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gain weight recipes.gain weight not fat
http://tipscategories.com/weightgain gain weight recipes.gain weight not fat If you are a skinny girl and looking for information on how to gain weight for women then you are no doubt sick and tired of the media is constant barrage of tv programs and dieting gurus telling folks how to LOSE weight, but virtual neglect of what a person can actually do to put on weight. What is worse is that I am sure some folks even probably give you a jealous look when you say that no matter how hard you try and how much you eat you just can nott seem to put on a few extra pounds. Most people just don not understand how frustrating it can be to want to gain weight and feeling like you can not. Don not worry though, the good news is that there are steps that you can take when thinking about how to gain weight for women...and, believe it or not, you can take a lesson from the how the boys do it on this one. The 2 Different Meanings Of "Weight" do women gain weight easier than men When a woman says she wants to gain weight she does not really want to gain FAT, but she is often frightened of gaining muscle - and will often say "I don not want to be a bodybuilder or anything". do women gain weight easier than men Unfortunately, there are only two ways to gain weight - in fat or muscle. And the problem with gaining fat is that it often distributes itself unevenly on your body, with little regard to where YOU want it. do women gain weight easier than men Building muscle and making some weight training a part of your weekly workouts is the single best way of how to gain weight for women without getting fat. There is no need to frightened of it...you will not end up as a bodybuilder
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The most inspiring video you will ever watch!
*This is a repost of a video that a friend of mine made. He posted it to a car website to inspire the members there. I wanted others to see the video so that they too could be inspired. For all those wondering, Julia is still alive and Roger continues to run for her sake. So this isnt a video about sadness, it one of the human spirit and what it can accomplish.* In 2008, Roger set out on a quest to lose weight, get healthy and eventually run in the Boston Marathon. But not just for himself, for his niece who was born with Cystic Fibrosis. His goal was to raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis, along with raising money for research into the treatment and cure of this heartbreaking disease. This video highlights his incredible journey at age 47, from obesity to accomplished marathon runner. Roger is a humble man, and continues to run marathons to this day to raise money for CF research. He works tirelessly to spread the message that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to do. On November 6, 2011 Roger ran the New York City Marathon. It was his 12th marathon in the 2.5 years since he ran the 2009 Boston Marathon. If you would like to read more or donate to the CFF (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation), you can browse to www.rfme.org and read more about both Roger and CF. As a personal note, I watch this video constantly when I need some positive motivation. It is my desire and his that this video reaches as many people as possible. For those that need the help, and ultimately, those who can donate. We can find a cure for CF. This is a dream shared by everyone. Please pass this video along. To watch Rogers other video, you can follow this link, where he discusses his journey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_qufoiKfgw ~Nuki Update 12/13/15 Since Coldplay owns the rights to this song and I can't make any money from the video (all of which I intended to donate to the CFF), I'm turning off the worthless ads on it. Update: 11/2/17 Removed the link to my other channel. I'm embarrassed I ever even posted it. This is about Roger's journey, his success and his amazing ability to inspire others. Once again, thanks for all the likes, subscribes, views, and well wishes for Roger and his family.
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Hooters Sued By Fat Girls?
Hooters Sued By Fat Girls A Hooters official defended his company against accusations of weight bias at its restaurant here minutes before a second lawsuit was filed that included similar allegations. Mike NcNeil, vice president of marketing for Hooters of America, on Wednesday appeared at a press conference with three "Hooters girls" not involved in the legal action on the covered patio of the Roseville restaurant at Gratiot and 14 Mile Road. He addressed a lawsuit filed last week in Macomb County Circuit Court in Mount Clemens by Cassandra "Cassie" Smith, 20, of Roseville, a former "Hooters girl" who claims she was placed on probation for, in effect, being too fat — unable to properly fit into her uniform. Smith, who was 5 feet 8 inches tall and 132.5 pounds at the time of her alleged probation, says she was forced to quit Hooters of Roseville after working there nearly two years. more http://www.dailytribune.com/articles/2010/06/02/news/doc4c06eb0ac4a16364848272.txt
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vivo Girls Sports: protein in a diet
Jae Berman, registered dietitian and personal trainer, discusses examples of protein and how much to consume in a day
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Erykah Badu - Window Seat
Music video by Erykah Badu performing Window Seat. (C) 2010 Universal Motown Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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"High School Reunion" -Gabriel Iglesias (exclusive bonus footage from "I'm Not Fat... I'm Fluffy")
Hey guys, Here is a quick clip that you won't see in my special, it's only on my DVD "I'm Not Fat...I'm Fluffy and here on Youtube! :) Hope you enjoy it! Check out my official youtube channel http://youtube.com/fluffyguy or check out other clips from my previous special "Hot & Fluffy"..... "Drinking & Driving" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6--kTcODn8 "Chocolate Cake Made Me Late" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-ruZ7zad8g "Drive Thru Voice" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOQJiZ_g3Ho "Crocodile Hunter" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2owUI45FL0 "Making Cops Laugh" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a77Dw3tNv8o "New Car/ Volkswagen Beetle" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPqcTFm2ID8
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Chillin With My Broad - Big Hawk ( with Lyrics )
(CHORUS) I'm chillin wit my broad and you already know and if you want to reach me hit me on the down low and if I don't call back don't put on a show when i pass by yo house and blow insted of knockin on ya do. (verse 1) I know that opposites attract and hoes choose macs and how some girls act when playas don't call em back why is that is it cause im hard to ignore the kinda playa you adore but already spoken for or are you caught up in the fame holden yor head in shame cause u don't know my real name whos to blame cause it aint my fault its another lesson taught when you f*****g wit hawk you caught up in the rapture wasn't hard to catch ya wit my heavy weight thang and my 6'4 statua I snatched ya but up in this game plan wanted me 2 be the man but i had other plans it was a 1 night stand now the sh** hit the fan and every time u see a nig u wanna hold my hand but u don't understand that u not my type i gotta wife and u are just my late night hype. Chorus) (verse 2) I admit i was wrong for leading you on the long talks on the phone you thought our bond was strong but my womens at home so girl leave me alone and all the plans you had for us they been postponed now i aint be a dude im just a type a dude buy you a little food and get you into the pool now were both in the nude catching an attitude acting crude and shrude and showing no gratitude you broke all the rules and im glad i peep ya u could't be like victoria and keep this secret you wasting your time pressing *69 but the cell phone I call you on aint even mine it was strictly bump and grind cause thats how i play you said u didn't mind so why behave this way it was just the other day when u said this and wonda why i act funny when u ask for a kiss u silly b**** CHORUS) verse 3) why you rubbin me kissin and huggin me infatuated with the thug in me u say you lovin me the situation getting ugly got your partners mean muggin me girl you buggin me getting on my last nerve then you wonda why u got kicked to the curve you puzzled like cross word and asking me to choose either you or my wife girl you know you lose now your a** got the blues miss goody too shoes sitting there all confused feeling like you been used your apprivleges were abused and now you know instead of knockin at the do ima pass by and blow gotta go gotta go gotta chill wit my broad so i tutes my horn since you been actin frod i hit you wit the roy and you went outrageous shouldve warned you though that my love is contagious. (CHORUS)
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Do It Yourself: Homemade Natural Hair Gel with Flaxseeds
*Re-Upload* Original Upload Date: April 30, 2010 This is an amazing natural hair gel LOaDEd with essential oils and nutrients. While other gets work against your hair, this one (from nature) works with it, to restore it's healthy shine and add moisture back into the cuticles! I love the way it makes my hair and hands feel after applying it. And unlike other chemically processed gels, it doesn't leave your hair rock hard, so you can comb it and restyle whenever you want, your hair just soaks it in and uses the nutrients...can you tell that I really love this stuff! Visit My Second Channel!: http://youtube.com/dearnaptural85 Catch Me on Twitter! : http://twitter.com/Nap85 Facebook! : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Naptural85/103009129782691 Blog! : http://www.Naptural85.com Naptural85 Naptural85 Naptural85 Naptural85 Naptural85 Dearnaptural85 Dearnaptural85 Dearnaptural85 Dearnaptural85 "Natural Hair" "hair conditioner homemade" "homemade conditioner for hair" "homemade hair conditioner" "homemade hair treatment" "hair treatment homemade" "homemade hair remedies" "homemade mask for hair" "homemade hair mask" "hair homemade treatments" homemade treatments for hair "homemade hair conditioners" "homemade recipes for hair" homemade recipes for hair homemade hair recipes "homemade hair products" homemade hair therapy "homemade hair deep conditioner" "homemade hair grow" "homemade moisturizer for hair" "homemade hair loss remedies" homemade remedies for hair loss "homemade hair product" homemade conditioner for natural hair "homemade hair protein treatment" homemade hair conditioner for dry hair "homemade remedies dry hair" "homemade conditioners for black hair" "Curly Hair Tutorials" Curly hair styles "Curly Hair Styles" Thick Curly Hair "No Heat Curls" "hair natural" "hairstyles for natural hair" "natural hair hairstyles" "natural hair styles" "styles for natural hair" "hair styles for natural hair" "black natural hair" "natural black hair" "how to style natural hair" "natural hair style" "how to grow natural hair" "natural hair growth" "hairstyles for natural black hair" "natural afro hair" black women with natural hair" "natural hair black women" black hair natural hair styles long natural hair "growing natural hair" "hairstyles for natural curly hair" "natural hair pictures" natural ways to grow hair "pictures of natural hair" natural hair pictures FTC Disclaimer: I've purchased everything featured in this video myself.
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Dave Chappelle In The Nutty Professor
Women Be Shoppin!
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Bodybuilder Wannabe: The Rap
You know that guy at your gym who grunts loudly and doesn't own any shirts with sleeves? This is a rap about him. LYRICS If I see you struggling I'll give you a spot, I don't care if you need it or not And if your form sucks I won't think twice Call me doctor Phil cause I giving advice Sweat like crazy when I get hot, But I ain't got time to wipe up that spot. I want you to know I lift more than you, I grunt when lift so it must be true Oxygen is overrated I hold my breath like I'm constipated wanna wanna wanna be body body bodybuilder muscles on an upward trend, wanna wanna wanna be body body bodybuilder arms so big they cannot bend Jaw line chiseled like it's engineered Dushy-looking chin-strap beard Fake silver necklace and short spiked hair, Spray on tan everywhere I'm a speciman of perfect health, So I stand at the mirror admiring myself I do squats to build my power, I shave my chest in the shower So much cologne you might think it's perfume, As I walk around naked in the locker room wanna wanna wanna be body body bodybuilder muscles on an upward trend, wanna wanna wanna be body body bodybuilder arms so big they cannot bend I like take my shirt off, hang by the pool, Keep my abs flexed, cause I'm a tool One of my primary aims, Is to look like this with disgusting veins Hanging out at bars, that ain't me, You can find me chillin at GNC No pain to gain you know what I mean Peeing all night cause I'm on creatine My roll model is Sylvester Stallone So I drink raw eggs and testosterone Put out your hand and I'll shake it Squeeze it hard like I'm trying to break it Steal your girlfriend by saying hello, You got tickets to the big gun show? When I'm not making videos, I'm a motivational speaker: http://j.mp/motivational-speaker
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Declined Chest Press
http://www.tonypangpersonaltraining.com/ When you are wanting to build up the definition of the lower part of the pectoralis major using the barbell make sure to bring the bar all the way to about a centimentre about the nipple before extending all the way up. Concentrate on breathing out on the concentric phase or when your pushing the weight up from the chest. Hopefully this help explians how to do this exercise with correct form and technique to gain best results. Enjoy your workout!
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Usher - Lil Freak ft. Nicki Minaj
Usher's official music video for 'Lil Freak' ft. Nicki Minaj. Click to listen to Usher on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/UsherSpotify?IQid=LilFreak As featured on Raymond V Raymond (Deluxe Edition). Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/UsherRVRiTunes?IQid=LilFreak Google Play: http://smarturl.it/UsherLilFreakNMplay?IQid=LilFreak Amazon: http://smarturl.it/UsherRVRAmz?IQid=LilFreak More from Usher I Don't Mind: https://youtu.be/nSKUXqJ5l1k Good Kisser: https://youtu.be/1lQtoRFaLsA Burn: https://youtu.be/t5XNWFw5HVw Follow Usher Website: http://usherworld.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/usher/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/usher Instagram: https://instagram.com/howuseeit/ Subscribe to Usher on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/UsherSub?IQid=LilFreak More great Classic RNB videos here: http://smarturl.it/ClassicRNB?IQid=LilFreak --------- Lyrics: Aye girl yeah you da business So what the business? Don't be shy I'm just talkin' to you girl Aye ma, yo where yo man at? I know you got that Cause you too fine to be single out here girl Yo buddy done fucked up I'll swoop this girl up and what I'm bout to do He'll feel I did him wrong Cause I'm bout go have a ménage With this lady and some freaks at the bar who like fuckin' with a star I told her If you fuckin' with me Really fuckin' with me You go get some girls and Bring em to me If you fuckin' with me Really fuckin' with me You'll let her put her hands in your pants Be my little freak Be my little freak Be my little freak Let her put her hands in your pants Be my little freak If you fuckin' with me Really fuckin' with me Let her put her hands in your pants Be my little freak
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Tony Perkins & Audrey Hepburn - Green Mansions song
...one of the most beautiful song ever sung
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Waiting For The End (Official Video) - Linkin Park
Linkin Park "Waiting For The End" off of the album A THOUSAND SUNS. Directed by Joe Hahn. http://www.linkinpark.com | http://LPUnderground.com iTunes: http://go.lprk.co/ml/3qd/ Spotify: http://go.lprk.co/ml/3qe/ Amazon: http://go.lprk.co/ml/3q9/ Google Play: http://go.lprk.co/ml/3qa/ YouTube Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1EBzxN2 Facebook: http://go.lprk.co/ml/3pf/ Instagram: http://go.lprk.co/ml/3pg/ Twitter: http://go.lprk.co/ml/3ph/ Web: http://go.lprk.co/ml/3pi/ http://musicforrelief.org Official Linkin Park Merch: http://go.lprk.co/ml/3pj/
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600lbs Sumo Vs 169lbs MMA Fighter - KTFOvideos
600lbs Sumo Vs 169lbs Japanese Man. Emanuel Yarbrough Vs Daiju Takase at Pride 3 6/24/1998. This Fight has a weight difference of 417lbs the most ever in an MMA fight.
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Lil Wayne - Drop The World ft. Eminem
Music video by Lil Wayne performing Drop The World. (C) 2010 Cash Money Records Inc.
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Access Saturdays at Estate
ISIS Productions has returned to Estate, home of our legendary Thanksgiving Eve celebrations, to give you access to the craziest nights in Boston every Saturday. WELCOME TO "ACCESS SATURDAYS" AT ESTATE, YOUR NEW SATURDAY PLAYGROUND. Skip the long line and go through a VIP entrance, specifically for ISIS clientele, that elevates you right to where the party is. Located in "the Alley", Estate has gone through various transformations over the years. With a selection of two separate levels to mingle and play, one of which has as impressive second story balcony view, Estate has four full bars to quench your thirst. Known for hosting legendary parties and celebrities throughout the year, Estate boasts of state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems. Party with over 700 of your closest friends on this monumental night that leaves everyone waiting for the one next year. Tailored to fit the luxe life you deserve, Estate has everything to offer to the V.I.P.s of the ISIS family. * Complimentary admission on the guestlist before 11PM * A friendly reminder, we will be using the EXCLUSIVE entrance (formerly SUITE) to elevator you up to the 1st and 2nd floors of ESTATE ***". Estate Nightclub 1 Boylston Place | Boston MA 02116 Door Cover Charge: $20 | Guest List Cover Charge: $10 | List closes at 12am FREE ON GUESTLIST BEFORE 11:00PM Checking In at Door: Guestlist will be under the name you RSVP and the promoter is Neb (They will ask who the promoter is) For Guestlist Please contact Neb at 617.309.9781 // nebiyu.elias@isisnight.com or log on to www.isisnight.com and click on the GUESTLIST tab.
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Wiz Khalifa - Black And Yellow [Official Music Video]
Watch the best videos on YouTube from Wiz Khalifa here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLakoz4isJL_mdAOvmFD8ddUZFZc4Hqewo Wiz Khalifa's new album O.N.I.F.C. is available December 4, 2012: http://bit.ly/onifcitunes Wiz Khalifa exclusive merch bundles available now! http://bit.ly/ZtYFRD http://www.wizkhalifa.com/ https://www.facebook.com/wizkhalifa http://twitter.com/realwizkhalifa
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Diary of a Mad Fat Woman.mov
Don't you just ate the ARM FLAB????!?!?!?!?!? Diary of a Mad Fat Woman.
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Favorite Normisms
Norm! These are still pretty funny...
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Stuck In The Middle With You - Stealers Wheel
Groovy! "Stuck in the Middle With You" or, as originally titled, "Stuck in the Middle", is a song by Joe Egan and Gerry Rafferty and performed by their band Stealers Wheel. Stuck in the Middle With You was released on Stealers Wheel's 1972 self-titled debut album Stealers Wheel. The single sold over one million copies, eventually peaking in 1973 at #6 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart and #8 in the UK Singles Chart. Stealers Wheel is a Scottish folk rock/rock band formed in Paisley, Renfrewshire in 1972 by former school friends Joe Egan and Gerry Rafferty. The band broke up in 1975 and was re-formed in 2008. Rafferty and Egan first met when they were teenagers in Paisley and they became the core of Stealers Wheel. In the early 1970s, the band was considered to be the British version of American folk/rock super group Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. They were initially joined by Roger Brown, Rab Noakes and Ian Campbell in 1972. However, that line-up only lasted a few months and by the time the band was signed to A&M Records later that same year, Brown, Noakes and Campbell had been replaced by Paul Pilnick, Tony Williams and Rod Coombes. This line-up recorded their eponymous debut album, Stealers Wheel and was produced by the influential American songwriters and producers Leiber & Stoller. The album was a critical and commercial success reaching number fifty in the US album charts, with their million selling hit single "Stuck in the Middle", coming from the album. By the time the first album was released Rafferty had left the band to be replaced by Luther Grosvenor, who remained with the band for much of 1973 on tour. DeLisle Harper also replaced Tony Williams on tour. The single reached number six in the USA and number eight in the UK in 1973, and sold over one million copies worldwide, and with the album also selling well, Rafferty was persuaded to return. However, Grosvenor, Coombes and Pilnick all left the band. With so many changes in the band's line-up they officially became a duo, with backing musicians as needed on tour and in the studio. Later in 1973 the single "Everyone's Agreed That Everything Will Turn Out Fine" (which is different from the version on their albums and all subsequent CDs) had modest chart success and in 1974 the single "Star" reached the top thirty of both the UK and US charts. A second album Ferguslie Park was released in 1974, with the duo backed up by nine backing musicians. The album, named after an area of Paisley, only just reached the top 200 in the USA and was a commercial failure. With increasing tension between Rafferty and Egan they could not agree on which studio musicians to use on the third album, and with Leiber & Stoller also having business problems, Stealers Wheel disappeared for eighteen months. By the time the album Right Or Wrong was released in 1975, Stealers Wheel had ceased to exist. The last album, because of disagreements and managerial problems, was produced by Mentor Williams. All three albums had particularly striking, slightly surrealist sleeve designs by artist John Byrne. After 1975 the group was hardly known and the two last single releases faded away in the charts. Both Rafferty and Egan recorded songs which included lyrics referring to the acrimonious history of Stealers Wheel and a Best of Stealers Wheel album was released in 1990. In 1992 director Quentin Tarantino used the track "Stuck in the Middle" in the soundtrack of his debut film Reservoir Dogs, bringing new attention to the band. And in September 2001 a dance version of Stuck in the Middle was a UK Top 10 hit for Louise in September, 2001, with a music video that drew heavily on the original song's appearance in the soundtrack of Reservoir Dogs. All three albums have been unavailable for a number of years, although in 2004 and 2005 the British independent label Lemon Recordings, of Cherry Red, re-released them with remastered sound and new liner-notes. After being contacted by iTunes and K-tel records in California, Tony Williams re-formed Stealers Wheel in Blackpool in 2008 with two other original band members, Rod Coombes and Paul Pilnick together with locally based musician and songwriter Tony Mitchell. On 10 November 2008 they started filming a music video for a re-release of "Stuck in the Middle" on the Fylde coast. They also began writing songs for a new album to be released in 2009, although they have no plans to go on tour. Luther Grosvenor has expressed his interest in joining the band should they tour.
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Beginners Pull Up Workout Tutorial Week 1 strength training for pull ups workouts exercises
Most Recent Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FE-YgRT6xd0&feature=youtu.be
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Desire - Under Your Spell
-No.2- Desire's 'Under Your Spell' set to the art of Roy Lichtenstein. (Please feel free to share any comments. Thanks.) -▽- Band Links: https://www.facebook.com/PRIMITIVEDESIRE https://www.italiansdoitbetter.com Disclaimer: For artistic purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.
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Back pullups with 20 kg added weight natural amateur drop set
@ Dorian Yates' Temple Gym
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Pick a Lock in SECONDS with a Bump Key
Picking locks is easy once you've made a bump key. Plus: learn to prevent break-ins. Bump keys are available at http://www.scamstuff.com/products/skeleton-keys --- For more Scam School, follow Brian at: • http://twitter.com/shwood • http://facebook.com/shwood • http://google.com/+shwood • http://twitter.com/scamschool
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Swollen Members - Bollywood Chick (Ft. Tech N9ne & Tre Nyce)
Go pickup "Armed To The Teeth" now @ www.SubNoizeStore.com Swollen Members "Bollywood Chick" (Ft. Tech N9ne & Tre Nyce) Music Video Directed by Matt Alonzo/Skee.TV "It's been a crazy few years for not only me, but also Swollen. I was in a very bad state for the last three years; drugs and an abusive lifestyle had gotten the best of me. I was severely addicted to Oxycontin, doing just over twenty 80mg pills a day, which equals the strength of about 320 Percocet pills. I became public enemy 1 with the cops due to my association with Hell's Angels and other clubs and was under constant surveillance with wire taps, etc. There was a time when I couldn't leave my house without being confronted by the cops. At least 3 or 4 police vehicles would show up every time I left the house," says Mad Child. "And with a diet of two quarts of ice cream a night, I gained a lot of weight and slipped into a very dark place. I was basically living in my theater room for the last two years and spent over half a million dollars on pills. I wasn't paying attention to my business affairs either so I lost two million dollars over the course of my addiction. I went from living the high life with girls, money and parties to watching movies in my theatre and being a zombie with only my dogs to keep me company. What I now realize is that I put the lives of many people on hold during my addiction. There are a lot of people that count on me and I know I let them down. Thank God I have a studio in my house and an amazing group who never abandoned me. The only good thing that came out of the last three years is the album we are about to drop." While Swollen Members may have enjoyed a successful career as one of the premier groups' in underground hip-hop, but when it came time to record their sixth studio album, they were forced to confront the skeletons that had been hiding in their closet. During the time the group's new album "Armed To The Teeth" was taking shape, Mad Child was struggling with drug addiction, Swollen Members' record label had collapsed, he was embroiled in legal battles and his association with outlaw motorcycle clubs provoked police to swarm his house in full riot gear. With a desire to consistently raise the bar within the hip-hop genre, Mad Child and Prevail were inspired to beat back personal demons and concentrate on creating the most powerful musical statement of their career. Revitalized, focused and stronger than ever, Swollen Members are armed and ready for war. Swollen Members heavily anticipated new studio album, "Armed To The Teeth", features guest appearances La Coka Nostra, Talib Kweli and Tech N9NE. Track List: 1. Reclaim The Throne 2. Porn Star 3. Kyla 4. Red Dragon 5. ***Bollywood Chick (Ft. Tech N9ne)*** 6. Meltdown 7. My Life 8. Bang Bang 9. Here We Come 10. Warrior 11. Certified Dope 12. Funeral March 13. Flyest 14. Lonely One 15. Cross Fire (Ft. Talib Kweli) 16. Concerto 17. Dumb (Ft. Everlast & Slaine of La Coka Nostra) 18. Real P.I. (Ft. Glasses Malone) Courtesy Of: www.YouTube.com/SwollenMembers SUPPORT UNDERGROUND HIPHOP! SUPPORT REAL HIPHOP!
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Few People Make it to Heaven - Tim Conway
MP3: http://illbehonest.com/Few-People-Make-it-to-Heaven-Tim-Conway Tim Conway preaches a sermon on Matthew 7 and on the narrow way which leads to life that few people find. This was at the 2010 Youth Camp in San Antonio, Texas. The truths in Matthew 7 and Luke 13:24 are shocking to most modern day Christians and are unheard of to be preached, but they still stand as true and man must examine himself by such truths. I'll Be Honest www.illbehonest.com
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SciCafe: Life the Universe and Everything with Neil deGrasse Tyson
American Museum of Natural History's Director of the Hayden Planetarium, Neil deGrasse Tyson, hosted "Life the Universe and Everything: A Conversation with Neil deGrasse Tyson" at the Museum on June 2, 2010 as part of the ongoing free SciCafe series. Tyson hosted the casual conversation about stars, planets, the universe, and beyond in the Frederick Phineas and Sandra Priest Rose Center for Earth and Space. The popular SciCafe series takes place at the American Museum of Natural History. For more information and to see when the next SciCafe is occurring, visit http://www.amnh.org/scicafe
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Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Official Music Video)
Check out our website for more Unidisc content: http://geni.us/BnsAGB Shop for Vinyls, CDs, Merch and More: http://geni.us/UAcik Buy/Stream • http://geni.us/Ndrkt Facebook • http://geni.us/unidiscfacebook SoundCloud • http://geni.us/unidiscsoundcloud Shop • http://geni.us/unidiscshop Twitter • http://geni.us/unidisctwitter Instagram • http://geni.us/unidiscinstagram YouTube • http://geni.us/unidiscyoutube © Unidisc Music Hailing from New York, the dance-disco outfit Indeep scored a massive hit in 1983 with "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life." Led by songwriter Michael Cleveland, the band issued a full-length album under the same title shortly thereafter, but with the disco movement almost extinct by this time (and with the emergence of such styles as rap), Indeep subsequently had a tough time following up their smash and were delegated to "one-hit wonder" status. The act continued recording into the mid-'80s, and issued a few quickly forgotten albums: When Boys Talk, Buffalo Bill, and The Record Keeps Spinning. But the group's lone hit has become a dancefloor classic over the years, and 1991 saw the release of the 23-track best-of set, The Collection.
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All that was left was Me and my Guitar ll Jemi Mini Movie Part 2
You all think James is cheating on Demi :D Sweet but you will find out later if that is true or not :D Jemi Mini Movie Part 2: "Anything wrong baby? You don't look to happy about it" James said to me and I gave him a fake smile, how was I going to manage? What should I do? I never told him about me and Joe, and he never ever asked about any of my ex boyfriends, he only knew we had a painful break up and that it took me months to get over it. "Everything is fine, I am so happy for you" I couldn't tell him, this was his chance to finally get famous and he really deserved to be famous. "So what do you say, don't you think this is awesome?" I gulped and nodded. "Of course it is" "Awesome" Anna clapped in her hands and I leaned over to wipe the syrup of her face and she giggled again while James went with his hands through her short red-blond hair. [ http://couponshack.s3.amazonaws.com/images/09MSUM_73017_PNK_M02.jpg ] "Annie we will move to LA" James said and I had to cough again. "What? James we can't move... my parents live here and we have the house here" He only smiled at me, which told me we would talk about it later, but then I felt good. Maybe I could convince him to let me and Anna stay here while he would be the opening act for the Jonas Brothers... oh I haven't said their names in so long. =Joe= I groaned when they all started to sing happy birthday to me. It was official I was in the middle of my twenty's... I was 25 years old. 5 years without Demi, 5 years of being alone, wow I am such a loser. I gave them all a fake smile but gasped when my mom threw a cake at me, right into my face. "What was that for mom?!" I asked her while I was wiping the cake of my face and of my bed sheets. She laughed and ran over to hug me. "You're 25! I needed something to wake you up completely" I laughed and hugged her back, then I got out of the bed and was hugged by the rest of my family. We celebrated my birthday like we did every year, in the afternoon we would celebrate with my whole family, meaning aunts, little cousins... all this. Kevin and Danielle weren't here this year, they went on vacation with their son Max. So in the night it was only me and Nick who went our partying. Normally we got drunk and I had to walk home, since I was leaving the car to Nick in the morning, he was just going to fuck some girl. Could you believe that I was the only one who still was wearing my purity ring? Yeah that's right, Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers the 25 years old virgin. Ha-ha everyone was laughing about this but I gave god a promise and I was going to keep it. Everyone thought I was the first one who would get laid but guess it wasn't like this. Kevin had married and kept his promise as well and well Nick broke his when he turned 18, he now is 22 and is sleeping around. He changed a lot, from the little shy boy into a serious, sex addict man. He was still my brother and I loved him. We still had the band, we weren't as famous as when we were younger but that was okay. I walked into my apartment at 2 in the night and slammed the door shut, and looked around it. Now it all was empty, all the party stuff from my birthday day gone, it again was a normal day in hell. I got in my bed and looked at the picture of her on my nightstand, it was the only picture I kept, the first picture that was ever taken of us, we were both 15 on it. We were both in High School. It was the day we got together, a few months before the guys and I became more famous, before she was my best kept secret, a secret that nobody knew about except out families. I wonder what she was doing today, what life she had, if I ever would see her again but maybe we just weren't meant to be. I know pathetic, I am still crying over a girl I lost 5 years ago. I looked at the picture again and smiled before I finally fell asleep, the alcohol making me more tired then ever before. [ http://i609.photobucket.com/albums/tt172/jo_3/Jonas%20Brothers%20Rock%20My%20World/Jemi/Jemi-jemi-2270108-800-435.jpg ] *** 1) What do you think happened to them, why did they break up? 2) What do you think about Joe? 3) What will happen when Joe will know about Demi and her new (happy) life? 4) Is James cheating on Demi? Yes No? XoXo Sabrina
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Gold Testing (What Gold Buyers Don't Want You to Know!)
http://www.Goldmoneytoday.com/newlifestyle/SaveInGold Click Link above and See New Video on How To Make Money with Gold! In this video, you'll see how to check the karat, weight, value and what you could get for your scrap gold BEFORE you sell to a cash for gold buyer or a local jeweler. Buyers make their money on the spread between what they pay you and what they can sell it for on the world market price. So know your gold, don't get taken and don't take any wooden nickels! how to test gold, how to check gold,gold testing,gold testing kit,gold testing,gold testing acid,gold testing machine,gold testing equipment,gold testing stone,gold testing supplies,gold testing gun,gold testing kits wholesale,karatbars,karat bars
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FitGems Nation "Sharing a TenSpot" Interview with Diana Stanback (Part 2)
Diana Stanback is one of the top rising IFBB female bodybuilders out there today. On June 11, 2010, C-Ray (FitGems founder) spoke with Diana Stanback on several topics, including the addition of bikini in the IFBB/NPC, crossing over from figure to bodybuilding, how she approached the gym, enjoying "me" time for the first time in quite a while, and what's next for her.
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6 Weeks To Better Looking Arms and Shoulders
http://www.totalwellnesstv.com Are You arms and shoulders ready for sleeveless shirts or pretty sun dresses? What exercises will get you those defined arms and shoulders? Watch and see what Beverly Monical is doing and what she suggests you get to join her in this 6 weeks to better looking arms and shoulders.Bodylastic bands are her recommendation for better looking arms and shoulders.
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Japanese girl cart club
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Jordan Maxwell - Close Encounters and other stories : A Project Avalon Interview with Bill Ryan
I recently had the great privilege of talking with Jordan Maxwell, fresh after our May 2010 visit to the Vatican, about some of his personal stories and experiences - some of which are astonishing by any standards. One or two he had told in his September 2009 Interview with Project Camelot, but the majority are new. He has shared these with the public before. There's nothing here about the workings of the Illuminati or the New World Order. Instead you'll be watching Jordan presenting a series of extraordinary and fascinating personal experiences - any one of which would be significant to most people watching this video - but Jordan has MANY. Kick back and enjoy the presentation. Much of this is new material. NOT to be missed. http://projectavalon.net http://jordanmaxwell.com bill@projectavalon.net
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Obscurity Silent fog obscures the sky And somehow still knows more than I In the world and from my mind It holds a brighter kind And peace just out of reach For a girl asleep to find When she has reached down to touch the quiet abyss of her mind And I'm a drifter All in all I couldn't quit the thoughts I've stalled Even if I changed my mind and left all shade behind Familiar fog obscures the sky Somehow I'm still wondering why I feel like it's keeping comfort from my eyes So I lay down with a heavy sigh And watch the ocean fade into the blind... Carrie Gilbert 2010
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How to Use Cinnamon Benefits for FAST Weight Loss for Women & Men
http://www.saturdaymorningdiet.com Get FREE; 10 page Weight Loss eBook at http://www.joanBars.com How to Use Cinnamon Benefits for FAST Weight Loss for Women & Men Joan Loganeski gives a tutorial on the many benefits the spice Cinnamon offers you on your weight loss journey. In medicine it acts like other volatile oils and once had a reputation as a cure for colds. It has also been used to treat diarrhea and other problems of the digestive system. Cinnamon is high in antioxidant activity. The essential oil of cinnamon also has antimicrobial properties, which can aid in the preservation of certain foods Cinnamon has been reported to have remarkable pharmacological effects in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes mellitus and insulin resistance. The plant material used in the study was mostly from Chinese cinnamon Recent advancement in phytochemistry has shown that it is a cinnamtannin B1 isolated from C. verum which is of therapeutic effect on Type 2 diabetes, with the exception of the postmenopausal patients studied on C. Cassia. Cinnamon has traditionally been used to treat toothache and fight bad breath and its regular use is believed to stave off common cold and aid digestion. Pharmacological experiments suggest that the cinnamon-derived dietary factor cinnamic aldehyde (cinnamaldehyde) activates the Nrf2-dependent antioxidant response in human epithelial colon cells and may therefore represent an experimental chemopreventive dietary factor targeting colorectal carcinogenesis. Recent research documents anti-melanoma activity of cinnamic aldehyde observed in cell culture and a mouse model of human melanoma. When it comes to antioxidant power, cinnamon is at the top of list alongside blueberries and pomegranate juice. Antioxidants in cinnamon have been linked to lower inflammation, as well as reductions in blood glucose concentrations in people with diabetes. Bill and Joan Loganeski have discovered a meal replacement you can make at home for very little money and when combined with our Saturday Morning Diet plan it will help you lose the weight. The Saturday Morning Diet channel is our educational and information channel to help you use lose weight in a healthy way. weight loss, exercise, free, meals, meal plan, diets, program, easy, healthy, foods, quick, rapid, diet, health, "weight loss"
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Done It-Lil Wayne Ft Young Money (with lyrics)
****** LYRICS ****** hey [Chorus] dont say it nigga dont do it I dont do it cause I done it (I done it) I hustle lotta bread cause I dont move it I just run it (I run it) steppin in this motherfucker live-r than a concert no these aint converse no we caint converse I done went beyond berserk I done got behind a trick I line em up I knock em down stack em up I back em up ambulance rack em up body bag pack em up white sheets bloodied up mean mug your buddy up tellin niggas buddy up I catch em while they huddle up they feel every slug when the pistol go nuk uk uk run up in your girl crib now she all like but but but I aint tryna hit that shit aint nobody innocent I aint wanna hear the shit I got her with the pillow mint I took out a bag of coke, sprinkled just a little bit know who you dealin with, a full hand of aces, I shuffle with kings, and cut off queens and this here, is where the bullshit cut off, you NAHMEAN you couldnt see me with some high beams (lyrics from NewLilWayne.com) hey [Chorus 2x] dont say it nigga dont do it I dont do it cause I done it (I done it) I hustle lotta bread cause I dont move it I just run it (I run it) dont say it nigga dont do it I dont do it cause I done it (I done it) I hustle lotta bread cause I dont move it I just run it (I run it) yea Im a rapper but Im not a writer cuz I does it in my head only thing I write is checks homie I be gettin bread look how I tease the feds pink yellow blue diamonds got my PIECE lookin like a fuckin EAST-er egg mack maine tried to teach me how to count bars I stack chains thats what keep me outta cop cars my rap name carry weight like a fat broad my gat game told you niggas in ??????? Im so hood when I do it its the same mack maine I distribute the fluid let it rain in ya veins yea homie we could do it and the gain in the game if I aim at your brains them bullets rippin through it see I be labeled as the hustlers hustler got a few up in the trunk and got a few in the muffler paranoid when I stare through so paranoid I might motherfuckin steal you so dont be in my rear view hey [Chorus 2x] dont say it nigga dont do it I dont do it cause I done it (I done it) I hustle lotta bread cause I dont move it I just run it (I run it) dont say it nigga dont do it I dont do it cause I done it (I done it) I hustle lotta bread cause I dont move it I just run it (I run it) yea Im not jokin Im tryna score a hundred of them things just to bust my block open glock pokin outta my shirt to stop motion seen my cousin get popped and got focused I noticed the route that Ive chosen could bring fortune plus sometimes it rains too hard so watch where the road is I hear a lotta hoe shit gotta lil something but Im tryna get some mo shit Ima still thug it out I tell my bodys so stiff ridin with my slugger Im feelin kinda bogus with no motive my main goal is to ball like Lamar Odom and haul cocaine and use this rap shit as a token stress got me smokin a jo totin a fo fo and scopin to kick somebodys no in knowin I got a lil son to look after but Im a hustler fuck being a good rappa [Chorus 2x] dont say it nigga dont do it I dont do it cause I done it (I done it) I hustle lotta bread cause I dont move it I just run it (I run it) dont say it nigga dont do it I dont do it cause I done it (I done it) I hustle lotta bread cause I dont move it I just run it (I run it)
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Broken Wings by Matt Dub
Broken Wings by Matt Dub Lyrics: (verse 1) IN nest trying to fly with broken wings i'm trying to give it a rest no more smokin things no more vision hazy, still they envision me as lazy just because some of my decisions turned out crazy but with no risk involved, there's really not much to gain so until this shit gets solved, i'm dealing with the pain of no one behind me, and nothing in front and until now to deal, i was just smoking a blunt but then i figured out you only live once so i put the green down, switched my location now haters won't live three rounds as I spit my notations and now with how my vocal chords, are chokin whores, when it comes to expectations I know i've broken yours i found a new meaning, found a new reason with every bar i spit i leave a crew steaming i open up the doors and i see you scheming (chorus) no matter what you say it don't phaze me so whatever you do makes me stronger no matter what you try it won't change me and i can't hold it in any longer (verse 2) time spent wondering and asking how how i can carry the weight of the world and fracture sound see mine are broken not clipped, so i have the chance to mend but you burnt your bridge, you'll never have the chance again see i stand like a man chillin amongst boys it's a game to you so blown like asteroids think of how in the past it was cool to rebel now I'm just a boulder in a pool of pebbles fighting my new devils, and standing for what's rights don't have to look to know your leaking like busted pipes if now was then i'd feel as if nothings right sick of how things turned out and be the disgusted type now I play the bigger man, while you throw rocks like jigga fans from a glass house never getting the picture man so it doesn't matter if i have broken wings cuz i'm headed to be an outspoken king (chrous) no matter what you say it don't phaze me so whatever you do makes me stronger no matter what you try it won't change me and i can't hold it in any longer
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Brody Dalle
Brody dalle :D
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Secret Lovers Ep 20 {Anorexic; Back Together}
-At The Hospital- Joe: Help her!! Doctor: *brings Demi into a room* Joe: *worried* I need to see her! Nurse: Sir, you have to wait. She'll be fine. Just, stay in the lobby. Please. Joe: *waits in lobby* --A Little Later-- Doctor: *walks out* Mr. Jonas? Joe: *stands up* Yes? Doctor: *sighs* She... might be anorexic.. Joe: What do you mean "might be"? Doctor: We're not sure if she is or not. Joe: Well I know she had unprotected sex last month. Test to see if she's pregnant Doctor: *sighs* No. She has no sign of pregnancy. She might be anorexic. Joe: *sighs* Can I go see her? Doctor: *nods* Yes, sir. Joe: *goes in Demi's room* Demi: *half asleep on the bed* Joe: *walks over; shakes her* Dems? Demi: *looks at him; sniffles; waves weakly* Joe: *srokes her hair* Baby are you anorexic? Demi: *tears fall; slowly lifts her gown, showing her ribs* Joe: *shocked* Sweetie why? Demi: *whispers* I didn't have you..; Joe: You broke up with me Demi: *shakes her head; whispers* I never did... I just left. Joe: *sighs* You threw your engagement ring in the sand Demi: *sniffles; tears fall hard* Y-You... yelled...a-a-at... m-me Joe: I didn't mean to Demi: *whispers* But y-y-you... d-did. Joe: Demi I loved you and was afaid I'd lose you Demi: *sniffles; whispers* L-Loved? Joe: I still love you but I thought I would never see you again *sighs* Demi: *turns on her other side; tears fall hard* Joe: Baby look at me please Demi: *shakes her head; sniffles* Joe: *sighs* Why not? Demi: *sniffles* C-Cuz... i d-dont.. d-deserve...y-you! *crying hard* Joe: What would make you say that? *curious* Demi: *sniffles; whispers* I'm anorexic...I cut... I did drugs twice since I left you...*cries harder* Joe: Why didn't you come back to me if you were this miserable? Demi; *shrugs; sniffles; whispers* I thought you hated me... Joe: *kisses her* I could never hate yo u Demi: *closes her eyes; really weak* Joe: Baby you ok? *worried* Demi: *sniffles; shakes her head* W-Weak... Joe: Rest Demi: *looks up at him; mouths- Lay with me? Joe: *lays down next to her* Demi: *cuddles into his side; sniffles* I l-love...y-you... J-Joe. Joe: *holds her close* I love you to Dems Demi: *smiles slightly; falls asleep* Joe: *falls asleep*
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how to be athletic
we here at imthebest192 want to show u guys how to be as athletic as us
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S.A.D Freestyle #3
They're just having fun, all freestyle is slander..actually all rap in general is slander. STFU.
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Gym Progress - 185 lbs @ 6ft2 with 7% body fat
A few years in the gym now, just trying to get a little bit more size and a little bit more cut.
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Muscle Teen bodybuiling intro
jon has just started his new channel by himself he was in bloody workout.i am going to be doiong how to tutorials and much more best bodybuilding weightlifting teen exercises to get that six pack you've always wanted and big biceps and triceps and amazing looking chest and shoulder.and i would like to ask you all to sub so i can make 50 or more subs so i will make a body transformation video. thanks alot and shane dawson is gay.justin bieber is a homo and makes little girls only 3 years old cry!!!!!!!!
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Las Vegas Hair Salon Hair Model Day-
Hair Models at Salon CHARISMA
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Corset einfädeln / contrive
Wie fädel ich richtig die Schnur in mein Korsett, mit passender Rückenlasche How to mount your corset lace German, with english subtitle
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A Shakeweight gets used at the San Antonio Air Sex Championships!
Footage from the first ever San Antonio Air Sex Championships at Tonic in September 2010. The winner was Big Girl Put It On Ya. Bring the Air Sex World Championships to your venue or check our touring schedule at http://airsexworldchampionships.com The Air Sex World Championships are hosted by comedian Chris Trew (http://terp2it.com) and based out of the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Tx (http://www.originalalamo.com). http://twitter.com/airsex
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